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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  February 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@she'll never be forgotten. @we'll always keep her in our @hearts. @>> taken too soon. @what may have led to a wrong- @way crash that took a @young mom's life. @hi, betsy. @>> hi, jimmy. @we have a very big storm system @that is impacting @most of the country at this @point. @what does it mean for us? @i'll have the latest in your @forecast. @ plus supersize your super @bowl experience, from @high-tech gadgets to big-screen @tv, we find huge @deals in time for the big game. @>> from the station that sees @it possible, this is @channel 3 news, brought to you @by the calv,tta floor @brothers. @now channel 3 news at 7. @ new coach, new team, new @chapter, time to move @on. @let him be someone else's @problem. @he's his own biggest problem @right now.
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@one day after we recorded that @-- last night, looks @as though johnny manziel is @done with the cleveland @browns. @this steps from another @incident over the weekend. @this time in the dallas-fort @worth area, and the @browns finally reacting to that @today. @that situation with his @girlfriend down in texas @over the weekend has led to a @police investigation, @an nfl investigation, and the @browns basically @finally reacting to the point @where you have to be @ed that they hung on this line @with manziel, but it @seems like they are ready to @wash their hands of @johnny manziel. @from sashi brown, the executive @vice president of @football operations today, "we @have been clear about @expectations of our players on @and off the field. @johnny's kill involvement in @incidents that run @counter to those expectations @undermines it hard @work of his teammates and the @reputation of our @organization. @his status with our team will
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@permitted by league rules. @we will have no further comment @at this time." @i am joined by the great chris, @as always, on browns @situation. @welcome to the show once again. @i had a feeling we would be @calling you in for @something like this. @just to go by the rules, what @has to happen now, the @browns have moved all of their @available cash with @their salary cap, which was @about $20.7 million. @they have moved it to the next @business calendar @year in the nfl, which @commences on wednesday, @march 9th. @at that time, then, they can @make a move to cut @johnny manziel. @they cans a trade johnny @manziel, but you wonder @about the trade market there. @okay. @your reaction to the statement @by sashi brown? @if that statement was about @you, would you say, "i'm @done"? @. @>> yes. @i would be contacting my agent, @and trying to figure @out what's my next move. @so should johnny manziel. @at this point, you know, being @in cleveland, and you @have these hard-working fans, @missing that the game
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@off the field that @disrupted your play, i think @he's done in cleveland. @>> so for a guy like you that @came out of kent state @undrafted and totally had to @get nfl teams to look @at you, the browns did, they @found you, you worked @your way up. @you look at a kid who was a @heisman trophy winner at @a high-profile program like @texas a and m. the number 22 @pick in the 1st round, how does @that @make you feel? @. @>> it tears me up. @to see a guy -- he's so @talented. @you know, so much promise for @him. @the city was rallying behind @him in his progression @as a quarterback in this @league, and off the field, @it was just too much for him to @even bear with, not @even just him. @the organization coming in. @i mean, his -- you couldn't get @enough of this guy @off the field. @. @>> do you think the browns went @too long in trying
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@think it was fair what @they did? @they gave him every @opportunity, new start, new @coach? @. @>> i think it was fair. @i think this begs it question, @no matter what he's @done off the field previously, @they were still @thinking he was going to be on @this football team. @they say, if you can get @players to cooperate and to @buy into what he has to offer, @but this was the last @straw going in. @>> okay. @i want to go back in time when @he was drafted, @because i was a big fan of @this, and i got swept up @in it, because i enjoyed @watching his play in @college, and could see him @doing this in the nfl. @i thought he might @revolutionize the position. @okay? @here's the thing: was there too @much marketing and @looking at jersey sales when @they drafted him, @potential of selling out @stadiums, potential of @marketing him rather than @playing him? @. @>> unfortunately, i believe @that has something to do @with it. @rightfully so. @this nfl, this great sport that @we love is a @business. @you are running a business, and
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@his team, who is the big draw, @johnny is a big draw. @espn coverage. @i mean everybody had their eyes @on cleveland. @>> where is the next stop for @johnny manziel? @. @>> there's a lot of tack about @him going to dallas, @maybe even the eagles. @but will those coaches, will @those organizations put @up with his mess? @i don't know. @i'm not so sure. @>> so you would say the trade @market now is very @low? @. @>> well you're going to have to @low-ball the guy. @mean, what can they get for @him. @>> exactly. @i want them to trade him, but @at the same time, i do @want cleveland, the @organization to send a message. @>> all right. @josh, a little more on the @dallas situation now. @there will be all kinds of @rumors surrounding where @johnny manziel willnd up next. @to the top of the list, the @dallas cowboys with @owner jerry jones, who loved @manziel, when he was @coming out of texas a and m. so @mike leslie with our texas @station of wfaa @dallas-fort worth is bracing
