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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@"we have been clear about @expectations for the players on @it back off the field. @johnny manziel's continual @involvement in an incident that @run counter to the expectationsd work of his @teammates." @now, his status with the team @will be addressed when @permitted by league rules. @this now becomes a business @procedure. @it involves the salary cap, it @involves a moving money from @this year to the next year. @that will begin in the first @week of march. @the end @that johnny manziel is done @with the browns. @it is almost over. @the weekly johnny manziel @stories are coming to an end in @cleveland. @for two years johnny manziel @has strangled of the browns. @he has controlled the front staff, but, @march 9th the browns will end
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@brown. @here is how it will go down. calendar @opens on wednesday march 9th. @at that time the browns will @cut johnny manziel. @unless a team can put up with @the quarterback being searched @for by @the dallas-fort worth area. @then maybe the browns will get @offered a trade. @that is highly unlikely. @they can't make the move on @johnny manziel until march @because of the salary-cap. @they have moved cash to the new business year @and that is not available until @march.
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@browns will get hit for 4 @pointed $3 million. @personally to him, because his @contract is guaranteed,him $3 million. @the browns will move on with a @new head coach, who we @understand never wanted to deal @with johnny manziel. @there will be a new quarterback @on the way. @he will be tutored by , willing veteran @quarterback in josh mccown. @for johnny manziel he will @become a free agents, though a @very flawed free agent. @two years ago the browns went @for the big factor hnny manziel. @since then we have all been @left saying, can you believe we @drafted that call guy? @again, it is just about over. @so weather it is dallas or some @other spot in the realize we are done @taking this. @>> very sad in a lot of ways. it really is. @i think it is time for the
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@ new tonight video shows a @car traveling the tate 71 this morning. @it caused a tragic crash, both @the drivers are now dead. @alyssa raymond spoke to one of @the families and joint is @tonight. @>> reporter: i sp lakesha brown's @family. @the other driver, kenneth @urbanek, @we are told was the one driving @in the wrong direction. @lakesha brown's families says @she should still be there with @them tonight. @>> she loved to live life. @>> she was always happy. @she loved @to dance.a brown's @grandmother and her aunt @comforted each other. @>> she will never be forgotten. her in our @hearts. @we are just glad she did not @suffer. @>> reporter: the uesday morning it @this video you can see a car on in the @wrong direction. @the other camera angle shows
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@avoiding two vehicles before @going dark at the point of @impact. @>> all of this could have been @avoided if someone had picked @up the phone to come get them. @>> reporter: she says @herheartbreaks the most for her @cousins daughter. her mother @to help her get ready for prom. @she won't have her for @graduation.ter: the family says @they will get through this @together, along with their @faith. @>> we can never fill the hole @in our hard but we will try our up to her @daughter. @we are a strong family. @>> reporter: police say @alcohol may be a factor and @those toxicology reports are @still pending.
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@ to the iowa caucuses, it is @official the winners and ted cruz. @ted cruz got the good news last @night while hillary clinton had @to wait until this morning. @now it is on to new hampshire. @among those pitting all of his @chips on the table is governor @john kasich. @we are in new hampshire and we @spoke with the governor today. @>> reporter: good evening, we @are in new hampshire and the @governor @making another full day of @campaigning in the state which @will likely decide if his @campaign moves on. @he is hoping what all the polls @now show him finishing a strong @second in new hampshire comes @true. @next wednesday the decision -- @>> we will see how we finish. @i have a great team.
