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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @. @ right now at 6:00, we're @following three breaking @overnight news stories. @in lake county, a deputy shot @and killed a stabbing suspect. @we're live at the scene. @>> plus n akron, a fire @destroyed a metro park building @and in south euclid, a suspect @surrendered after a standoff @with swat. @we've been getting information @throughout the morning. @we'll continue to spring it to @you. @ let's go to hollie who is @tracking your friday forecast. @>> thank you, john and lynna.
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@we have lake effect snow to the @east. @that will eventually fade to @just a few flurries to nothing. @you will see a good amount of @sunshine before this friday is @threw. @we'll be low 30s at lunch and @37 for the high. @very seasonal tgif. @sheer a look -- here is a look @at these snow showers. @they've fizzled out overnight @while you were asleep. @we're dealing with them to the @east, especially in ashtabula @county, parts of eastern geauga @and most of lake county has @dried out. @that still means a fresh @coating of snow as you're @be aware. @it's not a lot, but it may be @slick on the side streets. @speaking of. @let's get a look at your drive. @good morning, dani. @>> good morning to all of you. @welcome to your friday. @cuyahoga falls.
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@for the past half hour has @cleared out. @we're seeing traffic here. @about a 5--minute delay. @we have normal drive times in @the east where we're seeing the @snow showers. @we have an accident in geauga @county. @south of mayfield road. @no injuries or road closures. @>> all right. @dani, thank you. @ overnight, south euclid @police arrest a man with known @gang ties after a standoff. @officers approached a @suspicious car that was parked @in front of a vacant house. @the driver took off and went @inside a nearby home. @finally surrendered. @police have not released the @man's identity yet. @ in akron, a fire destroyed @a metro parks building. @while it was a little too dark @to really see the extent of the @damage, we can tell you that @the building on sand run @parkway caught fire around
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@it took nearly two hours to get @this thing under control. @it's still not clear what @caused the fire. @>> a happy ending to a story @we've been telling you about @all week. @a recently retired marietta @police officer will get to keep @his k9 partner all for the low @price of $1. @city officials made the deal @with officer matt hickey. @they originally told him that @police cog ajax was too young @to retire and as valuable city @property would have to be @auctioned off. @hickey is grateful he gets to @keep ajax. @ the latest involving johnny @manziel. @his girlfriend states he @threatened to kill her and @himself. @she says he hit her during an @argument last weekend and that @he was acting like he was on @drugs. @crawly said she later ran out
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@away away. @manziel says it did not happen. @the browns are waiting until @march 9th to make a decision on @his future. @ a man is dead after @deputies in lake county shot @him. @it happened in perry township @on river road. @this morning tiffany tarpley is @live at the sheriff's office. @tiffany, we're expecting to @learn more about this later @today. @>> reporter: john, the sheriff @here is expected to hold a news @conference around 11:30 this @morning. @so, of course, we'll likely @learn a lot more about what @happened there. @we already this morning have a @lot of details to share for @you. @let's go ahead and take you to @this area. @this home on river road in @perry township. @it was just after 10:00 last @night that investigators were @called there. @they say they got a call from a @female who said that her aunt @had been stabbed multiple @times. @when deputies arrived, they say @that suspect was outside with a @gun.
