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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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@ @ right now at 5:00, we're @following breaking news out of @lake county, a sheriff's deputy @shoots and kills a stabbing @suspect outside a perry @township home. @coming up, what officers say @happened moments before those @shot were fired. @good morning, john and lynna. @>> good morning. @ that's several of the @stories we have this morning. @ hollie? @>> there's a little bit of snow @on the ground. @>> i drove in from the east @side. @there was a little coating on @my commute once i hit the city, @downtown, it was totally fine. @those in the eastern suburbs, @snow belt areas, you're waking @up to a fresh coating of it. @it is still flying in some @spots. @good news, it's going to end up @clearing out pretty fast. @the snows will fade.
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@this is what we have on radar. @we're seeing indications that @these snow showers are winding @down, the lake effect. @if we get closer in, those of @you that are extreme lake @county, geauga county, into @ashtabula county, they're all @light in intensity through the @overnight hours. @that's why you're waking up to @a fresh new coating in some @locations. @dani has the traffic. @ always be prepared if @you're traveling east, hollie. @no drive times, no accidents. @it looks like -- get my traffic @camera working here -- the @traffic camera is moving green. @no problems. @i just spoke to metro park @police. @they say valley parkway is back @open, so you're good to go @there there. @john and lynna, a okay on the @roads. @ we're following breaking @news out of lake county.
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@killed an armed man. @>> this happened on river road @in perry township. @this morning tiffany tarpley is @live at the sheriff's office. @tiffany, officers were called @to the home because a woman was @stabbed. @>> reporter: john and lynna, a @woman called, saying her aunt @had been stabbed multiple @times. @when they got to this home, @that's when they got a @confrontation with this @suspect. @deputies had been on this scene @for at least six hours trying @to piece all of this together. @they say it was last night when @the man was outside the home @with a gun. @he didn't drop the gun and they @shot him. @we're told the stabbing victim @is 55 years old. @she was taken to a local @hospital. @and then eventually she was @transported to metro hospital. @she was taken there overnight.
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@unphone. @investigators have also @released a name of the suspect @here. @54 years old. @he was later pronounced dead at @the hospital. @of course there are still a lot @of questions this morning about @this couple. @i reached out to the lake @county sheriff's office just to @see if they had been called to @this home before. @they have yet to call back. @coming up, i will let you know @what is next in this @investigation and what is @expected to have here today. @i'll send it back to you. @a brawl. @they had to use pepper spray to @control the crowd following @kenmore's win last night. @this is a picture. @a security guard is carrying a @cheerleader off the course. @players, coaches, and fans were @involved.
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@arrests were made. @ johnny manziel's girlfriend @says he threatened to kill him @and herself. @said he appeared to be on @crawly said she later ran out @away. @manziel denies the claims. @the browns have released a @record. @report. @this time. @the browns are waiting until @march 9th to make a decision @about his future. @that's when they can release @him and it won't hurt them and @their salary cap. @ a recently retired marietta @police officer gets to keep his @k9 partner after all. @all for the low price of $1. @city officials made the deal @yesterday. @they originally said ajax was @too young to retire and as @valuable city property had to
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@hinke said he's very grateful @he gets to keep ajax. @ an event called super @refund saturday. @they will off free tax @preparation for low income @earners. @third federal will offer help @from 9:00 to 2:00 at cleveland @central catholic high school. @you don't have to be one of @their bank customers. @they will help people find @their earned income credits @that go unclaimed each year. @ as many are preparing @parties the, these students are @ready to go. @>> they're ready to go up in @san francisco. @>> a group of 40 left here on @tuesday to begin their trip to @one of the biggest sports @events of the world. @with all the talk of how @expensive tickets really are @out there.
