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tv   Local 12 11 Sunday  CBS  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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. here near fountain square and doubt cincinnati, some roads are snow covered but that's not keeping everyone at home, will show you in a moment. good evening, everyone. i'm paula totey. the snow isn't falling as heavily now as it was earlier this evening, but our attention is now turning to the morning commute and potential problems there. let get right to meteorologist scott dimmich with no wait weather. >> yeah, the widespread snow we saw early today has ended. at best, stray flurries, patchy drizzle overnight, and of course with all the snow that we had earlier today covering a lot of tristate roads, there's good
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advisory in affect through 10:00 on monday. again, this is not really for precipitation overnight. really from residual effects of all the snow that we had earlier today. this includes everyone in the local 12 viewing area except southeastern indiana. 2 to 4-inches of snow today. that's what we had forecast. a lot of that snow will stay on tristate roads overnight as temperatures gradually rise through the 20. at best there will be stray flurries, some patchy freezing drizzle, really not causing any additional issues outside of what we already have thanks to all the know we had this afternoon and this evening. temperatures continue rising tomorrow morning. up to 34 at lunchtime. scattered rainshowers will return to live precision doppler 12 hd southeast cincinnati late tomorrow afternoon, possibly mixing with some snowshowers tomorrow evening, as that precipitation heads out. but we're dry, according to the view of live precision doppler 12 hd now. very light precipitation, if any precipitation is expected for
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we're up to 20 at the international airport. the temperature will continue rising overnight. windchills are still in the teens and single digits for many. visibility's finally getting maxed out at 10 miles. coming up, we'll address scattered rain and snowshowers tomorrow, tomorrow night, rain and snow chances returning tuesday, and highs near 60 in the planning forecast, coming up in 10 minutes. paula. >> a heat wave. all right, thanks, scott. now, let's take a look at conditions east of cincinnati, local 12's rich daffy spent the afternoon and evening in clermont county keeping an eye on the weather there. he joins us now from new richman where he's been standing out in the cold for hours. looks like the roads are very clear behind you now, rich. that's exactly right. the odot plows have been doing a bright job of clearing the lanes here. there's been almost two full
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wet. however, as pretty as this white stuff might be to a lot of folks out here, supreme to realize that's still very dangerous out here. >> reporter: the snow came down so hard that streets and parking lots were quickly covered. about 5:00 even this flock of canada geese gave it up and decided to just wait out the worst of it. people tried to cope in a variety ways. robert glass tried to shovel against it. mike clark got his almost new snowblower out, and his kids had a blast turning his snow pile into their snow fort. it was out on u.s. 52 where we spotted the strangest sight, danielle eubanks riding a bicycle the wrong way in the snow, a light dangling from her handlebars. she was holding on with one hand and talking on her phone at the same time. >> what are you doing out in the snow on a bicycle going the
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>> well, you're not allowed to ride the bike down that way, and i'm hungry. and my dad just had quadruple bypass heart surgery, so he can't drive. and, you know, i have to take care of them somehow. sometimes you have to do what you have to do. >> where are you going? >> right here to ameri-stop. >> reporter: right after danielle got off the highway, a plow went right down beside the lane where she had been riding just moments before. >> now, it is really important to point out that it was just a couple of weeks ago on a high and dry, clear sunday afternoon, 4:00 in the afternoon, that michael operator, an experienced cyclist, was hit and killed just a few miles down the road from where we are. and let me point out, he was going the correct direction when it came to the flow of traffic
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>> rich, go home now and get warm butler county a level one snow emergency. dearborn county a snow travel advisory in affect until further notice. the road crews did what they could, we saw they were doing a really good job where rich was, but as a lot of conditions this didn't keep people inside this valentine's day no matter what earlier. local 12 brad underwood joins us live on mountain square where many couples still kept their date night plans. >> brad. >> reporter: yeah, the weather not keeping people away. you had people heading out as restaurantses would like. the cold and snow certainly didn't keep people inside.
