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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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trunk. he gets a gun and you could hear it cook. he gets back in the c and takes off. you hear gun shot and the next thing you know the man is dead. >> jeff hirsh is at district one headquarters right now. what you can tell you that you have learned today. >> reporter: good afternoon, john. the victim/suspect is identified as 37-year-old paul gaston and based on what was said today, it appears the gentleman was having some personal problems, some sort of issues. his girlfriend was one of the people that called 911. you heard the other people say, this person, the victim crashed his vehicle and according to the 911 caller, he dropped and picture up a gun and then the police showed up. then there's cell phone video from a citizen witness, shot from the citizen witness's car. it shows the suspect on his knees, the police saying, get
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and reaches for his waistband. the officers knew he had a weapon, because the 911 caller said he had a gun. they were told by dispatchers that they had a gun. they did not know this was a bb gun, although it was a very realistic looking bb gun. the split-second decision-making, you think it is a gun. if you reach for a gun with the police at you, you're going to get shot by the police. let's hear now from the police chief and the mayor. >> there's no connection that we can make tragically in this profession these things do happen. every officer realizes that there may be a time in their career where they may be faced with a situation like that, and tragically this is what has occurred. >> i want there to be a clear consistent message, when our officers are faced with a situation where their lives is in danger and someone is not listening to their commands and
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lethal action is justified, although unfortunate. fired. all veteran officers. he's been a police officer for more than 20 years and the others about ten years apiece. now we'll have the normal procedure when there's a police officer involved shooting. the officers will be on paid days. an investigation by internal fairs. the officers will be sent to psychological counseling. obviously obviously the tragedy is greatest for the family and friends of the victim, but it is hard for the officers as well. >> we'll bring you more on what we learn ahead today beginning first at 4:00. you can read the latest op our website at >> a local breaking news alert
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crews aren on the scene right now. they are dealing with a leak of sulfur tryoxide. a reverse 911 call was made to residents to tell them to stay inside and close their windows. so far, no reports of any injuries. it is used to make sulfuric acid. it is dangerous if inhaled. it makes household and industrial detergents, along with sanitizers and other products. >> follow local 12 on twitter or download the local news app to your why phone. >> a woman made her first court appearance today. charged with two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide. local 12's megan moore was in
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what we learned about new details in this case. the judge ordered chin be held op $150,000 bond for each count she faces. police believe she was intoxicated yesterday morning. she admitted to drinking four or five alcoholic beverages and knew she shouldn't be driving. investigators are still trying to figure out if sh he -- she had drugs in her system. they did submit a drug test. some called hamilton county dispatchers the morning of the crash saying there was a person driving a similar vehicle the wrongway on kenwood at 2:24. she does have a four yooerld -year-old and a six-year-old. the two kids are staying with
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the case is scheduled for february 29th. >> his friends say he's being remembered as a hard worker who was always willing to go the extra mile. >> local 12 has learned today she reported that shortly before the deadly crash, she had allegedly caused on i-71. there were several 911 calls that say they saw a silver mini van headed south the wrong way. police have not confirmed this is the same one that caused the crash a short time later. we'll continue to look into it and let you know what we learned. he made his first court appearance today. charged with killing michael hopkins in 2013. today a judge ordered smith held on more than $250,000 bond. he's locked up in the hamilton county justice center.
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in this murder and his trial is currently underway. that bright light in the sky today, remember that? that's the sun. we haven't seen much of it lately. it is also bringing warmer temperatures with it. here is brandon orr with your no wait weather. >> there's a lot more to come into the weekend. we have some mid and high level clouds, but still thin enough for some sunlight to filter on through. it is all right starting to warm us up from the upper 20s in some areas. 39 at the enter igs international airport. it is helping us rise out of the 30s. versailles at 41 as well. all of us in the 40s here in a couple of hours. we do have clouds around, they are not producing any rainfall on precision doppler 12 hd. those clouds are going to stick with us.
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mostly cloudy. 46 degrees will be our high temperature. that's about 3 degrees above average for this time of year. we'll hit that right around 4:00. as we go into the evening, temperatures slowly fall into the 40s. they bottom out around 40 degrees. after 9:00, 10:00. they start to rise again. some of the snow piles that we have around, they are not going to last much long are. 12:19, we're talking about breezy conditions, that will bring the big warm-up. we're timing that out for your weekend in a few minutes. >> thank you, brandon. >> rev up your engines, you can shop or really dream about a new ride at the cincinnati auto explorer this week. you have more than 400 cars to choose from, including a red jaguar convertible for $111,000. they say some of the safety
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newer cars from theest are rest. bring your list, check this twice. it is a great place to kick the tires. >> the expo will also have some things for kids to do this weekend. they are bringing in clowns and mascots, it runs through sunday. if you want more information, including ticket prices, head to >> backing apple. another tech giant weighs in on
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presidential >> well, apple is getting support from another tech giant. the fbi is locked out of farook's iphone 5c and a u.s. judge ordered apple to disable the auto erase feature. the ceo of google says apple is right to defy the judge's order to unlock the iphone. apple is ready to take this battle all the way to the supreme court. >> donald trump with a commanding lead over his gop field. ted cruz at only 18%.
