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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  January 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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the powerball numbers are @coming in. how big it might the
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@we will tell you. @ joaquin "el chappo" guzman @heading to the us. @ if you love to today, up your @alley. @cold and snow is coming. @greg d walks us through it all @straight ahead. @ thank you for being with us @here on saturday night, if you @are part of the group wearing @flip-flops and shorts today. @tomorrow is a very different @story, you may need a shovel by @midweek.and freezing @weather heading here quick. @greg d is in the weather center @with our first look the
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@you to the maps, we have an @area of low pressure down @towards the mississippi river @valley. @that is headed towards north @either -- side of that storm now @toward memphis which are @getting snow in western that interest @us for tomorrow afternoon. @already seeing winter weather @advisories @columbus down to cincinnati @where it is pouring right now. @they are expecting store as we @head into tomorrow. @here's how that breaks down for @us. @we will start you off with eratures in @the 40s, mansfield, cleveland, @ashtabula.ppening by @midmorning. @the snow starts to approach @mansfield mixing with snow at 9 @o'clock. @still rain, but cold in @cleveland. @by 1 o'clock everyone is seeing @snow, that snow will continue
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@leaving us with sot some -- as much as @two-three inches by tomorrow @afternoon impacting roadwaysonly chance of @snow this week. @i look at that forecast coming @up in just a few minutes. about the big @ones tonight, just moments ago @the numbers came in for the @biggest jackpot in us history. @the numbers for the powerball @tonight are in and they are at @the bottom of your screen. @let's read them to you, maybe @you want to dvr process right @now, 32, 16, 19, 57, 34, 13. @channel threes wall a @>>reporter:i am not very happy @numbers. @i'm not going to lie to. @i want you to take a look at @the line here, at the gas me.
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@ine. @this is the first time all day @there has not been a line station on snow @road here, why, @because this $900 million @jackpot had the crowds coming @out. @be careful what you ask for, @helping annette -- whose nest @-- next seem like a never @ending task. @lines filled the deep into the @parking. @i was thinking the same thing. @thank you so much. @whoever wins can split up the @money for 30 years, or take the @cash option of 50058 -- $558 @million @>> that's the reason i came here @the -- this gas station had a
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@wednesday. @>>reporter:remember, and @wednesday, we were already at a @record amount. @but since no one won, the @amounts continued rolling over. @and if no one wins it tonight, @this 900-dollar number might @change to 1.3. @but instead of million, this @gas station is going to have to @change that sign 2 billion. @that is because experts @predicted more than $400 @million in tickets would be @sold saturday. @>> i spent $40 @>>reporter: some spent more. @so, what if you went? @>> pay off my house. @and by a car. a @motorhome. @do some traveling. @>> help pay for college, and @help the homeless. @>> i have to talk to a a @financial advisor first. @it is a lot of money. @>>reporter:all you have to do @to claim that 900 million- @dollar prizes match all five of @these white powerball numbers, @and this one read the powerball @number. @and then you are a winner,
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@win, the odds of winning were @one in 292 million. @>>reporter:we will know the @answer to if anyone won by 1:30 @am on tranthree, we will we @will keep you posted. @thank you very much. @ another round of weekend @protest around the justice @center today. @a protest crowd continually @called for action and the @police evolved shooting death of @12-year-old tamir rice. @the two police officers were not @indicted in the shooting. @protestant demonstrations have @popped up on a regular basis @since the decision voicing @concern over the grand @jury's move. @ hillary and bill clinton in @northeast ohio today for a @private fundraiser. @took place at a residence in @independence. @take a look, the, the event was @close to the m edia, security @tight. @cars were inspected as they @enter the property, as a @democratic front-runner, former @deck -- secretary of state
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@northeast ohio. @the first presidential campaign @office in ohio, for any @candidate in either party has @opened. @as for democratic hopeful, @bernie sanders. @he struck first, at least the @grassroots group that supports @him to for the lakewood @campaign office open this @afternoon to the delight of @supporters there. @ meantime, the republican @side, john k-6 picking up @another key endorsement. @senator rob portman announcing @his endorsement yesterday. @he shut he chose john because @he is someone who to get things @done. @he praised his work in the @congress and ohio balancing @federal budgets and reducing @state unemployment. @the two served together in @congress back in the 1990s. @ joaquin "el chappo" guzman @has been caught. @the stunning details of the @hollywood superstar he sat down @with for an interview, while he @was on the run. @plus, one of the nation's @iconic sites turns to rubble in @seconds. @we take you to america's oldest @fairgrounds for a glimpse of
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@when we come back. @ remember, we are just a day @away from the golden globes @tomorrow night. @tune in for a special edition @of channel 3 channel 3 f5, @followed by nightly news, the @first look at the red carpet at @life -- at six. @the stars arrive at seven. @followed by the news at 11
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@ @ welcome belt -- back. @i desire for same on the big @screen might have been drug @king trantwenty's undoing. @undoing. @one of the most wanted men in @the world, back behind bars. @the new question about possible @extradition to the us where he @faces multiple charges. @gabe gutierrez is in mexico @with more details for us @tonight. @>>reporter:the most wanted drug @lord in the world, paraded in @front of cameras overnight. @joaquin "el chappo" guzman once @one of the richest and most @powerful men on the planet,
