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tv   Today  NBC  January 7, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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from nbc news," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio eller plaza. this is my fight song >> yes. baby, be proud. this is my fight song my power's turned up i'll be strong this is my fight song
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she's going to sing her newus. this is thirsty thursday. she worked 15 years in this business and she never gave got her first hit. i love that. don't mess with my dreams. >> she's going to singfor the very first time right here on our show. we honored she chose us. >> two southern women made their way up north to our plazaheir buns off. one is celebrating a birthday. the other is on a girl's trip. they're going back to theirth hot new makeovers. >> our girl bobbie thomas is going to find out how old your stuff is. get it off the shel >> did she get some of your stuff? >> i hope not. did you, bobbie? >> she said she wouldn't touch >> health risk. it's a health risk. >> just put gloves on,
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>> apparently something on theas the people's choice awards. >> jane lynch was hosting. >> it's fun to look at fashions. this is the pregolden globe. >> i guess it's the first award actual award season. >> all right. so anyway, here's some of the fashions we picked out. >> did we match today? >> we trie almost book tour. this is a little messy. >> we apologize. >> ellen degeneres and portia de rossi looked elegant inwhite. >> ellen won favorite humanitarian award and favorite day time tv host. >> wait, we didn't win that? >> kate hudson looked great in the white strapless jump suit. >> a beautiful melissa mccarthy in fun sequined pants. good for's trimming down. >> it takes courage for anybody to wear sequin pants and good for her. >> look at meghan trainor. >> we love her. shorts? it looks like a skort.
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>> an altercation. i love that word. >> well, okay, so "the talk" the cast from "the talk" won the choice award and some guy rushed the stage and decided it was going to be his moment. >> we think ourselves as kind of the oddballs of tv or we say a motley crew. >> shoutout to kevin's new album -- >> huh-uh, that ain't going tohere. you ain't going to pull no steve harvey up in here. no, sir. security. >> he ate time. >> sharon really did kick him. >> let's follow that, shall we? how about, why did she say steve who's steve harvey? you're pulling a steve harvey. >> it's kanye. >> right. >> leave steve harvey alone.
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life got away from me. good for steve harvey. he handled it perfectly. he's such a class guy. good guy. >> we love him. >> we do. >> we have steve harvey today. >> yeah, any day now. any moment.see. we had sonya here. sonya is our brow lady. she's the best brow person in the world. and she now comes -- wheno just come and do my eyebrows and yours and christine christine's, now she does tshow. everybody just lines up for sonya to do their brows. >> here's a question what about the boys. >> all right, well. doing our boys for a long time. >> she has? >> yes, matt. >> she does matt's eyebrows? >> she sure does. >> i had no idea matt groomed . >> i don't know how to pronounce sonya's last name.something like that. she just added a men's only bar
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she's got a distinctive man men care just as much about their grooming. many of them do as we do. and we're just happy for her. she is just a sweetor the first time i'm crew. i never was looking at that portion. >> and if you guys -- she did >> you guys look good. all right. >> somebody doesn't need -- perfect. ah, yes, it's a private little room. men who are a little embarrassed by it can go in there and get n-scaping done in private. it's a big thing in "the new york times" today, so that's why we're mentioning it. >> prince george, he haday of nursery school. kate, instead of having an official photographer, which is the way they usually do it, kate
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he's going to the west acre mont carys he's with kids as old as 5. they say the school costs 50 bucks a day. which i think is a good deal.50 a week. >> i think they can afford it. >> that's $1,000 a month. $12,000 a year. >> on that subject, would you take the painting off your hands that cost you $6,000 to keep in storage? >> the one you gave me as a >> yes. >> that i put it. >> moishes storage. you want me to go to moish. >> no, they'll bring have to go to moishes. does that mean i don't have to pay the 80 bucks a month? >> yes, i already have a ton of it will go into a place i already have. >> okay. >> when you get your dream home, you can sell the painting. >> i am never going to sell that >> you have to sell it. you know you hate it.
