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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@where they vote and discuss the rm. @the two major parties caucus @are different. @democrats divide into groups @based on which candidate they @support but they can try to r to change @sides. @it is one of the reasons a kau @cass can take up to two hours. candidate @that finished third or worse in @the iowa caucus has ever gone @on to win the white house. @ it will be a we're still more than two hours @away from the caucuses getting @under way. @>> steve handles man is in des @moines tonight where they are
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@ energized @because of all of you. @>> she slipped to a slight lead @in iowa ers wants to get out @the first time caucussers he is @counting on. @>> his workers are signing rs. @>> i have never felt as @strongly about an election as i @do this time. @>> sanders has a big lead in polls. @>> in order to do well to @achieve the political @revolution you talk about, you @have to win here in @>> of course. @that is medium mythology. @of course we want to win here @in iowa but if we get two @delegates less than hillary @clinton, why is that the end of d? @>> on the republican side, @marco rubio visited volunteers. @>> we're excited. @>> ted clead and then slipped was in @jefferson.
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@counties in the great state of @iowa. @>> cruz filled the hall last d he is counting on @evangelicals. @donald trump had a smaller @crowd than usual. @>> win, lose or draw, i love @you folks you all. @>> all eyes on trump tonight. @will the leader in gop polling @grab his @victory? @>> again, it is donald trump @and bernie sanders who say they @need a big turnout of first @time caucussers which is always @tough here in the state of iowa with snow in the @forecast. @>> live from tee poin, steve @handles man reporting. @back to you. @>> thank you steve. @ meanwhile, governor john is moving past the iowa @caucuses focusing his energy in @new hampshire where tom beres @is tonight on the trail.
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@of louden, new hampshire, stop @number 3 on john kasich's all @day cam pin of town hall @meetings trying to sell himself @of ican pragmatic @alternative. @>> we're over regulated, over @taxed and out of control @physically. @i wonder why it ain't going @great. @>> reporter: he could claim st popular republican @candidate because he was the @only republican candidate @all eyes are on iowa's @caucuses. @he is putting all this time, @energy and resources into new @hampshire. @he showed up in a trong second place to @donald trump. @and he is embracing the weekend the liberal new @york times as proof that his @record can better connect with @more voters than trump or cruz. atives @calling the time endorsements a @kind of kiss of death. @this is his third town hall
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@and we'll have a report on @channel 3 news at 11. @out in new hampshire, tom @beres, channel 3 . @you can keep it with the latest @on the road to the white house @including the key questions @tonight caucuses will answer on @>> it is what else is @happening. @so far five youngsters elevated levels of @lead in the water was found. @more testing is takes place and @>> reporter: good evening russ. @this test is targeting those @who are the most vulnerable, @kids under six and women who @little prick, a little blood on @attesting strip like this, @results in a matter of two @peace of mind tonight @considering the impacts that @lead can have on brain
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@nervous honing county board of @health held another screening @two sundays a go likeness of @the 176 who were tested as you found to @have elevated levels of lead in @their blood. @then they go to their doctor this is just a preliminary set. @the e.p.a. @took samples of schools and @homes and reported some s that were @unacceptable. @she brought her four month old @after she learned what @happened. @>> it was supposed ened months ago. @i was pregnant obviously and i @didn't care about the water, @because i didn't know about it @so i had to bring her in and @make sure she was okay nervous. @i washed her bottles in the @water. @now i have to use bottled water @so it is difficult to do use i'm so @nervous about it. @>> what did you think knowing
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@>> more or less i was cause nobody notified anybody @until five, six months later. @it is just i was very angry. that anger does reg so @nate with the e.p.a. @calling for a criminal @investigation in this case. @7:00 tonight we'll talk about @what local officials are doing @including giving some 600 @testing devices to those in @their homes so they can perform @their own test. @ hillary, we'll see you at @7:00. @thank you. @ police are working to find @out who was behind the shooting @of a couple. @they were found on fox hill @lane last night. @the authorities are currently @conducting autopsies on the @victims. @anyone with information about @their deaths should call @police. @ two men who robbed a woman @outside the mall last night are @behind bars.
