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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 3, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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expected back in court tomorrow. move on to super bowl 50 and the spectacle that was media day. i mean it was bannanas as kevin frazier likes to say. and he was in the middle of all the madness with our special ent. >> super bowl media day has now given way to opening night. it's super bowl 50 and s have to do it big. crime, here at the super bowl, to the one and only michelle williams.igger, each and every year, we have to make our team bigger, that's why d is here to cover her first big media day. who was it l for you? >> it was crazy. >> cassidy, welcome to media day.t was my very first super bowl media day. let me countdown the crazi there was a guy in a dress. german we say we only get
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you. >> there were puppets and i can't really understand why they were puppets, nor did they speak english. what doessthis have to do with the super bowl? [ speaking in native lanassidy got a taste of the craziness and today her mom was g about her daughter's debut last night as an "e.t" corporate. >> they are doing so much better than i could. how swoot is casserole? >> forgive me for being a mom. so when these tweets start coming in about what a natural she is, so sweet. i was just so grateful. >> when the panthers cam newton entered, it was a spectacle and peyton manning faced a wall of cameras.r bowl 50 airs sunday on cbs. michelle and i played a little round of nfl newlywed game with their teammates with cdies. >> most romantic thing you've ever done. >> i proposed in the grand canyon. >> yay. >> where was your first kiss?
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restaurant. >> if you could be a famous who would you be? >> oh, lord. >> w did >> kobe. >> kobe bryant? >> does your fiance prefer you in spandex, like your football uniform or your birthday suit? >> the birthda1s to the players with the most correct answers, and then this happened. with your wife in the morning? >> a dead one, she's not a very morning person. who's going that is what we call just another superwild super bowl media day. >> a leprechaun getting down on one knee is definitely the s ever happened to me. >> he didn't are pose, did he? >> i don't know. >> i didn't either, i just didn't want to get that call
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married a leprechaun.w great were those guys talking about their wives? >> love is a wonderful thing, but it's time to get back to some footbal >> you know whaet back to hollywood. let's send it back to the studio. coming up, we're talkingrcials as we reunite the stars of the best big game ad of all time. "mean" joe greene with the coca-cola kid all gr then we're with tv's miracle quadruplets how alanded them a reality she. >> two sets of identical twins, a and a concession from superproducer l.a. reed. his biggest regret. >> it was something that i
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try stars steppe
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y gaga stunned at the golden globes. she's headed to the oscars. it was just announced she will perform the national anthem at and the big news today, we can confirm that she will take center stage at the grammys on cbs on monday february 15th,bute to the late david bowie. and that is going to be amazing. >> no doubt about it. but watching it all, what could legendary music producer, l.a. reid, musical mastermind. he worked with mariah, pink, whitney, for him gaga is the one that got away . >> who would have thought that lady gaga would become lady gaga. >> when gaga formed for reid, he told her she should change her but after hearing her demo tape, he passed.aga's world.
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>> today he's the ceo of epic records and he got there by finding unknown singers and turning them into pop icon.ear-old justin bieber to his record label, l.a. kes trauted mariah's come back. l.a. told me you' star all you have to change is everything you are.d does take some of the blame for this. >> crack ask whack. >> i failed whitney, honestly. because it was something that i helped to arrange. >> in his new book, seems to me,his role in whitney houston's now infamous 2002 interview with diane sawyer. >> let's get that straight, okay? >> sometimes i try to protect people and that was one of the l like i failed
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discovered megan trenor, she's up for a best new al grammy this year. also up for a people's choice award for favorite singer. we'll see who wins march 12 on up next, reality miracle drama as we go inside the baby girls' utah home. then a rare rob kardashian sighting and new details about his controversial romance.only are taking you inside the home of rob's sisters.single girl's house. >> the hollywood decorator is
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that is a rare sighting there.
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virtually disappeared from the family spotlight as he battled weight gain.his headline making romance has forced rob out of the shadows. stepping out of his brand-new black bentley is the first body nearly eight months. he was hospitalized just before the new year after blooks really different from his days on dancing. a source close rob tells "e.t" quote, lost weight actually. amid all theoncerns, rob just released th unintelligible snap chat video. s return to l.a. after allegedly driving more than 1,300 miles to texas to pick upfrom jail. she was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance.