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@so a deputy shot him. @we've learned that the suspect @has been identified as thomas @hurko, 54. @he later died at the hospital. @the stabbing victim in all of @this has been identified as @lori osborne hurko, 55 years @old. @now, we just got off the phone @with metrohealth medical center @where she's being treated right @now. @they say they do not have an @update on her condition this @morning. @of course if and when that @changes, we'll let you know. @ coming up, i'm going to let @you know what's next for these @shooting. @live here in lake county, @tiffany tarpley, channel 3 @news. @>> all right. @thanks so much. @ coming into the morning @news feed right now, this is @new, a united nations panel @does support giving wikileaks @founder julian assange his @freedom. @britain and sweden have
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@2010. @he has opinion held up in an @ecuadorian embassy. @he has released classified @government secrets. @ take a look at this video @from wake forest university in @north carolina. @wow, you see a campus bus and a @car caught fire after they @crashed. @this accident happened on @campus. @luckily no one was hurt. @boy, you can see what's left of @the bus. @just a burned out frame. @police are still investigating @this crash. @another recall from honda this @morning. @the automaker is recalling more @than 2 million of its honda and @acura cars because the driver's @airbag inflators made by takata @can explode. @this includes model years @dating back to 2005 as well as @some 2015 and 2016 models. @replacement parts won't even be @available until the late @summer. @in all, more than 24 million @cars in the u.s. have been
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@john? @>> all right. @lynna. greg, you're getting us @ready for super bowl sunday. @>> that's right. @we've talked about the recipes. @now you know i have to talk @about the gadgets. @the gadgets you need to make @that super bowl party or @tailgate a big success. @holly? @>> can't wait to hear it, greg. @it's going to be fun. @friday. @still a few leftover lake @effect snow showers to the east @this morning. @most of you are dry. @temperatures are in the 20s. @we'll end up in the 30s. @we're expecting friday @sunshine. @closings, delays, those are @instant. @you will get them as soon as @they happen. @there's no need to worry. @it's go red. @we are national wear red day in @honor of heart disease @awareness awareness.
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@follow us on twitter at wkyc, @it's an honor to talk to you,
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@ @ if you can spend 30 minutes @to an hour making someone else @smile, why not? @>> we're seeing how one cavs @player is giving back. @after seeing the number one @needed item at shelters were @socks, he wanted to help. @he delivered socks to several @areas that serve the homeless. @thank you. @>> great effort. @ the new fortune 500 list is @out. @apple is still number one. @i don't think we're surprised @at that, but now they're just @barely beating out their rival, @the company that oversees @google and you tube. @the company had a market value @of 725 billion.
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@by the way, microsoft is number @three. @so you see where the business @world is going. @one other note, wal-mart fell @out of the top ten, down to 13 @13th place. @the company that moved into the @top 10 is amazon. @ we're just a couple of days @now away from the super bowl. @super bowl sunday means more -- @i will argue this. @more than just the game. @>> there's other stuff too. @>> there's parties, of course @the food. @greg dee joins us with more on @how technology is helping us to @make the most of game day. @>> hi, guys. @you know you have to have a @good gadget at that holiday @party. @these are gadgets that go @beyond the super bowl party. @these are the folks at gadget @daily. @it's a website i follow. @they put together their @favorite. @this is surprising. @i thought this is one of those @order late at night gadgets you @get on tv. @this pressto pizza oven is not
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@but it is one of the highest @rated one. @people love this thing for @making pizza. @check it out. @other gadgets. @this is for you, john. @never leave your beer behind. @this is a koosy with a remote @control. @maybe you left it in the couch, @dining room, other part of the @house. @you will fever be without our @beer. @tired of carrying food in one @hand and your beer in another. @this tray solves it right @there. @put it around the neck of the @bottle. @you have your chips, sandwich, @wings. @it holds everything. @of course some of the kitchen @basics, good gadgets to have. @you have to have the hand @mixers and food processors @perfect for making the super @bowl dips. @they have this great popcorn @make they are's supposed to @make more popcorn than any @maker they've tested. @this is one of my favorites.
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@attaches to the tailgate on @your car or truck. @>> oh, for heaven's sake. @>> you can actually pull it @with you. @sit on the rail. @it's a galvanized steel. @everything goes right there @with it. @attaches a cooler. @if you're looking looking at @that grill, be prepared to pay @-- starting price for smallest @model is $860. @you can choose options that @take it over $1,000. @>> that's ridiculous. @>> you have to be committed. @>> yeah. @>> greg, there's a rule when i @throw a super bowl party. @if you lose a beer and it's @behind the couch, you're not @getting another one. @>> that's definitely a party @foul. @>> maybe you're nursing it too @long. @come on. @>> girl after my own heart, @lynna. @>> this is why i'm watching the @game alone. @>> you can't let the beer get @warm. @>> how is confetti central at
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@>> clean up on aisle greco. @ it's going to be a great @day at school. @temperatures in the 20s. @it is a seasonal start. @chilly but light winds. @it's nice. @we don't have wind chills. @we're all drying out. @it's going to be a seasonal @day. @we'll see sunshine, milder @weather for the weekend before @another round of cold and snow @next week. @here is the deal for your @friday. @perhaps just a few more @flurries through the next @couple of hours to the east. @most of you are dry. @i want to make that clear. @33 at noon. @37 at 5:00. @we're going see bright skies, @especially into the afternoon. @look at how these snow showers @have faded to the east already. @while you were asleep, though, @it's pretty steady with some @areas of the snow belt. @chances are those to the east @of snow.
