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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 4, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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new york's finest just wanted a phot then on eighth avenue m midtown, heading to a meeting, sheng to get past this guy. mayb an "alias" fan. >> in the east village another star, hugh jackman, hittin screenman of "eddie the eagle" h. but is he prepared for april the 11th? anniversary? >> i'm not telling you, man. which could be my way of saying i haven't quite finalized plans yet. >> meantime, debbie, your husband gives us early valentine's day relationship goals.happy single man when i met my wi the moment i met her is ten times better than my own life. mind of kristin spotted on the lower east side and giving us her first sit down since her brother's shocking death and her scary car accidentcar accident and everything else going on in my life the last few months, i have such an appreciation for life. missing and in december found dead in the utah desert.
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her elbow in a car crash. >> did you completely black out?out. but i definitely think i went into shock a little bit. i couldn't move my arm, it was dangling in my lap. i thought for sure i broke it.healed and helping others. joining boys and girls club to promote the fitness routine that helped her stay trim ten weeks sailor's, birth. >> trying to teach them to have a healthy lifestyle. >> her husband, jay quarterback for the bears, you can bet they will be watching the super bowl on cbs. high above super bowl city, kevin, you know what, i know there's a lot more than football going on. the city is buzzing. coldplay is busy putting on the final touches for their halftime performance. we will take you behind the ommercial that will air right before they take the stage.
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for the ad starring singer janell monet. s and the present. and the present for me is the future. hence the look. >> and coldplay's latest rehearsal video for the halftime football newbie took a road trip with james gordon. you know the rules of the american football? >> nine teams. right? and two balls.hris could learn a little more about the ga watching the rich eisen show which airs on nbc and nf interview coldplay tomorrow on the nfl network on super bowl tonight.
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>> we are hearing rumblings thar will have a party. >> and marlee doing the song in american sign language. >> we will talk to olivia munnlds. we will talk to ryan about "dead pool." well take you behind the scenes of this very different but very cool superhero movie. >> that is totally cool. thankin t is girls night. >> i love we get together and celebrate each either and do this. >> which one ofnts to be next james bond? >> as celine mourns her husband. only we have her emotional new song. >> plus, insidelitytv of the year. >> there were things thrown at me.
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that's coming d
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celebrating an "e.t." birthday today, tallulah willis is 22. nathan lane is 60.
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> amy schumer is having a bloody good time shooting her tv series on the streets of new york. >> you know her neck?
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that makes it look like her head is detached from her bod >> nice. >> amy is one of the women in ots. for more reese witherspoon, kerry washington, eva longoria and elizabeth banks. >> how much do we admire these ladies?r for a special roundtable discussion abou breaking down barriers. >> real human beings, from the uld want to portray? >> tom hanks. >> i would like to be james bond. >> yeah. >> so badass.e that. the camaraderie was clear and conversation candid.hy she chose to produce her film "wild" on her own. >> i knew if i took it to a traditional studio, they would ot very we don't want to see reese do drugs. >> very chatty about every topic the side lines --
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entertainment weekly where reese also dishes about a role she didn't take because it was what she called the girlfriend in a dumb comedy and eva longoria e housewives inside info. >> she and her other three co-stars were negotiating for pay raises. if they would negotiate on their behalf and eva thought, you know what? no. show is the lead man negotiating for the second tier female in the part. >> i love that we celebrate eachoing this. but the need to do this is a problem. so exciting when we don't have to do this. >> indeed.ese ladies is very active on social media. and reese said originally she was afraid of social media. until she realized what a powerful tool it can be to have your voice heard. edia for a lot of good.
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reality tv bar fight.r camera? >> the element feeling pressure to amp up the drama. >> why marcia clark calls the oj trial and fashion picked apart. >> i'm an model. i'm a lawyer. >> celine dion after her husband's death.
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nging about mortality and how poignant those
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following the death of her husband.e of her life just months after recording this emotional new ballad. a man >> the song is for a french animated classic. >> i did this for the movie because of my son, rene-charles. i think the first time he watched the movie, i don't k, eight years old, roughly. it was pretty touching. >> both the film and sound track are out february 19th."him" was recorded while renee was at home fighting cancer.
