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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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investigators believe the space heaters used to keep his dogs warm, spa -- sparked that fire. >> dayton police now have a juvenile in custody. local 12's joe webb is in the newsroom and he joins us with the story. >> reporter: it turned into a five-day weekend when a threat of a bomb on campus kept all 900 students home today. crews from northern kentucky university and the airport brought in bomb-sniffing dogs to search the school's daycare, elementary school, middle school and high school. that took them a couple of hours, they found nothing and were convinced the schools were safe. they had identified the suspect early on. but decided to keep them home
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suspect was in police custody. >> i think the message i would like to share. things are tracked back and will be tracked back, schools take this seriously and things will occur when you're caught. >> reporter: and you will be taken into police custody. mr. brewer would not comment on whether the child was a student, dayton has been out of class since last thursday. teachers had a professional a day friday and yet was the president's day holiday. we'll have more on this story 5:00. tomorrow. you can read the latest on our website at >> a man is convicted on federal child porn charges. they found him guilty on three different counts. including conspiracy to distribute child pornography.
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of his home in hamilton. he was one of five people indicted. mosseer is set to be sentenced in june. he's the son of butler county prosecutor mike mosier. >> aimed at combatting gun violence. local 12 will bring you more first at 4:00 and on today is the deadline in ohio. if you want to register to vote in the primary. registrations have to be post marked no later today to be . all you have to do is hover the now. donald trump's targets were the bush family and ted cruz. reports from charleston, south
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to the polls on saturday. >> reporter: george w. bush took the stage to help give his younger brother an extra boost. the former president gave a trump. >> faith that reveals itself words. >> trump hit right back. >> why do you mention jeb bush? he's not competitive. his brother came today and they are trying to make him competitive, but i don't think it is going to happen personally. >> i think ted is a very unstable guy. i've never seen anybody that has lied as much as ted cruz. >> it comes just days before the primary in south carolina. >> political science professor kendra stewart says the 2016 gop
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>> traditionally i would say a candidate like cruz would be very appealing in south carolina. but this time trump is leading in all of the polls and traditionally he's not a candidate that south carolina candidate would support. >> the field will narrow after saturday's primary results. >> now meantime, trump is threatening to sue cruz again. >> our center station in columbus will host a national town hall today. we'll look into the biggest and most important challenges facing today's generation of young americans. streaming tonight from 7:00 until 8:00 on >> you know for the most part road conditions are pretty good today. there were slick spots during the morning hours. but nothing really serious.
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county. it appears it slid off the road this morning. at one point both eastbound lanes were blocked. injuries though. we could still see an occasional snowflake or two today. here is meteorologist scott dimmich with your no wait weather. >> we had freezing drizzle earlier this morning. but precipitation has moved out and it will stay away for the rest of the business day. temperatures will be nearly steady or slowly rise. a cloudy sky overhead this afternoon. temperatures falling back down to around 30. midnight. well. no precipitation being detected on precision doppler 12 hd. temperature now 33 at the international airport. wilmington still at 31.
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cincinnati will likely rise into the mid 30s. wilmington. there will be low clouds and some areas of fog through the afternoon. tomorrow, we have some flurries in the forecast, clouds will be tough to shake for the next couple of days. eventually when sun returns, the temperature soars to near 60 degrees. we'll talk about that at least as breezy stretch through the john. >> welcome to the 2016 grammy awards. >> pop star queen taylor swift opened up the grammy's. her second career grammy for album of the year. rapper kendrick lamar stole the show winning five, the most for the night.
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nominating a replacement. republicans have promised to block the appointment until the next president comes to office next january, hillary clinton posted a barrage of tweets last night. refusing to do your duty isn't righteous, it is disgraceful. pope francis celebrates mass today in mexico. a town plagued with drug violence. later he meets with young people at a soccer stadium. tomorrow he'll be in a town which until recently was called the murder capital of the world. there are efforts to change an improve that city's image. >> a three-alarm fire today in houston. ktrk, the first of two apartments were on fire. within 10 to 15 minutes. it started to spread to the rest of the complex. the fire started in her
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owns is gone. there's word that firefighters have problems with getting water on to the fire, including with
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>> stock >> some good news at the gas pump. prices are the lowest we have
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russia, saudi arabia and others have agreed to freeze productionment oil prices are surging, an over supply combined with less global demand resulted in a sell off. >> the dow jones is up. the nasdaq up 75 points. the s&p 500 is up 23 points. you can catch the market's closing numbers today on local 12 news, first at 4:00. facebook is dealing with a class action lawsuit because of its birthday reminders. they sent unauthorized. facebook is not commenting on that matter. >> well, you had a smart phone. smart watches, what about smart foods. they are called io fit. >> sensors detect balance and posture.
