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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@ @ the 2016 race for the
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@>> tonight's big winner, @we have coverage in new @hampshire but begin with nbc's @steve hamilton whose life in @des moines. what a night here @as the democratic side is a @virtual tie with about 90% of reporting. @hillary clinton, who had a @substantial bank going in. ican side, ted cruz @with a comeback win. now he @wins by three or four s. @marco rubio with a strong @performance. @just behind donald trump. @rubio to be the darling of the nt.
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@and he was here in iowa. @>> do you hear us here in @cleveland? @we will move on. @sorry about that, folks. good evening, chris. @ big surprise tonight, ted @cruza good @establishment campaign and a @strong campaign ted cruz @declared the winner with 20%of the votes. @donald trump came in second @place. @donald trump.
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@this is the biggest turnout by @what has caucuses on @the republican side that @democrat, hillary clinton. @unbelievably close. @90% reporting. @she has 49.9%. sanders, 49.5%. @less than a half point @differential between clinton @and sanders. @social media. has declared @victory, by the way. @kind of funny. @take a look at this. @you know the barack obama @is one shows donald trump @with the big hair. tonight we @are reminded retail politics @still d a big rally @strategy but it fell short. @perhaps, criticism that he did @not go to know small ton declared victory @before this is official. @some of her fans with big
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@des moines's what others hold your horses. @the numbers are still @incredibly close. @a pretty amazing night. @the numbers, less than a half @point @hillary clinton and bernie @sanders. @will continue to follow this. @ one republican hopeful was y missing. @governor john kasich. he picked @up less than 2% but tonight he @is focusing on new hampshire as @he has for quite some time. tom beres is on @the road. @>> reporter: i am tom beresobserved rise were @on the winners and losers in i @will, governor john kasich in @new hampshire looking ahead to @next week's primary. @>> a girl eckles is
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@>> reporter: governor john @kasich turning on his time at @his town to @convince pragmatic voters he is @the best republican candidate. @embracing the new york times @endorsement -- @>> knowing how to assaults and bring people @together. @>> reporter: -- a conservative @theme. @>> we will freeze all @governments for less than one @year except for health and @safety. @toco -- @>> reporter: but also talking @inclusion. @>> when we are doing better, @you can't be people behind. @we are helping the mentally @ill, drug addicted, working @poor go -- poor. @these problems we have today @can be fixed. @>> reporter: he got good @reviews. @>> did you come away with a
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@together? @>> yes. @he is a maybe. @>> i like him the best of what @the candidates. @what you like about him? @>> everything. @i think he is on its. @>> reporter: tomorrow i will @be shadowing the campaign and @have a sitdown interview with @them. @>> you look at iowa and it's a @big deal but you look at the @beginning of the deal, santorum @. mike huckabee, who dropped @out tonight who want by what @was gone by early march. @i would, very important in this @perspective. @look at the big picture. @history is shown, maybe not. @>> it narrows the field. @we also lost martin omalley on @the democratic side. @you will see democrats making
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@ @>> we have full election @ @ *county residents are back @in their homes after a train @derailed leaving six cars off @the tracks and first responders @dealing with a hazmat @situation. @>> it happened in brewster, 60 @miles south of cleveland. @we have team coverage with dawn @kendrick. @>> reporter: the fire is out. @they are no injuries. @the epa takes over. @on the wheeling, lake erie @train derailment in brewster. @they were not messing around. @in addition to the brewster @fire department and county @hazmat team, as many as 15 @department responded. @it all started at about 5:30 pm.
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@liquid petroleum derailed and @caught fire. @there was a huge plume of smoke @and fire. @five other cars derailed. @still do not know why. @a big effort was to keep those @cars cool and from spreading. @up to 500 people are allowed @back into their homes. @it took about three hours to @contain the fire. @he the railyard is a , quote, @huge, busy train hub. @those firefighters said it was @not easy to get in there. @hodges of tankers were stored @there. @>> they haven't contained. @they will burn the vapors off @later on. @there is no more threat. @the evacuation has been lifted. @ @>> what does that mean, burn @the vapors off? @>> there is still some residue.
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@hazmat will do that. @>> reporter: you can imagine @it was a scary night for @hundreds of people asked to @leave their homes. @>> you can imagine getting the @police knocking on your door @telling you you have to get out @because of a train derailment. @about 150 people were evacuated. @they were evacuated about a @half hour after that derailment. @the fire chief said he only did @it as a precaution. @he said no one was ever in real @danger. @you have to consider the fact @those people were away from @their homes for about three @hours while firefighters try to @put out the blaze. that can be @pretty nerve-racking.
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@>> it all happened very @quickly. @we didn't get a chance to think @about it until after we got @here. @it's quiet here. @we don't really know what's @going on. @>> reporter: were you afraid @when you heard what happened to @--? @>> is scary. @you never know. @it could rupture and blow up. @you see houses on the news @blowing up for natural gas @explosions. @>> reporter: absolutely a @scary night as she mentioned. @we were happy that people were @homes. @epa is investigating and the @chief says he was there an hour @ago talking to figure out @what's next. if there will be @any lasting ramifications.