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my cis back in las vegas tonight for a tribute to her husband, it'll be at caesar's palace, where celine has her residence.l there in the coliseum tonight and have a report for you tomorrow. we have the star of little women l.a., erupting into a big big fight. an joke. >> definit claiming she suffered a brain injury as a result of the fle with tara jolet and she side of the story. >> you're lying to my face. >> no, i'm not. >> once a liar, always a liar. >> [ bleep >> how did it start? >> honestly, it started as a n and things escalated to an unfortunate situatio understatement. watch what happens next.
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it's hard to watch >> definitely difficult because i'm not that person. fight captured by lifetime's little l.a. cameras, sent her to the investigated. >> bye-bye cowboy. >> it's been a situation that changed my life. >> talk about that. much because it is still under investigation. and there was ice tea that i threw at her. gs thrown at me. >> everybody gets hit by a damn drink. >> you say ice tea, was there alcohol being consumed? lved in any of this. more just emotions. [ bleep ]. >> let's face it, these l.a. women don't have a monopoly on fights.he real housewives of new jersey or beverly hills. on many reality shows there have
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and i wonder if there is any element of feeling pressure to amp up the drama. g to do with the reality of it other than our friendship.nput from producers how they want you to behave. >> we were never ever told, never. bi intense. especially when it comes do like finding who is the dominant female.l like that goes on in any group setting of girls. >> back to the big tv event from last night. the people versus oj simpson american crime story. not remember all of the personal attacks that marcia clark went through. appearance mocked. demeanor this whole ordeal marcia was going through a custody on trial herself. >> i'm a prosecutor, not a
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i'm a lawydy is talking about my hair, my make-up. >> tell me about marcia.e is. >> she seems like a bitch. diapers. i didn't want to be bothered. i just wanted wash and wear hair. then i didn't have time to get dresser. and i thought oh, the media won't notice. >> yeah, they did. >> the only woman in a court full of men. marcia saying it was used against her. es, skirts, attitude. >> we certainly aren't going to or and become hysterical. >> to make that sexist remark. hysterical -- ul. >> by episode six, american crime story dives into marcia's life. a single mom going through a custody battle.s photo sold to
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>> a photo said to tabloids. her physical over the coals. no one would have said that about a man. a too tough, aggressive appearance. client? >> sarah paulson wasn't allowed to contact marcia until she was almost done. the street shut down for private dinner and two talked for hours.hing i said is sorry about the hair. >> first thing i said was oh, my god, i got the voice wrong. her voice is two er because she quit smoking. for >> do you think there would have been more women behind you to rally for you? >> yes. but on thee the internet now. can you imagine if we had to try this case with twitter and facebook and -- oh, my god. >> i'm sure your hair would have been made into a lot of means. >> it would have been trending, that's for sure.y to trend. >> marcia is still trying cases. and has her sixth crime novel
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>> she has a lot of experience to draw from. still ahead, why you might want to spend valentine's day with ryan reynolds. >> does anyone really need a reason?
3:25 am >> travel consideration provided by -- welcome back to the show, everybody. tomorrow, don't miss our the bell star tiffani thi when is the cast getting together for a reboot?her cooking show, dinner at tiffani's. returns tonight on the cooking channel. >> i will leave you with a look behind the scenes with ryan reynolds, "dead pool." this has to be the mostvalentine's day movie ever. >> take a look. bye everybody.
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>> we can beat this.ith cancer dying, a very short window of time to live. >> all of the cancer stuff that they go through is so sad. but so funny at the same time. it totally is a romantic comedy. ut dead pool is also a drama and of course blockbuster superhero film. or. >> oh, come on. leave me all alone here with less angry rosie o'donnell.he more people offended by this movie, then we know he has done a good job. >> >> dead pool has like an unlimited pop culture cannon at his disposal. >> finish the tweet. there you go.
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tonight, fighting words. donald trump says ted cruz stole iowa, accusing him of voter cruz now hitting back, while hillary clinton and bernie sanders unleash their harshest attacks yet oneach other six days untilnew hampshire. mid-air explosion. did a bomb cause the blast that ripped a gaping hole in the side of a passenger plane? new details in that tonight. without warning. tornadoes tear across the south. dozens of homes destroyed and a church torn apart as people prayed for their lives. wiping out zika. the race to combat the virus at its source. days before millions of tourists attend oneworld's biggest celebrations. and the hidden war being fought in
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epidemic that's risen umber one concern for voters in the nation owes first primary. "nightly news" beginsright now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new his is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. facing a primary showdown in new hampshire just six days from now, donald s talking about a do-over in iowa where he came in second place behind ted cruz. in a twitter tirade, using cruz of playing dirty tricks to pull off monday's win, but trump's not the only candidate sounding off abocruz who is busy barnstorming through new hampshire with a wind at his back and apparently a target on his back. nbc's hallie jacksontells us more. >> reporter: while republicans push ahead in new hampshire, donald trump's looking back to iowa, sparking a new feud with n who beat him there. ted cruz didn't win iowa, trump tweeted. he stole it.