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@are because what i don't want @to do is to continue to carry @out something that is not @practical. @>> reporter: he needs a strong @showing to keep money coming in @to keep his campaign running @through super tuesday. @you will still be in the game @on march 15th? @>> i sure hope so. @>> reporter: the leading @outside candidates, donald @trump, ted cruz, their @campaigns have lots of passion. @how do you get more passion in @your supporters? @>> we are running second in new @hampshire. @if we weren't in second place, @if we were in 6th place i would @have to answer that question. @>> reporter: any chance of a @vice presidential run? @>> i have the second best job @in america. @>> reporter: that is a no? @>> yes, i am running to be @president. @>> reporter: the odds of him @getting the nomination in
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@back to you. @ back here at home are you @ready for a tax hike? @we are taking a look at the @income tax proposal tonight. @brandon simmons joins us now @with a breakdown of the plan. @>> reporter: in order to @maintain the service to pick up @the trash, @to fill the potholes, i can't @talk about the money to do @that. @the mayor says the shortage @comes from cuts to local @government and the evaluation @of property. @the solution, increase income @taxes. @let's take a look at the @numbers. @the tax rate will increase and @it affects everyone who lives in @or works in the city of @cleveland.
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@other cities. @to go into effect it has to be @voted on by residents. @keyword, residents, however, @88% of people who would pay the @tax don't live in cleveland and @don't vote on the increase. @if it does go through the tax @hike will add $80 million to @the budget to make city @services much better. @the most important part is what @does this mean for you and your @paycheck? @it will cost you $50 more for @every $10,000 you make every @year. @now, if you ask me it is a @small amount considering you @could pay hundreds of dollars @if your car smashes into one of @those potholes that the city @could not fix. @brandon simmons, channel 3 @news. @ more disturbing news about
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@officials are now saying. @ one groundhog says winter @is here to stay while another @says put the way the colts. @we are grounding the shadow @controversy. @ @ @ @goes. @a major winter storm bringing @blizzards to the plains and @tornadoes to the deep south. @a chance of thunderstorms on @the way.
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@ @ we are covering new @hampshire after i were voters @rearrange the race for @president. @tonight, how the candidates will @try to capitalize on the @results. @there is some alarming news @about zika, how it has spread
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@ @ just one day after the zika @virus was declared a health @emergency there are concerns of @virus could also be transmitted @through sexual contact. @health officials in dallas @report there is a patient who @acquired the virus that way. @the mosquitoes can travel to
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@evidence of those mosquitoes @there. @it is estimated up to 4 million @could be affected by the virus @in the next year. @ this groundhog day we have @some good news it makes him bad @news when it comes to the end @of winter but punxsutawney phil @and buckeye chuck do not agree. @punxsutawney phil says there @won't be cold weather while @buckeye chuck says hold onto @your winter coat. @who do you believe? @we sent monica robins out to @look at the fax. @>> reporter: it is the most @famous weather prediction in @the country. @punxsutawney phil came out of @his borough to let us know how @long we will wait for spring. @since they started keeping @records this is only the 18th @time he did not see his shadow. @>> @>> reporter: but, buckeye @chuck disagrees. @buckeye chuck says, we are not @out of winter.
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@the zoo. @who is he betting on? @>> punxsutawney phil, though he @more accurate. @>> reporter: there are other @signs of spring we can look @for. @spring training starts on the @17th. @there are spring flowers @starting to bud @>> reporter: spring literally @begins in about seven weeks. @so can you trust a groundhog? @>> waking up today depending on @what is happening with the @weather may or may not be the @best way for us to forecast the @future. @>> reporter: i get my @source available, six more @weeks of winter or what?
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@settle this dispute. @bottom line there is only one @who really knows and we know @how mother nature loves to @tease. @monica robins, channel 3 news. @>> really? @this is your favorite day of @the year. @from the moment i i got here i @started teasing you about this. @>> this is torture. @it feels that way sometimes. @but it is one of those days @that people pay attention to @the weather. @so that is a positive. @tomorrow i am left to clean up @all of the mess that is left by @punxsutawney phil we may get @record high temperatures than @snow in the forecast the next @day. @let's talk about it.