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is going to succeed antonin scalia. 47% of the americans want to see the next justice appointed by president obama. republican presidential candidates candidate john kasich made an appearance last night. >> what i want to do is i want to have respect between the parties again, i want them to stop demonizing one another, and i want to again have everybody remember that we have to pull together, in my opinion, with conservative programs to raise the country. i did it when i was budget chairman, i've done it in ohio, and i want to go back and unify the country and do it as president. i see right now this fighting over this judge isn't going to work out. >> president obama will name a justice nominee in "due time".
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should reappoint sandra de o'connor.
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>> if you have a toyota rav4 or van guard. total released a statement that says a flaw could cause some seat bells to fail. most of these were built between 2005 and 2014. toyota dealers will fix the consumer. they can contact their toyota dealer or go for a link to toyota's website. >> the latest numbers from wall street. the dow jones is down 7 points, the nasdaq is down 23. you can catch the closing numbers today on local 12 news first at 4:00. >> your passport is something you don't think about until you have to go on a trip. the u.s. government says it could take six weeks just to get your passport renewed.
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>> within the next three years, 49 million people's passports will expire. a federal law that requires them to carry a passport when they go to mexico, carolina and bermuda. renew the passport by mail or in
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fasterer >> there's one creature that couldn't be more excited for having snow. the giant panda looking to find fresh white powder. toronto had up to four inches of snow and freezing drizzle earlier this week. we do enjoy that quite a bit. >> we're celebrating for very different reasons. >> we're celebrating for the opposite end of the spectrum. >> tomorrow, a huge warm-up compared to today. >> not only a warm-up, but i like the fact that you said huge. >> we're talking 60s. we're still in february. >> it is a blessing. >> yes. melting some of the snow we have around, too. >> a lot of it has already melted on our cameras. some of the snow left over in some of the shady areas. some high thin clouds. we're seeing lots of sunshine filter on through.
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long. it is already warming up in hamilton. the rest of us into the upper 40-degree mark. any of the clouds that we have out there is not producing anything in the way of precipitation, no rain or anything like that expect the throughout the day. 46 degrees. that's a couple of degrees above average, pretty close. we're going to rise much warmer than that. almost 15 tegs warmer than. the winds really ng kraing from the south and west. by around 6:00. i want you to notice something. as we go into the evening. low temperature, right around 9:00, 10:00. it starts to rise by 11 and even towards midnight. that that's wind i was talking about. you know when it is really warm
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overnight when it tends to usually fall. notice there's no green or any white in any of these clouds moving in today. that's why we're keeping the forecast nice and dry. the winds coming in out of the south. looking to the south in terms of temperatures pretty close to where we are. once they flip around to the south and west, we'll start to pull in this air near paducah. which is already 50 degrees down there. notice how they stick with us throughout the afternoon. we still have sunshine today. continuing on and off overnight. we have this line of clouds. this is a cold front that's starting to approach the area. it is very weak and it is moisture starved. you don't see a whole lot of green with it, other than a couple of light spritzes of rain.
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i wouldn't expect any rainfall whatsoever. we could make it up into the middle 60s, well above average for this time of year, i should say, nowhere near record high temperatures which is actually into the 70s. as we go into sunday, we're watching out for our next storm system. most of the rain on sunday, which could move in in the morning hours will be in northern kentucky. that's your best chance of rain. 60 tomorrow. 64 by saturday. the weekend looking really, really nice. 58 on sunday. we have some of that rain moving in. our record, john, on saturday is right around the low 70s. we're nowhere near where it would be in terms of records. another storm system tuesday into wednesday of next week, figuring out where that's going to move. >> that could have a swathe of snow. enjoy the warm weather now, it
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>> we'll worry about that later. >> all right. thank you, be sure to join local 12 tonight. the big bang theory at 8:00. life in pieces at 8:30. mom at 9:00 and two broke girls at 9:30. stay tuned for the hour-by-hour
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pat >> it was a quite a scene in the florida keys after a 59-year-old man led police on a slow speed chase. >> take a look at this. a guy jumped on a backhoe and took it for an hour and a half joy ride. they stopped him with a spike scrip. that guy is charged with reckless driving, theft, and digging up a street. >> a big warmer than yesterday. the warming trend continues as we go into the weekend.
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dropping to 40 degrees by >> abby: so, you're positive? ' cause it's not like the lab doesn't make mistakes. i mean, look at what happened with my mom, unless that was all an act. >> stitch: ashley called and said she had another test run and the results were negative. >> abby: negative negative? >> stitch: as negative as you can get. yeah. so, yes. the lab messed up with her results, but -- >> abby: but not with mine? >> stitch: you're having a baby -- our baby. >> abby: [ laughs ] >> stitch: how do you feel? >> abby: oh, my gosh. i-i feel like i'm gonna throw up, but in the best possible way. how do you feel? >> stitch: is it not obvious? >> abby: i mean, we just got married like two seconds ago,


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