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@air and online @>> great job. @safe travels. @ coming up tonight, a tax @hike back -- @ dozens are tested for lead @in a northeast ohio town. @ as the caucuses are @winding down in i will, a @blizzard is just getting going. @that's just one part of a major @storm system passing through
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@ @ iowa caucuses results are @still coming up. @>> chris has been tracking @those social media reactions. @ the headline is, it's too @close to call. @hillary clinton and bernie @sanders with a few percentage @points to. @republicans. @gop side. @ted cruz with surprise victory
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@donald trump has 24%. @he was expected to win but did @not. @marco rubio, 23%. @carson, 9%. @ohio governor john kasich, well @down the numbers. @democratic side tonight is @hillary clinton and bernie @sanders in a virtual, @statistical dead heat. @50%, 50% at the 11:15 pm @worker. @earlier, hillary clinton had @declared victory. @we have yet to hear from either @camp nor did the leader on the @gop side, ted cruz. @much more on this at @>> it looks like a handful of @votes might be separating them @at this point. @ two local politics -- @something that has not happened @in more than 30 years.
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@the city's income tax from 2% to @2.5% is necessary. @is to deal with a projected @deficit. @mayor jackson and the tax @increase would generate more @than $80 million for the city. @this will mean the city can @increase services from public @safety to plowing streets. @>> we are constrained because @we don't have money to increase @capacity to do more. @>> voters with the two @approved the tax hike. @the measure could appear on a @ballot in november or early @next year. @ high levels of lead in @drinking water has it community @on edge. @the community board of health @held a second round of testing. @kids under six or women nursing @or pregnant are most @vulnerable. @208 people were tested.
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@in their blood. @this is just a preliminary @step. @those who had led present are @referred to their own doctors @for more testing. @ retired ohio police officer @gets to keep his k-9 partner. @matt hickey retired last week. @under state law, he could not @keep his police dog since the @dog is considered city property. @ajax was auctioned and a go @fund me account raised $60,000. @extra money raised will be used @to provide bulletproof vests @for other canines. @ it does not feel like the @first day of february. @>> here we are in the first @dog days of winter.
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@>> i did some adjusting in the @forecast, but i don't think @anyone will complain. @tomorrow we start in the 20s. @pretty much on par for where we @should be. @cloudy skies with clouds and @showers moving in toward the @evening. @temperatures should be around @50 degrees. @most of the day tomorrow will @be dry. this is the head of a @major winter warned -- system. @look at the snow starting to @spread into iowa. there will be @blizzard conditions developing. @a vigorous jet stream will make @the storm system intensify. @as it intensified, it will move @to the northeast. @we're not anticipating being in @the direct path which is good
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@the winter he -- wintery is @the west side. @on the warmer side of the storm @system, severe weather is a @good possibility in the ohio @and tennessee valleys. @chances for thunderstorms moves @into northern ohio. there is a @chance for thunderstorms @tomorrow night into early @wednesday but it doesn't look @to be severe. @you think, it's only february @it's only february 4 under. @tomorrow morning, 30 degrees @and by noon, 40 degrees. @hour by hour forecast, start at @the freezing mark with partly @cloudy skies.
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@degrees. @as we move through the @afternoon, partly to mostly @cloudy. @a dry school day, dry day @heading into work. @heading home, we may have @shower chances. @by suppertime, temperatures in @the mid and upper 40s with @isolated rain chances. @energy. @that ramps up chances for @showers and thunderstorms. @we will be in the 50s. @wednesday with temperatures @close to 60 degrees. by midday, @60 and 63 for akron and @cleveland. @61, dover. 60s in the early @part of wednesday.
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@the 40s and eventually 30s by @thursday to -- tomorrow, 50 @degrees. @rain chances will up as we head @into the evening. @we have a just to the forecast @to 60s. @temperatures falling late day. @chili thursday. @by chili, seasonable. @>> i would say it's june but
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@ @ it seems like there's a @bit of a spot in the wind and @cold. @>> they overcome a place that @has been a problem. @the field house in indianapolis @where they had not won since @2010 and lost 10 games in a @row. @they with tonight in overtime. @brings up his fifth straight win @. lebron with a steel and a @dunk. @pacers search second half. @fourth quarter, 45 seconds
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@downpipe 2. cavs down but 2. @love had 90. @they are downpipe 1 again. @left-handed and scores. @they made their free-throw. @they made free throws and i five @5 back 111 -- 106. @>> we did what we came to do @which is take care of business. @every time we come into this @arena, i know it will be tough @no matter what. @>> wendy does come together? @according to espn cavaliers @held a players only meeting @which was adjudicated by veteran @as mediator.
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@central asia was the need for @accountability. @there was a different set of @rules for some players on the @team. @it has worked and they are @playing well. @and in the news, mandell. @he is in trouble for what @happened on saturday morning in @texas. @possible assault of his ex- @girlfriend. @police still investigating. @brown's not commenting. @fort worth police search for him @with a helicopter. @they can cut manzel if they @want to write after super bowl @50. @speaking of super bowl 50, both @teams have arrived.
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@super bowl 50. first time ever @be televised. @it was a big hit. @all kinds of questions were @asked. @there was a report that pace @manning has told close friend, @he will retire after super bowl @50. @he met with the media and the @question came his way. @>> one thing i have done well @this season -- this team has @done a stay in the moment, @focus on the task at hand. @there are about 10 other @clichis i can use. @i am excited and looking @forward to playing in this game. @i will focus on that and deal @with the other stuff after @this. @>> he is up 5 1/2 as an adult. @to bronco players collided with @each other. @no injuries. @thursday night football coming @to nbc. @and cbs.
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@nbc will televise five, @thursday mcginnis. @cbs will televise five thursday @mcginnis. @nfl will televise another eight @games on the broadcast @schedule.
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