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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  February 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a mini van headed the wrong way. car killing the driver. new information from police and joins us live with the days -- larry. >> reporter: telling us what they do know about the crash, but there's also a lot they still don't know about the crash. investigators say jose arenas was killed by a wrong-way driver who was impaired at the time of the crash. 22-year-old taryn chin has been charged with aggravated vehicular homicide and she was under the influence of alcohol and she may have been under the influence of drugs. chin was driving northbound in the southbound lanes near dana when she struck arenas' car
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it was a spectacular crash, both cars collided head-on. arenas was killed at the scene. chin was treated for minor injuries. >> we brought ms. chin back here to the traffic section where we processed her. she gave us a breath sample she tested .122 breath content. investigators thought there was possible drug use, and she did give us a sample. >> there was something during the interview process which lead police to believe there could have been some type of drug use. she is cooperating with police. what police are not sure about is where chin was before she got
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whether she was working or been someplace else, they aren't sure at this point. even if they didn't it is part of the investigating process. about that. they are also checking 911 calls to dispatch. they are checking traffic cameras on interstate so see where she may have gotten on the interstate going in the wrong direction. >> we'll continue to follow this, so many people probably likely saw it at that time of day. do we know more about this poor victim, the driver? was it someone just on his way to work, do we know? >> he lived in florence. he was on his way home from work. he worked in cintas in the mason area.
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arenas left to go home and he came upon that crash and realized it was a co-worker who was involved. >> chin is scheduled to face a judge tomorrow morning. new details about an abduction in boone county. a new look at people arrested for the crime. they both face charges of kidnapping and robbery. the victim apparently contacted holmaster during the website back he arranged to meet her. once there, holmaster stepped out to take a phone call, that's when he burst in with a gun and forced the victim to drive to money. they could face 10 to 20 years if convicted on all charges.
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in the buckeye state. voters can cast absentee ballots by mail or in person before election day without giving any reason. there are fewer days to do so than in the last presidential election. a law passed years ago trims it to 28 days. it is pretty much an empty field on the border. but ziegler park at 14th and sycamore and both over the rind in pendleton is about to become so much more. today's ground breaking. >> reporter: good afternoon, paula. yeah a big day here in the over the rind pendleton community. you talk about that blank space if you look. it is the lawn of the old school of creative and performing arts. it is just a vacant lot.
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vacant as long as it has. it is going to be a huge addition to the over the rind pendleton area. residents and visitors are really going to love this. a brand-new 400 space parking garage is going to be built directly underneath the park. a large green space will be located on the lawn as you just saw of the old scpa, which it is being repurposed as an apartment building. about 150 units going in there. a new aquatic center, a custom play area, new and improved basketball courts as well. city officials were on hand for the ground breaking ceremony. this is a huge step in the continued renaissance for this downtown neighborhood. >> washington park has helped us completely transform the west side. i think it will have a similar
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into the urban core and having this great urban lifestyle. >> i didn't think we would ever be solid with suburban development until we got this right and we're getting this right, big time. >> i think mr. tar bell was just about as excited as anybody down here this morning. the project was funded mostly by the cities, but also private and public donation. it is said to be completed in the spring of 2017. adam clements, local 12 news. >> paula, back to you. >> that looked really great. adam, 400 parking spaces. that's probably not just for the park, that is going to help surrounding businesses as well, right? >> oh, yeah, you want to come down here and nicole lives down the street. you can park down here. worry free. you see what it has done to washington park. it has brought people there, it is going to bring people there as well. >> thanks a lot of, adam. local 12 will continue to follow the progress of the park.
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but we are getting a break from any measurable rain or snow. here to tell us what the rest of the day holds is meteorologist weather. we have a cloudy sky right now, but we will get some sun. temperatures will respond with a afternoon. mid to upper 30s for the back end of the afternoon, we'll likely see some clearing this evening, especially for the second half of the evening, as temperatures fall back down through the 30s. eventually into the mid and upper 20s. likely settle down between 20 and 25 in most tri-state communities. we have no rain or snow to track now on live precision doppler 12 hd. temperatures are gradually rising up through the 30s now. foster is at 34. the international airport is at 34. the windchill is down into the mid and upper 20s for some. some spot have a windchill close to the temperature thanks to a
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filtered sun again tomorrow. degrees. if not above 60 degrees later this week. we'll investigate the weekend forecast and any shower chances days. >> thank you, scott. making history. the latest from the pontiff's trip to mexico.
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order to unluck >> federal investigators say they are missing some key evidence in the terrorist attack at a san bernardino health facility. now a federal judge has mandated apple to decrypt the cell phone that belonged to one of the attackers. >> reporter: several investigators say syed farook and tashfeen malik carefully planned. the details leading up to the attack and who they spoke to remains a mystery. >> we still have one of those phones that we have not been able to open.