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@where his saga started. @the same maximum security prison @maximum-security prison he @vanished from six months ago. @the daring escape from a @sophisticated tunnel was @straight out of a hollywood @screenplay. @but it was his own desire for @the fog -- spotlight that may @have led to his dramatic @recapture. @the mexican attorney general @revealing that the drug kingpin @was trying to make a movie about @himself. @had his people contact @producers, and actors, at least @one source says their movements @were tracked and @authorities closed in on @joaquin "el chappo" guzman last @fall in his home state. @>> when you are a person that @used to getting so much @attention not only from law- @enforcement, media, and entire @country and an entire @hemisphere would encourage @anybody to think a little more @highly of themselves @>>reporter:it was a failed @attempt to arrest him in @october. @during an early morning raid on @friday, a blood he shooed out. @five suspects killed, six @arrested, authorities seized and @arsenal. @guns, armored vehicles, even
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@the mexican navy says joaquin @"el chappo" guzman and his @henchmen did not go easily, @escaping through the drainage @system coming out of the sewer @and waiting vehicles before @finally being arrested. @targeting not only those @accomplices, but others who @help build this tunnel last @summer. @joaquin "el chappo" guzman @faces gun charges in six @american states but his cartel @believed to supply the @majority of drugs to the us, @including 80% of the narcotics @in chicago. @today, source within the @mexican attorney general's @office confirmed appliance to @fulfill a request from the us @to extradite joaquin "el @chappo" guzman per the source @says the timing, largely @depends on injunctions filed by @guzman's lawyer. @but, here in mexico, given @joaquin "el chappo" guzman's @track record, many are are one @-- are wondering if any gel can @hold him. @>> expect to see a lot of this @over the next few days.
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@joaquin "el chappo" guzman, he @posted an article, this photo @on the rolling @stone magazine website tonight. @laying out in great detail his @meeting with the drug kingpin @from this last fall. @stemming from a story sean penn @wanted to make about joaquin @"el chappo" guzman's life. @his thoughts on donald trump, @too. @ the great state of new @york, and the grandstand that it @is, hosted one final event on @saturday. @its own implosion for the iconic @grandstand brought down this @afternoon. @the implosion part of a new @project to run a vet -- @renovate and upgrade the oldest @state fairgrounds. @ a nasty weather mixes headed @our way, rain turns to turned @to snow, it is going to get @really cold.
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@ @ just a couple hours away to @getting back to the january we @are usually accustomed to here. @>> this will be a quick snap @back to winter. @if you have been waiting for it @; here it comes. @tonight, all we are looking at @is cloudy skies, but you see at @the bottom of the picture, some @of that green starting to inch @forward, and has been pouring @in cincinnati @all evening. @that same rain is headed in our @direction. @now is coming up i 70 and @heading north, it will be here @after midnight. @periods of heavy rain extending @down into eastern kentucky. @that's going to pass through @here during the overnight hours
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@a wet start early sunday, @southerly winds, sunday, @southerly winds, temperatures @are not going to change much. @45-50 during the overnight, @mild in the morning on sunday, @the winds will be a big story @for everybody tomorrow @afternoon. @sustained 25-35 i would not be @surprised to see just 4 0-45 @miles per hour at times very @closer to the lake @you could see gus closer to 50, @and that's with temperatures in @the 30s and 20s. @waking up early up early @sunday, periods of rain during @the overnight, mild and breezy. @45-50 with those southeast winds @that 10-15 miles per hour. @then we start looking to the @west side of the system are all @the cold air is. @it's going to be an incredibly @cold game up in minneapolis with @temperatures between zero and 5
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@and then, then, look at these @whites on the west side of @hudson bay. @this one arrives tuesday was no @likely again, and temperatures @like we have not seen them in @almost a year @here. @in northeast ohio. @here is future view. @we will break it down for you, @starting off early on sunday @morning, 45-50, rain, still no @snow, travel impacted by rain, @but at least the roadways are @just wet. @11o'clock, the western areas @places like sandusky, norwalk, @norwalk, ashland the changeover @to snow temperatures in the 30s, @ashtabula still 50 at 11 with @areas of rain. @that rain/snow line moves @towards the pennsylvania state @line by 1 o'clock in the @afternoon. @everyone switches over to snow, @30-35 during the afternoon. @areas of snow continue through
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@through late evening. @that will quickly quit though, @and set up for possibly bigger @lakes no tuesday night into @wednesday. @how much? @changes here again with the @snow band of being shift a @little closer to pennsylvania @but i think we could see 3-4 @inch amounts the farther north @you go. @not really influenced by the @lake, just closer to that area @of low pressure. @take a look at the numbers @carefully, tuesday we will get @another shot of snow, o ne-3 @inches possible, temperatures @in the teens by the afternoon @and wednesday, nine in the @morning, 13 in the afternoon, @and we could really see some @significant lake snow starting @tuesday night into wednesday @too early for @accumulations, chris, but this @could be what we need to watch @her fully. @>> one half days temperatures @highs and lows are 4 degrees @apart okay, we will be ready. @ the latest on the browns @coaching search.
