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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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this was the scene in may, 2014. thf vibe in cleave lnl electric, with word johnny football is coming to town. but the excitement would soon be shattered after story of story of >> the quarterback's actions, telling police he threatened to kill her and himself. cleveland. first we begin with braking details out of dallas.
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closed and no crime committed. this is hours after we learn what the victim >> he was a threat to his girlfriend and maybe to himself. a neighbor called 911. >> she said her boyfriend hadat her up. >> reporter: sthee told officers manziel said "shut up or i'll kill us both," after forcing her in to the car, hitting her her by the hair. she pulled a kitchen knife in self-defense. "he grabbed me by my hair, hitt ear y realized i immediately i cannot hear out of that ear and stilltoday." in october she was left scratched by an incident here,
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today jump out of manziel's moving car but declined toarges. this week she filed a order of attention against the quarterback. johnny, here is what hez. "it didn't happen, i'm completely stable, safe and secure and i have great things coming ahead. i know i've been having fun but i just need to get my body i'm 100% commit today player football." >> what are the bouns saying about all this? >> they said what they wanted today say a couple of days ago. of what had gone on in texas. when the storey accumulated tonight and we learned the facts our selve, what was goeng, the browns then madestatement. they set their commission out there, saying, we'll take care of this when it's applicable to the nfl rules.
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wednesday, march 9 and thpoint in time, the browns will either trade johnny manziel or cut johnny manziel. but it's a business decision because of when pressed on the issue tonight of what was coming out, the browns did deliver a one line statement and it goes likethe brown uzcame out and said we're aware of the report and have nothing to add to our previous statement at this tiechlt that being the statement from a couple of daysziel's dad toll our dallas sister station that, "we're trying to get our son better. we're notwns are on the business side of the nfl, when they have salary cap room, they will cut manziel. but they can't do that until the next step that will be interesting is toorl will be the annual state of the nfl,d by roger goodell.
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the media and very early will be questions about what happened with mansem and what the nfl will do aboutcting he'll say we're looking in to the situation which you pointed out, sarah, and then we'll rule on thatat's where we sit right now. but johnny manziel continues daily to make himself radio active fraul the browns and now at other team in the nfl. >> she's making these incredible allegations. we'll see you later. thank you. the days of counting corruption and greed are over, right? not so fast. the counsel wants to give itself a 15% ray raise. >> they are already paid more than other counselals and some miss as many of the meetings as they attend.
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>> reporter: county council may boost their pay. it's a part-time job with healthcare. >> i don't think it's necessary to have that much. we have to final ways to cut back. >> reporter: council members defend the pay raise, saying the job is harder than expected. >> when was the last time you got a 15% pay raise? >> probably never. >> reporter: apparently some members are just too busy to attend their own council meetings. we checked their attend nsz records for the past three years >> i don't think the media has done a very good job of covering the meeting. >> reporter: last year he missed six of the meetings and 75 on education. also he missed meetings regarding fees for the county animal shelter. we tried to talk with brady but he dodged uzrepeatedly.
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raise with missed meetings or not missed meetings. >> reporter: she missed tweblf of 26 of nearly half the service meetings. jones was absent for five of 16 finance and budget meetings? >> the good thing and you can use your brains and handles to make a living. >> reporter: jack missed 20 of the meetings and seven of 16 helgsz and human services meetings. he had served on a suburban school board so it was odd to see he missed six of fraej education meetings in 2014. he was missed in action of seven of 22 finance and budget meetings. >> i think i do the best job i can. >> reporter: he talks about the con trow versal funding of gateway.
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millions spent on housing demolition or mental health. he was somewhere else when the committee talked about a $200 settlement for an inmate who died in the county jail. >> remember these are part-time jobs, paying 45 grand. it's about the same of a medium income and a lot more than other county council. >> reporter: koinl members are paid per meeting but kapd at 9 9 $9,000-year. milwaukee sut salaries in half to 25000. some folks can't even relate to a 15% raise. >> i don't think it's right. rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.
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members oppose the -- council members oppose the pay raise. >> do you think it will pass? >> i do think it will. who knows what will happen between now and tuesday. >> thank you. coming up, mansefield mystery. big break on a missing woman. fight night in new hampshire. they square off, plus where they . not expecting it to last too much longer. looking ahead, we do have more coming. it is february after
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the founding member of earth, wind, and fire has passed away. he brought the band
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he was 75 years old. big break in the case for a missing woman. authorities picked up her neighbors in tennessee. >> police wanted to question the couple in relation to her disappearance. channel 3's hillary has been following this case. hi, hillary. >> the last time i spoke with the people who live there, they all pointed the finger at the neighbors. new details emerging about who this couple is keeps getting more and more peculiar, not the least bit criminal. they told the woman they killed seven people. that, combined with watt we know tr sure paints quite the picture. the changing names and maybe personalities of one part of the
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authorities were on the hunl for walter and linda buckner because they live next door to this woman, patsy hutson and police had some questions for them. the 62-year-old has been missing since july and around that same time, these two took off. the last time we talked where the force who live near her, they were all suspicious of the couple. >> they both come up missing at the same time, maybe they took her with her. >> reporter: they only lived there for a month and a half, had no furniture in their home and argued with hutson about her many cats. u.s. marxms got the two today on a -- marshals got the two today. they allegedly used her cred card to withdraw her social security payments. police recently searched the thous they were living in and hutson's home.