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it's too big for my apartment. it's of new orleans. i love it. i just looks like right now. i really don't remember. but i know it was pretty. >> all right, we'll work that out this year. we'll give you another year toit. there's a sprinter who's apparently unbelievable. this woman apparently can do things you've never seen. >> when you work out, thinkard it is to do basic things. i know it is for me. this is a two-time norwegian olympic sprinter. her name is azinni something like that. >> she does a stair climb that will blow your mind. >> look at that. >> oh, my gosh!his real? >> oh, she goes over that one. then she keeps going. >> oh, my gosh! >> watch it in slow motion, it'sbelievable. >> it's even more amazing i think when it's actual time. you know how little time you
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do -- >> look at rachel. look at rachel. can you believe what was just happening there? >> you can hold a note, you know, for a long time but >> is that impressive? >> way more impressive. >> that's called impressive. >> that's called girl power, good for her. >> don't try that at home. >> no, don't. >> or even a stadium. >> no, don't, because it won't work out. no, it won't. >> most people have trouble walking up the steps. they'll take one foot, put it on -- they won't even go that sure. >> all right so what is more handsome than a good looking guy walking down the street? >> with a dog. >> a good looking guy walking down the street with a dog. hing that's better is if he also has a baby in a bjorn. >> ah, but then you know you can't -- you can't have that. >> ah, yes. baby. >> okay. >> good chance he's divorced though, 1 out of 2 these days so, you know, it's worth a try. but i think there's nothing saying a man with his children.
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>> if there's a dog present, how perfect. >> they say that dogs change the a study says the roles of pet dogs and cats in human courtship and dating. they talk about the dudes with dogs seem to be more responsible and caring.y know how to take care of something other than themselves. >> themselves. uh-huh. the trouble with it is say you fall in love with a guy becausehim, and he's got his dog and then you get together and then the dog becomes community property. then you break up. i'm >> oh, no. >> then, does he get the dog because he owned the dog first or do you go to court to get the dog you've fallen in love with? >> this is the most turn. >> i'm just trying to run out the clock so we don't have time for i-hoda. >> oh! all right. so a woman i love named ingrid -- >> yes, she's great. >> she has a song that's called "little romance." it's bouncy, it's happy, and i thought i would do her music. >> i know you do.
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little romance. the mood for love you're in the mood to dance >> cute.e in the mood for a little romance you're in the mood for love >> she's got a little bop. see. >> that's exactly right. there might be a little harmony on the chorus now coming up. >> how do you know? >> 50 >> oh, excellent. >> i think she's just -- >> they'll bring in more instruments.course. yep. >> how did you know? >> because that's the way you build a song. it's like love making. you build it up. until it's over.
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>> you can listen to us onsirius xm channel 108. >> and now the book tour continues. where can people come see you? >> thanks to everybody who came 92nd street y last night. andy cohen was ther -- >> i'll be in florida. >> okay, we'll talk about that tomorrow. >> and wait until you see our ambush makeovers. >> "fight song" singers going to perform for us live! the flu virus hits big. with aches, chills, and fever,ing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits,or right away and up the ante with antiviral tamiflu. prescription tamiflu is an antiviral that attacks the flu virus at its sources stop it from spreading in the body. tamiflu is fda approved
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there's something to be saidworld around you. for seeking out the new; for trying the untried; for doing the undone. different? discover all nine flavors of our creamy cheese osity. the laughing cow.g. many cds, you can't even imagine. that's the current single called "stand by you" from rachel >> of course last year we rocked out to her single "fight song" which has become an anthem for
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streams on spotify. >> now a brand-new cd called >> we're so happy for you. >> she's one of the good girls. >> she is. >> you >> we love your music. for me and hoda to agree on music, it is a miracle. we've enjoyed your journey. we would have heard by now. there would be stories. >> it took 15 years for you to really have the breakout hit. a voice in your head saying you know what, there's a reason i'm not getting traction, maybe there isn't t? >> i don't know if i ever considered it was too loud in my heart.
10:16 am
i got to see the impact ith one on one. i'm like, who am i to say it's not enough? >> it's not somebody's critique of your work.hat's enough, you know. >> it wasn't like, oh -- >> it took a while to get that. >> awful. >> the chorus came really easily. it felt like, i don't know,e verses were so hard to write. >> how come i wonder. >> i think maybe it was the message. it was the whole he thing about getting out the feelings that were hard to say and hard to admit. i don't know. it was really tough. >> i love the story, you were down in lower manhattan and you looked out, you looked -- tellhat one, that's so cool. >> well, finally, one night, the right verse came to me. it was 3:00 in the morning. i was looking out on the hudson said like a small boat on the hudson. that was the original word. i changed it to ocean.
