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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @iowa. @ @ @ a great 6 a.m. @on @february 4th, and it feels like @it as you're waking up. @temperatures are in the 30s and @we're going to hover in the low @to mid-30s throughout the day @with some scattered lake effect @snow showers and flurries too, @and we're looking at the @possibility through 9:00 this @morning, 5:00 tonight, and some @light accumulation. @right now you're all in the @mid-30s as you're wiping that
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@pack something lunches, laying @out the outfits -- packing some @lunches, laying out the outfits. @wind chills in the 20s. @that's the more important number @as you're grabbing the winter @coats. @some scattered light showers to @the east. @it has been really light. @we're expecting only about an @inch if that. @we'll talk specifics coming up. @checking your drive with danny, @see how things are so far. @ we're green and clean. @no major delays are for those of @who you travel. @detroit is getting by just fine. @if you take i-90 between 490 and @83, it's your normal 17-minute @commute headed west and @16-minute commute headed east.
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@>> the latest from will ijek at @east 71st and superior? @>> reporter: that's right. @this happened about 11:00 this @morning. @this is where it all happened. @they have the concrete barrier @set up, and one of them actually @knocked over by the car. @that just gives you an idea of @the impact that happened this @morning. @cleveland ems said one @has died and one taken to the @hospital in critical condition. @the extent of the damage with @the entire right side of the car @mangled from the impact with a @poll. @the front of the car shattered @into pieces after colliding with @the gate. @one witness recalls hearing the @brakes very loudly before the @impact. @>> when i hit the corner i heard @the brakes. @it hit so hard, then he must @have left the brakes alone and @went straight into the poll. @>> reporter: police not yet sure @what led to the crash, but @they're continuing to look into
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@you know what they find out, @also over at, guys. @ a willoby man will be sensed @for a bike accident. @prosecutors say he struck mindy @mano, who was trapped and @dragged under his car. @polices of the car left at the @scene led to his arrest. @his brother frank still faces @charges for covering up the @crime. @ and a family of four was @left dead. @a new report shows the husband, @jeffrey mather, had signs of @smoke inhalation, but his wife @and daughters did not. @his wife, cynthia and their two @daughters, all died inside the @home on sky haven drive. @investigators believe the @explosion may have been a @murder/suicide. @ a repeatedly retired ohio
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@way to keep his k9 partner. @he was offered to keep the dogs @if he works as an unpaid eilary @officer. @he's considered -- exhilary. @and he's considered community @property. @ and our nbc station showed @pictures of this tractor that @got wedged at a mr. fuel in @weathers field. @no one got hurt, but it took a @couple hours to unload the @trailer and tow it out of there. @here's lynna. @ and the interim revenue @service temporarily stopped @accepting electronically filed
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@a hardware failure forced a shut @down of several tax processing @systems including e-filing. @the e-filing portion of the @i.r.s. @web site will be down for @at least a day. @if you use an outside company to @do your taxes you can still send @your info to them. @but they'll need to wait until @the system is back up in order @to file. @nine out of ten taxpayers will @get their refund within three @beaks. @ a sheriff's deputy is shot @serving mental commitment @papers. @the homeowner opened fire, @hitting the officer in the arm @and chest. @the deputy returned fire and @shot the home opener whose @condition has not been released. @reports say the deputy came out @of surgery and he's alert and @talking this morning. @it was a close call for a
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@when they narrowly missed a @drone. @they spotted a young man on the @grouped, who had a remote @control and said it was supposed @to be on a pre programmed flight @path and a report is being sent @to federal investigators. @ well, ben and jerry's is @back at it. @they are jumping on the vegan @bandwagon with a new line of @dairy-free ice cream. @the company says it has finally @come up with an almond milk base @that is jump as rich as the @regular pints. @chunky monkey, and chocolate @fudge brownie will be rolling @out in the next 4 to 6 weeks. @it's worth a try. @ and a ruling in the only @criminal case against bill @cosby, what's next for the @greg? @>> reporter: the average user @has about 30 apps they use at @least once a month.
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@can actually make you money? @i'll show you one of my @favorites coming up. @>> cannot wait to hear about it @and are you ready for february? @it's back. @your commute forecast, and @slight showers this morning, @much, much colder. @we degrees for the high. @new record at hopkins, and we're @going to be steady in 33, @scattered lake snow showers, @we'll see if it adds up. @with closings and delays those @are instant, so no worries for @you. @just relax and enjoy your @coffee. @let us take the stress away. @ 6:07.