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apple to hack into one of the encrypted iphones. >> every iphone has an optional memory erase. >> the u.s. government has asked us for something we simply do not have and something we consider too dangerous to create. they have asked us to build a back door to the iphone. cook explained the problem with that in a 60 minutes interview with charlie rose. >> that back door is for everybody, for good guys and bad guys. >> apple has five days to file an appeal which could go all the way to the supreme court. >> we want to know, what do you think? should the government be allowed
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share your thoughts with us on the local 12 facebook page. we'll share some comments ahead on first at 4:00. pope francis becomes the first pope to visit the border today. this is the last event of the trip to mexico. there will be a simulcast at the border. on tuesday, the pope almost fell on a child when someone pulled his robe. >> up to iran, the country
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they might have to put the fate of a global oil deal hangs on a run. saudi arabia and russia agreed to freeze oil production at january levels to give prices a boost. they will only do it if ever oil-producing countries do the same. the country just had sanctions lifted and has signalled that it is full steam ahead for oil production. the latest look at wall street,
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218 points on the dow. nasdaq up 79 points. the s&p 500 up 27 points. you can catch the clothing numbers later today on local 12 news first at 4:00. >> good news for those who plan to travel out of the country. u.p.s. plans to expand passport stores. they announced last year that they would allow customers to schedule passports. nearly 50 million american passports expire over the next three years. >> the warm-up is on the way.
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spring b >> i'll tell you what, if you need to sandpaper anything, just use my hands. >> so dry, my whole head feels out of the ordinary. it is almost like it is spring in the middle of winter. thankfully we'll get sun this afternoon. we'll be highly filtered. we'll have some more clearing. this evening some more clearing tomorrow. we'll have to wait until early friday to get sunshine in earnest. high of it is in the mid to upper 30s. but the feels like temperature, or the windchill will likely be
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no rain or snow expected. there will be breaks in the clouds later this evening. you can track the breaks in the clouds on local 12's weather authority app. search for wkrc in the app store or google play. areas to the north of cincinnati will probably see cracks in the clouds first. in oxford windchill 37. the wind will be sustained out of the north, northwest between 5 and 10 miles an hour this afternoon. somewhere cloudy to mostly cloudy for the remainder of the day. more sun on thursday. week. that will allow warmer air to come our way. temperatures likely in the upper 50s perhaps to the low to mid 60s. we'll be slightly cooler on
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>> 33 in ma deira. we'll take 34 now in cincinnati to get to an afternoon high of 38. we'll fall back down through the 30s. a wave of flurries coming through. some snow showers earlier today. weak, very compact upper level disturbance coming through triggering some widely scattered precipitation. notice an improvement here on precision doppler 12 hd. no rain or snow to track at this hour, we'll stay dry through the afternoon. the forecast model shows at least a brightening of skies later today. especially for areas, north, northeast, and northwest of cincinnati. highs in the 30s today. a touch warmer tomorrow. some more cracks in the clouds tonight. no big swathe of rain or snow. a nice change compared to what we have had over the last couple of weeks.
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last two weeks. today we're dry, tonight we're dry, tomorrow we're dry, but clouds will be around in earnest, 35 the temperature at 1:00. temperatures will fall back down through the 30s, and eventually into the 20s this evening. by 10:00, i have us down to 28 degrees. wake up early tomorrow morning, i suspect there will be fog. look for a reduction in visibility visibility. the wind will be up on friday and also for saturday. notice warm air, as promised all week long. still forecast friday and saturday. overnight lows tonight in the the 20s. overnight lows in the 30s and 40s rolling into the weekend. a high of 38 today. for a high of 65 degrees on saturday. cooler air returns later on in the planning forecast, along with more clouds and showers. it is back to winter by early next week. let's not spoil the fun.
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saturday is the pick day of the week if you want to be out and about with warmth and sunshine. >> it is a good pick day to have, too. >> excellent. >> well, be sure to join local 12 tonight, survivor starts at 8:00. big bang theory at 9:30. stay i hope we have a buyer for the house. me too! what are the neighbors doing here? bill! hey! come in! i didn't know your home wifi could stream so many devices at the same time. dad, it's time warner cable internet. crazy-fast. dad! you can get wifi all over this place. cool! make your home as connected as possible. get internet with unlimited data starting at $14.99 per month. and ask about free installation.
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3 we want to update you on a
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is a look at i-75 near towne can see traffic is now moving.a large crash had shut down the southbound lanes of i-75 just south of the latteral until just a few minutes ago.we'll have the latest on local 12 news first at four. 3 3 we'll have all the latest news and weather ahead today on local 12 and we'll have some breaks in the cloud later today. we'll update this forecast first at 4:00. we'll have all of the latest today on first at 4:00. in the meantime you can check
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p >> dylan: patty wanted to warn me. that's why she broke out of fairview the night of the fire. she wanted to warn me. and when i asked her what it was that she wanted to tell me, if it had something to do with why she killed dr. anderson -- >> paul: d-dylan, look, i appreciate you looking for some reasonable explanation for what happened. but patty's beyond reason. she's beyond logic. she doesn't even remember being in dr. anderson's office. >> dylan: okay. all right. but if patty had a reason to be worried or frightened -- >> paul: she's always frightened. listen, her mind, her brain, has been attacking her for years, torturing her, turning her in to


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