10:17 am
>> the tug boat was going andese ripples coming away from the tug boat and it was making a huge impact. >> this little boat. >> what that song has meant to >> i want you to write a song called "tug boat." not hudson. it's been done. tug boat. for children. a little children's you watch what your song -- this song is so impactful to young kids who are ill, to grown-ups, to people trying to overcome sometheve, when it came out of you, did you think, this is an anthem, like, i'vet? >> i was scarred from the years of not making it and rejection. yes, somewhere deep inside, there was a belief that, you know what, this could help >> well, now you're on the "wildfire." you have your own tour bus, it's so exciting. >> that's when you made it. you're not in the van anymore. >> so many years in the van. i'm psyched about the bus.
10:18 am
we are truly, truly happy for you, so excited she's going to sing for us. >> yes. >> you have 40 minutes, can do it. >> we'll see you later in the show. >> you're going to sing "speechless" for us, right? we love you with a checkup for your makeup. >> and you've seen their befo. pepper discovers a wholesome breakfast with jimmy dean delights, made with real egg whole grains. an excellent source of protein, it's a delicious way to fuel up on energy to help power through her morning run.these bikers to pedal faster, and inspires ted e. which delights everyone, including pepper's twins with jimmy dean delights, good mornings .
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only kraft natural cheese a cream cheese, so whatever you make, is creamier than ever. it is thirsty thursday which meansobbie's buzz. >> since this is the first one of the new year, "today" bobby
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you to empty out your beauty a checkup for your makeup. >> i think it's really important, this is a great time of year to do that. let's start right away with something that can be confusing. get to know your the label information specifically. >> nobody reads it, do they? >> no, but if there's an expiration date, use that. this find. it looks like a jar. >> which must mean six months. >> that's the period after opening. so after you open nt to use that as a general rule. >> in six months? >> that's the other thing, if you can't find that, you can also go online to our websiteave listed a checkup app and there's a website you can type in the batch code and they can tell you. >> you're not going to reme i buy that mascara. you don't -- >> exactly. there's a really great app that when you buy your products you
10:22 am
it's fresh tag. it will give you an something like this, and you wonder why you're breaking out. you know. >> oh, is that what happens? >> what do you think about >> i don't know, a year. >> no, oh, my gosh, hoda, three months. it's around your eyes. three months for your eyes. >> that explains those when it comes to lips, be really careful. lipstick is not something that lasts as long as you long a year? >> six months. >> lip gloss, believe it or not, 12 months. >> how do you know if your lipstick's bad? >> it usually will get dried any time a color changes or it smells. there's actually as you just saw, there's a graphic you can go see on our website too. you want to make sureh your brushes s es once a week. >> nobody does that. >> it's disgusting, there's bacteria.
10:23 am
>> i h been around for a long time. >> it's my go to. >> if we don't get through this segment, everything is rry. >> you want to look at also how it's -- >> what's this, cream? >> if it's a one-way evacuation, a pump, it lasts if you're dipping into it, you just want to get rid of it, especially after six months. organic products, great, but you have to look at the expiration have no preservatives in there. you'll see that some bottles are dark and that's to protect it from the sun. if you have clear sure they're not directly in sunlight. >> i've ordered perfume on amazon and it comes and it's old and it doesn't smell good. >> are you putting down sellers. you have to make sure you know who you're buying from. discount beauty suppliers can sometimes buy bad expired think about where your products live. in the shower. it's wet, it's humid, it's a
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so how many of us, raise your hands, y bottles open from two years. >> no. >> yes. >> make sure at least once a year, two years is the max, get rid of all theu've ever taken the time to learn a little tiny bit of somebody else's native tongue? doors to trust. my name is kanyon. i'm a technician here in portland oregon. every moone of my customers a call to give them a closer eta. and when i called this customer, i discovered that he was deaf. i've known american sign language since i was about 8 years old. it's like music for your eyes. amazing gift to have, to be able to communicate with the deaf. my friend kanyon asked me to help him w today's appointment will go.