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@. @ @ @ 610 time. @the case against bill cosby will @move forward. @attorneys for bill cosby lost @their bid to get the sexual @assault case against the
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@a judge in suburban philadelphia @rejected the testimony of a @former prosecutor who said ten @years ago he promised cosby and @was promised he would never be @prosecuted on the assault. @he will have a preliminary @hearing on march 8th. @ season ten of the voice will @return and muley cyrus revealed @she'll be a key advisor on the @-- miley cyrus revealed she'll @be a key voter on the show. @past advisors include chris @martin, and miley cyrus. @the voice returns february 29th @right here on channel 8. @she's had a float of good songs. @there's no doubt about it, she @knows to you to work the @industry. @>> it's going to be interesting, @that's for sure. @>> most of us are looking for @ways to make some extra money @but what if we could use our @smart phone? @>> greg desoto has some of the @best money making apps out @there.
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@>> all this mop, on thursday @mornings, i'm going to be @showcasing some of my favorite @ways to make a little bit of @cash on your smart phone. @many of have you apps on their @phones but there are a couple @that can actually help you make @some money, and this first one @is really just for android. @google has not released this for @ios and it's called -- let me @get to the right slide here -- @google opinion rewards. @so this is an app released by @google that basically asks you @questions. @it could be anything from your @buying habits to places you've @been, using the location @services since your phone. @download the app for free from @the google play store and you @start answering these questions. @now some of these may be general @questions about how do you feel @about the united nations, when @are you planning buy your next @car. @some of them may are more @specific. @for instance, the phone bills @track where you go. @if you walk by a cvs, is may ask @you, did you go to cvs and @weight your experience. @the app is going to give you a
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@money so this is money that you @can use in the google play store @to buy music, apps, movies, @represent movies, maybe some in @app purchases for your kids. @i've had this app installed for @about two years and look at the @amount that i've earned. @$69.29, the credits do expire in @a year. @seon you have one year to use @your money. @i've got $35. @this is great for parents that @are always downloading games or @they want to buy extra levels on @your tablets and phones. @what a great way to pay for @that, maybe you're representing @a lot of movies, doing a lot of @traveling for the car. @another great way to get some of @those purchases covered by @google and this is a good year @to download it by the way @because they often ask political @questions and with the @candidates running this is going @to be a great year to get a lot @of google play credit. @it's called google opinion @rewards.
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@>> you can seek out questions or @do you have to wait? @>> you just have to wait. @the app follows you along and if @someone wants your opinion or @you've been to a place or a @business that wants your @opinion, they will let you know @via notification on your phone. @>> absolutely. @>> i like that. @>> you're seeing dollar signs @ all right. @let's talk some weather. @what a difference today is. @today, parkas. @>> we had the confetti going, @holly. @>> you're going to see @snowflakes outside today. @>> we have to fight the change @from yesterday. @>> and some agree different. @we were talking all kinds of @record highs including @63 degrees at hopkins as john @and lean a mentioned. @at the bus stop kids you need @your winter coat and yesterday @you barely needed a coat. @one extreme to the next and @we're even throwing a few @snowballs. @we're going to see some @scattered lake effect snow @through the day much colder as
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@33 degrees at hop kidnaps. @it is 6:16. @we have the lake snow in the @forecast -- hopkins. @we have perhaps up to an inch. @but we're 401(k)ing the @potential of those lake effect @snow showers -- forecasting @those potential for lake effect @snow showers. @temperatures are in the mid-30s @and the colder air has taken @over. @cull see the milder air we have @in place along the east coast @where it's 57 in new york city @compared to the 30s we've got @going on, low to middle 30s but @those feels-like numbers are in @the 20s so that's reality, @walking out the door. @make sure that you've got the @winter coat, hats, gloves and we @may need boots again with this @lake effect snow in the @forecast. @here's what's happening on @radar. @it's really light as you @mentioned, it's not amounting to @much at this point, and mainly @east, as we do track on future