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@>> jim, thanks. @cursory eye over the @last couple of weeks and @months, because the cowboy @johnny manziel. @now that he's not in cleveland, @that will ratchet up @going forward. @the cowboys did display @the 2014 draft. @jerry jones, the cowboys owner, @was kind of talked @off the ledge a little bit from @choosing johnny @instead the cowboys chose zack @martin. @that worked out well for the @cowboys the first time @into this organization. @we'll see if once again, jerry @jones has to be @talked out of that, or if he @talks everybody else @into bringing johnny manziel @organization. @so with that, we thank you for @taking him off our @looks like he's about @to become our responsibility @. @>> good luck. @johnny manzi,l is also the talk @of the town and the
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@trending on twitter and @all over facebook. @>> you know, there's always @plenty of those. @of course -- aren't the only @ones in dallas who hope @manziel doesn't play there. @it's all overtwitter, too. @bob asked manziel to stay out @of dallas. @''learn how to be a leader @first." @brian cranzel shares this @photo, saying, "johnny @next season." @alicia smith says, "johnny @manziel is the lindsay @low han of the nfl." @carol bates says, "he needs to @be fired. @he has no respect for the club, @the team, or the @fans. @i don't care how much money @this dude has. @he needs to be held @accountable." @now, of course, jim we did see @a couple positive @posts defending him, but not @too many. @>> all right, daniel. @thanks very, very much. @ we have breaking news @tonight over on @cleveland's east side. @police are on the scene at a
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@at east 46 street near the @lonnie burton rec center. @police say someone shot a 20- @year-old man several @times. @he was sent talk local @hospital, and we will @continue to follow this story. @we'll bring you updates all @night long at @ two drivers have died after @a wrong-way crash on @interstate 71. @new video from odot cameras @show what happened, and @it happened early this morning. @you can see a car driving in @the wrong direction. @a different angle shows the @same car on the left @nearly miss ever miss another @vehicle before the @crash. @cleveland police say 22-year- @old kenneth urban i can @was the one going the wrong @way. @the family of other driver, @lakisha brown, says she @leaves behind a teenage @daughter named alyssa. @>> could never fill the hole @that's in our heart, @but we will try our best to @make it up to alyssa and @sam, and make sure we're there
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@>> very, very sad. @cleveland police say alcohol @may have been a factor. @toxicology results are pending. @ busy night last night in @iowa, but the next big @presidential vote is a week @from tonight in new @hampshire. @the new hampshire primary. @and governor john case i can's @campaign could rise @or fall in the granite state. @senior political correspondent @tom baris is with him @on the campaign trail, and get @some insight from @case i can about his long-shot @chance at the white @house. @>> reporter: good evening. @we are in clermont, new @hampshire, and more than 50% @of new hampshire voters @traditionally make their @decision in the week before the @primary. @governor john case i can @working hard to make the @sale. @case i can arguably has the @strongest resume of any @of the presidential candidates, @as congressman and @governor. @>> to be involved in welfare
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@>> reporter: does he find it @hard to accept that @in this year of angry outside @candidates, resumes @don't mean what they used to? @. @>> i'm not frustrated at all. @i'm happy talking about ohio, @and raising the bar. @i'm positive. @you know, i'm having a really @good time. @>> reporter: outside @candidates, trump and cruz, @have more experience than the @established @candidates. @case itch, bush, rubio @combined. @cowell those four unify behind @one of them? @. @>> it's not a conclave where we @sit around and draw @a black bean, and you're in. @you're out. @the voters decide that. @>> case i can's campaign taking @one event, one state @at a time. @but could things ramp up fast? @. @>> we are prepared to move like @you can not believe @all across this country. @>> reporter: case i can @remains hopeful, but the @across of him getting his @party's nomination in a @home-state convention in @cleveland still seem very @long. @in clermont, new hampshire, tom @beres, channel 3 @news
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@doing a great job up in new @hampshire. @and when we come back, if @you're going to san @francisco for super bowl 50, @the next best thing is @to watch it from the comfort of @your couch. @so we scout some of it the best @deals on big tv and @more so you can see every @detail. @plus, i'm expected -- the @shocking thing a store @clerk did to a robber, who @thought he could just @take the money and run when we
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@if a competitor posts a lower @price, you're eligible @for a are fund. @at best buy, a 42-inch lgtv is @280, and also a 4k @smart tv. @almost half price this year. @i found a 65-inch lg for $700 @off, a top-of the-line @samsung smarttv a whopping $500 @off with free @delivery in time for the game. @and i even found the best wall @mounts in the country @that istlessed at 80% off. @. i have every major tv deal @listed here, and on my @youtube channel as well as on @twitter. @happy savings. @>> all right. @thanks, matt. @ some lucky fans won't need @tvs to see the big @game sunday. @they will see it in person, and @plenty of them are @making a long trip out of it, @already celebrating in @sunny san francisco. @the super bowl city has plenty @of activity, from
