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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  February 5, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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no choice, but to shoot him. @. @exciting. @>> and a city on the rise. @cleveland has huge plans to @lake front. @delicious first step. @>> from the station that sees @the possible, this is @channel 3 news, brought to you @by the calvetta @brothers floor show. @it's time to fall in love again @with your home. @channel 3 news at 7. @>> jimmy has the night off. @ a perry township mother is @in fair condition @tonight after deputies say her @husband stabbed her @in the back with a butcher's @knife last night. @live outside the lake county @sheriff's office to @explain what prompted @authorities to shoot and kill @the man. @andrew? @>> reporter: sarah, that @suspect was no stranger @when it came to the law.
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@individual who had a @psychological break. @friends say the marriage @between tom and lori h,rka @wasn't always easy, especially @after he was @diagnosed with cancer. @but that wasn't the only thing @going on: records @show tom had three drunk- @driving arrests over the @past three decades, a domestic @abuse conviction, and @a conviction for disorderly @conduct. @he had also barricaded himself @in 2006, saying if @police entered his home, he'd @kill himself. @and yet none of that can @explain his behavior last @night when he stabbed his wife @in the back and @kidney, then left her bleeding @on the floor. @lori called 911 from her cell @phone, then set it @down, clearly surprised. @>> tom, oh my good. @what have you done? @what happened? @what happened? @why did you do that? @. @>> i know that some trials over @the past couple @years, because of tom's illness
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@things -- when you're a long- @term caregiver, things @become stressful. @>> reporter: three lake county @deputies soon had @tom outside the home in their @highlights, holding @what they later found out was @an air-soft pistol. @he are fuse today drop it, and @they say his threats @were clear, that he stated, @quote, "it's time to @die." @and ultimately, a deputy shot @him twice. @tonight, all three deputies to @respond to the scene @are on leave as the community @hear prays for larry's @recovery. @she's been upgraded to fair @again, though, still so many @prayers going out to @the family tonight. @>> absolutely. @thank you, andrew. @ well just cleveland and @other ohio cities be @able to make their own gun @legal cause? @state lawmakers and the courts @have decided no. @sentenville is @working with groups to change @that. @they want to get an issue on @the november ballot
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@cleveland has had a very @violent year. @the group gone before guns led @by faith leaders, say @they want stronger legal cause. @>> yes. @the hope is to do this in 2016, @and that's @aggressive, but we think it @would be a good time to @have it on the ballot. @>> this is much bigger than me @and my campaign by a @long shot. @irrespective of my political @fortunes, i look @forward to be a part of it. @>> they will start collecting @signatures this month. @they need more than 300,000 to @make year's ballot. @he's making gun control his @main campaign -- @ new tonight, bishop richard @glennen is feeling @better after a successful heart @surgery. @the bishop of the cleveland @diocese felt some chest @pains yesterday. @doctors at saint vincent @charity hospital underwent @emergency surgery to put in two @stents. @the bishop will take some time @off work to recover,
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@sometime next week. @ johnny manzi,l's father is @speaking out about @his son. @this after a police report @disclosed his @ex-girlfriend accused him of @hitting her and @threatening to kill her. @just sad and sadder on this. @>> it really. @is following the manzi,l @situation, @there's many levels. @you sit and wonder what's going @to happen next. @>> yeah. @>> and we had a lot if things @happen today. @the very latest out at texas, @we learned from our @sister station wfaa in dallas, @a judge has signed a @protective order, keeping @johnny manziel away from @his ex-girlfriend for two @years. @there's reason to believe @family violence occurred. @and manziel ordered to 12,000 @in legal fees. @now to the comment from his @father that opened eyes @today. @paul manziel made this powerful @to "the dallas @morning news," i truly believe @if they can't get him @help, he won't live to see his @24th birthday." @manziel turns 24 in december. @manziel's father also said that
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@this past week to get johnny in @rehab, failing both @times. @also today manziel's agent cut @ties with him. @jimmy hassle told reporters @today the browns have @been unsuccessfulth their @attempts to reach @manziel, but they will do @anything they can to help @him personally, and nfl @commissioner roger goodell @didn't specifically address the @concern with @manziel's situation, but wants @to help young @minnesota like johnny. @>> he's a young man we respect, @we admire. @we're glad if they want to make @this an nfl career, @but they're young men first, @and they're young men @that are going to lead long and @healthy lives, and @that. @i think our policies have done @that. @>> reporter: so that's about @four things today @with the manzi,l situation. @as i mentioned earlier, you sit @and hope nothing new @will happen with johnny @manziel, he goes and gets @help. @but the bottom line we are @where we are now. @i'll tell you what else is @how about super bowl @>> yeah, all right.