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@paid. @>> it's pretty cool to get paid @to go. @>> it marks eric's fourth @straight year. @this time it's 31 students all @set to get to work and get a @look at the sports management @side of the super bowl. @experience. @punt, pass, kicks, speed pros, @running those stations. @then sunday we're vip hosts. @i think the students see you @can do this same super bowl @type thing, but everybody has @different ways of organizing @it. @>> i want to see how an event @as big as the super bowl is @run, how it's planned, just @also the fan experience. @>> are the's so many -- there's @so many moves parts. @people getting paid to work, @the hugher ups, the coaches, @the players. @it all goes flawlessly. @>> if you start to feel bad,
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@the crew has had time to leave @their hearts in san francisco. @it's a once in a lifetime @experience for students. @>> i'm excited to go out there @and work. @>> or for some, four times. @>> i'm still getting jitters @from it. @people think, you've done it @before. @how can it get better in. @>> it does. @seeing the super bowl and san @francisco at the same time, it @doesn't get better than that. @>> she's obviously pulling for @the carolina panthers. @they're pulling for the denver @broncos. @they all agree no matter who @wins, they're going to come @home with an experience. @>> thanks, will. @ the class of 2016 will be @elected tomorrow for the hall @of fame. @they're planning to meet ahead @of super bowl sunday in san @francisco. @four to eight new members will @be selected to go into the hall @of fame in canton. @ time right now, almost @5:08. @when it comes to food for the
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@the internet for inspiration @and recipes. @coming up at 5:23, we'll have @the most googled super bowl @recipe. @ the sparks were flying last @night in new hampshire during @the first one on one democratic @debate. @they each had a goal. @we'll find out if they met it. @hi, lynna. @>> hi, hollie. @ we had a few scattered lake @effect showers in the east. @we're going to expect sunshine @and a nice looking day. @the snow showers have fizzled @out. @i'll tell you what, looking @ahead to next week, might get @we'll explain. @a live look right now. @our beautiful city at 5:08. @it's 24 degrees on hopkins. @this morning.
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@ @5:11 right now. @decision 2016, the democrats @are campaigning in new @hampshire today after their @first one on one debate last @night. @>> hillary clinton is way @behind in the polls but she @came out swinging. @>> good morning, tracy potts. @>> reporter: she went in trying @to prove she's the true @progressive. @there's been back and forth @about that with bernie sanders. @she also wanted to make sure it @was clear she wasn't controlled @by the big banks on wall @street. @>> enough is enough. @if you have something to say, @say it directly. @you will not find that i ever @changed a view or a vote @because of any donation that i @ever received. @>> what we need to do is to @stand up to the big money @interest.
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@candidate up here who does not @have a super pack. @who's not raising -- @>> they debated for campaign @and paying for free college and @health care. @>> i do not accept the belief @that the united states of @america can't do that. @>> the numbers just don't add @up from what senator sanders @has been proposing. @>> the democrats disagreed on @how quickly to normalize @relations with iran. @>> you don't rush in and say, @here i am. @let's talk about make a deal. @>> no. @those are exactly the people @you have to talk to and @negotiate with. @>> drawing distinctions on how @to get things done. @>> and that's not the last time @you will hear the two democrats @one on one. @they have another debate coming @up thursday in wisconsin. @>> thanks so much, tracy, @appreciate it. @>> here's hollie with a look at @your forecast. @>> are you ready? @>> it's super bowl weekend. @i know you are. @>> i'm not leaving the house.
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@>> change the batteries. @>> how many of you have changed @the batteries. @okay. @we're going to talk about the @forecast. @we're headed out to the bus @stop. @winds have eased. @it's 5-10 miles sustained. @it's go read day. @as you're making those @decisions of what to wear this @morning, it makes it a little @ease -- easy for you. @temperatures are in the 20s at @the bus stop, kids. @5:14. @it's 24 at hopkins. @most of you are low to middle @20s. @friday, we're going see @sunshine today and a pretty @seasonal day overall. @it's going to be mild this @super bowl weekend. @that's good for traveling to @friends and families.
