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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> weather advisory for part of the area. tim has a look at what's heading our area with no wake weather. >> some areas will see a little snow. >> in the middle of your screen, hamilton county, everything is quiet right now. we will get into some rain as the evening progresses. everything right here, hamilton county, southern claremont county, brown county, all going to see a little bit of rain as we get into the evening. i think the low story will be the low visibility.
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after mile. what happens all long with the fog. we start to see some rain. that's the colors you see here, greens and blues. eventually, we'll see some snow. eventually we'll see snow to the east of cincinnati. this is the area posted for tonight. watch what happens here. white is clouds and green is rain. and put everything in motion, this is 9:30, 10:00 tonight. we start to pick up blue, that's snow. watch what happens in a corridor right here.
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a lot of snow just to the east of cincinnati. say wilmington, peebles to mazeville, augusta. one to three inches. and inch or less. not much impact in the since natsy area. in little, if anything, some rain in the northwest counties. we're going to see subtle, low level changes that will make for the ban of snow just to the southeast. we'll watch temperatures very carefully through the nighttime hours tonight, down to 33
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will fall down to 30 degrees for the overnight low. back to the newsdesk. >> following a local breaking news alert in madisonville. crews are on the scene of a fire near piedberry. and we'll bring you new information as soon as they arrive. it was a wild ride for a young kim as they tried to hospital. before their baby was born. while they didn't make it, everybody was fine. >> how it's hard to imagine a baby coming to a family that's better prepared for an emergency. earlier this among, she told her husband, it was time to go. he was waking up the baby. he started to get her in the car. at that point, i told him, i don't think we're going to make
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>> her water didn't break. it exploded. >> leaving the house, knowing that we were not going to make it, it was instinct. it also played into being a nurse. when you feel the urge to push, it's probably going to happen. i have dn it before. >> dad is a firefighter paramedic, working for harrison. he started driving with katie west, with all fours in the front seat. he called his death -- >> 15 minutes later, phone rings again. robby and said, yeah, thinking he forgot something, wanting me to go to the house. your grandson is here. you're joking. >> he said, no, i'm serious, we
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the car. >> while they had every intentions of delivering at the hospital, he decided to be born right here on u.s. 50, between the high school and 275. never stopping, robby made a calm call to dispatch. >> this is rob. i work for harrison and my wife just delivered in the corner, in the back seat. >> we were going to clamp and coat it. she tried to suggestion her nose nose -- nose and mouth with her mouth. >> rich jaffe, local 12 news. >> that's amazing. he weighed in at 8 pounds, 10 ounces, 21 inches long.
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firefighter. and her mom said katie was a second child as well. she, too, was a surprise delivery. and there are already plans to rebuild. flames roared through the estimated 185-year-old structure. since then, people have been stopping by to snap pictures, salvaging some of the old store, could preserve the place with the national register of historic places. >> what the fire department told me, the floor and all those supports holding up the store are intact. i'm hoping that's enough original fabric that they will allow us to remodel and then still be able to recommend sister a national structure. >> go fund me has been set up to estimate the 100 thousand costs to rebuild the store.
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investigators are looking at the wood burning stores as the source of the fire. if you been there, you know what i'm talking about. >> 25-year-old, williams chambers is locked up on a charge of murder. police say he was shot five times and left on the street. and investigators believe he was shot in front of an apartment building and tried to run. before eventually collapsing on the street >> did you know who is teaching
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. >> nationwide review gives ohio, kentucky, indiana mixed grades for handling cases of teacher misconduct and how the teacher reports are shared with other states. indiana gets an f because teachers could get a license before the history is reviewed. >> the political battle, to -- it shows no signs of letting up.
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republicans on capitol hill, who don't want president obama to nominate a successor. >> two democrats accuse him of disregarding him much and councilman suttonfield, it would be irresponsible if the president made a nomination and the senate didn't act on it. >> a musical salute to broadway. hamilton, the musical, includes hip-hop music to tell the story of the life of alexander hamilton. the cast will take place in new york for live performance. it's been a sold out hit, thanks in large part for andy breckenhuller.
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carpet preview at 7:00, followed by the awards and all the action
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still ahead, poverty pulled >> tonight we continue our childhood investigation into child poverty. we introduced you to key people on a documentary on poverty. tonight, the story of eddie dean wilson. >> wilson is a dropout living in a world of poverty. >> and heavy dean wilson is
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he proudly stands in front of his home and knowing he earns it free and clear. >> working since i was 13, doing the wagon. when they tore down the buildings in the area for the school, they can stop their job and pick up the stuff that they didn't want, that burned off the wood, hinges and window weights and anything like that, that make a dollar. >> 52 years ago in the documentary on poverty, it was a different eddie dean wilson. >> and another young man with no place to go, like clifford, poverty pulled him away from the school. the same poverty denies him a job. a job that might, just might lift him out of poverty. >> and at 16, eddie dropped out of school.
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shoes. my lunch, it was stuff from the welfare and -- it was a struggle all the time. all the time. >> sounds like it was kind of intimidating when you went to school. >> i couldn't have what the other kids have. >> the comments, five decades later are echoes of a painful past. >> less work for a 16-year-old, and eddie quit school when he could no longer bare the giants of his worn or insulting name, river trash. >> this is 14th and mansfield. it's one of the lovelily rehab neighborhoods of old cincinnati. before the renovation, this is where eddie dean wilson spent a lot of his younger years. growing up poor on these streets was one of the things that helped to make the tough decision to drop out of high school.
