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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  February 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@ a few projackets making a @historic part of town @more livable. @>> only certain types of @gambling are actually legal @here in ohio. @we'll guide you through huh to @do it the right way. @>> snow showers coming down in @northern ohio. @this round will back off, but @it's not the end of it @snow in our forecast. @details coming up. @ @. @>> never giving him up. @absolutely not. @>> high fashion comes at a very @steep price. @your comfort, ways to awe @viewed pain if you just @can't give up high heels. @>> channel el 3 news brought to @you by the calm,tta @brothers. @. @ good evening, everyone. @a lot to report on. @a lot of it's going to come at @the top of the show
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@details about an alleged @assault involving browns @quarterback johnny manziel and @his girlfriend @colleen crowley in the wee @hours of saturday morning @in the dallas-fort worth area. @a report that has come out, an @exclusive report from @wfaa in dallas, texas. @their investigative unit with @the a headline of the @story that says exclusive. @manziel's exclaims the @quarterback threatened kill @her and himself. @give you what we are finding @out the report. @the dynamics go like this, that @a very high-pitched @tension-packed argument ensued @in johnny manziel's @hotel room in dallas, texas, @late friday night into @saturday morning. @colleen crowley is his @girlfriend's name. @she has told authorities that @according to sources, @after what has gone on, she is @afraid for her @safety, and has drafted an @order of protection to be @presented to a district court @judge as soon as @possible. @the report continues to say
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@details of an alleged assault @that she said began in @the hotel room on friday night @into saturday @morning. @while it wept on, in the @argument, the two of them @argued over another girl. @crowley told police she tried @to leave the room. @when it got very, very tense. @but then manziel wouldn't let @her. @crowley told police manziel @restrained her in some @manner and tried to lead her @down the back stairway @of the hotel to get into a car. @crowley feared for her life at @that point, and her @safety, yelling to a valley to @help her. @the valet then held out his @hand and said he didn't @know what to do. @then an atercation happened @involving a car ride. @crowley tried toes cape from @the car, and then @manzi,l forcibly pulling her @back into the car. @let's go -- from colleen @crowley: "he grabbed me by @my hair and threw many back in @the car, then got @back in himself.
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@hand on my left ear for @jumping out of the car." @i realized immediately that you @could not hear out @of that hear, and i still can @not today, two days @later. @that coming from colleen @crowley. @they went back to her apartment @area in the car, and @another physical situation @stemmed from that. @that's when colleen crowley's @neighbor called 911. @here's that call? @. @>> i seen her from my balcony @and she said her @boyfriend had beat her up. @>> now more on the situation as @it continued in the @apartment area. @manziel yelling out to the @girlfriend he was going @to kill her and he might have @kill himself, too. @she tried to get away from him @when in her kitchen @area, grabbed the kitchen knife @to get him away, and @then he ran away. @from earlier reports that came @out earlier in the @week when he first heard about
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@found out upon getting the 911 @call, police sent a @up chopper up in the air to try @and locate manziell @under the guys they feared for @his safety. @now, manziel with the report @coming out from wfaa in @dallas has gotten to tmz, the @entertainment network, @and then he gave them this @quote. @he said, "it didn't happen. @i'm completely stable. @i'm safe and secure. @i have great things coming @ahead. @i i've been having fun, but i @just need to get my @body right. @i'm a hundred percent committed @to playing @football." @the football part is going to @be a problem for @johnny manziel. @two days ago, remember the @browns after learning of @some sketchy details and maybe @more accurate details @of what went on in this @incident with colleen @crowley, they came out, saying @they're moving on @past johnny manziel. @they said they'll handle the @situation with manziel,
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@rules, and that would be the @beginning of march. @another thing to watch out for @tomorrow: nfl @commissioner roger goodell and @super bowl 50 @annually on the friday before @the gives his state of @the nfl address. @with this report coming out, @you @would have to think the manziel @situation would be @addressed to commissioner. @the nfl has come out hard and @firm against domestic @abuse. @and so we'll continue on the @manzi,l story @throughout the night and over @on @so we switch gears now. @cleveland continues to grow. @one big booming area is @university circle, where @we're learning about plans for @a third new apartment @building. @channel 3's andrea heresnskyi @joins us live to @explain why some people are @calling the area @cleveland's second downtown. @>> reporter: a new nickname @has been born. @it's all part of plan for this @parking lot at the @border, basically at university @circle and little @italy.