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we're back on this thirsty can you think of a better way to start this new year than with a hot new look? >> not really. >> we need to get one. >> we're getting ittle old. >> that too. our lucky ladies with their ambush makeover. "today" -- louis licari, la, la, la and "today's" jillow was it today? >> a bill chilly. basically, jill and i just looked for the two people that looked like they were close to
10:27 am
karen. she's 56 years old today. good for her. >> oh, happy birthday. >> she's from cleveland, new york for the first time to celebrate. she never puts on any makeup. mostly because she doesn't know what she should be doing. >> that's a lot of ladies i >> exactly. >> she says this year she went down seven pant sizes. so she can definitely use wardrobe. let's listen to her story. >> this was a major arts and crafts project. i love these signs. and i love how much you want this for your e why. >> today's her birthday. and she lost 75 pounds this year. so this would be a great exclamation point to her new >> ah, we are so excited to give this to you for all those reasons. are you nervous are you excited? >> i'm very excited and i want wait to see how it turns out. >> that's fantastic. >> we're so happy for her. she's here with her sister, linda. you saw her niece catherine and her son's girlfriend ali.mily's here.
10:28 am
your blindfolds on for just a second. here is karen bunch before. all right, karen. let's see the new you. >> wow! >> wow! >> all right, kids, take off your blindfolds and look over here. ready? >> i think so. >> you got it. spin around. you might need your glasses. you can put them on if you want to see. >> oh, my goodness, i can'tt's me. >> awesome. >> you look gorgeous. >> stand right here on your star. >> you are -- >> us about it. >> thank you. it's her birthday today as well. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday, number one, i made her color richer, deeper and blonde hair was just -- it wasn't doing too much for her. it was like a middle color. so i just pullled it in another enough to
10:29 am
styles simple and chic and very >> and gorgeous makeup. >> you know she did. >> linda and company what do you guys think of the new look? >> doesn't she? >> just sexy. >> so great. jill, i love the leather and the black. it looks great together. >> you know, when you lose so much weight, it's nice to have new staples. robert rodriguez slacks. her. andrew mark leather >> she's just tiny. >> a big round of applause. >> you can join your family. >> our next lady is debby foster. she's 55 years from elavil vis' birthplace, tupelo, mississippi. she's a retired elementary school teacher. hair dry. first, let's hear her story.
10:30 am
you were pointing at deb. tell me why she deserves this. >> well, 2015 was a hard year for her. she's been through a divorceove back in with her mom. so she's just had some issues this year. we're excited because it's a makeover and a new start for >> sounds like you truly deserve this. do you feel up for it? >> yes. i'm so excited. >> oh! we love her. she is here with her friends lea and liz and joanna. let's take one last look at debby before and bring out debby wow. >> oh, wow! >> ladies, you want to take off your blindfolds?t wait. >> oh! >> good! >> so cute. >> debby, we won't make you wait any round sweetie and see how you look. >> oh, my god!
10:31 am
>> look at your>> oh, wow! >> all right, tear yourself away. look right here at camera 12, >> you look awesome, debby. what i did is i added depth to her color but i left some highlights of colors. and the the side. >> so modern. >> i think this is the time you should take pictures for online dating, by the way. there's a man downstairs, i >> get ready for a busy year after that, sweetie. all right, what's this outfit, sweetheart? i think i know. >> we know the top is clara sun staples you can use. and nydj jeans. i love this dainty jewelry by marlin chef. >> is that the trend, going backainty? >> especially on black with denim. >> what do you think, ladies?
