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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  February 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>>anchor: we begin with the campaign trail. it is projected that hillary clinton will win the nevada caucus. clinton had a commanding lead in the silver state but bernie
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new hampshire. >>man: i wish you could do it. >>anchor: the south carolina republican primary happened today as well. >>reporter: jeb bush greeted voters at a polling location. >>man: trunk can't win.
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loose cannon. >>reporter: john kasich was also in town campaigning to standing room only crowds. it's believed his showing of in south carolina will be able to drive some of the other candidates out of the race. >>anchor: ben carson believes he will do better than recent polls suggest. a clinton campaign office opened this afternoon in south london.
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to remind voters to register. >>woman: it takes me back to 2008 and there is a lot of excitement. >>anchor: ohio's primary is on march 15. a man is accused of assault and kidnapping. last weekend the 30-year-old tioga woman and struck her in the face with a handgun. clark is accused of beating her
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he is being held without bail. convenience store and pointed the gun at the clerk before taking off in a black suv. they face a number of charges and police are on the lookout for them now. the special olympics regional basketball tournament is here. >>reporter: the road to state starts here in florence kentucky. 600 special olympians are here and hoping to make it to the state finals.
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athletes is undeniable. the day long term and will send each division to winners to the university of louisville for state championships. >>man: we passed the ball well and played well as a team and have a lot of fun. >>woman: they are having their own march madness. >>reporter: we will have a wrap up tonight. >>anchor: the state tournament takes place march 11 and 12th. clouds and some rain are
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>>reporter: we have some right now after making it to 72 in cincinnati which matches the record high temperature for the state. it will fall into the 60s and even in the 40s tonight. clouds will develop and thicken and that i will continue into the overnight. much cooler tomorrow but still above average. tomorrow. temperatures now or still in the upper 60s to lower 70s after hitting 72 this
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start of the work week so we have some snow chances to track coming up. >>anchor: for his devotion to
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>>anchor: a police officer was hurt last month when he was beaten and lost his handgun. there is a fundraiser to help cover his medical expenses. supreme court justice and tongue scalia was placed to rest today. >>reporter: church bells told as pallbearers carried his
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there was a mass and a homily. his son delivered the mass and was in tears as he spoke about his father. his funeral was the 1st here at this catholic church for a supreme court justice. he loved his friends. >>man: it always gets me when
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it was the warmest funniest man i knew. >>anchor: celia was buried during a private ceremony
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>>anchor: a new sport: hunting is really popular and gaining popularity with the dogs. >>reporter: is a sport where dogs hunt for rats among straw hay bales. and mischief here is at the senior level. >>woman: it's for any breed or any size dog. >>reporter: they will be here tomorrow from 8 in the morning
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get involved in this new sport. it sounds like it's can be a lot of fun. people come from all over west virginia to compete. >>anchor: coming up on march 13 they hold their frisky dog festival event. i don't know about hunting for rats but it was a good day to take the dogs to the park wasn't? >>reporter: we tied the record high temperature at 72 all the way back before the 1900s.
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it's been this warm. we should see temperatures drop heading into the evening. clouds will be returning gradually initially from the last with rain developing just after midnight. late tonight and early tomorrow should reach its peak of showers around 4:00 a.m. continuing through lunch tomorrow.
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weather cams and the sunset. the dry air mouse suggests a dewpoint of 27. (will shine tomorrow all the way through the work week. peebles slightly cooler at 69. warm air is here and it's going to get pushed down to the south but it will take its time and leaving.
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typical temperatures. here's our doppler weather and you can see you don't have to worry about rain until much later this evening. the intensity of the rain goes down as we get close to lunch tomorrow. any clearing will be temporary as clouds return on sunday night. we will see rain transition over to snow on wednesday
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temperatures will fall to the 40s tonight with rain. tomorrow looks to be the warmest day in the next 7 days but we're still above average. it will also be breezy wednesday and thursday. >>anchor: today was so great and such a tease but i can't wait to get into march.
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crack at georgetown coming up losses this weekend and they have a chance to avenge each one started today with georgetown. they didn't shoot well in the 1st and there's a 2 point lead at the half.
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make your finishes georgetown with her when. villanova 1 77 to 67. the bearcats coming awful tough loss to tulsa. there is no more room for error with the bearcats squad today. off to a quick start and they are all 8 to nothing. in the 2nd half kevin johnson
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jacob evans now and you see when's it.. cozart in centerfield and
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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>>anchor: we got a taste of spring today but it's not to stick around . >>reporter: should be equal up tomorrow but still much above our average high. we will update the forecast tonight at 10 of 11.
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>> axelrod: breaking news from nevada, where cbs news now projects a win for hillary clinton in today's democratic caucuses. republicans are casting votes in south carolina, where polls will now. the emotional farewell to scalia. the harrowing final words from the doomed ship "el faro." >> the clock is ticking. >> axelrod: and a suburban village deploying big-city surveillance tactics. is this the town that knows too


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