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tv   Local 12 11 Saturday  CBS  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11:00. described of the extraordinary individual. we are looking the the death of antonin scalia. this is the disturbance that will bring us clouds overnight. how much accumulates and when coming up. good evening, we begin with
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from rabbit hash kentucky. the rabbit hash general store is on fire. at least four different fire departments are there. u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. he appeared to have died of natural causes. we look back at his life and legal career. >> reporter: supreme court justice, made his mark during his three dak aid and the supreme court. he asked more questions than any other justice. according to the u.s. marshal service he was found dead this
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for breakfast at the resort in west texas. >> we honor his extraordinary service to our nation and recommend one the towering legal figure of our our time. >> he was born in new jersey. he went to harvard law school. he talk today charlie rose about one of supreme court most important decisions. >> in the national interest we >> reporter: he was admire and the tren r treasured by his colleagues. it will change potentially the
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remember the supreme court is narrowly divided 5 to 4, fife conservatives four liberals. his death allows president obama to nominate a justice to the high court. >> justice antonin scalia had nine children. as wort of justice antonin scalia death spread a number the organizations released statements about him and his service to our nation. >> reporter: almost instantly after reports surfaced social media was fulled with con
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>> almost immediately after his appointment to the bench wasn't shy about voicing his opinion. he quickly became a conservative leader. >> i believe judged is should say what they think, he spoke out. >> retired hamilton county judges say the the death of justice antonin scalia is aloss. >> he spend a summer lecturing here at chase college. it was a number of years ago. course i'm a graduate and the fan of that. >> reporter: as i promoter of gun rights and straight controlled immigration, and i voice challenges immigrations laws. it didn't matter the subject, he
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>> he wasn't one the judges that said he can't talk about it. you knew where he stood on all important issues. >> reporter: he will fulfill his duty and nominate a successor. this will not be an appointment because the republicans control the senate, they will block this. this will be the appointment of the next president. >> reporter: senate majority leader said this seat should not be filled. several the candidates from the debate took to twitter.
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scalia was an american hero. and that's an argument that will continue. thank you brad. >> antonin scalia death was brought up during tonight's debate. it is going to be a really cold night in the tri-state. scott joins us now. >> there will be no snow overnight but beginning at noon tomorrow, all of these county highlighted in purple will be under a winter weather advisory. this includes cincinnati and parts of sou eastern indian. this is a extension to that advisory.
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adams, high land and mason county tomorrow afternoon. the advisory area, here, closer to cincinnati we are expected 2-3 inches of snow. totals will be slightly lower in the far northern part the tri-state. overnight clouds increase, notice no snow, with temperatures centering between 5-10 degrees flurry and snow showers start to develop as we get close to lunch time. it is already cold greenfield at 0. we will take the look at road conditions for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and additional chances for snow in ten ten minutes
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sparks flew during the 9th republican debate tonight it took place in south carolina. it is just a week before the primary that could help figure out who become the republican nominee nominee. >> the republican presidential candidates took to the debate stage and the first questions turned to the death of the justice antonin scalia. the candidates argued it should be up to the next president. >> i would like the president to put the country first. the senate needs to stand strong. that consensus turned to disagreement. >> so wrong.
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donald trump -- over iraq. >> while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. >> this debate could be crucial for the candidates. more more ko rubio this was a chance to redeem himself. >> i'm going to have attacks plan that the profamily because the family is most important institution in society. new information tonight about the homicide in westwood. cincinnati police have made an arrest in a shooting death. this man was taken into custody around 6:00 tonight.
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a two alarm house fire is under investigation tonight. rescue crews were called to long meadow lane shortly after 6:00. floor. the home owners were not home and the no one was hurt. in oakly the cause of another fire is under investigation. firefighters contained to the second floor. no one was actually on the floor but neighbors alerted first floor residents to the fire. they were not hurt. five people sl have to find a new place to live. tonight five people are dead following a head on crash in downtown dayton. police a the wrong way driver nar rowly missed one vehicle before slamming into asuv. four people in the suv and the
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died early this morning. pope francis celebrated mass in mexico. encouragement. >> before celebrating mass he blessed the enterrans. service. thousands more watched0 outside. the holy father's service touched on many topics. pope fan sis said he came to
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a pill grim. >> well, that he is with them. >> reporter: the pope's day began with an official welcome ceremony at the palace. he urged them to resist privilege and serve those in need. thousands waited to catch a -- >> he celebrate mass outside of mexico city. >> so for pope francis has logged about 23 miles in his pope mobile. young people are coming to
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one group of students s s three middle school students call themselves soul bros. they met on the basketball team. he hosted an event this afternoon. they served as i stand in boo in exchange for sneakers. their mission to collect a thousand pairs of sneakers.