10:32 am
>> let's bring karen out and let's give them both a round of applause. >> congratulations. thanks to louis and jill for such a good job, everybody back all right, how to feed your entire family for under $15. >> a delicious idea for tonight's dinner coming up right after this. i'm mary ellen, ntix. i have smoked for thirty years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in three months. and that was amazing., chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced
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oikos triple zero greek non fat yogurt has 15 grams of protein. zero added sugar, eetener and zero fat. and zero holding me back! oikos triple zero. be unstoppable. okay, if you went a little on your spending during the holidays, you may have to start on track, cutting back during the new year. >> our "today" team wants to help you out with ad hearty meal that will feed your entire family for, it's hard to believe, under 15 bucks. >> she is the host of "eat the trend and get the dish" with brandy malloy on top >> wow, that's crazy. okay. >> naughty, girl. >> okay, is this really under 15? >> this is under $15 because e ing ing flank steak which is
10:37 am
>> this is anywhere in the >> here's the thing, there's so much flavor, you really don't need a lot of meat. this is asian noodle salad. the key ginger and coriander. >> none of that is really that expensive. >> some of these are pantry staples for people. >> if you want to help me with the marinade, we can putinto our bag. >> is that soy sauce? >> lemon. >> lime. >> lime, love it. >> ginger. i'll help you with the garlic. a little bit of i'm going to put that meat in there. >> marinade for a while, right? >> you really have to squeeze out all the air so that -- >> has no place to go but right into it. >> you want to suffocate it. going nowhere. oh, i know you love to -- >> she does like to spanker. as they say. >> i know. >> and then one more. >> okay. so over here -- so you let it marit would be awesome to
10:38 am
next, we're going to do some coriander. >> stop spanking the meat. >> i don't think anybody >> all right, hoda. >> oh, good, yours. >> so coriander seed, you can el le morel tel and pestle. you really want to crash it up. my mom always used a wooden spoon and then macked me afterwards. >> seems to be a theme. >> put it on both sides of your >> you're picking it up with your fingers. want to do that. >> actually, i love using tongues because i'm not messing up the manicure so then you're going to put this in the broiler for five minutes on each side. >> oh, it's quick. >> in the broiler, yeah. rare. and then let it set. don't touch it.
10:39 am
moisture lock in.ust going to grab our rice noodles. guys, you have to check out this recipe for the dressing. it is one of my favorites. it's sesame red chili flakes, lime. oh, my gosh, it just makes my mouth water. tongs instead of all right, you can serve this as a salad or nice little taco protein style. if you just want to add somes. i'll give you some tongs. >> hoda likes to use her fingers. >> let's get a little steak on her. because i want you to try this. look how good this is. this stuff. >> and then you fold it over like a taco, right? >> you can. it's either a steak -- here's one for you. you can have the whole plate . you can serve it as a salad or as a steak taco protein-style. >> will you cut me a piece of that? >> of course i will.
10:40 am
thank you.u so much. all right. >> yeah. >> is it good? >> for the recipe, go to sorry. >> hoda. >> she's got a lot of fight left in her. now she's going to sing this song for the very first time, rachel a song everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. ng products.
10:41 am
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> it's a moment we've been and we have too. a live performance by rachel platten. >> her brand-new cd isire." she is here with her new song being performed for the first time on tv. >> it is called "speechless." >> something we never are. >> ever. l, take it
10:45 am
. so fast so bad the truth so hush baby king to you just give me that touch i want it much i'm ready stop moving your lips and kiss me breath away 'cause you make me speechless y demons so why don't we hold tonight and when we we i don't need no reason
10:46 am
ting loud tonight we're allowed tonight c'mon baby make me speechless c'mon baby make me y language screaming everything and keep giving it to me t give me that touch i want it ready stop moving your lips and kiss p taking my breath away me you quiet my demons and just keep beside and when we we
10:47 am
you make me speechless we're getting loud tonight we're allowed tonight y make me speechless when you touch when you kiss me i'm speechless get a hold of me come beside of me hing left to say 'cause you make me speechless you quiet my demons why don't we hold tonight and just keep beside of me i don't need a reason when you oh oh oh we're getting loud loud and loud yeah we're allowed to be be c'mon baby make me
10:48 am
c'mon baby make me c'mon baby make meless c'mon baby make me >> woo! >> oh! yes, and yes and yes. >> i said to hoda, that's a naughty song, i love it. >> we like it. >> that was so fun! >> great, thanks so much, you >> congratulations! it's the first time!
10:49 am
it's that time again. recently, some celebrities made some public didn't sit well with fans and cameinsensitive.
10:50 am
makes? here's what we had to say. >> i think people believe what they say most of the time but it's not always perceived the way they intended. >> i say unless you likeeople -- no, it's not okay. >> wow. that was harsh. >> rough judgment. >> >> judge judy. >> okay. >> wait a minute, why did i say that? >> we all do. it's>> you don't mean it. >> we mean it but not that way. all right, tomorrow, will we find love for one of our "today" show bachelors? >> this is going to be so cool. >> a dating game. the guys known as dave andn. >> the love makers. >> one exercise machine that's going to work for your whole
10:51 am
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