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@it still makes for a slick @ashtabula county and trumble @county is where we're seeing @point. @tracking on future view, hour @by hour, it looks like a lovely @day, especially into the @afternoon as the temperatures @30s. @speaking of lovely, getting @into this weekend, we're going @to see milder weather return. @sunshine tomorrow. @we're planning on highs into @the 40s. @so a little bit above normal. @that trend should continue. @if you're headed out to a party @and family and friends, @enjoying some delicious dips @and pizza and fun and football. @you're not going to have a @problem getting to where you @need to be. @next week, it looks like we @have changes to talk about. @here is your window nation 7- @day forecast. @once we get past the weekend, @we'll have monday being the @start of it all with rain to @snow. @temperatures will be in the 40s
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@30s and snow for tuesday. @and then we're talking some @pretty cold air by the middle @of next week with highs only in @the 20s. @that will hold into thursday. @6:17, here is a check on your @commute. @ good morning to you. @we have a few accidents to tell @you about so you're prepared to @minimize your delays this @morning. @now, in geauga county near @chesterland, sperry road is @south of mayfield. @we also have an accident @reported on i-71. @as you can see here through our @traffic map, we're looking @pretty good on our highways. @again, a crash reported 71 @south as you're trying to get @to i-90 west. @so so delays in this area. @still green. @91 south where we hit this. @also, here is a picture of 71 @at west 25th street. @that's where we typically see @the delays at this time.
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@that drive time on 71 north @between 480 and 490 is a speedy @7 minutes. @>> 6:18. @for your biggest winners or @losers. @let's go winners today. @i used to play the game of @golf. @i gave it up. @i couldn't hit a driver. @i could putt, but driving was @the biggest problem. @i couldn't be consistent. @to be a good golfer, it seems @you have to be robot it. @this is a robot in scottsdale. @this reason i'm showing you @this, the robot just got a hole @in one. @the crowd loved it. @they started throwing beer cans @on the green in appreciation. @i guess it makes since in the @robot world. @the cans are aluminum and @that's how you honor a robot @that just got a hole in one. @the other famous golfer is @tiger woods.
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@same course in 1997. @i will never play golf again. @ the other biggest winners, @the goldennettes. @they won a medal in oregon. @they move on to the nationals @in cal mazoo, michigan. @they range from 26 to 40 years @old. @teachers, trainers, chefs, @attorneys, moms, all kinds of @different professions, and @they're a great skating team. @congratulations, ladies. @good luck at nationals. @if you would like to nominate @your champion or all-star, e- @mail me the picture at @>> have you ever seen @synchronized swimming. @>> yes. @>> you have all your moves @together.
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@>> and there was no clown at @the other end. @>> look at you, miniature golf @queen. @ still ahead, who is going @to win the super bowl. @we take you live to san @francisco. @wait this will you hear how @much tickets are going for this @morning. @hollie. @ thank you for this picture, @ilene and gary. @we're calling it sunny smiles @a. beautiful winter sunshine @shot sent in from northfield @village.
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@ @. @ 6:23 right now. @we're back this morning getting @you ready for the big game. @>> super bowl sunday right @around the corner. @all the last minute preps are @being done at the stadium in @santa clara. @really, this is about the @entire bay area.
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@it's got to be an exciting @place. @even at 3:30 in the morning @there. @>> reporter: 3:30 in the @morning. @i think a lot of people are @wrapping up their party from @last night or getting things @started early for today. @it's fecially super bowl @weekend on this -- it's @officially super bowl weekend @on this friday. @fans are pouring in and more @than a million expected before @all said and done. @many don't have a ticket. @the price right now in the @secondary market, $5,000 each. @that's expected to go up as we @get closer to kickoff here. @a lot of the brokers say this @could be the most expensive @super bowl ticket ever when @it's all said and done. @compare that to the cost of a @ticket for super bowl 1, fifty @years ago, $10 the face value @then. @lynna, i think i can afford the @$10 ticket. @i'm not so sure about 5,000. @>> 5 grand, you have to be @kidding me.