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about his new fiance. blac chyna is theaby mama of rapper tyga. last month she was looking after rob. >> rob is back at the house, my only hope is that maybe this health scare is a wakeup call. ut photo thursday right arou the same time that fansat kloe kicked him out of her new house due to his relationship.a look inside the marvegs mansionsd kloe. >> it used to be two bedroom suites and i think totals up into this astronomical extraordinary closet. >> it's bravo's million dollar rator and author martin fuller only showed "e.t" how made eachardashian. >> kloe's house is more about fantasy and comfort. it's a single girl's house,
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>> one, two, three. >> wow. thank you.m to three kourtney more relaxed and ots for her kids to lounge and outside on t patiorious pool. around the corner from each other in a california enclave. kourtney purchased her home from keyshawn jackson. about a month later, kloe bought this 10,000 mediterranean house from justin bieber. but they have made eac own. you end up following your heart. kloe has a house that's being leased for lamar odom as he is drug overdose. now here's a couple who is
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pregnancy captured so many hearts landed them a spot on a new reality series "ra why would they be rattled? raising quadruplets can rattle anyone. >> when people ask me how do you do it? i say, well, you know, you do too.what you do with one baby, three more times. >> meet indy, may, scarlet and evangeline. and they're just not quadruplets. ets of identical twins, that's a one in 70 million chance.parents ashley and tyson went through eight years fertility left them empty hearted until >> hi, babies! >> they're just one of the families featured in the new tlc series "rattled." they became an internet shley posted this photo.
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prayers but i think you prayed too ght it went viral. >> but carrying four babies took a big toll on ashley. >> i thought i was dying, i was so sick, in my first trimester, i lost 20 pounds. n, i was just so sick. >> i'll do the epidural probably in the other room. as 37 people total in the delivery room. they were so tiny. my smallest was born at 1 pound and my biggest was 2 pounds 10 ounces. they were very tiny, fighting for their lives. >> between meal time, bedtime ers make and m their online business, a miracle unfolding, selling swaddling blankets and giving hope to new parents. >> weo many people who bought a blanket for their fought baby. they're going through the same -- excuse me, i get a littleemotional. through the same
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the minute you touch your baby, the minute you hold your babyirst time, you know everything's going to be okay, there's so much love there that youg you wouldn't do for that child. >> i think rattled would be an understatement. that show is executive produced by drew barrymore. our "entertainment tonight" d in art europe before she was discovered? the answer is coming up next.ret angels who
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tonight's "e.t" birthday. which supermodel studies art in paris before she was discovered?brinkley. who turns 62 today. happy birthday. francisco with kevin frazier and cassidy. kevin is a little bit sad. >> i'm sad because it's time for head back to los angeles but it's been a blast, hanging out with you at mediat and of course here at the everywhere lounge. thank you so much cassidy. >> kevin, thank you, i had the most incredible time. >> i got to tell you this, i g and i know your dad has been too. we also want to remind everyone on super bowl's greatest commercial special and part of the show is a between "mean" joe greene and the coca-cola kid. >> is that my coke?
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>> what was it like to meet >> first contact, probably a he was a big guy. his first name's mean. >> the first time i saw him, it was big in here. >> hey, kid.nd a smile. >> the two-hour special is esiason and catherine mcphee. >> this year's show we have ng to be a part of it. >> also a part of it, a victoria e. >> the game's not over, we need
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tonight, victory lap. ted cruz reshapes the race handing a surprising loss to donald trump in iowawhile marco rubio's strong showing gives hope to mainstream republicans, but it's a photo finish for hi declared the winner in a very late call by the party with a razor thin margin over bernie sanders. zika fears. the first confirmed case of sexually transmitted zika in the u.s., and questions over whether the virus can cause sis in adults. social media murder? young college students accused in the death of a 13-year-old girl. was she lured to death online? and nightmare at 10,000 feet. a massive hole
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the cabin as passengers brace for an emergency landing. news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. nd intriguing new story lines in the race for president tonight after iowa voters reshuffled the race. there were just two of course, but at least twice that many victory-sounding speeches after last night's results followed by the mad t dash to new hampshire. ted cruz arriving with a surprise tailwind after defying the polls to defeat trum marco rubio a close enough third to add a new dynamic to the race. for the democrats it was razor close, but iowa democratic party lared hillary clinton the winner over bernie sanders who is calling it a virtual tie. the new hampshire primary a week from just got a whole lot more interesting.