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parole out of kentucky. police could now be one step closer to solving a mystery. >> a manciple field police told me they still have no idea where ms. hutson is. they say they also had a stolen jeep rangler with them and appeared to be living out of it. police intents to extraidate them tomorrow. buckner is on her way to kentucky where she is wanted. to politics now. new hampshire primarify days away. -- primary a few days away. trump in the lead with 29%, followed by rubio, cruz, and kasich at 12%.
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voters have not made a decision just yet. >> she changed her -- clinton called some of the proposals unrealistic and unworkable. the former governor dropped out of the omally dropped out snoochlt it's time to drop the artful -- let's talk about the issues that divide us and -- we both agree with campaign finance reform. i work hard. i want to reverse it if it's united. let's talk about issues. >> let's talk about issues. let's talk about why in the --
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set to debate on saturday. >> a happy ending in the story we've been telling you, a recently retired murrieta police officer gets to keep his cay nane partner after all for the low price of $1. they originally told hipgy the lease dog was too young to retire and his valuable city off. betsy is here now. we got something for aekdz. snow, 60-degree temperatures, groundhog. tomorrow come. >> we have a fantastic homy day be here.
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letsler s -- lets's keep on going. clouds and sun for the start of the day tomorrow. we'll continue with that mix of clouds and sun through the afternoon. temperatures will be starting off in the 20s and ending in the 30s. that is power for the course for early february, friends. we all plan some light snow showers that are normal as well. light to moderate snow, some kind of hanging out over the lake and coming on shore down through norwalk and berlin heights and fatherer to the south. some secks of ashlen county and mudina county, getting on some of these light snow showers. light snow falling in central portions over to avon, western sections as well. all the way from westlake to rocky river. lakewood is downtown cleveland, we have light flurries that are coming in as well. that's headed eastbound. that's where we did have about an inch, inch and a half of snow
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very light flurries continue throughout the east as well. we're going to take you to the regional pictures. few flurries may end up for some clouds today and tomorrow. this is our jet stream track. this is going to keep things off to the east coast rather potential snow. as this cold air will be skwinging through, that jet stream going south and allows back north. that's because of a developing ridge. this is where we have been blocked in as far as our winter pattern with very warm temperatures moving ing. that will come eastbound. the next days beautiful with improving conditions. way in the northern pacific, that is our potential snow maker for monday. so that is down in the road.
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day tomorrow, we'll make it to the mid-30s to the afternoon. it looks like we'll have the cloud sun mix going back and fort. will linger in to the morning. just light stuff. temperatures will be in the 20s and we'll see more and more sun as the day goes on. we will have some sunny periods. as temperatures climb in to the midafternoon, we will have some clouds coming in. a nice afternoon. this is just conditions. coming. . i mentioned mid- and upper 30s h. we will make it into the 40s for the woekd. saturday. seven-day forecast, then, flips things around in the next week skwing our way. that will drive us to the
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we are not lookb at any major snows coming out of that. we are probably going to get a bit of accumulation. >> only nice tweets for wetter person's day tomorrow. >> groundhog day and weather persons day all in the same week. coming up, browns training
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u we continue to follow the johnny manziel story with disturbing accounts of what happened in the weekend, coming out about 6:00 p.m. this eebening. this ex-girlfriend, telling police that manziel after at heated argument in a hotel room, esc lamented into a very heated argument in the car, told her to shut up orqual rr kill us both. she went on to say that manziel hit her several times and she feared for his safety because she thought he was on drugs and having some kind of psychological break down. manziel tells a completely different story. that none of this happened and he's completely stable. dam s police close said their
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not be charged. the browns came out with a statement, saying we're aware of the report and have nothing to add to our previous stam, saying they are ready to move on from manziel. commissioner roger goodell will deliver a state of the nfl address, manziel's situation will definitely we mejz said. -- will be mentioned. the police department has wrapped up their investigation, the nfl has not. they are continuing their investigation. if you were worried about training camp departing and going down to columbus, worry no longer. it was a great movement and seemed as though it was almost a done deal. the brownswer going to move to columbus, either to a common campus or some sort of facility that the browns would like to see built down in columbus and told their training camp there. that has not happened.
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the state for the practs facility to be built in columbus and to host future camp kids and other points during the year. they are back in buria thissumer. super bowl 50 just a few days away. remember derrick anderson when he was the quarterback of the browns. he's the back um -- when he left the browns he left very bitter in a situation here. he takes it up on his own shoulders that he feels in that one game when he proved four nshtceptions down in cincinnati and cost the browns a playoff spot, he let all of us down. >> with that all support, it's amazing. you know obviously left on a littleal bit of a bitter note because i fete personally that i, you know, owed them something. i felt like i had an
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down. they are off tonight. tomorrow they will be at home and they will be all until the all star break. they'll take on the celtics. saturday night the pelicans here, monday night the kings, wednesday night the lakers here, and then to the all-star break. ohio state, they better get going or the tournament will be watching march madness. tonight, the freshman had a big 90. ohio state loses again. their second straight game. the badgers beat them 75-68 and they are 14-10 on the year. great boxing trainer richard, a legendary trainer died at the age of 76. he spent many nights after moving here from pen sol-vania. he also trained mike tison in
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joe, the head football coach in high school, resigned his record in three years at the home of champgenians, 35 and 6 and 2014. good luck to him. >> a lot of stuff tonight. thank you, jim?
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thank you for watching
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