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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@what have you done? @what happened? @what happened? @>> when he stabbed her in the @back and 1 @and sets down the phone. @>> why did you do that? @three lake county @tom in hair headlights. @he was holding an air soft @pistol. @he said his threats were clear. @at one point he stated it's the nature -- and @we're trying to get that exact @die. @>> he was ultimately shot ght all three of those @deputies involved are on @administrative leave as a @community prays for lori's @recovery. @at last check she has been @listed @back to you. @>> all right. @thank you, andrew. @>> sure. @>> should cities be allowed to @make their gun
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@right now state law federal. @>> right now, details on this pj sittenfeld has made gun @laws the focus of his campaign. d other @cities back the right to make @their own gun laws. @>> there are guns galore on @>> cleveland has had one of @itself most violent years in @over a decade. @>> a five-year-old and two-year-old all @of them caught in the cross @fire.
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@-- strict state laws over ride >> if you don't want guns in @bars and day care centers or @you don't want assault weapons @on the streets of your city, @you can take meaningful steps @to @the big government people in @columbus, they want to tell us @how we should govern our local @communities. @>> i would be supportive of any @effort to strengthen local @>> other groups pushing for the @november ballot. @>> i'm very hopeful we can do @this in time for the 2016 @election because i think the @incentive and the momentum the. @>> sittenfeld's campaign is @focusing on gun control. @>> that's not an insult to @it's an insult to the voters. @>> but he claims this is not a @campaign employ. @>> i'm committed to this until @we get it on the ballot and do @everything we can to make sure tizens pass it.
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@1,000 signatures to get the @process rolling, but they will @need more than 300,000 to make that's a very big job. @it's believed he may reach out @to national gun control groups, @including one funded by bloomberg. @tom berras, channel 3 news. @>> tom, major jackson had @several measures last year. @is the court facing any battle @>> the city recently passed a @new round and that will involve @a legal fight, of course. @the irony, republican lawmakers @who want the overrule local gun are the ones against big @government. @ this just in, a @spokesperson @diocese says bishop left his @office with chest pains. @he went to st. vincent charity @hospital where he underwent
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@duties sometime next week. @ also tonight, fbi agents @are working to track down @whether or not is behind the @latest laser strike at hopkins @wednesday someone flashed a @laser on a commercial airplane. @it happened near lorraine t laser strikes from @back on december 16th. @it is a federal offense to @flash a laser at an airplane or @helicopter. @the laser beam can distract and @flash blind pilots. @ the shadow hollow pavillion @is in ruins tonight after an @overnight fire. @park officials posted these @photos on twitter showing the @damage. @the fire sparked last night @around 11:15. @it took fire crews nearly two @hours to get it under control. @that pavillion was regularly @rented for gatherings, parties, @private events. @park officials are contacting @those with upcoming events to @discuss alternate plans.
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@somewhere to spend your friday @evening, head over to @university circle. @severance all and the museum of @art hope to attract a different @crowd than usual. @brandon simmons joins us live. @>> hi. @>> hi, sarah. @this is the cleveland museum of @art. @this theme is mardi gras. @when i look around, i don't see @a lot of people wearing masks @just yet. @as you said, things are just @getting started. @both of these events are aimed @at attracting a younger crowd @and culture. @>> the day started early @getting set up for an event @that's expected to attract @hundreds of people. @>> it's a great way to become @introduced to the orchestra. @>> but it's not your typical
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@you will get to enjoy a laid @back lounge experience. @it's been really great to see a @lot of younger faces, students. @>> the museum of art also @getting set up for a big party @called the mix. @for tonight, there's no need to @be quiet as you look through @the museum. @>> it is a younger event. @i think we're really tapped @into some of the energy that @people wanted to experience at @the museum, instead of a quiet @place. @it's a live, active, breathing @experience. @>> hopes people truly @appreciate the arts and culture @cleveland has to offer. @>> we want people to leave with @a greater exposure of the value @of arts and culture in @cleveland, which we have so @much of to appreciate. @>> now, friday at 7:00 @obviously kicks off at 7:00 @this evening.
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@chance coming up in april. @you can try against next month. @they're expecting about 2500 @people tonight. @>> not a bad assignment for @friday night. @>> back to something that's @become a new story in the @johnny manziel saga. @an ex-girlfriend accused him of @hitting her and threatening to @kill her. @his family is now speaking out. @super dave chudowsky is here @with the tales on this. @another day, another manziel @story. @>> details today, eye opening @clearly. @johnny manziel is not facing @any penalty from the law. @we'll wait to see what happens @with the nfl, but as far as his @family goes there's major @concern there. @his father, paul manziel told @the dallas morning news they @have made two unsuccessful @attempts in the past week to @get johnny into a rehab clinic @and made this powerful comment. @this coming from paul manziel.