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@stadium. @>> that's a lot of money. @that actually gets you in the @stadium, yes. @>> wow. @that's crazy. @>> well, you never know. @they could put up a big screen @outside the place. @we're all making picks, jay. @do you have a pick for sunday? @>> reporter: you know, my heart @says that i would love to see @peyton manning get one more @championship for all he's done @for football and what a great @ambassador he's been, but it @seems like it's cam newton's @time and the panthers' time. @i think they're going to win @this thing. @>> very good. @jay, thank you. @>> all right. @let's send things over to @hollie. @what do we have going on @weatherwise. @>> pretty easy stuff as we get @into the weekend. @we're forecasting sunshine in @time. @a little patience. @forecast for some of you in the @east where you've had lake @effect snow. @continue to see a few flurries @and light showers. @low 30 it is mid-30s with @partly sunny skies and even @mostly sunny skies at times @into the afternoon.
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@travel map is that we should @have a nice clearing trend into @our friday. @will it hold for the weekend. @we'll let you know. @in the meantime, travel @forecast for today. @it's messy up the east coast. @new york city and d.c. and @boston today looking pretty @snowy just in general, yuck. @make sure you check for delays. @good morning to you, will. @>> you can almost smell the @wings barbecuing there in @northeast ohio. @for some reason, students are @actually there and getting paid @to be there. @we'll have the story coming up
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@ @the investigation into a deadly @deputy-involved shooting here @in lake county is just getting @started this morning. @who is involved here? @well, the lake county crime lab @is involved and, of course, @detectives are involved in @piecing all of this together. @let's take you to the scene at @perry township. @deputies arrived at this home. @a man was outside with a gun @and wouldn't put it down. @at one point, he raised it @toward a deputy, and the deputy @fired back. @eventually that man died at the @hospital. @when they went inside, they @found a woman stabbed multiple @times. @her condition is unknown this @morning. @investigators tell us it takes @them 72 hours before the @initial investigation is
6:25 am
@we know that the deputies who @are involved here with this, @they were removed from their @shift duties. @that's what is next for them as @this investigation continues. @coming up, john and lynna, at @6:50, i'm going to let you know @what's expected to happen at @the sheriff's office today. @>> all right. @we'll see you then. @thank you so much, tiffany. @let's talk about the weather @before you head out the door. @it's friday. @we have the weekend on our @mind. @>> we also had a little bit of @snow overnight. @hollie? @we did. @in the snow belt is where we @continue to see a few flurries @and snow showers compared to @more widespread overnight while @you were asleep as john and @lynna mentioned. @we're going to transition into @sunshine today. @we'll see a very seasonal, @beautiful friday. @38, 39 degrees. @winds relatively light. @as we take a look at radar, we @still have a few of these @flurries, things have been @fading fast as forecasted. @and the lake effect is pretty @much diminished to just what's
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@in parts of southern ashtabula @and northern trumble county. @don't forget it is national @wear red day in honor of heart @disease awareness. @as you're picking out your @outfit this morning, maybe that @makes it easier. @grab something red. @communication is what this is @all about. @dani is hopefully tracking a @beautiful commute for you. @good morning. @>> we have problems on 480. @good morning to all of you if @you're just waking up. @granger road is shut down @because of an accident. @i actually just tweeted out a @photo. @here is one of the pictures in @the area. @this is 480 east. @this is the ramp to granger @road in garfield heights. @you can see the lights blocking @it off. @for those of you who need to @get around this, take state 480 @east between state and @northfield road. @it's 8 minutes headed east and @west. @we're not seeing any big delays @on 480. @here is the detour to get @around this. @hop off at transportation, east
