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tv   Local 12 News Sunday 630PM  CBS  February 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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good evening, 3 i'm paula toti.we begin with the snow... it's falling across all over the tri-state right now... some of it is heavy.and it's leading to a number of let's get right to meteorologist scott dimmichwith no-wait weather. scott?
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3 this is what it looked like a
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avenue in east price hill... the roads were snow- covered and cars appeared to be taking it easy.a level one snow emergency is now in effect for all of hamilton countythat means roadways are hazardous... and vehicles should be removed from snow emergency lanes.north college hill is also under a level one snow emergency. 3 now for a look at the snow and how people are handling it in northern kentucky... let's go to local 12's brad underwood... he joins us live from highland heights... brad?
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treacherous. the tiny flakes were so thick they made a view across the river just about impossible. all the wet white turned new richmond's marina into just another summertime's dream. in the midst of it all we found robert glass trying to battle the inevitable. it kind of looks like you missed a couple of spots here. >> i'm saying.
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stay on top of it. it looks like we fight get 5" or 6". >> why not wait until the end of it. >> then i ain't shoveling it all at one. you know what i am saying? >> half empty, half full. >> it's a lot lighter too. plus like i said i'm out here playing. >> you have plenty to keep you busy. >> it seems that sometimes mother nature's approach. we found these geese hunkered down waiting for the end of the storm. >> now, i would think the predictions right now seem to be coming true at least out here on the east side, that 2" to 4", i would say looking at this we've probably got pretty close to the 3" mark right now. i will bet you that robert glass is still right up the street trying to keep up with all of this.
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coming up tonight at 11:00. in new richmond. local 12 news. paul a. >> you look like a holiday park, a blue sky, a river, your red coat. thanks, rich. mr. holiday. >> well, brown county also the same, under a level i snow emergency, butler county also under a level i snow emergency and dearborn county, a yellow travel advisory is now in effect until further notice. >> new information tonight about a devastating fire in a northern kentucky town. the historic rapid hash general store has burned to the ground. fire officials now say it appears the fire was accidental and as local 12's megan moore reports it likely started from an old pot belly stove inside. >> it's hard to see such a historic landmark that with stood flood after flood that burned to the ground tonight.
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9:00 saturday night. five fire departments worked to put it out. we're told nobody was hurt. but today seeing the building in shambles is painful. >> it's so surreal. i just -- i don't know. a lot of memories. a lot of memories. >> beautiful memories come back to ruby, whose daughter had their wedding here. >> they lived here all their life, so that could have been it. they didn't want to go to a church or go somewhere big, and so they just wanted to make it personal. so this was personal. >> they survived it all and then this happened. >> before new ownership in the '80s, suesy said her family owned this charming place that welcomed so many. >> this little store meant something to them and it meant something to us.
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it was a place for community gatherings. a piece of history. visited by many near and far. some say it was the pulse of this community. though it may no longer be standing tall, it's what it stood for in the minds of many that will carry on. >> my grandparents would be pretty proud of this, i think. >> in abandon hash, megan moore, local 12 news. >> a gofundme page has been started to rebuild the storms you can find a link to that at local >> more new information tonight in the family of a missing woman is now offering a reward. cara turner hasn't been seen in about two weeks. the 31-year-old is from falmouth. her family is offering a 10,000 dollars reward for her safe return or for those who may be disconnected with her disappearance.
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to call (859)654-4300. >> a cincinnati police officer chase. the officer tried to pull over a vehicle about 1:40 this morning. the driver refused to pull over. a short chase followed. it ended when the suspect crashed into a parked car. the driver then took off running during the foot chase. the officer fired one time but did not hit the suspect. the suspect has been arrested. the death of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia.