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@see his 24th birthday. @he turns 24 in december. @>> he agreed to go to rehab, a @facility on saturday but left. @on tuesday, they had manziel @admitted to a psychiatric and @chemical de dependency ! his @agent cut ties with manziel. @he said it's become obvious @that his future rests solely in @his hands. @jimmy haslam is in san @francisco for the super bowl. @he said the browns have been @unsuccessful in their attempts @to reach him. @they will do anything they can @to help him personally. @they're not worried about @manziel the player, but the @person, their thoughts and @players are with him and his @family. @the browns will rid themselves @of manziel when they can in @march. @his agent did that today,
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@lebron was asked again about it @today. @i've already voiced my opinion. @i'm not going to do it again. @i think the last thing i need @to be talking about is his @incident. @it doesn't make it any better. @i wasn't there. @i don't know what happened. @so who am i to say he's right @or wrong. @i wasn't there. @>> we'll hear from commissioner @roger goodell coming up in @sports. @>> rebecca lopez, a judge has @signed a protective order @keeping johnny manziel away @from his girlfriend for two @years and ordered him to pay @12k in legal fees. @>> this is difficult on many @levels, trying to sort this out @is a difficult job. @>> you have to think about it @from her side, johnny's side. @the fans trying to figure it @out. @one day it will come to an end, @at least as far as the browns @go and us having to cover it.
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@has to get professional help. @>> he needs help, yes. @>> thank you, david. @ next at 6:00, cleveland @native and olympian jesse owens @story is racing to the big @screen next week. @how the actor portraying him is @inspiring students right now. @>> we're looking forward to a @beautiful weekend ahead. @next week is going to be a @stark reminder that we're still @firmly in the midst of winter. @i have details. @russ? @>> oh, joy. @>> thank you, betsy. @>> tired of resetting your @keep forgetting it. @life easier.
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@ @as you see there, we're exactly @six months away from rio where
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@will go for the gold. @the greatest olympian ever will @appear on screen. @race. @jesse owens made history. @actor steven james plays owens @in the movie. @he stopped by the cleveland @arts today and gave his @thoughts about bringing the @jesse owens story to a new @generation. @>> so many people know about @jesse owens, super human, @fastest man on the planet @athlete, but they know little @about the type of man he was, @the type of husband he was, the @type of father he was. @the humanitarian that he was. @>> ro owens won four gold @medals at the 1936 olympics at @nazi germany, which inif you @are rated adolph hitler. @it hits theaters february 18th
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@ cavs were -- maureen owens @will attend. @hillary goldsteen will talk to @her and have the story on @channel 3 news at 11:00. @ a group of case western @graduates say they took note of @this problem and developed a @solution. @melissa raymond shows us what @they came up with. @>> this is every key. @it replaces all of my keys and @passwords. @>> it came to him and his @friends. @>> we were aiming to make @people -- @>> one says every key works on @all accounts. @you put the device near your @laptop, tablet, house, car @door, and it unlocks. @>> you can work on your bank @account, e-mail, everything. @>> when you see it work, it's @really cool. @>> it automatically filled the @password in and logged me in to @my google account. @>> you can wear it on your
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@>> they work with a dozen guys, @all in their 20s. @since they start in 2013, they @already had to move into a @circle. @>> you started off just you and @a couple of friends, you never @know if you're going to succeed @now. @>> they raised the money to get @it going and never looked back. @>> just test out ideas. @>> that was really exciting. @>> over the past few years, @they've been testing @prototypes. @those are in manufacturing now. @the first orders will ship in @the next month or so. @>> the price tag, $128. @they say they're security -- @they're using a security firm @to audit their product to make
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@ a big crowd at the @cleveland convention center @today for the go red women @health expo. @monica robbins served as mc at @the event, bringing awareness @to the number one killer of @women, heart disease and @stroke. @this research is done mostly in @northeast ohio. @>> we're wearing red. @>> a lot in the newsroom and @around the community. @>> green, white, blue in the @sky. @>> i like it. @>> sunshine. @>> yeah. @we'll take more of this. @actually this weekend is @looking great. @if you have weekend plans, @yeah, we win. @next week, that's when things @look interesting. @still no major storm systems, @no big dumps of snow. @it's more that persistent yuck @that gets you irritated. @let's take a look at the @forecast. @temperatures are going to be @hovering around the low 30s. @light southerly breezes. @we have clouds coming in.
