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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 5, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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our dash. >> he loved life so and life loved him. renee, i love you. so much. good night. >> although celine questioned her own strength, she did assure us that she'll be perform on the 23rd. i want to show you something i the tribute, these are playing cards with renee's signature on them. it was given to friends and family as their ticket into the coliseum. on the back, it has a picture of rene and he loved playing cards another nice personal touch. >> we are just three days away from super bowl 50 and kevin frazier has been all over the action leading up to the big game and today he got the first question in at the big coldplay nd a lot of excitement? >> the excitement really building in san francisco, chris
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of big things planned for their show, including beyonce, i was s about two people in particular, chris's kids with gwyneth paltrow, are they excited about dad's halftime performance? andwhere will th be watching it from? do they get how big this is? >> i hope they do. >> will theyh you? >> i hope so. i have to get tickets, though. my son designed my shoes. i asked him a few months ago, please could you make me some super bowl shows, he made two pairs, one is for this and the other one is for the super bowl. so with the the whole thing. >> the band faced media from all over the world and they know that the exposure they're going to get during the pepsi super bowl 50 what halftime show could be a game changer for their career. >> everybody who does 's the biggest honor,
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put their a all into it. to play their new song that the beyonce appears in. >> we're not actually playing that song, because it only just came out. >> right. >> so i don't think it would be quite right. >> saturday on cbs, kevin ts the nfl honors pre-game show with melissa stark. >> this is the embarcadero in san francisco.ollowed saturday by nfl honors on cbs which is known as the oscars of football. >> patriots star rob bronkoskie bronkoskie -- i had a chance to hang out with bronc lounging nots guy's vocabulary. >> what's the experience like for you being here not playing in the super bowl? >> it's always a better experience playing, do a couple of appearances, just a blast. >> the one guy you want to go
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man right here? >> and here's video evidence. look out channing, big man is gunning for in san francisco where he helped spread the word about the multiple ways you can pay for all that super bowl 50 swag at places like the nfl shop.nted us to tell youal all about it. >> just use the card, real quick, just use it right off my phone to get whatever i need to get.u wear a helmet a lot of the time so i figured i would get you a shirt so everyone would know when you roll up. >> oh, man, all right, i appreciate that. >> i want to show after they turned off the camera. there's a trampoline in the lounge and bronc hopped on it.pound kid. >> coming up, more super bowl hype as we flash back to the best halftime shows ever.
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together. does they're a couple? >> and girls night with the how to be single stars. >> i think you could get lucky.
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>> hollywood supercouple spoke this morning at president onal prayer breakfast. >> roma and i are so grateful to
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finally proof that katie perry and orlando bloom really are a couple? we have the new shots of them together at a birthday party and we were told that they were he was opening the the door for her and m sure she was okay at all times. that's a gentleman.lot of dating talk last night. and carly steel found out that these girls really do just love to have fun. >> i think i like being sing
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york city. just the way we like it. >> leslie mann in feathers and lace a little chummy with rebel on is carpet and she was just playing cupid for carly. >> i think you could get lucky, i'll talk to him again if you want. i'm a really good wing woman.s more than candid with us the last time we saw her and wanted to se the record straight on her daughter. worst mother ever. >> she has like the cutest body and i, you know, tell her that she should -- it came out wrong,meant. but i kind of di >> why don't we do a redo? >> the comedy movie which opens alentine's day also stars dakota johnson who also had the best date ever. >> your pant p are here.that?
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can we can see this film? it's nothing naughty? >> it won't be awkward. steele look? >> we have a message for ben stiller. we're in a competitive situation right now and want to come out on top.he girls or it will be the 50-year-old male model? i don't know and i wis luck, ben.think those are some fighting words. >> 50-year-old male model? i think she's twisting that knife just a little bit there. still ahead tonight, we're with those guys behind the scenes of zoo lander 2. ing ben's new nemesis? >> then, james cordon's parents, their son is hosting the super bowl postgame show, but how much football? >>s
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rooms at the end. >> and the evolution of to the halftime show. before these big acts. you won't believe who performed.
