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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  WKYC  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@salmonella outbreak find out @the type of shake being @recalled from vitamin shops. :00 is
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@missing for months. @tonight a nationwide search is @on for a mansfield woman whose @neighbor vs. @also t a trace. @ i'm b governor john kasich @campaigning as a tax cutter can income tax @hike be blamed on the cuts he @made? @ready to part ways with johnny @manziel the voice of the breaks down the big @decision for the team. @and a northeast ohio company @bought. @we're getting new details t @a huge shake up in the craft @world. @>> tornadoness the south and @blizzard like northeast plains as a storm @system sweeps across the @nation's midsection. @>> millions of americans in
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@so how long will in northeast ohio? @>> the chief of course is here @to explain. @>> we're in the path of this @thing too i mean the nice part @for us we've go@west and severe weather south @we're kind of just right in @middle. @but that doesn't mean we're @going to be left out. @we have rain in@continues through the night. @localized ponding of water on @the roadways some localized @flooding of low-lying areas may @be a democratic finite factor. @there's a look at the radar @yell 's oranges that's where @the heavier rain showers are @that includes lake a spotty @rain showers in portions of @geauga county. @a bands of heavy rain that @stretches around ester dover and new @philadelphia areas. @this will continue to move @eastward so akron and canton @hear the rain showers of. @same for cleveland. @and moving to the state line @area. @this has been some thunder and
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@and lorain of the lightning at @the lighthouse and of course @the pope out there alex in ht some lightning @as well. @cloud to cloud lightning hard @to believe it's february. @john decided to put a @thunderstorm on e. @excuse me the thunder shirt on @little frankie there you can @see frankie looks a lot calmer @that's a pretty good tip for @pet owners who have dogs that ematic with that. @but the heavy rain stretches @all the way down into the deep @south. @we're in it for the night folks @we'll have rain around for very windy @conditions as well. @and major changes that will be @happening as we go through the @day. @we're talking record temps and @settling effect snow showers. @i have details in the forecast @in a little bit. @>>reporter: thank you. @ new @a shooting at a cleveland rec @center. @>> a 20-year-old man was taken @to the hospital after being tiple times.
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@lobby burton rec center. @the victim was taken to metro. @no word on his condition lice are still not releasing @his name. @ gun violence is something @we see much too often here and @across the country. leaders @say they are calling on the @ceos of the largest gun @manufacturers to clean up the @industry. @and they are not opposed to @guns or gun shops they say but @just commanding more @accountability. @>>reporter: it boils down to @this. @in real life terms this @afternoon on the phone with my @mom who lives alone. @question. @the greater cleveland @congregation people demanding @more accountability changes are @saying sure. @but in cuyahoga county if she @gets that gun from one @particular store they say @chances are ridiculously high @that the criminals she's trying
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@their guns there too. @donna wine burger is a @psychotherapist whose clients @include clients who witnessed @the shooting. @>> a man walked in and shot @her three times in the head. @she died. @and i swore at that time that i @was going to find a way to work @on this problem. @that i wasn't just cleaning up @the aftermath. @>> we will fight together for @a safer cuyahoga county. @>>reporter: weinberger an @active part of greater @cleveland congregation. @>> we will not stand idlely @by. @>>reporter: today stood @outside atlantic gun and tackle @in bedford heights. @>> what is their @responsibility. @>> in 2012, 2013, 20% of all @the crime done that were traced @in cuyahoga county came back to @atlantic gun and tackle. @>> we are saying to glock and @sig sauer high point guns why
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@them and asking them to sell @your guns without telling them @to clean up their act? @>>reporter: specifically they @say to be more accountability. @to train employees to recognize @straw purchases someone buying @a gun to handoff to a criminal. @the gun that squeeze he @bryant's gun bought limb @weinberger says before he used @it to kill police officer wayne @leon in 2000 traced back to @atlantic gun and tackle. @>> and officer leon if that @hadn't happened would be alive @today with his family. @>>reporter: to that end the @atlantic gun and tackle shop @owner says the criminals @pulling the triggers are @ultimately accountable. @he declined on camera interview @they have been in business for @60 years no gun leaves the @store without a background @check. @more may end up in the wrong @hands than other shops. @ford are in more accidents than
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@of those cars on the road. @>> okay. @thank you dawn. @ in the race for the white @house all eyes on new hampshire @which holds its primary one @week from today. @republican candidate donald @trump pope this evening on his @second play finish in iowa. @recaucus polls predicted he @would win. @he says he's happy with the @finish. @>> i came in second i came in @a strong second third was quite @a bit away. @i think 2,500 or close to 3,000 @votes away that was a big @difference between second and @third. @i think that we did really @well. @i mean, you know as far as @that's concerned. @>> for the record it was 1 @percentage point. @trump also said he is not @feeling any pressure ahead of @tuesday's primary in new @hampshire. @ governor john kasich wrote @off iowa and been spending a @lot of time in new hampshire. @today he held a town hall @meeting in the city of @claremont.