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@recipes coming up for super @bowl. @then we're forecasting cold and @snowy weather for next week. @stay tuned. @we'll talk. @in the meantime, a little bit @of lake effect snow, flurries @to the east right now. @that will feed and then we're @in for the -- will fade and @we're in for the sunshine. @on radar, you can see the snow @showers. @they're fizzling as we speak. @so long, it's friday. @we don't need any headache this @morning. @most of you are waking up to @dry weather. @if you're east, there has been @snow overnight while you've @been asleep. @you're waking up to a fresh @coating. @i had it on my way in. @it depends on where you're @located. @geauga, ashtabula. @fresh coating of snow from @overnight. @that may slow you down just a @wee bit. @i don't think it's going to be @a big deal. @and it's going to dry out quick @as we head throughout the day. @look at the beautiful clear
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@it will be a nice mix of clouds @and sunshine. @light winds and temperatures @where they should be. @as we get into this super bowl @weekend, we're planning on more @or less a mix of clouds and @sunshine. @tomorrow looks pretty fabulous. @i've got to say. @we're going to end up in the @40s with sunshine and just a @nice, mild temperature pattern @before things change again as @we get into next week. @so, all that being said, here @is a look at your window @nations 7-day forecast. @30s today. @lake effect snows to the east @wind down. @then some sunshine. @it looks like we're going to @keep sunshine around for super @bowl weekend. @42 for tomorrow. @46 on sunday. @that's great. @next week, monday, 40s falling, @rain to snow. @20s and snowy on wednesday. @we'll hold in the 20s for highs @into thursday. @5:16. @here is a check on your drive.
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@you by mike bass ford. @ good morning to you. @i hope you're having a great @start to your friday. @we start east. @hollie and i are keeping you @informed. @as you see in lake county and @ashtabula county, we're all @green, no accidents so far. @tiny bits of traffic headed @west on u.s. 20. @that's not adding too much time @to your commute. @here's a picture east. @you see the snow in the @picture, but it's not on the @highways. @we're seeing a clear dry @throughout the region. @so we're good to go at 5:17. @our next update is after 5:30. @>> that's how you want to start @a friday. @ a ruling by a united @nations panel may give @wikileaks founder julian @assange his freedom.
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@he's been held up in an @ecuadorian embassy to avoid @charges in britain and the u.s. @for spilling classified @government secrets. @ two people are under arrest @for the murder of a boy. @they're charged in the drug @related murder. @hall accused the teen of @stealing drugs from him. @the boy was found shot @execution style in an el paso @desert last month. @the soldiers are being held on @a million dollars bond. @ bmx rider dave mirra is @dade of an apparent suicide. @they found him inside a truck. @he suffered a self-inflicted @gunshot wound. @mirra was best known for @competing in the x game where
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@he was 41. @>> more sad news this morning, @maurice white, the founder of @earth, wind, and fire has @passed away. @the group sold more than 90 @million albums worldwide. @they won six grammies, @nominated 17 times, and was @inducted into the rock and roll @hall of fame. @he was 74. @he's the son of a doctor, but @his grandfather was a honky- @tonk piano player. @that's probably where he got a @lot of that musical talent. @big loss there. @>> totally. @ still ahead, greg brought @in some snacks to celebrate the @super bowl. @>> nice of him. @>> you made it yourself. @>> that's right. @we've got the folks coming on @sunday. @the big game. @we have the dipping apparatus, @but what are we going to dip @the celery and cookies and @crackers in?
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@ @the great big home and garden @show kicks off today. @besides the usual information, @some of the celebrity guest @this is year will be two chicks @and a hammer. @they will be on the main stage @today and tomorrow. @next weekend, you can see the @beakman boys from the cooking @channel, jason cameron. @tickets are $15 at the door. @$12 online. @wkyc a proud sponsor. @there. @>> when you have a do it @yourself show, you have to have @john and lynna.