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that is ben stiller, owen wilson today at their london premier. these guys have been all over azy things to promote their movie. ben hit the streets of paris. look at ben and owen mankins. >> a it's not only about ben and ow kristen wig and pin big hair, ips, he is unrecognizable as a fashion mogul. >> so much of it is the face and
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just kind makes her more evil. she has a lot of claw gestures. it seems like christian is going >> one of these fashion women res and has a crazy leach and pull and brought. penelope cruz for some sex appeal.g the dying beast. but the biggest way to slay the first zoo lander. want too let down the fans of the first movie. >> answer will ferrell's hubby and of course blue steele. >> i watched the first movie again just to try to make sure i was doing it right. >> hey, handsoment to say this out loud, i was a model back in the day and i think i did blue steel even before him. i can't wait. the premier is tuesday in new ll sit down with the cast this weekend and we'll have
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>> i'll never look at you the same again. a bi he's pulling out all the stops for his new show. that will follow stephen colbert right after super bowl 50. has his own adorable parrot covering the big game for him. how cute is that? and we got the scoop, talking to both generations of cordons. football? >> we went to watch one in london and the nicest bit for me was wh went into the locker >> we were like, who could we send as a representative? and we thought, well, let's sendow nothing about the nfl. >> okay, got to be the coolest parents no frills >> they didn't send you with a big glam team or anything like that. >> this is the inth time that wes no makeup.
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>> nope, nothi >> malcolm and glen along with aool karaoke guest. elton john, right? >> i know. >> come on. >> it might be one of my favorite. because you could do two hours and you would still be playing hits. >> and james also told us to look out for an appearance by chris martin. i can not wait to see coldplay's there's been so many amazing performances throughout the years and "e.t" has been right there on the field with the stars.rough our vault to relive the greatest moments in our super bowl flash back.>> a lot of fun, a lot of fun. great time. great crowd. whooo! my hand's still shaking. amazing america. the world. >> how was it? >> great, loved it. >> just about every big star has
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history. >> it's a great piece of americana. >> but incredibly, for the first 24 years, the halftime show was mainly marching bands and to the review up with cecil. in 1988 it was the rockettes, then other networks started to counter program the big game. >> the marching bands for aplace. all of a sudden we realized we wanted to engage a bigger audience, we needed to engage '93. one of our favorite shows was in 2001, britney spears took the stage along with her then boyfriend justin timberlakks ago they called me up and asked me and i was like, oohh. >> diana ross headlined in '96, her most memorable moment was her exit, a helicopter scooped her up and flew away.>> stevie wonder! >> when miami hosted the game,
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hosted the halftime show. >> the whole miami in a good light. >> getting the stage set is an amazing undertaking. we were in '94 when the crew had only five minutes to prep for clint black, tanya tucker and the judds. >>n troy aikman. >> starting in '05, the nfl went with the classic rock. with the stones, paul mccartney. >> are you rooting for the patriots on sunday? >> the nfl went back to contemporary acts in 2011 with the black-eyed it was in front of the whole world. >> how true? the audience for the halftime show became as big as the game. me show is younger and more female than the game is. >> and over 110 million tuned in for beyonce. >> it's good to know that the hard work paid off for biggest show in america. >> but the biggest audience watched katie perry last year. amazingly these artists receive
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so why do they l up for the check out spike in album sales and downloads after the show? after his act two years ago, bruno mars went up 92%.rry spiked 92%. and missy elliott had an amazing bump of almost 1,000%. >> it was amazing. blessed, very blessed.member michael jackson's legendary halftime show in 1993, but did you know this? this was actually the first time in super bowl history that the ratings went up during halftime.that. in our "entertainment tonight" birthday. which country singer once workednd a fishing guy. is it keith urban, garth brooks or clint black?
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reason your 24/7 destination for
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in tonight's "e.t" ays, which country singer on worked as a ironworker and fishing clint black. could she look any cuter? love the knee high boots. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody.