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@morning and we're seeing some @hit and miss snow showers, west @suburbs, east suburbs of a @little more organized as we get @into the afternoon, so perhaps @as you're getting the kids from @school and work there will be @some scattered lake effect snow @and as i mentioned, some of you @could see some light @accumulation, even a quick @coating is going to cause some @slick spots. @your window nation seven-day @forecast, 30s today, upper 30s @tomorrow, it's friday, going to @be a dry day, good looking start @to the weekend. @we're close to 40 through the @weekend itself, with just a few @flurries here and there. @low 40s scattered rain monday @and much colder by wednesday of @next week. @he's only in the 20s. @ . @it is 6:16, let's get a check of @your traffic. @announcer: get a great deal at b @south bass ford. @ and 62, they are all looking
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@picture. @for those of you who travel to @71 at state route 8, here's the @picture in masedonia where you @see the construction zone. @if those of you who travel 271 @-- for those of who you travel @271, when you hit the roads, @tune into wtam 1,100 total @traffic, they'll have traffic @updates every ten minutes, back @to you. @>> all right. @danny thank you. @ 6:17. @we've already had a ground hog @tell us about the weather. @holly is here every day with the @forecast and now we're letting @animals pick the super bowl. @we're going to start in memphis, @where lay lay, the giant panda @was given two seats with the @panthers and broncos logo, the @panda picked the panthers, @started wailing around in it and
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@is that really her choice, then @we have ozzy the grizzly bear. @and the broncos, we're all to @assume he's picking that. @ozzy, in the last ten years has @when he picked the broncos to @beat the seahawks. @and i love panthers so i'm going @to eat it. @>> i was going to embrace my @predator. @>> we're in trouble. @my biggest winners won the @championship of the midwest @basketball league. @the boys pretty excited. @why not? @they're the champions and that
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@he took the photo with the team. @thanks to kelly for sending in @the picture. @if you'd like to nominate your @champion, your all-star or @animal that's going to pick @something, e-mail them to @morning, or tweet @them @wkyc. @6:19. @ready to debate. @tracy pots updates us on the @hey, holly. @>> hi, lynna. @this is a pretty awesome whether @from karen. @check out this wood pecker @getting ready to have a little @seat, a little morning yummy
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@rocky river is where the picture
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@ @ 6:23. @tonight is the democrat's final @face off before the new @hampshire primary election on @tuesday. @>> and things are heating up @between the top two republicans. @trace selive from washington @this morning -- tracy is live @from washington this morning, @tracy. @>> reporter: the top three seems @to keep switching around. @donald trump has a double digit @lead and bernie sanders is @calling himself the underdog but @that's not what the numbers are @showing. @tonight's msnbc debate is the
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@sanders before new hampshire @votes on tuesday. @>> if it's about our record i'm @going to wind by a landslide on @tuesday. @sanders has a double digit lead @here hammering clinton on her @six figure speeches. @>> i do not know any progressive @who has a super pack and takes @$15 million from wall street. @that's just not professional. @>> her response? @i don't know, that's that they @offered. @>> the leading republican, @donald trump is claiming he @could have won iowa if ted cruz @wouldn't have sent out @questionable mailers and spent @false rumors ben carson was @dropping out. @>> these politicians are brutal. @they are brutal. @they are a bunch of dishonest @cookies. @>> i wake up every day and laugh @at the latest thing donald has @tweeted, because he's losing it. @>> marco rubio's going after @cruz, too. @he's a close number 3 here.
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@back to what i said and that is @the willingness to say or do @anything. @>> rick santorum dropped out and @endorsed donald trump. @>> fewer in play, but it is @getting interesting. @thanks, tracy. @ 6:25, yeftss a yesterday was @a trick. @>> that was a treat, not a @trick. @>> and the reality with the @cardinals behind you. @that bird is so happy. @>> he's back in his winter @element. @ @>> now it really feels like @february again. @temperatures are in the 30s and @staying there. @wind chills are in the 20s. @we've got some scattered effect
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@they do set up, organize, @persist, we could see up to an @inch of accumulation. @cold front that moves through @and brought this reality to us @today is along the east coast. @still pretty mild to the east. @in fact, as you take a look at @some of these forecast highs @today, philly and new york city, @all in the 50s, to even near @60 degrees. @they'll get their taste of @february by tomorrow. @good morning, tiffany. @>> reporter: good morning, @holly. @the question this morning is the @president at the university of @akron fit for the job? @coming up i'll let you know how