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@your super bowl party, pizza, @wings, dips. @>> a lot of people turn to the @internet for inspiration and @ideas. @greg dee has more on what @people are looking for. @>> the folks at people magazine @put together a list of the most @googled super bowl recipes. @what's cool about this article @is -- i will tweet it right @after this segment -- they will @not only give you recipes but @they will tell you which places @these things are being googled @in the most. @for instance, meatball recipes @in colorado and new hampshire. @nachos, surprising, hawaii and @utah. @we can't make the list. @we're getting everything. @several stood out. @anything wrapped in bacon is a @winner. @if you don't have any ideas, @pull something out of the @fridge, wrap it in bacon, and @your friends will absolutely go @crazy over it. @another recipe that was @popular, that's the healthy 8th
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@for your super bowl. @it actually looks pretty @healthy healthy. @there's meat and cheese @underneath. @the spicy buffalo chicken dip. @it's from nick lashay's @restaurant. @go for it, hollie. @now, the recipe here calls for @ritz crackers. @let me tell you, professional @dippers do not do the ritz. @this dip has a little bit of @weight to it. @it has a little bit of spice @and cheesiness. @>> you're a good took. @>> you can't go wrong mixing @five different kinds of cheeses @with meat. @>> you're a pretend chef, like @me. @>> this is so impressive. @>> that's good. @>> so delicious. @>> a little buffalo chicken
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@bit of heat at the end. @i will tweet this out and try @some of these recipes. @how are you doing on this @travel recipe. @>> this is the beauty of this @segment. @>> let's talk about it for @today. @we've got snow coming in from @the east side today. @there was a little bit of snow @on the neighborhood roads. @big snow storm off the east @coast. @winter storm warnings from @southern new england and down @to the mid-atlantic. @if you're traveling through @d.c. and new york, there are @delays. @they're expecting as much as an @inch of snow. @out west, traveling toward the @super bowl, man, that's the @place to be. @60s and 70s. @>> the place to be is next to @you and your buffalo chicken @dip. @>> john and lynna, you guys @have to hurry up. @up. @hollie is going to finish this. @>> we have a commercial break @coming up, but we're not going @to make it with hollie. @>> she can eat.
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@do you know what, i can do it @too. @take it, john. @>> oh, we're going santa clara, @california. @all set and ready for super @bowl 50. @enjoy the snacks greg brought. @we're going to talk about @tickets, live report is coming @up. @tiffany. @>> reporter: we're following @breaking news here at lake @county, a deadly deputy- @involved shooting. @coming up, i will let you know @what is expected to have to @happen as the investigation
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@ @ we start your morning rush @with breaking news. @this morning we era expected to @learn a little bit more about a @deadly deputy-involved deputy- @involved shooting right here in @lake county. @let's take you to the scene. @it was on river road. @it happened just after 10:00 @last night.
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@about a woman who had been @stabbed. @when deputies arrived, they say @a suspect was outside with a a @gun. @wouldn't put that gun down, so @a deputy shot him. @that suspect later died at the @hospital. @as far as the stabbing victim, @she was treated at a hospital @locally but then had to be @flown to cleveland. @her condition is unknown. @a sheriff is expected to brief @the media. @we'll be there and give you any @updates as we get them. @lynna. @>> thank you, tiffany. @ also, a fire destroyed a @building in akron. @while it was too dark to see @the extent of the damage, we @can tell you that the building @caught fire around 11:15 last @night. @it took nearly two hours to get @this one under control. @still not clear on what caused @this fire. @>> and in south euclid last @night, a standoff ended with a @suspect turning himself in. @it all started when officers @approached a suspicious car. @the driver took off to a nearby @home.
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@get the suspect out, he finally @surrendered. @while police did not release @the suspect's identity, we are @told he's has gang ties. @ switching gears little bit. @happy friday to you. @getting into super bowl @weekend. @we have a lot of great things @to talk about. @this morning, we still have @lake effect showers to the @east. @those will be ending pretty @fast. @by 9:00 a.m., i don't think @we're going to have much other @than a flurry leftover. @27 degrees at 9:00, 33 at noon. @partly sunny skies, more @sunshine through the afternoon, @we'll end up around 37 or so @for the high. @it's 5:32. @it's 27. @as we take a look at radar, you @can see showers that are still @happening, lake, geauga, @ashtabula county, still quite a
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@a lot of you are waking up, and @it is completely dry. @a fresh coating, though, to the @east and the snow belt. @we've been noticing those snow @snow showers overnight. @ good morning hollie, good @morning to all of you. @state road northbound near @hudson drive. @we have it on the camera. @your left two lanes are @blocked. @you see people are getting by @on your far right lane. @so far we take a look at the @drive time on state route. @the whole portion between 76 @akron interchange and 271 in @mass macedonia, 17 minutes @headed north and south. @those are normal drive times. @other than that, we're looking @great on those highways. @normal drive times throughout @the region. @even to the east. @don't forget, when you hit the @roads, tune into your partners, @they will have traffic for you
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@ a big break in the case of @a missing mansfield woman. @u.s. marshals caught the @neighbors of patsy hudson. @they were wanted for @questioning in connection with @hers the appearance. @they were found in tennessee. @they appeared to be living @inside a jeep wrangler. @there 'also evidence they used @hudson's card to withdraw her @social security payments. @ a man called 911 to say he @accidentally shot his roommate. @>> what is going on. @>> i have a gun. @i didn't know it was loaded. @i shot him. @>> 21-year-old michael @lancaster is charged with @reckless homicide for killing @his roommate, 18-year-old @olivia stoll. @it happened in the couple's @apartment on ridge road. @i spoke to lancaster's attorney @who said he accidentally fired
5:27 am
@on suicide watch. @stoll was shot in the chest. @she later died in the hospital. @>> two suspects are on the run @after their getaway van dragged @a supermarket guard. @the police officer was working @security at the east 40th and @quincy avenue store when a man @and woman were being chased by @a something. @the officer was there and was @dragged as they drove off. @police believe the officer @fired several rounds while @being dragged. @no one was hit. @>> we learned two ohio epa @staff staffers are on leave. @they've been on leave since @last week. @almost all of the samples @collected in the village has @acceptable lead levels, but @more tests have been ordered as @a precaution. @the heatlh department is @offering lead screenings for @residents.