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@texans fair in their wildcard @matchup? steve has that coming
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@ @ day number four of the @coaching browns coaching @search, we can tell you who @they interview today, @today, another candidate. @that interview took place today @when they met with patriots @defensive coordinator, matt
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@kennedy to interview, new @interview, new england had one @of the best defenses in the @league this year under @patricia. @the feeling in new england, @going back into the regular @season was that he would @finally get a a shot to be a @head coach but he's been with @new england since 2004. @cross adam gates off the list, @the browns interviewed him @right out of the gate on @wednesday, three days later he @is a new head coach of the @introduced today, in miami, @gates will have the final say @of the 53 man roster, something @gotten here in cleveland. @at 37, he is the youngest head @>> is an accelerated growth. @is only a number. @you get older really quick. @every week is a growing @experience. @i feel like the last three @for this moment. @>> looks like jerome henderson @well.
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@miami, to be his coach, the @browns interviewed henderson @yesterday, their fourth @interview. @tomorrow, they will meet with @sean mcdermott, the defensive @corner of the panthers. @he is also meeting with tampa @bay, the panthers play in the @playoffs next weekend. @bangles coordinator hugh @jackman on the field right now @he will interview with the @browns on sunday as well. @the 40 niners are also @interested in him. @they are hot on him. @i'm interested to see where he @ends up. @doug marone interviewed with the @browns on thursday, is @scheduled to meet with the @giants, this is a giants @the giants fifth interview. @ how about this one, the @eagles have requested @permission to interview former @giants head coach for their @coaching vacancy per they must @receive permission from new @york, because kaufman resigned @with one year left @on his deal. @so intriguing after coghlan @face the evil -- eagles for 10 @years. @ a familiar day for all of @us, the nfl playoffs begin @without the browns in it. @the afc north well represented
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@at it. right now this right now @the steelers lead late and what @has been a very heated matchup. @earlier today, the first @wildcard game of the weekend, @chiefs at the texans. @what is start for casey, davis @106-yard kickoff return for the @touchdown. @the chiefs and never looked b @ack. @as they win their first playoff @game in 22 years. @how about brian hoyer? is your @fourth pick, 15 of 34, 136 y @ards, sacked three times and a @fumble, and the @chiefs when 30-zero. @ wildcard weekend continues @tomorrow right here on channel @three -- channel 3, the first @game at 1 o'clock it's the @seahawks and the vikings. @ would have a leaders are @perfect on their six-game road @trip so far. @two wins, they go for third @tomorrow in philadelphia per @their offense has been @incredible. @they have one stick -- they @have 16 straight games. @ college basketball this @afternoon, cleveland state
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@down 18, they cannot get the @three pointer three-pointer up @here. @andre passes it up and turns it @over. @he did have 15 points, but the @vikings lose 65-62. @ to the u.s. army all- @american bowl in san antonio @today. @those taking part? @our guy from northridge bill, @mccall, get big big runs in @this game he led the east @overall with 33 yards on nine @carries. @the team loses though, the west @windsor 37-nine. @>> if you are a browns fan and @you played browns numbers you @would have done very well in @the powerball tonight. @32, 16, 19, 57, 34 -- we find a @way to make sure the browns are @a winner. @ saturday night live is next. @the latest news weather and @sports always up at @those numbers are there as @well, we will see you tomorrow
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