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tv   Local 12 11 Saturday  CBS  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cbsn. cbs news. alwa carolina where one candidate out. right now we're watching for the return of clouds and storms with the forecast coming up. >>anchor: donald trump is picked up his 2nd consecutive primary when with a victory in south carolina.
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32 percent of the vote with rubio in 2nd place. >>reporter: truck came out at head of ted cruz and marco rubio. >>man: i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina. >>reporter: jeb bush finished in the bottom 3. the people of iowa and new hampshire have spoken so tonight i am suspending my campaign.
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momentum heading into super tuesday on march 1. >>man: the son of a bartender animated from cuba stands before you as a candidate for the president of united states. >>reporter: donald trump will try to make it 3 in a row on tuesday. >>anchor: hillary clinton took the nevada democratic caucus. >>reporter: she savored her victory over bernie sanders. >>woman: i'm so thrilled and grateful to all my supporters
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>>reporter: entrance polls supported some concerns with women voters who were young preferring bernie sanders. democrats democrats can have hundreds of caucus sites including las vegas casinos. for some voters it comes down to electability in november. >>woman: she's been pursuing
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>>anchor: this is the 1st primary contest in the west. 35 delegates were up for grabs. team clinton turns his attention to ohio next. a brand-new campaign office opened in loch lomond today. >>woman: at this point there's a lot of excitement in what i'm hearing right now is that the people i know are going for because she is the person that could actually get things done in washington. >>anchor: ohio's primary will
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a judge sets bond at $2 million for a kidnapping. a man called clark hilton forced the woman at gunpoint and tied her up. he's accused of beating her with the gun and her fists. according to court documents darius powell held a a food bar and a cash america pawn.police
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face multiple charges. the special olympics regional basketball tournament began today. >>reporter: for the 1st time in regional play all the teams are playing in the same gym. >>woman: it's been a long day but it's been rewarding. the kids are excited about playing and winning and getting time to spend with their friends. >>man: it is a neat place to play in.
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get caught up in the game. and 15 of them will go to the state championship. >>man: we're qualified for the louisville. >>reporter: they all want to be on the team but more importantly they feel like they have a family. what they've done is compete and win.
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had a blast. the state tournament will be march 11th in louisville. it was a beautiful day in the tri-state. >>reporter: it will be quite as warm tomorrow but we will get other signs of spring including showers and clouds. in cincinnati we will drop into the 40s overnight. isolated thunderstorms but no strong storms developing. the southern half of the tri-state will see rains
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back up close to 50 tomorrow. right now we have showers and thunderstorms just outside of louisville. gusty winds and some lightning maybe concerns there. coming up rain moves east tomorrow and will investigate more in 10 minutes. >>anchor: we get a sneak peek at the ark encounter which is partially complete. the arc will have 3 decks
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is slated for july. still had tonight we will take
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court jus >>anchor: captain michael davidson made a call to the coast guard when his ship sank
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supreme court justice anton scalia was remembered today. >>reporter: pallbearers carried his casket into the basilica of the dc catholic church. >>man: god bless a dad with a love for his family. to have each other for support that is the greatest wealth anyone to know.
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was the 1st at this clock catholic church. >>man: he was the warmest, find this guy a knew. >>anchor: scalia was buried during a private ceremony after dying last weekend suddenly while on a hunting trip. a benefit raised nearly $9000 for a police officer who was
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the officer has a broken nose and jaw and the money will help pay his medical costs. there is a photo shoot commemorating african-american women in history. the women captured looks that will be shared across the country and around the world. other cities are planning to do similar photo shoots. a new sport called barn hunting using dogs to retrieve mice in
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>>woman: the dogs hunt for the rats through a maze of straw bales. we start out very easy and make it much more difficult. >>reporter: mischief here is at the senior level but any breed or age is welcome. >>woman: anyone can come anytime we will be here morning. we can say if i get started and what to do. we have a contest coming up the 1st week in may.
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going to be a lot of fun with dogs chasing mice all over. >>anchor: looks like some happy dogs. the dog training club will hold a charity event on march 13. nick and drew lish a are hosting a party at their bar tonight. customers could win and raffle and the party goes on until the bar closes.
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>>reporter: it was dry this evening and the timing worked out perfectly. we could see some heavy rain and lightning coming up. the intensity and showers will increase through the night. we will settle into the 40s near sunrise tomorrow. there will be rain and thunderstorms in the tri-state in the later afternoon. we will be down by 40 degrees
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overhead for the next several hours and temperatures still 58 in oxford. rain and thunderstorms are developing overnight. southeast of cincinnati clouds will be thickening heading into the work week. mostly cloudy on monday and tuesday. in the valley it is dropped to the 40s already. relatively warm air is going to
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tomorrow afternoon. we saw a record high set in 1891 broken today. clouds starting to move closer to cincinnati and thunderstorms developing to the west. just don't be surprised if you hear some thunder lightning in the middle of the night. here we see some storms near
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heavy rain. isolated storms move out at the end of tomorrow afternoon and mostly cloudy on monday. behind tomorrow of 53 is nowhere near the 72 we had today. we should have snow on wednesday and continuing into
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>>reporter: college basketball is up in the air this year. xavier and georgetown today. edmund sumner doing what he does. making it look easy. lou at the finish and the when 88 to 70. the bearcats hosted yukon today
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street winning season. 2nd half here's some more blocking and a 9 point lead for you uc. >>reporter: they get 20 wins on the season. >>man: there was a time in college basketball with the schedules shorter. 20 wins nowadays isn't what it
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>>reporter: >>reporter: kentucky has gone 3 wins in a row now. they are banged up at playing. this happens every single game and they are tied up with the
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texas a&m with a huge conference win. >>reporter: nebraska down one and su with 2 foul shots to go to overtime and they win with the free-throw. troy williams with a steal.
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goaltending and indiana wins it. the red from cincinnati are dealing with some injuries. cozart and satterfield are clear to play.
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training camp the worse neighbors in america. speeding cars, wild causes. gunshots day and night. then natalie cole's grieving family. why they are so upset with this grammy's tribute. >> it's really insulting. and what could possibly go wrong? do-it-yourself disasters. then he was kidnapped right outside his pet store. just because of his name. >> i'm telling them you have


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