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@there have been thunderstorms @in western ohio this evening. @we have very windy conditions. @yes, record @ @highs expected for the day @tomorrow but we are going to @turn things around and go right @back to seasonable lows by the @time we get to thursday. @temperatures this evening in @the upper 40s. @rain moving in. @the wind will continue. @we will see gusts up to 40 @miles per hour. @there is a cluster of rain to @the north of delaware that will @likely start to fire up @lightening it. @we are anticipating some @thunder tonight. @these rain showers relatively
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@possibility as we go through @the night tonight. @we will probably be getting @more and more of this as we go @through the night. @this is an impressive storm @system, blizzard warnings going @on with heavy snow falling in @the twin cities. @nasty thunderstorms in the deep @south. @you can see all of the @different alerts associated @with this. @there are tornado warnings @right now in eastern portions @of mississippi, western alabama. @this outbreak continues to move @north but it will not likely @impact us. @we will have wind, you may hear @some thunder but the most @notable thing that will get @everyone's attention, the @temperatures. @they will actually be going up @tonight. @as this continues to lift north @we will lift all this warm air @north as well and so the @temperatures, which are @currently not too bad, are @wednesday. @records currently stand in the
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@and mansfield. @things will begin to take a @turn. @let's talk about it. @the wind appear in the top left @corner and by midnight we have @got rain, a possibility of @thunderstorms. @wind gusting up to 36 miles per @hour. @notice the temperatures, they @are in the upper 50s, wind @right out of the south with @gusts up to 36 miles per hour. @heavy rain is a possibility for @the morning commute. @we could have some power @outages as well. @by @about 1030 we will see the rain @moving out. @high temperatures right around @60. @midday wind is still kicking @but by late afternoon into the @evening we will find @temperatures dropping quickly
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@the 30s and see temperatures @dropping. @we keep the snow showers in the @area as we go through thursday @with temperatures only in the @mid-30s. @we will stay 30s for friday, @partly cloudy, we will make it @to about 400 with a nice @weekend coming our way. @ we want to tell you about @some breaking news on cleveland @east side. @police are on the scene of a @shooting. @this is at the recreational @center. @it took place on the basketball @court. @police say a 20-year-old man @was shot several times and @taken to the hospital. @we will continue to follow the @story and being you updates. @ coming up, more on the @latest sacca on the johnny @manziel story. @jimmy is back with that story
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@ @-- coming up, more on the @latest saga on the johnny @manziel story. @jimmy is back with that story
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@ @ supposed to be something us @but we have to continue to talk @about johnny manziel. @>> this is really just a @business situation right now. @to cut him you need money under
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@that right now. @most teams move their money to @the following year which does @not start until wednesday march @9th. @that will be cut day for johnny @manziel. @after the incident in texas @over the weekend and with the @police still investigating the @situation and there have been @no charges or anything filed @against him but, it is @problematic for the browns and @they finally reacted today. @the new executive vice @president of football @operations in his statement @again "we have been clear about @expectations for the players @ @on and off the field. @johnny manziel's continue @involvement in incidents @undermines the hard work of his @teammates and the reputation of @the organization." @again, they can cut him, they @can do that on march 9th.
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@trade value is way down. @who becomes an important person @in this situation? @i think you will be surprised @by who i think is a guy who @becomes a big motivator for the @browns right now. @josh mccown when, the reason @is, there will be a young @quarterback coming here through @a draft. @if that young quarterback is @not ready to play @josh mccown when will have to @play. @the other thing is, the young @quarterback will have to learn @the game. @josh mccown try to do that with @johnny manziel and he was not a @good listener. @josh mccown is willing and able @to do it. @he is a great team guy. @ @the next step is to find a @young quarterback. @they will do that in the draft. @they have the number 2. it
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@ @ now, to the cavaliers, they @are red hot. @ @in overtime they win last night @in indiana. @so they are 5-1 under tyson lou @right now. @-- under tyronn lue are 5-1. @they say they are having fun @now playing the game. @>> we are dialing it in a @little bit more. @we continue to keep playing and @press the ball up the floor. @i think that helps on the @defensive end as well. @ it is time for the high @school highlight of the week. @they star in gymnastics gets
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@week award. @tonight, she is the only ohio @high school gymnast to receive @a perfect 10. @that is crazy. @ @ we are back at 7:00 tonight. @>> we can't wait.
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