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@one about his plans for taxes @and the focus of his campaign @going forward. @>>reporter: governor john @kasich has bragged to 90 new @hampshire town hall meetings @about his conservative money @managing. @ticking national debt clock @makes his case rolling over to @19 trillion this day. @he's all about balancing @budgets and gives taxpayers @relief. @>> i would also have a plan to @cut the individual tax rates @down to 28, 25, 10 with a @capital gains at 15. @>>reporter: cleveland mayor @frank jackson says cleveland @needs to raise its income tax @for all the cuts kasich made to @the government local fund. @>> over the last three years @we lost cumulative amount of @$111 million just in state @funding that they cut. @>> you might say well you're @bragging about reducing taxes
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@>> i don't know exactly what's @happening in cleveland @sometimes people who are @politicians don't manage @things. @>> i love mayor jock son. @>>reporter: kasich other @republican daughter will blitz @new hampshire voters for the @next week. @but he says he's just going to @work his plan not get frantic. @>> i'm not interested in like @intense like i'm going to be @you know getting manic here. @i mean, i sleep well. @i exercise, say my prayers. @>>reporter: on saturday kasich @will face-off with the rest of @the republican daughter in a @final debate before next @tuesday's primary. @in claremont new hampshire tom @beres channel 3 news. @ after a midday statement @from the team it appears johnny @manziel's future with the @browns is nearing an end. @the heisman trophy winner's @time in cleveland has been part @exciting and part @disappointing. @>> i think many would say the @disappointment out weighing the @exciting.
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@drafted him no when johnny @football hype was dig time. @>> channel 3's chris ty has @that part of the story tonight. @>>reporter: you're going to @have an experience outer body @experience with johnny manziel @that is going to be so @remarkable. @you you are just going to eat @it. @jim muncie who called manziel's @high school football games on @radio became a family friend @who devoted a wall of his home @to jonny. @he also took to us the bar that @switched allegiancees within @hours of manziel becoming a @brown. @here the blood ran cowboy blue @until manziel got drafted and @immediately switched. @>> it's browns. @>>reporter: fives were up and @within days this billboard was @too declaring cowboy allegiance @here over. @to put it mildly they were all @in. @trips were planned, promises @made. @>> you're going to rename main @street you're going to give him
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@lake manziel. @that's where it's going. @>>reporter: it certainly looks @like jonny's had fun fireworks @in mouth, the swan dive, vegas @trip before game day. @even in 2014 though jim muncie @warned us. @>> as i tell jonny it took me @a while to grow up i was @probably 40 before i finally @realized a little priority and @jonny's you know, stepping @through those hurdles right now @in life of maturing and it just @takes time. @>>reporter: but it appears the @browns are simply tired of @waiting for that time to come. @the browns didn't explicitly @say they were getting rid of @man sell but the statement says @he undermines the expectations @they have for their players and @that they will address his @status once league rules allow @it. @read between those lines as you @will.
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@erie no keys to the town were @handed out it looks like the @party's over. @>> i don't think he would have @been trusted with them. @>> i don't think so. @>> well said. @>> you originally aired that @interview we were thinking this @is going to be fantastic. @>> i hoped he was right but @didn't play out that way. @>> thanks a lot. @>> coming up tonight @mysterious disappearance a @mansfield woman vanished months @ago. @tonight the shocking clues @police uncovered. @ plus craft shore shake up @find out who is buying a @northeast ohio based company @and what it means for the @strongsville headquarters. @ health food recall. @one type of shake is linked to @possible cases of salmonella @including right here in ohio.