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@apartments will be @going in here. @apartments are already at a @premium. @it's an old project that's been @talked about for @years, first called inteza. @now named centric. @comes with a new look and @direction, namely more @apartments. @chris row main is with @universitycircleinc, saying @the region is on track to have @kind of population @density you'd find in new york @or chicago. @more money will be spent here. @>> it will be a very big first @half of the year, @just in time for the big @visitors season this @summer, and people are going to @see construction @activity out here in university @circle, and it's a @good sign of progress in the @city of cleveland. @>> reporter: progress, which @already includes @plans for and apartment tower @called one university @circle at the sight of the old @children's museum. @a mixed-use building called @west gateway on the side @of the old predrink 3 @headquarters.
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@a year for ground @breakings, up to three three of @them and counting @possibly. @when it's all said and done, @university circle could @apartments. @back to you. @>> thanks very much, andrew. @ now at 7, authorities have @captured suspects @a mansfield woman. @the mansfield news journal @reports authorities @captured two people in @tennessee, 62-year-old patty @hudson was last seen back in @july. @that same day that her neighbor @walter rent and his @girlfriend linda buckn,r @allegedly moved out of the @house next door from her. @we're told authorities picked @up rents and buckn,r @or warrants on a campground in @tennessee. @ super bowl 50 is sunday in @santa collar remarks @and there's a lot riding on @that game. @not just the lombardi trophy, @but billions of @dollars in the biggest gambling @day of the year. @channel 3's brandon simmons @looks into what you need @to know if you're putting money
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@>> reporter: even in @side. @>> who are you picking for the @. @>> denver. @>> . @>> carolina. @>> reporter: preparations are @underway at lehigh @stadium in california and @across the country, people @aren't just picking their @wagering. @more than $4.2 billion son the @hine, according to @the american game association. @in vegas, those big sport bets @are legal, including @proposition bets, like picking @which player would @score the first touchdown in @ohio that sort of thing @isn't allowed, and some aren't @aware of it law. @>> would you be willing to bet @. @>> five bucks. @>> yes. @>> did you know it's illegal to @. @>> you got a couple of scores @going on? @. @>> i do. @>> you know they're illegal in @ohio? @. @>> i don't have super bowl @squares. @>> reporter: but wait, there @is is a catch. @super bowl squares are okay
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@conditions, specifically if the @game is not for @profit. @that means all the money that @comes in must go to @participants, the house or bar @or a square manager @can't keep any of the money @that's collected. @follow those rules, and you @should be safe. @for the record, if you were a @betting man, my money @is on carolina. @in cleveland, brandon simmons, @channel 3 news. @ vegas is in agreement @carolina is going to win, too. @right now the spread on super @bowl 50 has carolina @beating denver, the broncos by @5 and a half points. @ one in ten women wear high @heels in a week. @while heels are one of the @biggest factors leading @to foot problems, many continue @to go through the @torture. @monica robbins joins me to @explain how -- we're @calling them steep problems. @>> you can call them steep
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@there's a number of reasons why @women wear heals. @but telling a woman to stop @wearing them is like @telling a smokeer to do. @there are things you can do to @avoid the pain. @if not wearing them is out of @the question, at least @switch up your shoes, and @choose low or flats every @other day. @make sure you stretch out your @cavs, because heels @tend to tighten the leg @tendens, and avoid the @narrow toe box. @long will term wearing can lead @to bunions and even @hamer toe. @and ditch the stilettos, and @opt for no more than a @2-inch heel @>> you get the appropriate ones @that are fitted to @you by an expert shoe salesman. @look for also ones that have @some padding on the @bottom. @obviously you're up on your @toes in high-healed @shoes. @you're going to have more @pressures on the ball of @the foot. @you'll need extra padding. @>> reporter: if you're not @used to wearing super
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@and i'm only killing my feet. @i want to remind you, too, that @it's national wear @red day tomorrow. @so go red for heart health. @and jimmy i can't walk out of @here. @so would you go to another @story? @. @>> i will. @i think the easy way is to @click the heels together @and repeat, "i want to go @home." @. @ still to come, on the news @at 7, how are you @planning to enjoy super bowl @50? @. ways to maximize the fun. @>> new technology kids will @call and text their @parents without using a cell
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@ @ joins us with some advice @if you' hosting or @attending a super bowl party @what's the biggest @thing you would say when where @people -- where do @. @is whatever you do, @don't invite johnny manzi,l. @>> all right. @. @>> the first thing is, you @know, the food is the @most important. @i'm not going to lie to you. @they say it's the commercials, @but it's really the @food. @everybody wants to sit down, @eat, drink, have is a @great time. @a lot of people make the @mistake of putting food @where there's no itv. @>> tell me this, though,: the @other thing is should @you put it out there for the @entire day or, you know, when @people are coming over? @because, you know, you have @kickoff at, like, 6:30,