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@today from the northern @district of ohio, he submitted @his resignation last month to @president barack obama and @loretta lynch. @time is now 5:36. @now to the game everyone is @talking about, super bowl 50. @>> broncos and panthers go head @to head in santa clara on @sunday. @that's where we find nbc's jay @gray. @jay, i'm really jealous you're @there. @i can't wait for the day or @year or century when lynna and @i are going to join you when @the browns are in this game. @>> things are looking up for @the browns. @i think it could be within the @next decade or so. @i feel good about things, but @right now, we've got the @panthers and the broncos and @the big party. @it's officially super bowl @weekend. @early friday morning here in
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@hundreds of thousands making @their way into the region. @most of those coming here @without a ticket to the big @game. @>> everybody, welcome the host @of super bowl 50. @>> it's literally the golden @ticket. @as we get closer to kickoff, a @tough ticket for those who want @to be a part of football @history by the bay. @>> you just wonder if you're @ever going to get the @opportunity to go. @>> lifelong bronco fans, super @sunday will be personal. @>> that's all right. @>> they will celebrate inside @levi stadium at their first @super bowl ever with a romantic @dinner. @>> i will buy her a beer and a @hot dog. @>> for those who don't have a @seat, time and ticket supply @are running short. @>> this is an expensive ticket. @$5,000 more and climbing. @>> that's also a supply and
5:30 am
@there's less supply we're @seeing in the secondary market, @so the prices are actually @higher. @>> if you're paying the price, @you will want to make sure it's @the real deal. @>> the nfl has done a @phenomenon job of building out @security features. @>> some you can't see, others @that are obvious. @>> there's a hologram here. @you don't need a light to see @that. @then there's the heat sensitive @ink. @>> on a ticket to a memory that @will last a lifetime. @>> again, the going rate for @those tickets, $5,000. @it's expected to climb as we @get closer to kickoff here. @compare that to a ticket for @super bowl 1 where the face @value was 10 bucks. @that's the latest in san @francisco. @john, tell lynna thanks. @she sent her credit card and @bought tickets for the whole @crew. @>> it's going to bounce. @whatever. @>> she says it will bounce. @jay, what i love about that @story is he's treating her to a
5:31 am
@bowl sunday, that's about as @expensive as a fancy san @francisco tinner. @it's going to cost a lot of @money. @>> you're right. @you know, with the tickets @being so expensive, i will take @the hot dog and the beer. @>> well, don't worry. @it's on the house. @lynna is buying. @ 5:39. @it is prediction time for super @bowl 50. @denver's top rated defense with @carolina's unstoppable offense. @how i see the game playing out, @coming up next in my take. @>> and how about this @prediction? @puppies. @next, which team jimmy fallon's
5:32 am
@ @. @>> 5:42 right now. @coming into the morning news @feed, martin shkreli, the man @who raised the price of an hiv @drug a while back is causing @controversy again. @when questioned about his @actions, he pleaded the fifth, @while smirking the entire time. @his attorney defended his @behavior, but later he took to @twitter calling the committee
5:33 am
@ crews hoisted this man off @the side of a dam after he @spent days stuck on a @washington mountain. @the video shows responders @balancing on the side of a @helicopter hovering hundreds of @feet above the ground. @visitors to the area say they @first heard his screams on @sunday. @he's homeless. @he jumped fence and planned to @set up camp there. @ jimmy fallon used a parade @of puppies on the tonight show @last night to predict the @winner of this weekend's super @bowl. @fallon used the pack of puppies @to guess the winners of other @events like the kentucky derby @and the ncaa championship. @the puppies flocked to the @broncos bowl, predicting peyton @manning and his team will be @the winners, john. @>> sure. @i have to follow the puppies. @>> look at those eyes. @>> thanks a lot. @thanks a lot for setting me up @with that.