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@were regulation size @during super bowl one, packers @chiefs, to tasting @some of napa's finest wine. @as you'd expect, some fans are @more serious about @the game than others. @>> love being here and all this @camaraderie is @awesome. @>> i didn't know what teams @were playing until my @husband told me. @>> reporter: regardless of how @die-hard these @fans are, they're keeping busy @before sunday's game. @the bay area is showing off @some tech gadgets, like @a laser etcher that turns a @picture of you into a @paperweight. @pretty cool. @ it's super bowl 50. @the mantra of the colors are @black and gold. @>> best say and i certainly @remember from last night @the fancy pants. @cam newton is sharing his @inspiration behind that @wild outfit that brought him @tons of attention off @the field. @>> she shows us which areas @will be dealing with @rain tonight and when it will
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@ @ the collect acted like he @was playing along @until the robber turned his @back. @then the military veteran saw a @chance to disarm the @suspect. @will took the gun away. @the robber managed to get away, @too, and police are
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@turns out his weapon was an air @soft gun. @ now remember those wild @pets we showed you and @told you about last night? @cam n,wton, the panthers @quarterback, made headlines @when he stepped off the plane @in california sunday @in some very fancy pants. @. the quarterback is giving us @the story behind the @story behind those famous @printed vesace theme. @newton says it was all about @sticking with the super @bowl theme, which is black and @gold. @>> the black and gold -- the @was extremely limited. @when i looked at my pants and @saw these pants are @black and gold, shoes black and @gold, the tie, black @and gold. @>> it's really very, very @simple the. @there it is, black and gold. @shocking. @>> yeah. @i still think we need to get @you a pair. @ let's go to another topic @that will please you
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@tonight, what did you think @about the punxsutawney phil -- @>> the pants are coming, and @that eel be worn. @there will be pictures one of @these days. @>> thanks for putting words in @his mouth. @ let's take a look at the @forecast, and we'll try @and shake that out as well. @temperatures in the 50s as we @go through the night @tonight. @so we will see the mercury @rising slowly. @rain and thunder will be coming @through. @it's also going to be very @windy. @the winds already whipping @across the area. @we've seen some showers @approaching, but they are @hitting some more stable air @that's in the area now. @that will begin to change @tonight. @upper-level winds will @strengthen. @that will-to reinvigorate @things a bit. @we are examining the @possibility of thunderstorms as @with go through the night. @heavier rain is still to the @south, down along the @ohio river valley. @we are likely to get rain and @as i mentioned, those @rumbles of thunder. @that rain likely lingering into @the morning commute @as well. @there's our storm system.
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@we have heavy snow falling in @the northern plains, @northern great lakes region. @very nasty storms in the deep @south. @as a matter of fact, there are @still tornado @warnings still going. @you can see those dark red @boxes there. @meanwhile blizzard warning @continues in western @portions of iowa this hour. @so far we are not under any @aall right , sir, but @we are going to keep an eye out @for some warmer @temperatures that are going to @be coming in. @as a matter of fact, we may be @hitting some records @for tomorrow. @now, i mentioned the rain @sticking around for the @morning commute. @by 8:00 a.m., with may see that @settling town a bit. @look at these wind gusts, over @30 miles per hour. @these are your high temps for @the day, right around @60 degrees, because once a @front passes through, we @are going to see those @temperatures falling back as @we head through the afternoon @and evening. @scattered showers will be @around for our wild @wednesday. @we'll be windy, temperatures @topping out right @falling back through @the day. @i think the wind is probably @going to be the one @thing everybody takes notice
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@window nation 7-day forecast -- @why not, right? @the mid-30s, and @on thursday, very seasonable, @with snow showers in @the forecast. @we'll kind of toe the line in @it upper 30s to @right along 40 as we head into @the weekend. @>> isn't friday weather @. @. @>> i think so. @>> yeah. @i expect chocolate and wine, @flowers perhaps. @>> i was hoping he wouldn't @give away my gift ideas. @>> he'll get you a deal. @ it's never too early to @start talking about the @nfl draft. @>> not when your quarterback is
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@ @ you're thinking now, @they're going to go for a @quarterback. @the most mentioned names: @california, jared goss. @big arms, big guy. @6, 5, had a great career in @college. @jerry doff a lot of people @think would be the @number-one quarterback @selected. @another guy that's burst on to @the scene is carson @wentz, a guy that became a @quarterback last couple @of years. @won a lot of games, thrown a @lot of touchdown @passes. @so we'll see what he does, once @again, out of north @dakota state. @ . and the guy that will be @important for the browns, @josh mckahn.
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@quarterback, whoever @that may be. @he's a reel pro. @he'll do a great job at doing @that. @he tried doing it with manziel, @but he was not the @best -- @>> that's going to do it for @us. @thanks for joining us. @ here's what's coming up @next: "entertainment @tonight." @here's what's coming up at 11. @betsy and i will be back, @updates on our app and at @. @>> thanks for watching channel @3 news. @text wkyc to 2543 now to @download our free apps. everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know
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