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@>> right. @>> i mean, do you have, like, a @pregame meal? @do you plan for the half-time @meal? @every part of this day you want @to watch. @>> absolutely. @you don't know. @put the food out forever, @because you're gong be @drinking. @they're going to be drinking. @by halftime when you're doing @car yolk can, my @suggestion. @i think, you know, you don't @want to be word rig @about seeing the host. @>> what about some of games? @. @>> so everybody does. @this is a -- everybody does the @pool board. @>> squares. @>> they do the squares. @1st quarter, 2nd quarter. @i don't know, but i'm making @this up as i go. @they ed up the points, win, get @prizes. @one way to really say thank you @to your host is to @send out a picture of yourself @facebook. @and i made these little -- you @can make them at home @and hold them up. @there you go. @>> because listen, for all of @those, you know, the @fumble and the drive, i -- the @denver broncos
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@you about that. @>> the super bowl. @>> the etiquette for alcohol, @the super bowl party? @. @>> i think you have to watch @have to -- @>> they have to drive home. @>> they have to drive home. @>> that game is probably going @to go until 10:00. @>> 10:00. @then there's the after game, @all this talking and @everything. @so ub,r. @also i think they start serving @a half and hour, 45 @minutes the game. @>> i ask you this now: do you @have games to play @during the commercial, which @that's another reason @why people watch the super @bowl, for the commercial. @>> i know. @-- my boyfriend showed me that @one with -- already @on tv. @he showed me where heinz has @the ketchup and the @mustard and standing there and @coming toward them @are dachshunds, weird dogs. @a lot of people have seen them. @yes, we do bingo.
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@bingo cards. @you can put a horse in one and @a dog in another, a @canopy in another. @miller, whatever, whatever, @whatever. @everybody gets different cards. @and if they watch the @commercials, the first person @to get the most wins. @>> food, fun, football, enjoy @it. @it's the last football game of @it the year. @>> absolutely. @ now from super bowl to @superstar, the next golf @prodigy isn't even human. @our robot is proving it could @compete with the best @>> plus it does feel like @february again.
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@ @ it's tiger wood's real @first name. @and the robot version hit the 8
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@woods did in the 1997 waste @management open. @the crowd went wild, cheering @it on. @former pro golfer, gary mcchord @robot. @. @>> i'm going to go ahead and @put this out there to @everybody. @about the children @wearing watches, he literally @said they can talk and @do what they want. @. @. @>> i've heard of it. @>> okay. @over to you, betsy. @let's go to the weather. @>> you're right i did. @ mid-and upper 20s tonight. @flurries still hanging around. @mainly cloudy skies otherwise. @light winds comparatively @speaking to where we have @been over the past few days. @snow showers are doing fade @here in the next kill @hours.
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@east, a little bit of lake @enhancement. @as ugh see, where we get the @darker purposes else, @that's where the heavier snow @showers coming down. @central portions of lake @county, northern see august @bay county. @part if snowball here. @otherwise just light snow @coming and going. @most areas not even getting a @ground coating, @although they do have a nice @coating on the ground @out to the east. @but the light snow showers @really fading down for @akron and canton, even west @into wooster. @just a few random snowflakes. @same for ashland. @you got back into mansfield, @sh,lby, ontario area, @seeing light snow showers @backing off. @temperatures 20s, 30s. @not seeing the temperatures @move all that much as we @go through the tonight. @the cold air is to the north, @push back to the north @through the coming days. @several beautiful days coming @our way, which is @great news. @big area of high pressure to @the south will help to @push all that cold air north.
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@not until you get clear out of @the possession of @cocaine, that pock -- that @storm. @is that will be @here monday. @clouds tomorrow, mid-, upper @0s. @hold temperatures in the 40s or @so through @saturday and sunday. @clouds on the increase, and @that is ahead of our @storm system that will arrive @on monday, bringing @changes in your 7-day forecast. @it's back to february weather. @temperatures in the 30s, @eventually 20s. @pretty wintery with scattered @snow showers around. @in the forecast. @>> actually to be accurate, @it's "get smart." @was here. @he told me, too, maxwell smart, @his shoe. @we'll move on in the show now. @ if you haven't made up your @mind yet for super @bowl 50, not in your shoe,
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@northeast ohio has a local @rooting interest.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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@ @ he's with san francisco, @wire baltimore. @now will's with carolina. @all started in glennville with @his dad as his coach. @>> that's who started this @evening, you know.
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@keep roll, you get what @you're supposed out of it. @. @>> maybe he'll bust a hit. @he got the ball in the @championship game. @he had a return in the game. @good luck to him. @. @ derek anderson, the browns @quarterback, he is @the backup quarterback for
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