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family moved to delhi, moved to the same street where eddie bought his home. >> filmed me there, where the poles are and talked awhile. like i didn't have anything to do, which i didn't at that time. >> after multiple jobs, eddie spent 42 years working for steel craft. he found a couple of passions, too. harley davidson motorcycles and association. in 2001, he won the nhra version of the american academy award. he took the honors of camaro. milestones. of this. and i did. >> how did you do that? >> by working and the things
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before they passed away. they had it all. >> even eddie's interrupted education, is more than what the father had. >> where did you go to school. went to the front door, not the back door. >> while eddie never went back to school, he firmly believes the road to poverty, is paved with gold and education >> it is my goal, you know, to do better and i done so. with the help of my wife. we worked as a team. still do it. >> eddie says the government made it too easy for people not to work and still get benefits. >> it's just very important for children to go to school, to hang in there and do it because down the road, it will get worst. you'll find that out. >> a lot better now. >> it could also get better with
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in delhi, rich jaffe, local 12 news. >> last night, we have snow. tonight, kind of a mixture of stuff. >> rain-snow mix, turning to snow in downtown cincinnati. more snow to the east and fog for a lot of folks. that's going to be the deal for the next couple of hours. do be careful of that. that is what we have for you. it's pretty murky out there. i truly believe it's going to be murky on and off as we have a decent snow pack. we'll make the transition to warm air. keep that in mind for the next couple of days. here's the weather story. rain and snow tonight. any major accumulating snow will be in the south eastern counties. we'll talk about that. look for foggy conditions, not only tonight, tomorrow morning, through tomorrow night, sort of on and off, as the conditions
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pack. again, we're making the transition by late week. dew point of 34. that means the air mass is plenty saturated. 35 degrees, don't think that's that warm. for 17 degrees warmer than we were last night at this very same time. so already, a big change in air mass. 35 at home. 37 in lexington. munsy checks in at 33 degrees. if you're heading out, fog a big deal right now. 1.5 miles visibility in wilmington. everyone is dropping. national airport at a tenth of a mile. a quarter mile, all due to fog at lincoln hamilton and middletown as well. there's the dense fog advisory for tonight, taking you from quenton county down to the cincinnati area, into northern kentucky, along the river across carrollton and gavelton county.
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there's nothing in hamilton county. plenty of fog here. to the south, northern kentucky. i-75, i-71. this is headed to the northeast. this is overspread cincinnati in the next hour or so. cincinnati, more rain. adams county, mason county, bracken county. everything moving to the northeast. initially, everyone is going to get in to rain this evening. and eventually, some of the rain, is as we see some subtle changes, will change over to snow. most of the snow, will occur to the east of cincinnati. we're deal with a whole other storm system tonight. one that's coming our way to alabama. the brunt of the snow, will miss downtown cincinnati. there will be some decent accumulation to the east.
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weather service, has issued an advisory. down towards bracken, mason and robertson county as well. winter weather advisory well east of downtown cincinnati. we're looking at 1-3 inches of snow in the area. cincinnati, dry ridge, around an inch or less. it could be just a rain-snow mix mainly as the night goes on. 7:00 tonight, mainly, rain pushing in from the south. as the evening goes on. the curtain of snow. we see it develop mainly to the east of cincinnati. the darker the blue, the heavier the snow occurring in southern sections of ohio. notice by tomorrow morning, it's out of here. we're left with cloud cover and many areas will be left with fog as well. cloud cover during the daytime hours tomorrow. another impulse from the northwest. you know what? i think that one misses us. i don't think we see anything from the next little storm system heading our way from the northwest. that's a good deal.
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i think we're socked in with cloud cover and a whole mess of lower level moisture and that will be difficult to get rid of, even during the day thursday. here's the 12 hour forecast midnight tonight, down to 33 degrees. temperatures will continue to fall down to 31. we'll be watching temperatures very carefully during the overnight period. 37, 37. how about the weekend, friday, saturday and sunday, close to 60. 59, 59. and 56 degrees. we'll see a quick snow melt. we will not see a lot of rain. that's certainly good news with the snow melt. temperatures generally on the rise. that's typical of cincinnati when you get the snow pack and transition to low air. >> thanks. >> the big 10 conference has 14
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big 12, only 10. soon the number may grow and uc could be part of it. no secret they would love to call the big 12 home. now expansion won't happen right away, uc has impressed officials who are set to lead in may, adding to their ten member conference. good news for bengals. salary cap, close to 12 million. last year, it's 143 million. next season, going up to 155 million. and increase in the cap space. and only three days away from the start of spring training for the reds, out in arizona. pitchers and catchers report, what promises to be an reds. and roster torn apart and rebuilt for the future. usa today, released the
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are not giving the reds much love. they are predicting they will get -- and projected record of 61 wins and tied for the lowest. the phillies rank the cubs number one, the exact opposite record of the reds. we'll see. we do it every monday. roll out the top 83 polls. villanova owns the top spot. musketeers, xavier number 8.
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jeb bush looks to "w" to put him in the win column. first the freeze, then the storms and plenty of accidents. and the odd couple. opposites on the bench, best buddies in life. >> we agree on a whole lot of stuff. we do.


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