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of snow fell sunday, love was certainly in the air, temperatures in the teens and snow covered roads couldn't keep these happy couples inside their homes. >> definitely not gonna cancel our plans. >> reporter: they spent their night enjoying a quiet night with each other near fountain square. >> there be weren't that many, which i enjoy. coming down. it wasn't that crowded. it was awesome. >> reporter: on town square, the lights were on as couples took photos and held hands. on the snow covered ice skating rink, sherry sap tested her skills. her first time ice skating. >> i didn't think i could do it but i'm having a blast, just like roller skating. >> it's valentine's day. >> you saw the road conditions that rich showed you here on
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probably hear the noise, the generator snow blower crews continuing to make sure that fountain square is a safe place for people who are out walking tonight. and the snow did keep me from my valentine, paula, so it is now time to go home. >> yeah, like rich, i feel bad you've been out in the cold. but the roads look good, so you can get home and make it a good night. >> all right, thanks, paula. northern kentucky, boone, canton and gallatin counties are under a level 1 snow emergency. along with the city of dry ridge, pendleton county is now under a level 2 travel warning. snow emergencies have been declared in the cities of taylor mills, florence, elmser, lakeside park, park hill and cresent springs. residents are asked to move their cars off the streets. a fire devastates a northern
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burned to the ground. fire officials say it now appears the fire was accidental, and as megan moore reports it likely started from an old pot >> it's hard to see such a historic landmark. that and its nearly 200 years withstood flood after flood here the ground overnight. >> reporter: the fire started around 9:00 saturday night. five fire departments worked to put it out. we're told nobody was hurt. but today seeing the building in shambles is painful. >> it's like surreal. i just -- i don't know. a lot of memories. a lot of memories. >> reporter: beautiful memories come back to ruby, whose daughter had her wedding here. >> they lived here all their lives, so that could have been it, you know, and they didn't want to go to a church or go, to you know, somewhere big, so they
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so this was personal. >> survived it all and then this happened. >> reporter: before new ownership in the '80, suzie langen says her family owned this store for decades, a charming place that welcomed so many. >> you see all these people, some of them we know, some of them we've never seen before in our lives, but this store meant something to them and it meant something to us. >> reporter: a working general store sings 1831, it was a place for community gathering. a piece of history, visited by many near and far. some say it was the pulse of this community. though it may no longer be standing tall, it's what it stood for in the minds of many that will carry on. >> my grandparents would be pretty proud of this, i think. >> reporter: in rabid hash, megan moore, local 12 news. a go fund me page has been started to raise money to rebuild the store.
11:10 pm family and friends are saying goodbye to a legend in the reds organization. a visitation was held tonight for long-time equipment manager bernie stow. it was held at elder high school. stow retired after 67 years with the reds. he died last week at the age of 80. his funeral mass is tomorrow morning. pope francis visits a crime-ridden city. still ahead tonight, we will take to you the huge open air
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th is. pope francis had another whirl win day in mexico. it included an outdoor mass and a visit to a children's hospital >> reporter: pope francis visited a children's hospital in mexico city where he gave a sick boy medicine. displaying his affection for the young he asked the children to pray for him. [ singing ] >> reporter: a young girl serenaded the pope with a rendition of ava maria. mexico city has been pope francis' hub since he arrived
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across the country. >> reporter: earlier today he traveled by helicopter to one of mexico city's poorest and most violent suburbs. there he celebrated an outdoor mass before more than 300,000. the largest event on his six-day historic visit. >> in his homley, the pope urged mexicans to build a society with equal opportunity for all. 2 million people lined his motorcade route, many waving vatican flags. >> amazing. amazing. >> why did you like him? >> you liked his white car? >> si.
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virus, mexican officials started aerial antimosquito spraying and house to house fumigation to protect the pope from the disease. the biggest names in music are getting ready for the grammy's. still ahead tonight, a sneak peek at what the artist will
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you are (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. >> its season to celebrate your irish heritage is almost upon us.
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in holy cross emacculata church. the stealing of the statue has been a tradition since 1970. it happens ahead of the cincinnati st. patrick's day parade. this year marks the 50th anniversary of the parade. activists take part in a flash mob dance to raise awareness. it was called 1 billion rising and it took place at finley market this afternoon. it's meant to call for an end to violence toward women and girls, and similar moves took place all the biggest names in music are getting ready for the grammy awards tomorrow night. suzanne marquez caught up with some of the rehearsals and has a sneak peek at what some of the artists are taking home. >> reporter: four-time nominee alex an da shakes is preparing for the grammy awards. up for a big prize, album of the
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guitarist brittany howard admits they're star struck. >> we come from a little town. it's crazy to be shaking hands with people like ferrell and adele and prince. wow. >> reporter: alabama shakes joins a diverse line-up of performers from across musical genres. but host l.l. cool jay says the closing act is still under wraps. >> the advertise ments will be amazing and dessert will be spectacular. >> reporter: this year the trophy is outfitted with a grammy cam, which will capture video from the winner's circle. >> what's up, cool jay. >> when the grammy award is given to an artist, you will literally be in the hands of your favorite artist and see perspective. >> reporter: even if they don't take home a trophy, every nominee is invited backstage to the grammy's gift lounge where they're invited to take home everything from clothing to cocktails to jewelry. >> we prestuff in an amazing gift bag for them and then they get to come through the gift lounge and fill this
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miguel will take the stage to pay tribute to michael jackson. miguel is performing a cover of "she's out of my life," celebrating the reissue of jackson's 1979 album "often wall." suzanne marquez, cbs news, los angeles. the 58th annual grammy awards are live tomorrow night right here on local 12. i have my snacks ready. appointment tv. >> oh, wow. >> i love the grammy's. >> i love live tweeting the grammy's too. >> yeah, and i like to critique the clothing. >> i have not missed one since 1984. i'm thankful we have snow today but showers overall for tomorrow night so i'm excited. precipitation will be extremely light, if it even occurs overnight. the swathe of snow that we had earlier today is already out of the tristate. can't rule out some patchy freezing drizzle. stray or spotty flurries, some
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about the extent of it. so the winter weather advisory continues for all except fayette and union county through 10:00 in the morning. this is really not for precipitation falling overnight as much as it is for wet, slick, snow-covered roads, thanks to all the snow we had earlier today. this includes cincinnati, all of kentucky, all southwest ohio and nearly all of southeastern indiana. so roads will be improving overnight, main roads will be slushy in spots by early tomorrow morning. but rural secondary roads, roads that were not treated before snow fell earlier today will probably not in very good shape late tonight and early tomorrow. optimistic crews will be out heavily overnight doing their best to make sure roads are just wet by early tomorrow morning.