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@then you can hit granger there. @make sure you do that. @i will be tweeting this out at @dani at wkyc. @>> just turned over to 6:33. @a big break in the case of a @missing woman. @marshalls caught the neighbors @of patsy hudson. @they were wanted for @questioning in connection to @her disappearance. @they were found in tennessee. @the pair was arrested with a @stolen black jeep wrangler. @they appeared to be living @inside of it. @there's evidence wren used @hudson's card to withdraw her @social security payments. @ a man calls 911 to say he @accidentally shot his roommate. @>> what's going on? @>> i have a gun and i didn't @her. @>> 21-year-old michael @lancaster is charged with @reckless homicide for killing
6:28 am
@it happened wednesday night in @the couple's apartment on ridge @road. @i spoke to lancaster's attorney @who said his client @accidentally fired his handgun, @not knowing the gun was loaded @and that lancaster is now on @suicide watch. @stoll was shot in the chest. @she later died in the hospital. @ u.s. attorney steven -- @will officially step down today @from the northern district of @ohio. @he submitted his resignation to @president obama and loretta @lynch last month. @he plans to return to private @practice. @the acting u.s. attorney has @worked in ohio since 2009. @time now is 6:34. @super bowl 50 is now just two @days away. @as many are preparing for @parties, some local students @are ready to work. @>> will ujek is going to tell @us their story. @some students are already in @san francisco ready to go. @>> will? @>> reporter: the group left on @tuesday, headed to one of the @biggest sporting events of the
6:29 am
@with talk of how expensive @tickets are alone, the icing on @the cake for these yellow @jackets, they're getting paid. @>> it's pretty cool to get paid @to go. @not many people get to say they @can do that. @>> this marks the fourth year. @28 students are going to get a @look at the sports management @side of the super bowl. @>> we'll be doing the nfl @experience, games, activities, @punts, pass, kicks, running @those stations. @then sunday we're vip hosts. @the students see you can do @this same super bowl type thing @but everybody has different @ways of organizing it. @>> i just want to see how an @event so big as the super bowl @is run, how it's planned, just @also the fan experience. @>> there's so many moving parts @from volunteers to people @getting paid to work to the @higher up professionals, the @players, the coaches, it all @goes so flawlessly.
6:30 am
@bad, you should know it's not @all work and no play. @in town for nearly a week, the @vw crew has made time. @>> i'm very excited to go out @there and work. @>> or for some, i guess, four @times in a lifetime. @>> i'm still getting the @jitters from it. @people do think, you've done it @before, how can it get better, @but it does each year. @being able to see san francisco @at the same time, it doesn't @get much better than that. @>> as you can tell, she's @pulling for a carolina panthers @victory. @they all admit that no matter @the outcome, they're coming @back happy with just their @experience. @>> they can have a good healthy @debate. @will, thank you. @it is 6:36. @developing news tops the @morning news feed as a volcano @erupts in southern japan. @this is one of the first images @from the volcano being @released.
6:31 am
@the eruption is being described @as an orange burst in the sky. @it's about 30-miles from a @nuclear plant. @the volcano has been showing @increased activities, and @locals were told to prepare for @possible evacuation. @ two new york city police @officers are recovering after @being shot last night. @police say two officers were on @patrol in the bronx when an @armed man confronted them and @shot them. @one of the officers was hit in @the face. @the other in the stomach. @both officers have been with @the department for two years. @police say the suspect ran away @and later shot and killed @himself. @both officers are expected to @be okay. @>> new information when it @comes to the vaccine for the @whooping cough. @doctors say the vaccine's @protection fades over time. @children should get five doses @of the vaccine by kindergarten @and a booster by age 12. @the cdc now recommends adults @ages 19-64 get a booster. @ and today is the american
6:32 am
@wear red day to raise awareness @for heart disease. @there's the tower lit up for @the occasion. @signs of heart attack in women @can be subtle. @pain in the jaw and back, @nausea, extreme fatigue. @that's a big reason to get the @word out on symptoms. @ it's 6:38. @we're going to check in with @matt granite. @>> every day, matt, you're @saving us money. @>> i'm hoping you heat the home @of your choice with the nfl @team of your choice. @huge super bowl savings and a @few surprises coming right up, @but, first, a touchdown for the @weather. @good morning, hollie. @>> good morning, matt. @design. @it's national weather person's @day. @we're showing off these @beauties. @they write thank you for our @amazing winter. @keep up the good work. @the cookie business design @crew. @we love you guys.