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@ @today. @ @ @ welcome back. @6:30. @coming up, holly's got the @forecast. @what a change in 24 hours from @63 degrees and is a record, to @seeing snow and cold. @she'll have the outlook for us, @but here's what else is going @on. @one person is dead and two @others injured after a car crash @on cleveland's east side. @the car crashed into a fence @near east 71st and superior. @the people who were injured were @hospital. @we'll have the latest report at @6:51. @>> later this morning we're @expecting to learn more about a @woman found dead in her brooklyn @apartment. @it happened at this apartment on @ridge road. @police say a man called them and @said he shot his female roommate
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@pronounced dead. @the 21-year-old roommate was @taken into custody. @>> more than 1,300 jobs are @coming into ohio. @home depot will hire seasonal @workers in sales, cashier, and @all departments, and says it's @looking for new merchandising @team members. @head to wkyc to home depot's web @site. @ after a record highest, @morning. @>> pretty typical. @what day and month is this? @that's what we were asking @like february. @it is indeed february the 4th, @through the day. @we're forecasting some light @as john and lynna told you we have had @a 30 degrees
6:25 am
@past 24 hours. @that's pretty darn significant. @as you're waking up this @morning, it's the winter coats @that you need to grab heading to @work and school. @wind chills are in the 20s. @that's what it feels like. @i've got you some really night @snow to the east right now. @we'll continue to see these on @and off snow showers into the @afternoon and evening drive, so @just be aware of it. @like i said, accumulation, only @expected to be around an inch if @that. @we're going to track the weekend @coming up to see what's ahead @for you, 1 tracking your drive, @it's been a really quiet @morning. @>> yes, it has. @6:32, because it's great and @that's what you want to hear @when you're waking up saying, @i've got to get to where i need @to go, whether it's work or @school. @we are seeing a little bit of @slow traffic on u.s. 20 east, as @well as 71 north into the @downtown cleveland before the @inner belt bridge. @1 or 2 minutes. @here's i-90 at dead man's curve @and as you can see, a little bit
6:26 am
@no problems for those who of you @who commute on the east shore @between the e eshgsuklid curve. @ and a wayne county family is @safe this morning thanks to a @man who stopped to alert them @after he saw their barn and home @on fire. @samantha was home with her two @daughters on portage road when a @neighbor who happened to be @driving by came knocking on @their door. @they were upstairs and they had @no idea what was going on when @jesse walker got there. @>> they were just in shock. @they dropped to their we dids @when they came out. @they had no clothes or nothing. @>> a go fund me account has now @been set up for the family. @head to for the link to @donate. @ cleveland police need your @help identifying this man. @they say he robbed a 70-year-old @woman at her apartment on fair @hill road two weeks ago. @he asked to use her bathroom, @when he went into another room
6:27 am
@her purse. @here's about six feet tall, @150 pounds. @if you have any information, @give them a call. @ today, two northeast ohio @children who had to be revived @using the opiote for that can, @could be released from akron @childrens hospital. @the mother of the 9 and @21-month-old is the main suspect @of the case, but hasn't know @been charged yet. @her boyfriend took the children @to the hospital after finding @them unresponsive. @it's believed they ingested @drugs but not sure how. @ and tiffany joins us live @from akron this morning, and @tiffany, it's a no competence @vote that is being considered? @>> that is right, lynna and @john. @a quick check of the web site @and the faculty plans to have @the meeting this afternoon. @according to today @is when they're going to @discussed this apparent no @confidence vote.
6:28 am
@that have been made here at the @university of akron, the @administration is calling it a @$60 million financial problem @that they had, and of course, @these changes aren't sitting too @well with some faculty staff. @we've been reporting on this for @months. @akron's faculty center will @consider that no confidence @vote, expected against president @scott scarboro, who began the @job in 2014. @the resolution cites reduction @in key services and discord @within the university, among @others to name a few. @coming up at 6:50, lynna, i'm @going to let you know what this @may mean for the president @moving forward. @>> all right. @we'll see you then. @thanks, tiffany. @ we've been talking a lot @about the super bowl ads we'll @see on sunday. @now a local university is @getting in on the big game. @kent state bought ad time for @here in northeast ohio spending
6:29 am
@spot. @>> it's okay to be undecided but @unacceptable to not have @purpose. @here, our people welcome you @with open arms but push you out @with an open mind because open @minds lead to broken boundaries. @ in the cleveland area, in @erie, pennsylvania, the ad is @part of their new campaign @called undeniably kent state. @here's john with the morning @news beat. @>> heat been called the most @hated man in america, and today @the former ceo of touring @pharmaceuticals, will testify @before congress. @a house committee will hold a @meeting on the cost of rising @drugs. @his company raised the cost of @an hiv drug by 5%.
