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tv   Local 12 News at 11  CBS  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:20pm EST

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the people he's talking about made ate habit to just show up and help. >> what they doinging that could hold lessons for all of us. >> the winds die down tonight but the warm six around when you may need that umbrella. that's coming up. >> this neighborhood might seem hopeless. tonight we need the woman leading the charge to clean it up and bring back some hope. >> may be not recent by but chances are you lived near a family who lost a home to fire.
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other of course. >> in madisonville they are taking it to a whole different level. >> exactly. on march 26th, the king towers fire claimed the the life of firefighter darryl gordon and also put 30 families on the street. volunteer, strangers offered help, guidance on thousand get on the path to normalcy. that idea of being a good neighbor now has momentum of helping more families in madisonville. >> four fires in the past couple weeks left families with little or nothing to show of life before the fire. dr. anthony lewis were close to being settled in their home, now total loss. >> little by little, we feel like he managed to stay in his
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>> they were left with little or nothing left nap's what they thought. >> we got a message from a neighbor who said, would you like someone to be there for you? i just thought that was a nice person who was ware of thousand t -- who was aware but that turned out to be one of the members of the madisonville care cans committee. >> they help people in crisis navigate their way back. >> these are our neighbors and they are going the to continue to be our neighbor. we are really here to help our neighbor get their lives back together. >> lieu is feeling stable again neighbor provided a rental house. a neighbor provided food and a neighborhood is doing its part.
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here's some chairs that you might need. overwhelming and we appreciate it so much. >> lewis says without madisonville cares and the people of madisonville they might have had to move to indiana and live with family. >> it's strange that the things that you want to get to are better and happen after you drop very low. >> he told me a story about calling the phone company to cancel the service after the fire. the woman he spoke with had also lost everything in a fire. the two talked for half ap hour. he didn't know her, the woman may have lived in another country nap is the act of kindness to share kwr-sd oh of what to do and thousand do it. something we should all try to do for someone else. >> that story that really warm yours heart. thank you. we linked more information about the group if you're interested in helping out.
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mother nature is another reason one family is not able to stay in their home. >> they tried to do the same to this the tree across town but fire fighters were one step ahead. they tied the tree to another one and it worked. >> take a look at this. this is what the base of that tree looks like. you can almost see the proof moving with the wind if you look
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the wind is almost dying down. coming out of that southwest direction. and gusts just over 20 miles per hour. wind advisory has expired and expect these winds to die down by tomorrow morning. but, these numbers look great. upper 50s for cincinnati. we will talk about rain chances coming up in ten minutes. back to you. >> thanks very much. >> police have launched a highway team. it has paided huge tk euf -- dividends. officers arrest a 28-year-old woman and confiscate who you see here in these pictures. 8-ounces of crack, heroin and $3,000 in cash it happened on 275. task force is trying to reduce the risk by removing dangerous
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they likely face federal charges. >> working to figure out how a man found dead. someone found his body in west chester township. reported missing last week. he hadn't been seen since february 5th. they have not said if his death is suspicious. the person who found his body said it looked like it had been there far while. >> the attack of a massive local scheme will likely have a to face off with two of its former epl phoeu joe's. rebecca fair child both agree to
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p-fp -- you will see a lot of boarded up buildings on a drive. just a. few weeks go. someone was killed there. police were trying to change it all. angela joins us all with an effort to make that happen. >> reporter: hi. were on hairyson avenue and a main artery to the neighborhood
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just off to my left. we also the help in conjunction with neighbors here. . the property and boarded up buildings have been on the radar of community activists who say the lack of investment in the area draws a criminal element. and evental criminality in this particular case. >> patty isn't from the neighborhood but wants to bring volunteers help. she says the clean up effort have helped significantly. and so have the neighbors. >> we had basketball tournaments
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>> the woman have hoped for this area. hope that they can bring together a neighborhood and keep the area safe. >> everybody who lives on the street and anywhere else in west wood deserve to live in a clean and safe environment. >> now the west wood civil association has tried to street. there have not been enough people who have been interested in that process. patty is hoping that maybe one of the testify know your neighbor days will help. those are good in the community. reporting live, localle 12 news. >> thank you u. key. some of the effort opportunities that been successful in the hill were because the community routinely cleans up the area. >> still to come, the kentucky governor's plan for the bridge.