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election should take r cruz results nullified. it's one of trump's harshest attacks, less than 48 hours after one of his most gracious moments. >> i want toratulate ted. >> reporter: trump echoing complaints from ben carson's campaign accusing cruz staffers of dirty tricks for insinuating or on caucus night carson might drop out, trump calling it voter fraud on boston radio. >> one of the most disgusting said he was quitting the race and to vote for him. >> reporter: he's calling you a cheater, a fraud. does this cross the line for you? insults get more and more hysterical the more and more upset he get. >> reporter: do you think they are fun? very funny. and laugh at the latest thing donald has tweeted because >> reporter: cruz isn't under any ation, but late today carson said he's not laughing. >> it's clear that tried to take advantage of a tuation, who tried to distort information.
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bullet. >> being a pro i think it goes back to what i said before and the willingness to say or do anything, in this case spread a false rumor about ben carson. >> reporter: marco rubio, trump and the rest of the field now on organization, trump beefing up his with seven phone banks, volunteers from four states here, the nner so dominant in recent polls some establishment candidates may need a hand, and jeb bush is asking for it. >> get back in the of creating a more peaceful world. please, clap. reporter: tonight bush and the rest of his republican rivals have a little less competition. rick santorum's expected to drop out tonight and rand paulended his campaign today. many of his libertarian-leaning backers in new hampshire here expected to shift their support to ted cruz. >> hallie jackson, thank you. the democrats, meantime, are trading some of their sharpest attacks yet in new hampshire, even though hillary clinton was winner in iowa, albeit by a thin
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camp says he got a huge fund-raising boo. after the caucuses, $3llion in just 24 hours. we get more from nbc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: the n new hampshire is heating up with the candidates today going after each other as never before. >> so i hope we keep it on the issues if it's about our records, hey, i'm going to win by a landslide. i am for a positive, progressive, economic agenda agenda. >> reporter: taking aim at this sanders comment to nbc's kasie hunt after clinton called herself a ive. >> reporter: do you think hill shill a progress sniff. >> some days, yes. except when she announces that she is a proud moderate, and then i guess she's not a >> i think it was a good day for progressives when i helped to get 8 million kids health >> reporter: barely avoiding an embarrassing defeat in iowa, clinton comes to
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barack obama? >> i listened to you, and in the process ound my own voice. her campaign is trying to lower expectations against the vermont senator. >> this is a steep climb in new e. this is bernie sanders' backyard. >> reporter: that prompted sanders to say clinton was insulting new hampshire voters. >> i think that that argument, that the only reason that we're doing well hopefully here in new hampshire is because we're from a neighboring state is not totally true. >> reporter: also attacking her for make big money in the past from paid speeches, wall street banks and colleges. >> earning $200,000 plus, i've got a real problem with that. >> reporter: pressure is on sanders. if he doesn't do well here, the road gets tougher for him in nevada, south carolina, and beyond to super tuesday with more minorities, many backing clinton. and tonight bill clinton is campaigning in south carolina for
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has just become a tougher challenger, he got secret service protection for the first time today and dozens of clinton aides have driven here from brooklyn now to be here for this campaign and she is now delaying a planned fund-raising trip to boston. she will stay here in new hampshire now through the primary. lester? >> andrea mitchell with the debate stage behind her and a reminder, chuck todd and rachel maddow will moderate the democratic debate on msnbc tomorrow night live from the university of new hampshire in durham at 9:00 eastern time. there's late word that the criminal sexual assault case against comedian bill cosby will move forward. a judge has thrown out a defense motion to dismiss the case which dates back to 2004. nbc's stephanie gosk is outside the courthouse in norristown, pennsylvania. stephanie? >> reporter: good evening, lester. well, the defense team for cosby was trying to get this case thrown out, claiming that the district attorney in 2005 promised their client that he would would
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