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@steven kitchens and monty @mallory williams. @surveillance video captured the @two after police say they tried @to use the woman's credit cards @at a cleveland area target @store. @they are looking into if they @are connected to other armed @robberies in ohio. @ a big step in the cleveland @police department. @the team behind the consent @decree gave their first year @plan to a judge but there are @still many questions tonight @over what the final product may @look like. @hi andrew. @>> hi sara. @that is because a judge has to @determine whether these @suggests are even appropriate @before they can then be put @into play and even then, they @could still face challenges. @ allegations of excessive @force from cleveland police @officers are what got the @department into trouble in the @first place. @cases which have since gained a @national following. @it prompted the justice @department to come down hard on @a city forcing it to reform and @now the group assigned to that @has given its recommendations
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@ aimed at having a positive @impact on civil rights, some @police worry they may have a @negative one on theirs. @steve loomis is the patrolman's @association president. @>> very bad things happen to us @very quickly and we are going @to respond accordingly. @now accordingly is a matter of @perception. @>> he studied them and is @skeptical if they cut town on @crime. @his biggest concern may be the @weight put on oversight versus @police and that is something he @will likely challenge. @>> it is not going to be for @the sake of political @correctness. @my guys are going to get a fair @shake out of this, you know, it @is not going to be so one sided @that the officers don't have @any resource and that they are @put in a box or put in danger. @>> tonight those who helped @draft these suggesttions are
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@input but there are concerns @these are also steps toward @police departments such as @cleveland's losing their chief. @back to you. @>> a lot more to come. @thanks andrew. @>> sure. @ there will never be a @replacement but it is a new @partner. @we're moving forward with the @training. @>> next at 6:00, on the job @training and how his newest @officer is doing on his first @day. @>> hi russ. @politics not the only big story @in iowa. @they are under a major blizzard @warning. @how does northeast ohio's @forecast fit into that bigger @winter storm picture? @i'll have those details. @ plus an international @health warning tonight. @how many worldwide could face @the zika virus?
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@ @ coming up tonight at 7:00 @as we have been telling you, it @is decision day in iowa. @we have the latest before the @first votes are about to be @cast. @we'll be checking in in des @moines. @it is monday, that means there @is a johnny manziel drama. @i will have my fake on what the @browns should do after his @latest incident over the @weekend. @we'll see you at 7:00. @ @>> greetings from iowa. @we're setting the table for a @big night of coverage here.
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@candidates and their armies of @volunteers are doing to get @their supporters out to the @caucus sites and we'll look at @what victory or the size of a @loss could mean for the field @going forward and walk you @through how a caucus works when @we see you back here for "nbc
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@ @ the zika virus has been @declared an international @health concern, a worldwide @emergency. @there is growing evidence the @virus could be devastating to @babies born to mothers infected @while pregnant. @it has caused them to have been @heads and brains. @over 4 million could be @affected over the next year. @fans. @they are getting an all clear. @the centers for disease control @and prevention ended its e. @coli outbreak investigation. @they were unable to find a @single food item or ingredients @that caused outbreaks in 14 @states including here in ohio. @ a retired ohio police @officer won't lose his dog. @they raised more than $66,000 @in support. @state law dictates he would
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@because he is public property @but thanks to a gofundme page @and the national attention, @city leaders worked out a deal @so the team can remain @together. @he will become an auxillary @officer so he can keep him in @the family and the money will @go to other pets k-9s. @>> the newest recruit began @training today. @this is after the lus of jet @throw. @k-9 for copping provided the @dog. @>> reporter: welcome to k-9 @basic training. @this is k-9 too co, the officer @of ryan davis whose previous @partner jet throw was shot and @killed by a robbery suspect. @>> a lot 60 mixed emotions. @excited to get training but @never expected to have to go @through it again.
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@about building the bond and it @starts with obedience, a skill @most recruits are a bit rusty @with. @>> he has a lot of drive. @you take the toy out, he goes @nuts so we have to harness that @a little bit. @he didn't invent that. @we deal with it all the time. @>> reporter: the police officer @trains police dogs. @he will learn how to track and @apprehend criminals and @eventually detect narcotics too @but it will take a few months. @>> he will be a good one. @>> the word replacement is not @sitting at all. @there will never bow a @replacement but it is a new @partner, we're moving forward @with the training, so @hopefully, you know, seven, @eight years from now when he is @ready to retire i can walk out @the door with him and say we @did jet throw proud. @>> the dog will be 14 months @old tomorrow.
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@how they pick up on the @lessons. @canton has seven dogs in all @and all but one are dual @purpose. @paperwork also started to get @body armor for those police @dogs and some of that money @came from those people who @donated for the death of jet @throw. @ not a bad winter so far. @february1st, not bad. @>> somebody said something @about being a vermin type day. @one of your favorites. @>> exactly. @i have to tell you, i think we @still have six more weeks of @winter. @i am going to preview it for @you. @>> i'll just pop up out of the @ground tomorrow and then i'll @run away, right? @isn't that how it works? @>> let's take a look at what is @going on. @there was quite a bit to talk @about actually. @as far as this evenings @weather, more of what we had @today, partly cloudy skies.