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the 20101 >> family and friends are saying good-bye to a legend in the reds organization. a visitation is under way right now amid the snowfall for long time equipment manager bernie stowe. it goes for a few more minutes tonight. he retired after 67 years with the reds. he died last week at the age of 80. his funeral mass is tomorrow morning. >>. the death of supreme court anto
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shockwaves through. meanwhile as mark albert reports, democrats are accusing the gop of playing politics. >> early sunday morning the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arrived at an el paso funeral home. the flag out front is lowered to half-staff. president obama paid tribute to the longest serving member of the court. >> he will no doubt be remembered as one of the most consequential judges and thinkers to serve on the supreme court. >> scalia was often seen as the keystone of the conservative five justice majority on the high court which frequently split with the four more liberal justices. president obama said he would nominate a replacement setting up an epic battle with the republicans on the court. >> there's a long tradition that you don't do this in an election year. >> it's not moving forward until after the election. >> mitch mcconnell vowed to block any obama appointment to the
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is voted into office. democrats lashed out. >> it is totally out of step with our history and our constitutional principles. >> it is beyond my comprehension and it just speaks to the unbelievable level and unprecedented level of republican obstructionism against obama from day one. >> funeral arrangements for scalia have not been announced. >> mark albert, cbs, the supreme court. >> scalia is believed to have died from natural causes. president obama has ordered flags at all federal buildings and bases remain at half-staff until his
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northbound near the lateral and ridge. obviously snow covered roads for much of the tri-state. take it easy. i suspect our own brad underwood will find heavy traffic as he ventures up to ken wood and red bank viewed road. >> this is the view from 75 at sharonville road. you can see southbound traffic heading towards cincinnati awfully slow. not much in way of avoiding the traffic northbound on 75 at sharonville. they've had trouble spots all day long. this is 71 at montgomery road in kenwood, this is the traffic heading past kenwood center. volume of traffic relatively low coming out of the kenwood cut. can confirm there's been an accident near stewart or red bank road because the visibility has been down for the last couple of hours. either way if you're venturing out anywhere, including on main roads it's going to be a slow go for the next four hours.
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our studios. 3.5". batesville 3.2". madisonville, 3" of snow. >> we're go to trade snow for snow showers for the rest of the night. wind advisory is up for fayetteville and union counties until 10:00 in the morning. this is not for another round of accumulating snow. this is mainly for residual or lingering effects due to snow this afternoon and early this evening. still have snow to track on precision doppler 12hd. this is light to moderate snow in the eastern part of hamilton county, up to warren and clinton county. heavier snow is found and we also have snow which will be coming to an end, boone, kenton and campbell county. heaviest snowfall in the tri-state, adams, brown and the east central part of claremont county, the individual clusters are snow are moving to the east with time.
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down the aa past brooksville, kentucky. heading up close to mayesville what we have along 7175 in northern kentucky is generally the light edge of snow. it's now in the process of coming through hamilton county. again a winter weather advisory is in effect until tomorrow morning. roads will be wet, slick, snow covered, you name it, you'll encounter it on the roads tonight. i'm cautiously optimistic that crews will be out aggressive tonight, so you should be able to get to where you need to early tomorrow keeping in mind codes will still be wet and possibly snow covered. coming up on the atrium weather cam. we'll have snow showers that starts and stops for much of the evening and overnight. no widespread snow once we get past 9:00, but still some bursts of snow continuing overnight. still have snow at the international airport. temperature 18.
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close to 30 degrees by sunrise tomorrow. the temperature will rise this evening and overnight. initially we'll rise to the 20s and then we'll rise close to 30 degrees by the start of good morning, cincinnati. drier air is trying to wrap into the system. some of the snow showers to the north will be diving in as the night goes on. knee here on the forecast model. widespread snow moving out, 8:00. some snow showers aren't at 10:00, 2:00 in the morning, four in the morning. snow showers means snow that starts and tops. potential for accumulation will be relatively low late this evening and overnight. but thanks to all the snow we have this afternoon, we will still have trouble spots. so the threat level continues to be at be aware, wet and snowy roads likely through the night. visibilityies will be down. as you saw 2-4" of snow.
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though 30 degrees by 6:00 in the morning. snow showers early tomorrow and a cloud cover kdot sky. rain and snow showers favor to the south and southeast of cincinnati. minor accumulation there, because temperatures will be near, not just above freezing. another shot of rain and snow comes tuesday and then we make a run close to 60 friday and saturday.
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10 >> now, the kerry automotive sports report. >> after the hoosiers defeated fourth ranked iowa on thursday. as of wednesday, dan dock. they're tied for second place in the ben with maryland. to date, eighth ranked michigan state. the spartans coming off a loss to purdue. valentine, i'll be someone's valentine. he just through it down. he ties it up at 18. the hustle saves it, but they're up one at the half. 41-40. there's valentine. davis hits it in. valentine, three of his 30. it was a cold second half and they
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the daytona 500 a week away. today we learned who the pole sitter would be. chase elliott, the son of hall of fame driver is replacing jeff gordon. at 24 years old he'll start the race as the youngest in history. the rest of the line up is set in thursday night's twin qualifying races. >> fill nichole san giving vaughn taylor his third career win today. phil has now gone 50 starts since his last win, the longest of his
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