6:33 am
@ forecast is looking pretty @nice. @we're going to fade away all of @those showers. @we'll look ahead to the
6:34 am
@ @ this is causing a lot of @talk this morning if you're @trying to be healthy. @if you're at mcdonald's, you @might want to skip the kale @salad and just have a big mac. @this is according to cbc news @in canada. @the new kale salad has more @calories, fat, and sodium than @a double big mac. @the killer on the salad is the @sdiago cheese creamy dressing. @that kale looks so healthy all @by itself. @>> well, you know, you get your
6:35 am
@deals. @football. @before we get to this crazy @contraption in front of me, @it's a way to heat your home @using the power of the nfl, a @reminder, i have just loaded up @some huge deals to @our bonus deal of the day i @will get to in a moment. @take a look. @before the bonus deal we close @the show with every day, my @favorite coupon, all the big @super bowl deals for you. @it lists them on the screen. @your savings are phenomenal. @the best pizza deal is on the @site right now. @and the nfl infrared heaters @with a starting price of 30 @books. @they have a list price of 250. @depending on what team you @choose, the prices vary. @the new york giants at one
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@the cleveland browns also a @good deal depending on how you @look at it. @they're about 70. @and the seahawks would be $150. @broncos, that would be 69 bucks @as well. @you're getting it half price. @head over to @they're awesome. @they heat 600 to 800 square @feet. @they're certified by the nfl. @at least a full demo of me @using the heaters. @that's a hot demonstration. @>> here's why the giants are @going for $30. @>> rite. @meanwhile, the browns, 70. @>> because the browns are going @to be worth so much more when @>> that's why. @>> and the browns are not one @of those papular teams @nationwide -- popular teams @nationwide. @thank you, matt. @ hollie, vitamin f. is @actually something. @it's omega 3 and 6. @>> and we should get our
6:37 am
@it's happening, especially by @this afternoon. @in the meantime weeks waking up @-- it's still dark, obviously. @once the sun comes up, i think @we'll continue to see little @bit of cloud cover, if you're @east, especially. @you've had snow. @kids, you're going to have a @great friday. @winds are pretty light. @it's chillily. @temperatures are chilly. @24 at hopkins. @most of us are low mid-20s as @we're waking up here at 6:45. @when you wipe the sleep out of @your eyes and all of a sudden @you realize it's friday, that @feeling, right. @a mild super bowl weekend and @then we're forecasting more @cold and snow as we get into @next week. @we'll talk. @first, a really delightful day. @once we get past these few @flurries that are isolated to @the east. @it's going to be partly sunny @to mostly sunny. @low 30s by lunch. @mid to upper 30s by highs @today. @37 is reasonable. @could end up upper 30s. @look at how much of the snow
6:38 am
@hours as we go back in time @here, about 4:00 a.m. @wow, what a huge difference. @now, overnight while you were @asleep, it was pretty @persistent to the east. @you're waking up to the fresh @coating on the driveway and @sidewalks. @be careful getting the kids out @to the bus stop. @other than that, it really @looks great. @as we head throughout the day, @plenty of breaks in the cloud @cover. @the weekend, partly sunny @skies. @it's going to be very mild and @we'll have plenty of sun breaks @in there, i think, through the @week, especially tomorrow. @it looks quite fabulous. @here's your window nation 7-day @forecast. @40s through the highs through @the weekend. @that includes super bowl @sunday. @that includes if you're headed @to friends and family to watch @the game and do a little @eating. @it changes next week. @john, it's going to end up much @colder as that system is @through. @>> yeah. @>> and by the middle of next
6:39 am
@we have more winter coming. @first we have not doggone @weather. @>> we do. @thanks to the friends at the @apl, check out these kitty cats @looking for homes. @isabella, 8 years old, waiting @for a loving home. @you can find her at the @adoption center in freemont. @described -- treemont. @next we have tiger. @i love the markings. @8-year-old cat, gets along with @everybody as long as he gets a @little belly are up every once @in a while. @he's at the pet smart adoption @center in parma. @let's find isabella and tiger @homes. @sweet kitties there. @stories trending online. @tracy morgan is getting ready @to start a nationwide tour. @>> this will be morgan's first @tour since 2014 when he was in @that dead lecar accident when @that -- deadly car accident. @the accident left morgan in a @coma for several days.