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dealing with contaminated water. harrison junior high school students collected water. >> the goal is to collect 4 that you 4,000 by tuesday. from 10-2:00 today they collected bottled water as well as cash here. it is great knowing that you can help people even know they may not know who you are. it is such the passion for us because the kids in flint are really effected and when you watch what the schools are going to go through for a generation
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is powerful to see. >> now they will also be collected donations on tuesday from 7:00 a.m. to noon. i'm also told that a truck and the driver has been donated to take the water up to flint. and organization is dedicated to building self-esteem and body image among african-american girls. they held their first pretty and proud party. girls were invited to a church, they took part in an afternoon of empowerment and education. well take i look at this. hundreds braved today's cold
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the annual cupid's undie run was today. the runner stripped off their clothes to fund research for the children's tumor foundation. i think i could only take part if i lost a bet. >> what's the magical number? a million dollars? >> much less than that. >> clouds are moving into the tri-state and winter weather advisory will be in effect for cincinnati and point to the west and south. through noon sunday to 10:00 in the morning on monday. this is for accumulating snow to the tune of 1-3 inches from midday tomorrow through the end of the morning commute on monday.
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county there is also winter weather advisory in effect but the starts at 5:00 on sunday afternoon. this included high land, braun r brown mason county. we are still expected snow in those county. area wide there will be 1-3 inches of snow but totals will be slightly higher outside of the advisory area. we will go through this more in detail coming up. first overnight, clouds increase. temperatures will drop into the mid and upper digits. clouds return and snow overspreads the tri-state tomorrow, you can track it all
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authority app. we also have snapshots of live precision doppler 12 hd. up and objectionford tonight all is calm and quiet. there will be burst of snow coming through. wind chill 11. clouds will be increasing overnight. snow will gradually increase in coverage and intensity tomorrow afternoon, gradually decrease tomorrow night. 1-3 inches of new snow. georgetown at 13. we will take 12 now in cincinnati down between 5-10 overnight.
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tomorrow evening. there is adisturbance running our way. a band of snow. we will take some time for the sno to get into the tri-state. it is not showing up yet on live precision doppler 12 hd. notes notice the area of high pressure is moving out. clouds increase overnight. snow will increase tomorrow afternoon notice plenty of snow, burst of visibility reducing snow continuing tomorrow evening. snow diminishes tomorrow night. rain snow mix late month. our threat level is at be aware. screaming message tonight, snow
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afternoon and night. 1-3 inches of new snow expected tomorrow night through monday. afternoon. waves of rain and snow showers coming all the way through midweek. we will trade a low of seven tonight for the high of 57 on wednesday. snow coming through the tri-state. forecast will be updated on good morning cincinnati beginning at 8:00. >> i love the snow it is beautiful, but not when i have to go out in it. thank you, scott. >> we want to go live. this is another view of the rabbit hash general store. take the look at that.
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roof as you can see. firefighters are spraying that building with a lot of water.we learned that that store is a historic kind of store down
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trying to putut xavier isn't out to prove anything to anyone but themselves but it is not about proving anything at that point in the season just winning. at butler, a team playing their best game of the season. shooting 65% in the first half. x up 11 in the first half. second half a drop set. he throws it down making it look easy. he wants the foul but he didn't get it. the three goes he had 13.
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>> i was interested in our response after our poor performance. we didn't play well last time we played much better today. i thought the difference in the game was our ability to defend. cincinnati another team that is brought up in the bubble conversation coming into today's game the pirates not a team that should stand in their way. but a lot of pressure for uc to pull off this win. congratulations to this couple. running, ahead again, kevin johnson the throw down. he had 13 off the bench.
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>> i guys understand what time of year it is. i can't score for you. i can't play for you. i told gary clark at half time, why did you come here? because i wanted to play for you guys. well, you want to play basketball, well start playing
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quit trying t kentucky hasn't been the most consistent but when they
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think they can take another big run. they are at south carolina. coach kal didn't maked three minutes before gets tossed out. it was on offensive foul called on south carolina by the way. uk up 49-29. wide open, knocks it down. he had 27 points 12 assists. this team fun to watch. one handed slam. uk wins it 89-62. buckeyes coming off their win. he tied a season high today.
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off the ball.
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cold overnight. >> cold overnight and snow is on the way tomorrow, 1-3 inches of new snow. 26 26 by late tomorrow afternoon.
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the 57 >> she dated donald trump. what was it really like dating the billionaire? his former girlfriend speaks out. >> it was intense. it was extremely intense. >> wait until you hear what she says about trump running for president. >> then, the oj simpson slow speed chase. but whatever happened to the real white bronco? 22 years later, inside edition tracks down the long lost bronco. >> mysteries of oj's bronco revealed.


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