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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@along the east now in downtown cleveland. @still close to 60 degrees. @as we go through the rest of @the night, the temperatures @will continue to cool off. @you can see regionwide we're @not that far away from the 30s. @it willly cool as @we head throughout the day @tomorrow. @i think that's going to be the @buzz word for the day. @and just because we can, we'll @have a little snow coming @through as well. @it will start off as ow @mix overnight. @that will transition into @flurries. @no biggie as far as the snow @goes, but it's going s we get back to @reality. @temperatures sliding from the @40s into the 30s. @we won't be making it out of @the low 30s as we head @throughout the day your details in just a @little bit and more prospects @for snow on the way. @>> the sun was nice while it we're 166 days until the @cleveland hosting of the @republican convention.
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@be safe enough questions about safety after @sources tell channel 3 they @could face a major police andrew horansky is downtown @with disturbing numbers. @>> the exact number of officers @committed to the rnc is still a @secret being secret @service. @from what we heard today, it is @not looking good. @>> they won't talk about it at @the police department or city @hall, but there are concerns over a concern to @staff the rnc. @the department of homeland @security recommended 5,000 @officers to pull it off, but 1800 committed. @some departments are even @pulling out. @>> if previous protests are a @taste of what's to come, @cleveland will need major help @with the question now, where will it @come from.
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@>> the mayor of tampa where the @last rnc was held and ep early. @>> in that training and in that @preparation is how you will @perform. @>> well, in cleveland it can't be blamed on @any one thing. @cities such as parma pulled out @because they can't spare the @cleveland is dealing with @retirement and jobs are not @being filled. @>> as one city official put it, @other cities have been able to r needs and we @will do. @the feds are saying they can @pull out whatever sources they @need, up to and including the @national guard. @>> with 166 days to get @thanks, andrew. @>> when the convention rolls @into town, the list of @republican candidates won't @nearly be as long as when it two hopefuls dropping out of @the race today. @rand paul suspended his
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@it's suspected paul will now be senate re- @election campaign. @cnn and the washington post are @reporting that rick santorum's @campaign has of the @road. @ the house explosion last @month that left a family of @four dead, a report shows the @husband, jeffrey mather idence of smoke inhalation @and his children did not. @they died inside the home last s believe the @explosion was a murder-suicide. @>> in chagrin falls, students se @fountains again now that the @test rocky mountains -- now @that the test results have come found unacceptable levels @of lead in the drinking water. @they shut down the water
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@until further notice, students @will continue to drink bottled @water as the epa keeps running @tests. @ so we talked about the @police and @let's talk about hotels in the @convention. @another new hotel is almost @ready to open its doors @downtown. @today we got an side the scofield hotel. @brandon simmons takes us inside @tonight. @>> it's a project more than @four years in the making. @the scofield hotel, finally we @get a look inside the first @luxury boutique brand at the @corner of east 9th and euclid. @>> it's going to set this hotel @apart from the others because @of its uniqueness. @>> first things first, the @outside brings back the @original facade from the turn @of the 20 20th century. @in the inside, it's a complete @remodel. @there's work being done in the @lobby area and the ballroom, @fit for 120 people. @>> we're sold out for rnc. @we've received a number of
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@corp groups, associations. @>> now, up to the rooms. @they're modern and include @portraits of small touches that @give a nod to cleveland's @history. @>> this is the presidential @suite here at the scofield @hotel. @while it's still under @construction, the main feature, @it's already done. @this is one of the only rooms @in cleveland where you have a @clear view of playhouse square, @the lake, and public square. @>> and their service. @>> those are the things you see @treated them. @how down to earth they were. @next month. @in cleveland, brandon simmons, @channel 3 news. @>> brandon, thanks. @as the renaissance continue, a @rebirth is happening on the @city's lake front. @tomorrow night, a look at @what's planned for cleveland's @next hot spot and when you can @start enjoying it. @that's thursday at 6:00 on @channel 3. @>> a recently retired ohio @police officer is still looking
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@officials say officer matt @hinke can keep ajack, his @police dog, if he works an an @unpaid auxillary officer. @he retired last month out of @health concerns. @he says that offer won't do. @social media exploded this past @weekend with more than $70,000 @being raised in a go fund me @account to help the pair stay @together. @state law says ajax is two @young to retire and considered @valuable department property. @>> two women who took their @mutual love for helping the @underserved and created a @wellness center are in the news @tonight. @they brought mental and @physical healing together under @one roof alyssa raymond is here @to show us -- @>> after working for other @people and navigating @navigating the blows of budget @cuts, they decided to take
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@turn it into a reality of their @own. @>> we sat in the parking lot in @our cars and looked at each @other and said, we can do this. @>> they did it. @together they founded partners @to empowerment wellness center @in beachwood. @>> the work we do is more about @helping people become balanced, @healthy in all aspects of their @life. @>> they combined wellness @services such as massage, youga @and mental health work to help @at risk children, battered @women, and both men and women @trying to overcome addiction. @>> we watch them blossom and we @watch them develop their sense @of self- @>> regain who they are. @>> do you believe what we have @created here? @do you believe what we have @done? @who are we? @we knew our stuff, but we @didn't know a thing about @opening or running a business. @>> but they figured it out. @>> this is where partners to @empowerment is moving,
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@space. @>> it was at that time that we @literally took a leap of faith. @>> and a dream came true, not @only for themselves but also @for the people they serve. @>> and so we're able to bring @them programming and services @that most of us have at our @fingertips. @and so that's why it's a dream @come true. @>> right now they have about 15 @employees. @they say because of their @growth they need to hire more @people. @they're looking for yoga and @massage therapists and @instructors. @all of their services should be @good to go when they move into @their new space. @>> we wish them a lot of luck. @you mentioned this center helps @at risk kids and moms and @women, but can anyone go there @for these services? @>> it's really for everyone. @men, women, children, people @looking to improve their health @and well-being.