6:40 am
@the horseshoe casino in @hammond, indiana. @ a unique publicity stunt. @the star, ben stiller went for @the guinness world record. @the selfie stick was almost 28 @feet long. @>> hey, jimmy fallon is back @with his adorable puppies on @the tonight show last night. @he used the pack of puppies to @predict the winner of this @weekend's super bowl. @of food. @broncos. @fallons has used puppies to @predict winners of other @events, like the kentucky derby @and the ncaa championship. @>> after the breaking your @morning rush. @>> we'll have our picks.
6:41 am
@>> reporter: john and lynna, @you know we've been following @this breaking news for you all @morning. @a deadly deputy-involved @shooting in lake county. @coming up, i will let you know @what to expect this morning as
6:42 am
@ @6:51 right now. @welcome to your morning rush. @holly has sunshine on your @forecast. @dani with any delays on the @road. @>> local students getting paid @on the super bowl. @tiffany has been following @breaking news out of lake @county, tiffany? @>> reporter: and, john, this
6:43 am
@more information about this @deadly deputy-involved shooting @here in lake county. @let's take you where it @happened in perry township. @it was just after 10:00 last @night that the sheriff's office @got a call from a woman who had @been stabbed. @when deputies arrived on scene, @the suspect was outside with a @gun and wouldn't put it down. @a deputy shot him. @that suspect later died. @we know the stabbing victim is @currently being treated at @metrohealth medical center in @cleveland. @her condition is unknown this @morning. @at 11:30 this morning, the lake @county sheriff is expected to @address the media about this @incident. @of course we'll be there to @bring you the very latest @online and on mobile. @john? @>> all right. @tiffany. @ new overnight, south euclid @police arrest a man with known @gang ties after a standoff. @it happened after officers @approached a suspicious car
6:44 am
@the suspect surrendered after a @few hours. @police have not released the @man's identity just yet. @ a fire destroyed a summit @metro building in akron. @the building caught fire around @11:15 last night. @it took nearly two hours to get @this thing under control. @still not clear what caused the @fire. @will? @>> it's almost here. @super bowl weekend, two days @away from the big game. @as many people are getting @ready for parties, students are @actually out in san francisco @already, ready for the super @bowl. @this is the fourth year they @began this trip. @a group of sports management @students out there doing behind @the scenes type stuff. @also the vip and the game. @i talked to them they said @actually they do get to watch @some of the game. @don't feel too bad for them. @they get paid for their work @there.
6:45 am
@coming up on the today show. @>> we're here taking in all @things super bowl from the @vince lombardi trophy, the @actual trophy that will get @handed out after the game on @super bowl sunday. @we're also taking in all the @glitz and glamour. @we'll get you covered with @everything you need to know @about the came, coming up on @today. @>> thank you very much. @ i have you covered on the @roads. @if you usually get off 480 east @at granger road, good news. @that's open. @it was closed because of a @crash. @the crash remains on the ramp, @but you can still get by. @480 looks good. @we're looking good throughout @the region. @we have slow traffic downtown. @a 4- minute delay on 71 north @into downtown cleveland. @hollie. @>> dani, thanks. @ getting a check on the @forecast at 6:54. @we're expecting a good amount @of friday sunshine. @a few flurries hovering to the @east. @those are going to fizzle fast.
6:46 am
@40s for this weekend and really @pretty reasonable. @looks nice. @partly cloudy to mostly cloudy @skies through the weekend @itself and rain and snow on @monday. @temperatures falling, getting @colder and snowy as we head @into the middle of next week. @time for matt's bonus deal of @the day. @>> i'm plugged into a tv. @you can't see it. @in the shot right now, i'm @pointing to a tv. @that's one of the super bowl tv @deals i've just posted to @trust me, i was pointing to a @tv. @>> we'll vouch for you. @you're pointing to a tv. @ before we go, we want the @make our super bowl picks. @sunday is the big game between @the denver broncos and the @carolina panthers. @let's start with part of the @team that takes denver. @matt and dani. @>> matt always looks for a @bargain. @well, you can get the broncos @as a bargain. @hopefully peyton manning has a @good game. @now let's go to the team with @carolina here.
6:47 am
@>> everyone else. @>> there you go. @so good luck, matt and dani. @i hope your team does well. @those are our picks. @hit us up and let us know your @picks as well. @either way, enjoy the game. @>> yeah.
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