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windchill 11. temperatures will be rising overnight through the 20s. can't rule outing especially with pavement temperatures below freezing, some refreezing in spots overnight. meaning people drove over snow, standing water on the roads, it creates some new slick spots. but i think most of the slick spots that we have overnight had earlier today. roads will be at least wet overnight, possibly snowy, and then we have rain and snowshowers for some late tomorrow and tomorrow evening, and then another round of rain and snow will come on tuesday. windchill now 9 in cincinnati, cloudy skies. temperature 28 degrees. wind out of the southeast around 10 miles per hour. 20, the current temperature now in cincinnati. that's about as cold as we're gonna get for the rest of the night. we're up close to 30 degrees by early tomorrow morning. lots of snow earlier today, and a six-hour window we picked up 2.7-inches of snow. the cincinnati northern kentucky international airport, the drier air has punched in from the west. still had a lot of clouds that we had earlier today but at
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the snowshowers are traveling to the east and don't look to be coming our way. this area of precipitation is going to the east and that doesn't look to be coming our way. outside some moisture trying to float down from the low-level clouds that we have, we have no precipitation on live precision doppler 12 hd, and i suspect it will be little to no precipitation overnight. models insist on at least some flurries, some patchy drizzle, some patchy freezing drizzle overnight. i don't think this is a big concern but of course we'll give you the radar update on good morning cincinnati. and then through much of tomorrow, we're just cloudy. scattered rainshowers will be favored southeast of cincinnati beginning late tomorrow afternoon and then perhaps some snow mixes in with rainshowers south and east of cincinnati tomorrow evening. this model is i have aggressive in bringing showers back along interstate 71. i would just bank on at least some showers, isolated to scattered late tomorrow afternoon. southeast cincinnati, possibly some snow mixing in.
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be aware overnight roads will still be wet, slick, snow-covered. stray flurries can't be ruled out. mainly concern for wet and snowy roads, and of course we'll keep an eye on rainshowers that will be scattered southeast cincinnati possibly mixing with some snow into tomorrow evening. forecast high tomorrow, 38 degrees and therred flurries tuesday and that's no joke. upper 50s lower 60s by the time we get to the back end of the workweek. good morning cincinnati will have the updated forecast beginning at 8:25. meanwhile, the weather authority app has got everything you need. >> yeah. i need that. >> i need warmer air. >> light at the end of the tunnel. and indiana should have seen it coming.
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had a game against the hoosisiers ott. this season the hoosiers have looked really good at times, average at times and with a loss to penn state, that's gonna happen, they have 9 wins over atop of 100 rbi teams, that's good. the first iowa took care of business today at eighth ranked michigan state. spartan squad, 21 and 5 on the season. valentine, the early 3, he had a big day on, yes, valentine's day. nobi breaks through the paint, throw it is down, tie it is up in the 18th. he's finished with 16 points, 10
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yogi ferrel had 9 points. valentine had 30, msu wins it 88-69. one of them has gone 11 years without wind and the other has gone 50 starts and today on a gorgeous day in california at pebble beach it looked like the two would go head to head in the play-offs. a spot in the masters and big jump in the fed ex standings. phil mikelson coming in atop of the leader boards today, here on 16, vaughn taylor for birdie, he sorry. gave up before it happened. 17 under. a pretty good sport, putting the pressure on phil. so here's phil on 17. this is for the birdie. and 16 under. so final hole, mikelson leaves the birdie here to force the play-off. the 5-footer, he said he hit it right where he wanted but it
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vaughn taylor earns his third >> it really has slowed down so the morning commute shouldn't be horrible. crews get out. tonight. be about it. temperatures rise overnight and scattered rainshowers southeast better chance for rain and snow
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that is for real. highs near 60 later on this week. >> get sag clap for that. yeah. all right. you were here all day. thanks for a great job and
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the sports authority is next. . hey, everyone. thanks for joining us tonight. sports authority has something for all of your many sports favorites.


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