5:34 am
@time to make my pick for super @bowl 50. @so many story lines, it looks @like it's going to be peyton's @last game. @carolina has stories too. @can the denver defense punish a @bigger, faster quarterback like @cam newton. @brady sat back in the pocket @and got picked off. @that will not work with cam. @he can take a hit and sit back @in the pocket. @the broncos demarcus ware knows @stopping him won't be easy. @>> i wouldn't say it's hard to @get to him. @it's hard to take him down. @he's fast. @he's one of those guys, you @have to take him down like a @runningback. @>> the broncos' defense has to @limit the panthers and keep it @close. @i don't think this peyton @manning can keep up in a @shootout. @when carolina hits 21, it will @signal denver is in trouble. @carolina's defense is not
5:35 am
@they're ranked fifth, and they @make big plays on turnovers. @i would love to see peyton go @out with a win, but i don't @think he will. @carolina has too much fire @power. @as good as the denver defense @is, i think carolina will break @through and just keep going. @i will take the panthers 30-19. @tweet me your pick. @that's my pick. @i will take carolina. @the rest of the morning team, @hollie, including you, your @picks at the end of the show. @>> that's right. @we would love to hear from you. @it's going to be a fun weekend. @here is a look at what is @hopefully going to be a fun @weather day. @it appears that it should work @out for us. @we've got lake effect snow @flying to the east right now. @we're going to transition to @sunshine as those snow showers @feed. @finally friday, yes, you did @it. @it's going to be a milder super @bowl weekend for us. @we're forecasting more cold and @snow for next week.
5:36 am
@a quarter until 6:00 right now. @as you're getting up and @getting ready. @if you're thinking about what @do i wear today, go red. @it's national red day for @hearts aware awareness. @snow showers feed. @those are to the east. @we're 37 at 5:00 today. @should see some nice, bright @skies as we get into the @afternoon especially. @in the meantime, there are snow @showers to the east within the @snow belt. @you've had fresh snow overnight @while you've been asleep, @waking up to a coating, maybe @up to a quarter or half an @inch. @it's still snowing in geauga @and ashtabula county. @the snow showers have @diminished even in these spots. @as we track through future @view, we continue to see the @trend. @>> look how beautiful.
5:37 am
@clouds and season shine. @as you're grabbing your @sweethearts from school, your @friday evening plans, the @weather looks great for that @matter into the weekend. @we're going to start to feel a @nice little boost in our @temperatures as we get into the @weekend too. @tomorrow and sunday, @forecasting highs in the 40s, @which will bring us to above @normal for this time of year. @window nation 7-day forecast, @once we get past the weekend, @it's back to reality. @so the deal is this. @monday will be a transition @day. @we'll have a rain-snow mix and @then behind the front, it gets @cold. @30s and snow on tuesday. @20s and snow on wednesday. @it looks like we'll stay pretty @chilly for thursday of next @week as well. @time for doggone weather. @>> check out the eyes of these @kitty cats. @first, isabella.