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@i don't think most of that snow @is hitting ground. @maybe a random flurry in some @of this. @as i mentioned, this is not @hitting the ground. @we have to expand the picture. @we're starting to see some snow @showers. @light stuff that may pass @through. @more likely than not, we'll not @get the snow. @we can't completely rule out a @random flake or two. @i think for the most part, it's @just a cloud forecast through @the weekend. @so let's go hour by hour @through your weekend. @we start with the midnight hour @here. @temperatures upper 20s, low @30s. @mostly cloudy skies will be the @rule. @at times we'll go partly @cloudy. @you will hear the variable @cloudiness in the forecast. @early morning temperatures, @upper 20s and low 30s. @it will be a cool start to the @day. @as we head through most of the @afternoon, i think we're going @to see some sunshine. @we're also going to have some @cloud cover around. @nice thing here, temperatures @will be in the upper 30s to @right around 40 to start off @our weekend. @so that's a great start. @by sunday morning, we'll be
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@the 20s and low 30s. @sunday we're expecting to see @even more sunshine. @we're going to have even warmer @temperatures. @we're likely to make it into @the upper 40s. @some areas into the 50-degree @range. @can't be ruled out. @mid-40s will be the rule. @we'll say partly cloudy day for @sunday. @of course after that, that's @when things really start to get @interesting. @by the time we get into tuesday @and wednesday, you can see how @our jet stream track pushes our @storm systems around. @line on. @warmer air. @you can see by wednesday we're @firmly into cold air. @once we go into the latter part @of the week, we really don't @get out of the cold air. @witness you start to see that @rotation back around with that @cold air, that's another surge @of energy coming in.
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@mix that will be likely. @slushy stuff is possible. @we'll have a reinforcing shot @of cold air on tuesday. @additional snow is likely. @and then we keep it cold as we @head through the rest of the @week with lake snow showers and @then a clipper coming late week @will kind of seal the deal and @next weekend we're looking at @snow chances. @i'm going to say upper 30s to @sunny skies. @next several days, you can see @great note. @mid-upper 40s. @and then the snow arrives on @day forecast. @i think a slushy coating, maybe @one to three is possible. @tuesday. @then we get the lake fired up @with temperatures dropping back @bigtime. @only the low to mid-20s with @wednesday and thursday and @friday another head of snow @showers with a clipper coming @in. @so enjoy this weekend. @do what you've got to do. @get outside. @get the fresh air.
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@>> february, oh, yeah. @>> constant yuck, is that what @>> that persistent yuck. @thanks.
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@ @hi, everyone.
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@johnny manziel, let's recap @what i told you at the top of @the show, his father, paul, @told the dallas morning news @they tried this past week to @get johnny into rehab twice, @failing both times. @he said, quote, i truly believe @if they don't get him help, he @won't live to see his 24th 24th @birthday. @the browns have been you can @successful in their attempts to @reach manziel, but they will do @anything they can to help him @personally. @roger goodell was asked about @johnny today. @>> we have young people that @may have issues that need to be @addressed. @we want a program. @we'll always look to see how we @can do that to try to help them @make those adjustments and try @to help them deal with any @issues they may have for their @long term safety. @it's not just about playing in @the nfl. @>> manziel's agent cut ties. @he said it's with deep regret @and discussions with his family
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@i have made the decision to @terminate my professional @relationship with johnny @manziel, though i will remain a @friend and a supporter. @i've worked tirelessly to @arrange options. @his few cheer rests solely in @his hands. @>> favre voluntarily entered @the nfl substance abuse @program. @it worked out. @all right. @now on to super bowl 50. @the broncos and panthers on @sunday. @it should be a good one. @we have a new great quarterback @in cam newton. @he's not new. @he's such a sen station. @you have an all-time great in @peyton manning. @he tries to get a second toed @ad to his resume. @is this it for manning? @will he retire after the super @bowl. @>> i may play against these @guys ten more times. @brady is going to play until @he's 70.
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@he's 90 and maybe i hit the @fountain of youth and play @another ten years. @who knows. @>> the cavs play the celtics @and try to bounce back. @it's the second meeting between @the team this is season. @we all know what it means with @the celtics. @>> he's coming to cleveland @tonight. @>> it's unfortunate what @happened. @you know, with that particular @play. @you know, we already talked @about that. @comment. @we're trying to move forward @and make progress. @>> the indians packed up the @trucks and left for goodyear @today as spring training is @approaching. @catchers and pitchers report on @the 15th. @looking forward to the first @game bigtime. @>> i like peyton manning's @answer, kind of a nonanswer @answer.
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@years. @>> perhaps. @>> do you think he was serious? @>> one never knows. @>> things a lot. @>> we thank you very much for @watching. @we're back tonight at 7:00.
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