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app that offers tips that improve your workout. you can choose from two
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>> well, snow, rainfall, jus >> a tornado leads to destruction and injuries in its wake. this is in century, florida, in the panhandle.
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to the hospital, including this woman. she was trapped in debris. first responders and bystanders were able to finally dig her out. storms also swept across south florida today. from palm beach to miami. downing power lines and cap sizing boats. wind gusts of more than 60 miles places. winds tore the sign off the good year base. it seems a bit early for these kind of wind storms. >> a strong front coming in. when they make it down into the southern half of florida, it is usually bad news. here at home. gray and gloomy. i've updated the forecast at
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like if you haven't been to the new and improved site. you scroll down the page and get the hour-by-hour forecast, get the planning forecast. the interactive radar is there. make sure you click on the interactive radar. go down the page a little bit more. the latest forecast discussion is there. a summary of today and tonight. eventually, later today, we'll also include tomorrow. the record low and high temperature information. all available at the forecast is updated a couple of times a day. atrium weather cam medical center now. it is gray and gloomy. both 35 degrees. we'll take a check up on college hill. the weather cam atop the star 64 transmitting tower. a temperature of 34 degrees. it will be gray and gloomy.
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we will not have the dense fog that we had yesterday afternoon this afternoon. isolated flurries are forecast tomorrow. we'll be brighter and warmer. with time, especially with a strong southerly flow. temperature now 33 at the cincinnati northern kentucky international airport. we'll take 33 now in cincinnati up only into the mid 30s today. and then we'll drift back down to around 30 later on this evening and eventually into the mid and upper 20s. as promised, yesterday, on local 12 news, this disturbance now rolling through the far western, southwestern part of the ohio valley is going to stay outside of the tri-state. originally we had spotty showers yesterday. we have taken those chances out
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clearly here on precision close. the disturbance staying down to our south and southwest, but clouds will not be going away this afternoon or this evening. highs today, only a degree or now. lows tonight, down into the mid and upper 20s. and there's the opportunity for isolated flurries tomorrow in the forecast model. i believe we're locked in clouds for much of wednesday night and thursday. eventually sun returns for the week with high pressure moving in to the north. we'll take it. 35 the forecast high today and then we'll settle down gradually into the upper 20s this evening. clouds will be tough to shake for the remainder of the workweek. a little more sun on friday. isolated showers late. we're windy friday, breezy saturday and those will be winds out of the south.
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saturday, but we're cold the next three afternoons. sunday. monday, we have a mostly cloudy sky in the forecast, so, again, the weekend doesn't look too bad, if you want a warm-up. 60 the forecast high on saturday. still above average on sunday. we'll update the forecast momentarily at >> you may have heard of the local boy we call super luke. we have an update to share you. super luke was given that name by the late lauryn hill. he suffers from tumors in his brain. he went in for an mri to check the status of the brain tumor.
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>> i'm just too nervous that as soon as i do that, something is going to happen. we would have to do that all over again and i wouldn't want to put him through all of that. >> brad will share what the mri reveals and super luke's constant battle. >> be sure to join local 12 later tonight. ncis starts at 8:00. stay tuned for top stories on
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local 12 news >> an exciting game turned chaotic after a freak accident during a basketball tournament. a 14-year-old girl was runling down the court when she was partially impaled by a floorboard. the internal organizer said it was something that he had never seen before. >> kind of like a strike of lightning. >> he says he's surprised it happened in the gym. because the floor is only 16 years old. >> the girl will be back on the
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>> a 400 carat diamond recently discovered in the african country of angola. the company that found the diamond says it is entire transparent. that makes it quite rare and quite valuable. it can be worth about $20 million. it is the 27th largest diamond ever recorded. >> cloudy this afternoon and cloudy this evening. still gray and gloomy. weather cast is already up at >> our next newscast first at 4:00. remember, news anytime at
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local 12 news >> neil: [ groans ] >> devon: hey. >> neil: hey. >> devon: are you all right? >> neil: no, i just, uh -- yeah. i-i lost my balance. that's all. >> devon: are you sure? >> neil: yeah. >> devon: have you been drinking? >> neil: no. no. of course not. not tonight. no. listen, you're embarrassing me. don't make a scene. go back to hilary and let me dust off my pride in peace. okay? go. >> jack: hey. >> neil: hey. oh, jack. yeah, you, uh -- [ chuckles ] you missed the floor show. >> jack: how much have you had


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