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>> a fire may have taken the heart but it didn't take the
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those s sto we told you that matt is against the tolls. we hear today because he has another way to pay for it. his budget includes a cost benefit analysis and says putting a new bridge somewhere else. >> also in the very meantime, we are going to -- we are going to address and falling down because it's not. we are going to clean it up and we are going to improve the access it to and look at what we
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footprint of it as far as the lanes so that we can alleviate some of the problems. we are going to tackle this head on. he say his plans to meet with ohio governor to talk about ohio's billion dollar shares. another billion would have to come from the federal government. >> it's likely that the bridge that wasn't high on his list of priorities. he is focused on his presidential bid. he's been trying to rally support. we will find out at tomorrow's primary how many people listened but he has some work to do. he's among the five candidates facing front runner donald trump who has a sizable lead over the rest of the pack. trump said the victory clears the way for the gop nomination. >> if question do something really great right here which i love, i've been here so often. i come to south carolina, i love it.
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if we can do something special here we are going to run the table. >> things are much tighter for the democrats with polls shows bernie sanders within three points of hillary clinton in nevada. that caucus is tomorrow. sanders and clinton will try win over the state's diverse population and stressing immigration and economic inequality. >> i will e immediately begin working on the priority legislation that i want the congress to deal with right away and immigration reform will be among those issues. >> well it should be a concern. in america today, people should not be working for $9 or $10 an hour. >> the democratic skaus and the south carolina republican primary tomorrow. you will find updates online and we will have all the the results tomorrow night on local 12 news. >> a local community is rebuilding a landmark that was gut bid fire and as the saying goes, the show must go on.
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>> the thousands was packed for -- the house was packed for the regular friday night jam session at the general store. it's different with some locations since the store burned last weekend. they rocked out the barn across the street nape are keeping the tradition going because they know that before long their be loved store will rise from the action. >> it's this foundation system had not remained and there is a way we can put something else here. too close -- with a little help from 3-d laser scanning equipment, he stpepbt day mapping out the start of the building. it is the start of bringing back the heart of soul. it's a good day to do it because the weather was good except for the wind. >> we will be less breezy. that will help us enjoy the
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that will be back in the 60s saturday afternoon and we will deal with showers on monday. it will stay mild on sunday just a little rainy at times. the medical center looks like this. this is a live look. downtown since senatety and it's a beautiful night. a temperatures topped out in the the mid 60s in cincinnati. not near the record of 74 but we will be close to the record tomorrow but probably won't tie it. we are in the the upper 50s and only fall to the upper 40s by morning and some won't fall to those. 58 in fayetteville, mid 50s for brookeville. you are in those upper 50s. wind speeds are still at 12-15 miles per hour still out of the viewing area. that is helping pull in more mild air even for tomorrow. we had a weak moisture cold
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never washes or cheers past the area so stays to the north of us. we will continue to get in this mild ter air. we will have some high level clouds around so i expect to have some of these clouds throughout the overnight period and for tomorrow morning. a weak area of high pressure sets up and that's what gives us the dry over the weekend. . that bottom out to 48-degrees. these higher than our average high temperature for the afternoon this time of year. we are still tracking some clouds across the area. if you have any errands tomorrow night. they will be rain free and standing off close to 50 by noon. we are in the the 60s
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we do have mostly sunny skies especially for the middle part of our day late morning through the afternoon hours. i expect to see the most sunshine so we will start out with a little bit of cloud cover for saturday evening and there's sunday. by sunday morning, i expect some showers at times and cincinnati south. this model keeps it well to the south of us. they take it well north of cincinnati. so i will have the chance for showers through sunday morning into the early afternoon hours. by sunday evening we are dry by dinner time i expect to see dry for the most part. tomorrow's forecast rain free. they top out in the mid to upper 60s for the afternoon. some showers south and next week turns cooler. and 46 on monday and tuesday to wednesday we are still looking at that system that will be to the southeast of does bringing
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>> it's a great time of year to be on the sports bench. they are right around the corner. they have the nba. if you love sports you have it pretty good right now. the big weekend ahead is college basketball. we are going to see their incredible season rolling. a little pay back as well. miles the davidson is all part of a bigger plan that includes the tournament and beyond. >> the main thing is focus and another around and we have to take this game by game and have to worry about the two losses that we had during the year in


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