5:38 am
@waiting for a home at the @adoption center in treemont. @she loves to play, even at the @age of 8. isabella, you can see @her at treemont. @tiger loves belly rubs. @he's at the parma pet smart @store. @the apl does great work finding @homes for these kitty cats. @if you want to meet them this @weekend, it would be a great @time. @>> very valid point. @>> do you want us to rub your @belly, john? @>> time and place. @>> well, never mind. @>> today is the american heart @association's national wear red @day to raise awareness for @heart disease. @here is a live look outside @with terminal tower lit up for @the occasion. @signs of a heart attack in @women can be subtle, like @shortness of breath, pain in
5:39 am
@in the spirit of things, we're @all dressed in red too. @>> get the word out. @that's the scary thing. @the symptoms are different and @can be hard to detect in women. @we also have these mugs. @thank you so much. @>> you notice everyone is in @red. @why are you in red? @and then it starts the @conversation. @>> all about awareness. @>> right. @ how about this. @one in ten women wear high @heels at least three days a @week and a third of them have @fallen while wearing them. @even though they may lead to @foot problems, we still wear @them. @try to stretch out your calfs. @avoid the narrow toe box. @it can lead to hammertoes.
5:40 am
@opt for no more than a two-inch @heel. @>> don't know how you do it. @>> all right. @torture. @>> i don't know how you do it. @it's 5:50. @coming up, ways to safe. @>> matt, we don't know how you @do it every day. @>> i do it with the support @from my wonderful colleagues @and after the break, how to @heat your home for cheap with @the nfl. @super bowl savings coming your @way. @first, beautiful in red. @good morning, dani. @>> good morning, matt. @thank you very much. @we're here at hudson drive and @cuyahoga falls, waiting for @this accident to clear out. @you need to get over to the @right. @other than that, we're green @and clean on the highways. @channel 3 news today will
5:41 am
not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep
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@ @5:53. @the new fortune 500 list, apple @is dropping a. year ago the @company had a market value of @725 billion and is now worth @200 billion less than that.
5:43 am
@wal-mart fell out of the top @ten, down to 13th place. @amazon moved into the top ten. @>> i love this one. @if you're trying to be healthy @the next time you're at @mcdonald's, you may want to @skip the new kale salad and go @ahead and have a big mac. @this is according to c nbc @news. @the kale salad has more fat and @sodium than a double big mac. @the calorie killer is the @creamy cree soar dressing. @>> it has 53-grams of fat. @>> why do i want kale, then? @do you know what i want to do @-- i'm in my pick. @you're all going to make your @picks. @i want to heat up the super @bowl. @>> can we heat it up. @>> i want to give you a little @bit of vitamin .f that's for @frugality. @>> i have to watch the game @with you on sunday.
5:44 am
@f is also for football. @for those of you looking to get @your fan gear on, look at it, @moment. @i'm a huge fan of these @infrared helmet heaters. @i will explain why i'm keeping @the browns in the box. @whether you're hosting or @attending a super bowl party, @on our website right now, your @key to more than 400 legit @coupons, all cure rated for @you. @that's on where you @will also find my favorite @super bowl pizza deal. @that's on our website. @and the nfl heaters are up to @88% off today. @it depends on which team you @choose, but they're anywhere @from 30 and $109. @so you're at least getting half @price. @love the heaters. @they're safe. @they're really nice. @they heat 600 to 800 square
5:45 am
@this is the new york giants. @you can pick your team. @they're sanctioned and licensed @by the nfl. @they have a low-high mode. @we're keeping browns in the box @because i bought this to donate @to a local animal shelter drive @today. @i'm thinking they're going to @make about $7 on this browns @heater. @>> the browns helmet is going @for more than the other. @>> the browns helmet is $70. @it actually has to do with @demand. @again, the browns are going to @be winning the next super bowl, @so this is not even a question. @we love our browns. @>> here is how you sell this. @the reason you have new york is @because you have giant savings. @>> i'm going to use that at @6:40. @>> vitamin f. @>> you don't even have to tell @anyone where you got it. @>> hollie. @>> matt, thank you for the @donation. @that's super sweet of you. @going for a great cause. @the weather looks pretty great @today too.
5:46 am
@showers and snow flurries this @morning. @we're up to 37. @super bowl weekend, we shall @chat. @we've got snow in our future @once again. @i will let you know when, guys. @>> all right. @hollie. @since we're talking super bowl, @coming up at 6:00, how about @your parties and how to make @them go smoothly. @greg dee will talk about party @gadgets like the one to help @you find your beer. @>> nice. @>> we also have a lot of @overnight breaking news to get @to. @a fire in akron. @a swat situation in euclid. @everything you need to know,
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