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@ it's the number one killner @women. @-- killer in women. @heart disease. @go red. @>> who's in the cross hairs up @in michigan? @answers to that and betsy's @full forecast and a look at the
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@ @philadelphia tonight. @just moments ago as we came on @the air, a philadelphia judge @refused to throw out the 2004 @case against bill cosby. @the move sweeps aside a former @district attorney's claim that @he -- the ruling clears the way @for a possible trial. @more on this on nightly news @coming up in 17 minutes. @ we know there's lead in the @water in flint, michigan.
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@made of it. @flint residents testified in @congress today, sharing just @how bad and how dangerous that @water is. @thisthe fbi is investigating @what led to this catastrophe. @charges could soon follow. @ each year one in three @women will die of a stroke or @heart disease. @that's why channel 3 is a proud @sponsor of go red campaign, @working to keep more women @alive. @monica robbins introduces us to @the importance of going red. @>> like any mom, ruth white was @excited for her daughter's @wedding. @the morning of the event @changed her life forever. @>> i woke up that morning, and @i couldn't breathe. @>> she never made it to the @wedding. @she drove herself to a medical @center.
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@one lung was filled with fluid @the other was half full. @if i didn't come i wouldn't be @here today. @>> she walks about seven miles @aday and never had concern @about her heatlh until she @started having strange @symptoms. @i had shortness of breath, jaw @pain, pain in my right arm. @i knew something was wrong. @>> she was educated about heart @heatlh. @she now takes ten medications @daily. @she has a family history of @heart disease and educates her @five daughters and @grandchildren about their risk. @she hopes they go red and do @the same. @>> ruth was required to limit @salt from her diet. @after dropping some junk food, @months. @she urges every woman to know @her risks and the symptoms that @are unique to women. @>> as we turn our attention to @the weather, not many february
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@i would be willing to trade for @indians opening baseball. @>> it's looming and it's one of @those, man, i really hope if we @could bottle this up, it would @be great. @>> definitely a nice post @groundhog day for sure. @it's a great opportunity to @learn a new word. @everybody was amazed by @yesterday's word. @we have the warmth of the sun @in winter today. @that was e-mailed to me a while @ago. @i've been waiting for the day @to be able to unleash the @day. @why not have a weather @dictionary fund. @apricity. @temperatures went up. @and now they're coming down. @let me see if my graphic will @let me do this.
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@we started off in the 60s. @temperatures made it to 63 @degrees by noon. @here comes the cold front by @the afternoon. @right now we're sitting in the @40s along the lake shore and @still in the mid-and upper 50s @tarter to the south. @current temperature in @mansfield is 46. @it's 47 in wooster. @51 in akron-canton. @downtown cleveland was the @winner for the day today. @we made it to 65 degrees in @downtown cleveland. @so, kind of a 15-degree drop in @no time flat. @that's pretty much the way @things roll in northern ohio. @still 60s in the bird. @back into the windy city, @temperatures are right around @freezing. @we have this cold air. @it's seasonable for this time @of year. @remember, we're spoiled when it @makes it above 40 degrees. @when we make it into the 60s, @we're really getting spoiled. @things are going to change @quickly. @not only are we going to be @dealing with the cooler @temperatures, but widow have a @chance for snow. @don't get too worked up over @it.