6:30 am
@this happened on the diamond @princess cruise ship which just @returned from a 12-day voyage. @the crews took measures to @contain the outbreak and those @infected were confined. @the outbreak was contained, @health officials say. @ this morning many in georgia @will be cleaning up after a @tornado hit in fort stuart. @the strong winds brought @downpour lines and officials say @it could take three days to @clean up the mess and the downed @power lines. @anyone with damage will be @lodging. @>> if you have a tough time @getting up in the morning, well, @you can blame your dna. @a new study found 15 genes that @can make us a night owl or early @riser. @they looked at 90,000 people. @researchers found older adults @tend to be morning people
6:31 am
@early risers are also less prone @to depression and slimmer. @the study suggested a gene @involved in body weight affects @whether someone is their best in @the morning or at night. @>> how about that. @early riser or night owl? @>> i changed my classes for 11 @or later but now i love getting @up at midnight. @>> now you're the older adult. @i know, we're the middle of the @nighters. @>> you know my best time of day @is from 2:45, to 3 a.m. @right @now, it's 6:38. @i'm getting tired. @>> still lots to come. @>> nappy time. @>> we are putting more cash back @in your wallet. @my favorite free app that'll @find hidden fees. @first let's check in with holly. @ we're talking february @weather today for real this @time. @yesterday record highs today,
6:32 am
@temperatures, will stay pretty @chilly here as we look ahead to @the weekend. @we'll get into the specifics @scattered lake effect snow, as @well. @here's a look at what's coming @up on the today show. @>> for manhunt millionaire to @drifting vagabond and convicted @felon, robert durst has a rap @sheet, long and complicated with @the law. @on gun charges in louisiana, now @he's being transferred to los @angeles, to face an entirely new @trial on a different crime.
6:33 am
@ @ the cleveland cavaliers @teamed up to make one man's @dream true, and the center for @senior living, the staff at the @center tries to fulfill things @that may be on the residents' @bucket list.
6:34 am
@received not just tickets to an @upcoming game, but one of @lebron's basketball shoes and @lebron personally thanked walter @for his support. @>> that's fantastic. @ all right. @let's save some money. @what this app does, it finds all @of the hidden fees on your @credit card, and automatically @alerts to giving you @opportunities to saving time and @money. @take a look at this app on wkyc. @the app that i've been using, @uses algorithms to find @recurring payments and hidden @fees and then automatically @notifies you to make sure you @notice what these descriptions @are. @if you want to cancel, you just @text back yes, and this app goes @to work for you, it's fast, it's
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@and it's called ask the link on @our web site, and as i @mentioned, i spoke to the @creator of this app as a yale @graduate last week. @this is interesting, and it's @amazing this is all 100% free @for apple and android. @>> all of these @subscription-based companies @make it difficult to cancel. @>> i have six apps testing for @channel 3. @i love it. @this came in handy. @ all right. @here's holly. @>> back to reality. @>> when 8 we have another day @like yesterday? @>> i'm hoping we don't have to @wait until april. @>> that's the safe answer. @>> but that probably is the @safety zone. @we'll see. @the way this winter's been @going, honestly, it could happen @quite sooner. @we're going to talk reality @today. @kids at the bus stop, it's @feeling like it's in the 20s. @the actual temperature are in @the 30s so much colder as we're @walking out.
6:36 am
@it was a sweatshirt, spring @jacket, i'm telling you. @it was so nice to get out. @windows open, and air the house @out a little bit. @it's feeling like february again @today. @we've got scattered snow and @maybe some light accumulation. @mid-low 30s with wind chill -- @mid-to-low 30s with the wind @chills, and early evening you, @too, and where the snow showers @set up and persist we may lead @up to an inch. @the cold air has moved in, my @goodness. @the cold front is off to the @east and you could still see @remnants along the east coast. @it is so much colder as we're @waking up this thursday. @weekend's almost here though. @low and middle 30s right now, @factor in winds, which are about @10 to 15 miles an hour sustained @and feels like it's in the 20s. @this is where we should be for @this time of the day, in the @20s.