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@we'll fade back to the 30 @degrees mark through the @evening. @temperatures will be in the @upper 20s and low 30s after the @midnight hour. @the big weather story is a @storm brewing. @this is a major winter storm @that is set to spread a lot of @snow over several states. @the driving force of course is @our jet stream. @the jet stream has been coming @in off the pacific. @you see this dip that goes down @around the four conners region @and to the north. @there is a big streak of energy @that will help amplify the @power of this storm system, but @it will help the storm system @to track northeast so rather @than coming our way with the @winter side of things, the @winter side of things will stay @just to the left of this line @and head up to the northern @great lakes region. @we have winter storm watches, @warnings and blizzard warnings @from northern kansas and @nebraska and portions of south
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@that will take place as we head @through the day tomorrow. @things are going to be kind of @getting exciting there on the @wintry side of the storm. @now the warmer side of the @storm is going to be equally as @exciting potentially tomorrow @as we anticipate a severe @weather outbreak into the gulf @coast states and the northern @area which is the possibility @of severe weather does sneak @ohio. @we may hear thunder tomorrow @night. @as it gross and intensifies, @you can see this heavy snow @that spreads through the @central plains and a lot of @rain and thunderstorms begins @to line up in the south and by @5:00 p.m. @tomorrow, this is how things @likely are going to be looking. @there hasn't been much action @in the state of ohio. @tomorrow will be a great day. @we'll start partly cloudy and
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@it will be dom breezy as we @anticipate temperatures around @50. @we'll start the clock here. @this is 5:30 tomorrow night. @a few rain chances here and @there. @temperatures nice and toasty. @in the midnight hour to start @wednesday, mid- to upper 50s, @rain coming in, possibility of @thunderstorms passing through @but early wednesday morning we @may have 60s before we start @the day in the 50s and @temperatures begin to fall @back. @noon on wednesday, possibly 60 @degrees. @fingers crossed on that. @for tomorrow we're going 50s. @clouds on the increase. @rain chances will arrive late @day and carry-over into @wednesday. @i have 50s on the map for @wednesday on your seven-day @forecast but easily adjusted @upwards into the 60s and then @the temperatures fall back. @you can see we'll be right back @into the mist of winter buckeye @chuck or whoever you are as we @have temperatures it low 30s on @thursday with snow showers
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@around the 40-degree to wrap up @the weekend. @>> who needs ground hogs day @anyway? @>> i'll wake up and make a @forecast tomorrow.
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@rmed @ @ hi. @cavs and pacers tonight in @indianapolis. @start of a two game road trip @for the cavaliers. @they are rolling toward the all- @star break.
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@their signature win on saturday @night, they knocked off a tim @duncan san antonio spurs team. @the head coach after losing the @first game hasn't lost since, @they are 4-1. he has them @playing more towards the tempo @he wants them to play at. @up tempo. @and the cavs are 34-12, best @record in the east. @6 games before the all-star @break. @>> the ohm thing i'm worried @about is winning. @that is all that matters to me. @everything else comes secondary @and that is what i'm about so @i'm happy to be one of the @leaders of this team and this @franchise and we're going to @try and win every game and all @the other things don't mean @anything. @ game notes and an @interesting note tonight. @this is why we do it. @on the pacers' category, though
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@indiana has not lost at home to @the cavaliers since january 29, @2010. @ten wins in a row for the @pacers over the cavs in their @own building. @espn report about the @cavaliers, right after david @platt was fired, they had a @players only meeting. @they aired out their grievances @and it lasted over an hour so @they did have some grievances. @the need for accountability and @some thought there was a @different set of rules for some @players. @i wonder who they meant there? @they owned up to their personal @faults. @james jones was the lead guy @that brought the cavaliers @altogether. @>> it is monday. @it is time for johnny manziel. @here we go, another disturbing @weekend. @this time in texas for the @browns' quarterback, at least
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@the nfl said today that their @investigation of what @happened, it happened early @saturday morning, assault of @his girl friend. @second time he was involved in @this kind of situation. @she was worried about johnny @manziel's well-being. @thy could cut him right after. @>> speaking of super bowl 50, @the broncos were just involved @in a bus accident on the way to @their team hotel. @everyone is okay. @it is media day today. @it is called super bowl opening @night tonight. @the first times the teams meet @with fans and members of the @media and we get crazy @questions asked. @now a programming note, @thursday night football is @coming to channel 3. they will @air it two-year deal.
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@cbs five games a piece during @the season in 2016-2017. @al michaels, chris collins @worth will call sunday night @football and thursday night @football when it is here on nbc @and channel 3. @>> 450 million dollars coming @their way.
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