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@if it even adds up at all. @light flurries and showers to @the west. @once we get into the day @tomorrow, we may have enough to @add a little bit of lake @effect. @we'll actually have a nice @evening, getting to enjoy some @of the sunshine and what's left @of our warmth. @the seasonable temperatures @will be returning tomorrow with @little bit of snow. @right now, the weekend outlook, @nice. @we're going to be in the 40s @with dry conditions, but it's @the rest of february that we'll @look forward to when temps are @expected to trend a little bit @to the colder side of things. @still dealing with gusty winds, @winds gusting over 30 miles per @hour at times as we go through @the rest of the evening. @we'll be in the mid-30s in the @midnight hour. @you can see how we start to @pick up chances. @i'm not expecting an inch of @accumulation out of this. @commute is expected to be fine. @we will have clouds. @we'll have those flurries that @tomorrow. @highs won't be making it out of @the low and mid-30s. @it does look like we'll be
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@the day tomorrow. @isolated flurries, a few random @snowflakes flying around. @not anticipating accumulations. @we'll be back in the upper 30s @with a mix of sun and clouds, @and that good looking weekend @forecast, is right there. @we'll have clouds around. @temperatures right about 40 @degrees. @remember, that means we're @spoiled we're spilling you this @weekend. @get used to it for a couple of @days. @and then forget about it @because we're back into the 20s @and 30s with snow chances as we @get into next week. @that's the first three days of @what is expected to be, maybe a @couple weeks of more typical @winter-type weather. @>> gear up. @>> yep. @>> thanks, betsy. @>> coming up for us, one of the @biggest and most special days @in a student athlete's life. @today is signing day. @>> just ahead, jimmy tells us
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@ @signing day, jimmy, do these @kids keep the pen after they @sign it? @>> their parents should @definitely keep the pen because @they don't have to sign the @tuition check after that. @>> this is one of the great @days. @national signing day for so @many great high school athletes @we have watched through the
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@ohio state did very well and @did well across the nation. @the buckeyes are in the top 5. @our first stop is to the big @get this year. @that's the runningback from @north ridgeville to mccall, the @runningback is headed to ohio @state. @he's been rated in the top 50 @in the nation all year long. @he's one of the fastest @athletes in northeast ohio. @he's thrilled to be headed to @columbus. @>> it's a great feeling. @who really gets to do stuff @like this? @like i said, it's a big thing @for this school. @it's a big thing for me and my @family also. @that's my dream school. @that's where i wanted to go. @>> luke ferrell is a tight end @from perry high school. @we went out and watched him @many times. @a big kid. @6'6". @ranked in the top seven in his @position in the country at
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@he's an ohio state buckeye too. @kiera hawkins can play a number @of positions. @he's from maple heights high @school. @he's a maple heights mustang. @he rushed for 435 yards and @scored 12 touchdowns this past @season. @jack, the son of dave who @played for the browns. @he's a center just like his @dad. @he played at walsh jesuit high @school. @he's going to ohio state too. @now, michigan landed the top @recruit in the nation. @they did it right up against @the deadline today. @rashawn gary, a defensive @tackle from new jersey. @it was between clemson and @michigan. @on the way over to the espn @studios, he made the call that @he was going with jim harbaugh
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@now, over at st. ignacious, led @by a big offensive tackle, @william liam ikenburg. @he's going to notre dame. @he'll be playing defensive @tackle there. @>> 29 student athletes signed @their letters of intent today @led by tony butler. @we told you about a week and a @half ago they committed to @nebraska. @that's where they signed his @letter of intent. @good luck and congratulations @to all of those st. ed eagles. @lance billings is a safety from @clearview high school. @he's going to be an iowa hawk @way as they come in and get one @of the flying young defensive @backs. @he's the lone commit to go to @iowa. @now to the hope of champions, @well represented today, justin @lane, this kid is a great @talent at wide receiver. @he's going to go to michigan @state. @he was one of the biggest and @most sought after recruits in @the nation at wide receiver.
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@school district and the senate. @30 kids signed their letters @today. @18 from glenville high school. @ted guillen. @great day. @cavs take on the hornets @tonight. @that game is in charlotte. @they met one already this year. @that game was in charlotte. @the cavs ended up winning that @game. @kimba walker, the outstanding @guard for the hornets, he's out @tonight with an injury as the @cavs go for another victory, @their sixth in a row, if they @can get it, as we close in on @the all-star break. @>> that has to be cool for you @when you follow these kids and @they're called up, like @guillen. @>> full circle. @>> yes. @thank you for being with us @here. @lester holt is stand big with a @wednesday night edition of
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@>> we'll see you tonight at @11:00. bend me shape me, any way you want me as long as you love me, it's alright bend me shape me, any way you want me shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with
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