6:37 am
@and radar some, really light @snow flying to the east, mainly @parts of eastern cayogi county @cuoyhoga @counties, we're going to track @this 11:00 this morning. @this is primarily going to be @along the lake shore we've got @the best chance of some snow @showers today. @through this evening, even into @early tonight before things wind @down, tgif tomorrow, and just in @time, it looks like we're back @to some brighter skies and a @nice seasonal day. @it really should be quite lovely @as we move into the weekend. @we'll take a look right now. @30s today, we've got the lake @effect snow in the forecast, @sunny and 8, close to 40 through @the weekend. @the weekend is the first of @february, that's really nice. @by immediate, rain and snow
6:38 am
@gets cold are by the middle of @next week with -- colder by the @middle of next week. @time for dog gone weather, @coming up at 6:47 and we have ba @my and rocco, barb. @keep them coming, john and @lynna, thank you much. @ here's a look at some of the @stories trending on line this @morning. @somewhere, there is a @multimillionaire who may not @even know it. @>> yep, today's the last day for @whoever's holding a $63 million @can turn it in. @the ticket was purchased back on @august 8th at the search 11 in @california. @california lottery rules say @claim their prize. @if the ticket isn't cashed in by @5 p.m. @today that $63 million @public school. @now, a twist in all of this,
6:39 am
@saying he tried to turn in the @winning ticket, but it was @rejected by lottery officials @who say the ticket was too @damaged. @could that be the winning @ticket? @>> my gosh, what if it was. @ this might be disappointing @news for your kids, but it may @get more patients to go to @mcdonalds. @it has replaced the toys with @happy meals with boys. @three of the books are @valentine's day theme, will be @given out until the 15th of @february. @when this campaign is over, @mcdonalds says it will have @given away more than 50 million @childrens books. @ @ @ my dad's giving me a dad do. @>> another super bowl ad @released that's going viral for
6:40 am
@some of the toughest players in @the nfl. @deangelo williams, benjamin @watson, and in their daughter's @care, the message of the @commercial from pan teen is @girls who spend quality time @with their dads grow up to be @stronger women and the slogan is @strong is beautiful. @>> i love that. @i think the dads did a pretty @good job. @>> dad did pretty great. @>> the new style, kids. @>> after the break your morning @rush. @>> let's check in with will. @>> reporter: john, good morning. @a crash overnight on cleveland's @east side took one life and @sends two to the hospital. @we'll have the latest coming up
6:41 am
@. @ @ @ welcome back. @6:52, time for today's top @stories in the morning rush. @>> holly has your forecast @coming up, dan we another check @of the roads. @>> tiffany with a no confidence @vote expected at a local @university, but will is @following breaking news on @cleveland's east side. @will? @>> reporter: john, an overnight @crash on east 71st, sent two to @hospitals. @there's barrier set up of @concrete blocks one of them @knocked over. @you can see the video from @earlier, the extent of the @damage, the entire right side of @the car mangled from the impact. @the front of the car shattered @into pieces after colliding with @the gate.
6:42 am
@they're continuing their @investigation. @we'll continue to follow and you @any details online., lynna. @ a willoby man will be @sentenced today. @he pleaded guilty to aggravated @vehicular assault. @prosecutors say he struck mindy @manyo trapped and dragged under @his car. @she did survive. @pieces of his car left at the @scene led to his arrest. @ new information on the house @explosion that left a family of @four dead. @a report shows the husband @jeffrey mather had evidence of @smoke inhalation. @the investigators believe it was @a murder/suicide. @ test results have found the @water to be safe at guerney @elementary school in shagrin @falls.
6:43 am
@quality is acceptable, and @results should be ready in about @a week. @ tiffany, after major cuts @and changes at the university of @akron there could be more @fallout today, this time from @the faculty. @according to, @faculty senate will consider a @vote of no confidence and @university president scott bar @boro @scarboro. @what does this mean for scarboro @moving forward? @according to, it @has no binding effect on the @administration. @a quick check of the faculty @senate's web site are expected @to meet this afternoon. @>> thanks tiffany for that @update. @right now we start east because @we have a crash reported on @state route search near middle @field, be careful as the same @area, because we're seeing slow @traffic on madison heading north
6:44 am
@we're also seeing slow traffic @near downtown cleveland, 490 @east, between 77 and east 55th @and 71 north between west 25th, @and the inter belt bridge. @normal drive times 71 north @between 480 and 490, 10 minutes. @it looks great also, hollie. @>> getting a look at your @forecast through the weekend, @and early next week, first @weekend of february, it's been @pretty nice. @we're going to see partly sunny @skies close to 40s for saturday, @flurries and we're scattered @rain and snow monday by next @wednesday we're only in the 20s. @it's now time for matt's bonus @deal of the day. @>> yeah. @>> five different kinds at 50% @off. @look for it in today's free app @article. @i'll have it for you tomorrow,
6:45 am
@what you need to have that @perfect party, and something @tied to the browns. @>> what? @>> super bowl and brown. @>> what? @>> the same sentence. @>> i know what it is, but i'm @not saying a word. @>> we'll figure out what the @losers of the show are going to @do. @>> cam newton zebra pants.
6:46 am
this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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