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@ @. disappearance of a mansfield @woman has left a community @searching for answers after the @neighbors she got into an @argument with are also missing. @>> hilary golston is on the @case of what happened to patsy @hudson. @>>reporter: it's a mystery law @enforcement has yet to solve. @police say the last time anyone @saw patsy hudson was the 4th of @july of 2015 at this house her
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@neighbors tell me she had an @argument with the people who @live right next-door in this @home about her cats. @and they too went missing. @they say it's all just a little @too suspicious to be @coincidence. @she's got a congenial disarming @smile dark hair with flecks of @gray and engaging ice. @description law enforcement @care about today is 5 #, 150 @pounds. @62 years old, female and @missing. @>> everybody's kind of worried @about it because it can happen @to anybody around here. @>>reporter: hudson's next-door @neighbors same ones people @around here say she argued with @around the time she went @missing are also gone. @neighbors say the man and woman @who lived there for a month or @so didn't have any furniture @inside their home. @>> what do you think happened? @>> i really don't know, but @everybody has been talking. @everybody thinks since the both @of them come up missing the @same time they took her with @her. @>>reporter: the quiet woman @who now they are hoping
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@neighbors say police searched @the two homes and court @documents back that up. @there's also evidence that @there's still money being @withdrawn from a bank account @and someone is paying a cell @phone bill in her name even @though she doesn't own a cell @phone. @in mansfield hilary golston @channel 3 news. @ a texas based craft store @is buying up some competition @based here in northeast ohio. @michaels craft announce it's @buying strongsville based lamb @right west incorporated. @this includes 34 stores in ohio @west virginia and pennsylvania. @it will maintain its team and @facilitys in strongsville. @ to a consumer alert about @a health food the manufacturer @garden of life has voluntarily @recalled several versions of @its raw meal organic shake and @meal products. @11 people in 9 states @reportedly have salmonella @linked to those shakes. @one of the cases this year in
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@the products were sold at @mustard seed market and vitamin @shops. @this cdc december consumers @should stop and dispose of the @products in a closed plastic @bag or return them to the store @where they were purchased. @ betsy is back now you @talked about storms across the @country also mentioned perhaps @some weird weather for us @tomorrow. @>> the rain is coming down @now. @we've got rain in early @february so there's your first @clue that things are a little @whopper jawed and indeed @temperatures are in the 50s. @do people say whopper jaw? @>> first thing i've ever heard @that. @>> my mom says that all the @time. @maybe it's an akron thing. @here's a look little preview @for you. @thursday 8:30 p.m. @all right i'm previewing that @because that my friends is @where we're going. @remember that is not too far @away. @for tomorrow morning we're @going to start off with early @rain and very windy conditions @and that rain especially 5:00, @6:00, 7:00 commuters you'll be
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@isolated shower chances. @temperatures still going to be @right there in the low 50s. @the difference here that is the @temperature in the middle is @going to surge to a new record @high around 60 degrees for the @day tomorrow. @now we do have rain that is @coming down you're probably @hearing it hit the roof and you @can see how the rain continues @to move southwest to northeast @through the area. @the heavier rain showers now @out to the east around @ashtabula into the andover @area. @more scattered moderate to @heavy rain in madson moving @farther to the southwest coming @into the western portions of @cuyahoga county from westlake @rocky river and lakewood @straight down through @middleburg heights parma, @strongsville north royalton @into central portions of medina @county from brunswick brunswick @hills to hinckley and west even @toward valley city down into @the city of medina and farther @south yet down 77 through akron @into canton dover new @philadelphia and yes @carrollton. @you'll be getting some of those @heavier rain showers.
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@lot of rain lining up along a @frontal boundary to the west of @us. @all this surge of moisture @continues to push north. @meanwhile the snowy side of @this storm system has not @bothered us whatsoever. @i don't think it will at least @the heavy snow. @that's where the temperatures @have been in the 20s and the @teens. @inn indiana is up to 61. @i think that is a harbinger of @where our temperatures are @going to be going. @we have seen rising @temperatures already this @evening i'm rite now we are @still in the 40s east with 50s @starting to knock on our @western door we'll find those @temperatures rising as we go @through the night. @we'll start the day tomorrow @mid and upper 50s windy @conditions around. @60 degrees midday with some sun @peeks and then we'll drop back @into the low 50s my the end of @the afternoon. @here's your hour by hour @forecast. @the winds and wind gusts with @the southerly winds continuing @this is 5:30 in the morning. @rain in the area of @temperatures mid and upper 50s. @we'll start to see the rain @backing off by the prime rush @the 8:00 to 9:00 hour.