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tonight, facing off. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing tonight in their first one-on-one debate on msnbc. battle over who is more progressive. while marco rubio becomes a bigger target in new hampshire. taking the fifth. former ceo who raised the fight of the drug 5,000% refuses to testify before congress. committee members imbeciles. invisible threat. it can only be seen on infrared infrared. the massive leak that forced thousands from their home. nbc news takes you to the source with an exclusive view. and super bowl security. we take you inside the
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in the air, aboard blackhawks, on the land and at sea. "nightly news" begins >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with good ev it's debate night. hillary clinton and bernie sanders in their first one-on-one debate, just five days before the new hampshire primary. it comes as a d-new nbc news wall street poll showing clinton with miles of ground to make up. 58% of likely cratic voters in new hampshire are backing sanders. clinton with 38%. that's virtually unchanged from a week ago. clinton, a change of tone, and a direct challenge to sanders on who claims the mantle of most progressive. let's get the viewom both camps starting with nbc's andrea mitchell. andrea? >> reporter: good evening, lester.
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the new poll show bernie sanders is ahead of hillary clinton here in new hampshire, but he has a slight lead among women. and a giant lead with le. as hillary clinton prepares for tonight's showdown, her top target, reaching young voters and women.r new nbc news "wall street journal" maris poll showing clinton losing the youth vote to sanders by aopping 22%. among women, she trails by 4%. and young women, 29%. clinton is noticeably toning down those sharp edges she showewa. >> i will stand up and fight for you every single day of this campaign! >> reporter: showing her softer, more reflective side in newire. a rare glimpse last night. >> i've had to be in public dealing with some very difficult issues. and personal issues. >> reporter: revealingelies on a jesuit parables. one of her strongest moments of this campaign.
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progressive credentials. >> i am a progressive who gets results, and i will be a progressive president results. >> reporter: struggling to answer why she took $675,000 in speaking fees from wall street banks. >> well, i don't know. that's what they offered.eporter: her ties to wall street, attacked from bernie sanders, and sure to come up tonight.ea mitchell, nbc news, durham, new hampshire. i'm casey hunt with the sanders campaign. rallyi before his one-on-one debate with hillary clinton. >> i look around this beautiful room, and i sense that people here want to make a political re am i right about that? >> reporter: tonight expect bernie sanders to once again go after clinton with the question, who's the most do you think hillary clinton is a progressive? >> some days, yes.
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campaign taking to twitter. >> the progressive community was pretty united in saying, don't listen to bush. >> reporter: key for sanders tonight, reaching our new poll showing the majority of new hampshire older voters back hillary clinton. sanders' message is already hitting home for young people. like these students at the university of new hampshire. i've got a friend in bernie >> reporter: managing expectations is another concern for sanders. he's so far ahead right now, if hillary clinton does manage to close that gap, it could still be a problem for him, even if he comes in first. lester. >> casie, thank you. >> check todd is co-moderating the debate on msnbc. chuck sanders long considered the front-runner in the new hampshire race.
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pressure off secretary clinton in this matchup tonight? >> you know, i don't think it does, only because of the clinton tradition here in new hampshire. new hampshire's been very good to the clinton family. saved bill clinton's candidacy in 1992. helped extend hillary's race in 2008. i don't think necessarily it buys her time. but look, this debate is coming at a time when the two of them are having a real debate about what should the democratic party be. should it be what it's been? is it the party of obama and clinton? or does it need to go in a new direction as bernie sanders? clearly an army of supporters wants to take it. >> chuck, thanks very much. tonight's msnbc democratic debate kicks off live from the university of new hampshire, co-moderated by chuck, 9:00 eastern time. in the republican race, another new poll shows marco rubio leaping over ted cruz in new hampshire, to take the number two spot behind trump.
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jackson tells us, rubio's adversaries are piling on to try to stop his rise. >> reporter: with momentum in new hampshire, marco rubio rubio's hoping for a photo finish, drawing crowds in every shot as republican rivals take theirs. >> thank you guys for being here. >> reporter: sparked by this slip, rick santorum endorsing rubio, but seeming to struggle when asked why. >> can you name his top accomplishment? >> my feeling on marco is someone who has tremendous potential, tremendous gifts. if you look at the minority in the united states senate in a year when -- four years where nothing got done, it's hard to say there are accomplishments. >> reporter: rubio's competitors desperate to gain ground in new sham shire. >> his whole life has been around his own ambitions. he's gifted. he can turn a phrase really well. but what has he done. >> the fact is, this is a guy who's only done one thing in the united states senate,
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