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cruz/trump headline and hallie jackson.hallie. >> reporter: hi, lester. the center of the political universe has shifted here less than 24 hours after iowat a record with 50% more republicans caucusing than ever before. now, it's new hampshire's turn with some candidates underpressure. not used to losing -- >> we're going to win. we're going to win so much. >> reporter: donald trump finally did, headlines with the winning story line all ted cruz. >> so what a victory last night. deploying the same strategy in windham, new hampshire as he did near windham, iowa, shake lots of >> a local volunteer with the ted cruz campaign. >> reporter: make lots of calls and take on trump. >> donald trump was ay that i was his friend, that he loved me, and now i'm an anchor baby. he or anyone else insults me i don'trespond in kind. >> reporter: but you've attacked them? >> i do think differences on policy, on record, on
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>> reporter: our conversation coming just after cruz's victory speech last night which trump today slammed for being too long, too amboyant, taking a tone very different from his gracious one last night. >> and i want to congratulate ted, and i want to congratulatethe incredible candidates. >> reporter: trump now in new hampshire where he leads by double his edge here, more independent voters and fewer evangelicals, a crucial group for cruz in iowa, and by the time new hampshire tuesday, trump's decision to bail on the des moines debate may not resonate anymore. >> anything can happen beca voters really make up their mind on that final weekend. >> reporter: while cruz hopes to frame this as a one-on-one duel, one point behindn iowa was marco rubio, a strong third. isn't this a three-man race now? >> well, listen, that's up to the i have to say i'm amused at the media talk about what an impressive third place fin snish but a new state means a new race, now week away.
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news, windham, new >> reporter: this is gabe gutierrez covering the rubio campaign. rarely has a third place finish felt so much like a victory.rco rubio fought to keep that momentum. >> i'll see you in the morning. i wasn't kidding. >> reporter: thanks to a ground game that swayed lat voters, rubio shattered expectations in iowa, surging into the top three of the republican field. >> so this is the d would never happen. >> reporter: and emerging as the first viable gop alternative to cruz and trump. told me that we have no chance because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were too high. polling at 15%, yet he raked in a surprising 23%, one percentage point behind trump. the real establishment candidate here? >> you know, i think people always use that terminology. i've had to run against the that said i want to unify the party. >> reporter: now the question is how much will that establishment rally behind him, or will donors support other es, jeb bush,
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today christie took rubio head on. >> this isn't the election, everybody. this is an election for president of the united states. let's get the boy in the bubble out of the bubble. strong words from christie. >> i think that's been a tough couple days for chris and some of the other guys. >> reporter: rubio hampshire. >> i'm putting my confidence and my trust in marco rubio. >> reporter: announcing an endorsement from south carolina senator tim scott. >> rubio wants to make the case in new hampshire that unlike ted cruz he can appeal to republicans in a much more moderate state, and so that's how he wants to position himself as the anti-cruz. >> reporter: many analysts are predicting a 3, 2, 1 strategy for rubio, if he finishes third in iowa, second in iowa and first in south carolina, that could be the path to the nomination. lester. >> for democrats it was the closest race in iowa caucus history, so tight that iowa's democratic
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hillary clinton a winner and by a narrow margin until late this afternoon. bernie sanders has not ruled out contesting the count. we've got both campaigns covered started with nbc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: in new hampshire today hillary clinton was sounding triumphant. >> i am so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa! >> reporter: but the stark reality is after starting out 40 points ahead of bernie sanders she ended up with a razor thin victory. >> tails. >> tails. >> reporter: it even took coin tosses to get there and the delegates will be virtually evenly split. clinton today telling msnbc's chris matthews she was relieved at the outcome. >> everybody said if there was a big turnout that would advantage senator sanders. there was a big turnout, and we won. >> reporter: but iowa entrance poll reveals her weaknesses. among the biggest, the crushing defeat among
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