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@per hour especially out of the @south. @so that means big bridges like @the valley view bridge that's @going to be a really @interesting drive for you folks @who drive across that. @scattered rain chances around @midday temperatures peaking @about noon we'll see @temperatures falling back as we @head through the afternoon and @yes i showed you that preview @of thursday snow is going to be @coming in. @so 60s midday then falling back @into the low 50s by the end of @the afternoon. @window nation 7-day forecast @does show that we don't make it @out of the 30s on thursday. @what a huge change but remember @that seasonable for us. @we'll dry out hang tight right @around the 40-degree mark as we @head through a pretty nice @weekend we're keeping an eye @out for snow showers early next @week. @>> betsy thanks a lot. @a former brown fan favorite @weighs in on the manziel drama. @>> jimmy has the fallout on @the troubled quarterback and
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@ @hi everybody the browns are @reds tow move away and move on @from johnny manziel. @his days are numbered and there @is a definitive number on his @days here in cleveland. @that number is wednesday @march 9th. @that appears to be the day that @the browns would release johnny @manziel or trade manziel. @that they cut manziel. @the reason it is wednesday @march 9th is because the browns @shifted all their remaining @salary cap money to the new @financial calendar year which @starts on wednesday march 9th @and that's when they can make a @move like cutting manziel. @he'll count 4.33 million @against the salary cap. @they owe him 3 million in @guaranteed salary and then it
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@manziel according to a report @tonight he feels three teams @are interested in him. @the dallas cowboys not a @surprise. @the rams and the kansas city @chiefs. @the browns are not one of those @teams. @especially after this statement @earlier today from hishashi @brown the executive vice- @president of football @operations we've been clear @about expectations for our @players on and off the field. @jonny continual involvement in @incidents that run counter to @those expectations undermines @the hard work of his teammates @and the reputation of our @organization. @his status with our team will @be addressed when permitted by @league rules. @we will have no further comment @at this time. @the great criminals joins us on @channel 3 news at 7:00 tonight @i asked him if you were johnny @manziel and heard that @statement about you what would @be your reaction? @>> i would be contacting my @agent and trying to figure out @what's my next move. @so should johnny manziel. @at this point you know being in
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@working fans missing that game @and everything that you had to @do off the field that disrupted @in cleveland. @>> so now moving forward what @do they do at the quarterback @position? @for right now they use the guy @they have josh mccown. @browns. @he can play right away. @but most notably he's such a @great team guy he can help a @young quarterback learn the @game if they want to listen. @that's always a problem with @manziel. @now, on the young quarterback @scenario, the browns are @obviously no mystery going to @go for guys in the draft with @either the second or the 32nd @pick. @and so the names being @mentioned from cal out on the @west coast jared governor from @north dakota state carson @between of he was the player we @told you about that were so @talked about last week at the @senior bowl. @super bowl l now just five @days away and the point spread
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@cam newton a 5.5 point favorite @to knock off the denver broncos @led by the great peyton manning @who cam newton really add @myers. @>> there's a lot of things @peyton has done is doing i wish @i can him myck by but i can't @do it like peyton can be only @he can do it i trains late @things i learn from him or saw @him do, @but you know other quarterbacks @in this league i try to apply @to my own. @>> college basketball tonight @akron at ohio university. @big flight for josh williams of @the sip. @he hit a three year he had 20 @in the game and they win 80-68. @they have won 15 of their last @17 games. @tough night for kent state at @central michigan. @kellen thomas will hit a jumper @coming up for the golden @flashers they were down 7 at @the half. @out scored by 20 in the second @half they have lost two in a @row. @business day around the area @and around the country national
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@is young demario mccall who we @watch every friday night on @five friday night fever he'll @sign his letter of intent to be @an ohio state buckeye. @and a student at the ohio @state. @>> big day. @>> yes, it is. @>> we'll be right back. you want to feel connected, at one with your world. informed, included, and inspired. so no matter where you are, when important things happen, we're here. at all hours. in the moment. on every screen
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@ @. @ you're from akron was @whopper jaw in your vocabulary. @>> maybe only in betsy's
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@>> a lot goes on down there. @>> not in webster. @>> channel 3 news today begins
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