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@ and some happy sports news: @if you love the @olympics, like i do, you can @rejoice. @we are six months away from the @summer games in rio. @looking back, jesse ow,ns, of @course, one of the @greatest olympians, and will @grew up right here in @cleveland. @a mural of him now covers the @side of the ilani rec @center. @his story is about to get even @more famous when the @movie comes out next thursday. @the star of the film, steven @james, stopped by the @cleveland school of the arts @today, to talk about @how he prepared to play the @icon. @>> i really couldn't have had, @you know, a group of @people who knew jesse better @than his daughters and @his family. @so to have them there, and to @have them tell me @about the type of person he @was, you know, sometimes @i wouldn't even have to ask @them. @they would just tell me stories @about their father. @he was dad. @will wasn't be p big, famous @celebrity. @he was just daddy. @>> and speaking of his @daughter, the cavs are @honoring ow,ns at halftime @tonight with his
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@you can hear from her about the @new film tonight on @channel 3 news at 11. @ lake-front development, @from a concept tossed @around for years on cleveland's @collective wish list @to now actually taking root @right on east ninth @street. @channel 3's don listen dramatic @has a sneak peek @what you can expect from stage @one. @hi, don. @>> reporter: hi, sarah. @if you stroll down the pier, it @is impossible to @miss. @eventually you'll see a four- @story building with @retail on the first floor, @three floors of @apartments with fantastic views @of the water. @one, let's eat. @there it is, taking shape in @the shadow of the rock @and roll hall of fame. @a freshly poured lake-front @foundation to be built @up in a city on the rise. @on the way from akron @cigarette's new, it's fresh. @>> reporter: sw,bel modern @mexican and tequila @bar.
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@spot that's taken off in just @two years. @>> is that great? @yeah. @>> reporter: so when cleveland @north coast harbor @development, coburn development @came calling. @>> we thought it was a great @fit. @>> reporter: a synergy for the @first phase of @lake-front development that @screams, "see the @possible." @. @>> from we're standing, there's @a lot of @possibilities. @it's great. @. @>> reporter: and look what's @growing up around @it. @kick pace points to the @incredibly successful flats @east bank development for @paving the way. @>> they proved it can work, and @that made our @project a lot easier. @>> being able to be in @cleveland. @this wonderful, growing city. @that is what's possible, @because cleveland is just
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@we're on that forefront of that @growth, you know. @. @>> n you can,v,l expected to be @open in cleveland @this summer before the rnc and @just down the street @from channel 3. so we are @ready. @i took a hand vote. @we're ready to raise the @margarita to toast the city @on the rise. @cheers, sarah. @>> i have been there in akron. @it is awesome food. @looking forward to it. @>> thanks, dawn. @ well what would super bowl @parties be without @food? @if you're still looking for @some ideas for snacks, @we're going to run through some @easy options, @healthy -- and ideas if you're @looking to get @creative. @>> plus a math mistake. @the man -- directed him to @drive five hours out of @the way. @why he continued following the @strange route.
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@ @ some care more about the @commercials. @i could probably be counted in @that group. @others, it's all about the @group. @and chef paul ando, the food @marketing team leader @at giant eagle market district @joins us to talk @about some of the best snacking @options. @now, of course, there's the @traditional football @foods, right? @. @>> traditional hamburger, hot @dogs @>> yeah, wings, you're @thinking. @what are some of the things you @can do that are @maybe one step up, but still, @like, very low effort? @. @>> you can make some of your @own have as for it. @you can do some cabbage, some @very simple pickles @just to elevate it that much @>> and that's easy? @. @>> yeah, easy. @few ingredients, knife work, @and you're there. @>> also you guys have some @prepared options i don't @have awe rather legal going @basic. @>> we have fried chicken in
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@you can come by, get however @much you like, get it @ready to take home whenever you @luke it. @>> how about if you're trying @to do healthy? @sunday is kind of a cheap day. @if you're really trying to @bring something that's a @little bit better for you. @>> healthy? @i think quacamole low. @gawk moll low is one of my @favorites. @six immigrants. @avocados, onions. @not a loft fat in there @whatsoever @>> i love tobacco moll low, but @i fool it's one of @those things that are great or @mediocre. @what's the secret to make it @great? @. @>> toasted kumin. @takes it that further step what @you're looking for. @>> and that's in the spice @aisle? @. @>> spice aisle @>> and than the other six @immigrants, just avocado. @>> hall mean owes, onions, a @little lime juice, @tomatoes if that's what you @like. @>> what about other dips you @can make? @. @>> you can make a queso fr,so @which is a mexican @style dip with cheese, chorizo @sausage, some of that @spice some may be looking for.
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@toasted bread or use @the regular nacho chips. @>> okay. @and this is something you kind @of cut on your own at @home? @. @>> yeah. @just cut it up at home. @use the sauce pot just to make @a simple sauce, @makeses everything together. @>> one thing i know if you do a @buffalo touchdown, @it's hard to keep things warm @all the time. @do you have any -- when you're @setting stuff out for @a party? @. @>> crock pot. @a lot of crock pots. @that's the best way to keep @everything nice and @warm. @>> okay. @all right. @what's something you one when @you go to parties or @you see it at parties, it's, @like, your number-one @pet peeve? @. @>> not a lot of food. @very little -- @>> go overboard? @. @>> go overboard, because you @can use it, eat it for @the next few days. @you can send some home with @everybody. @do not skimp out on the food. @>> even if you're guest on @sunday, going somewhere @else, you recommend bring @something? @. @>> i always bring a dip, some @sort of easy appetizer @to share with everybody. @>> and as far as things that @transport well, you @think like something with gawk @moll low? @.
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@everyone has a crock pot you @can plug into and keep @everything warm. @>> thank you very much. @>> you're very welcome. @>> lot ophitesty options here. @ you probably don't have @time to prepare this @doctored dessert for a super @bowl crowd. @why this is going viral. @>> plus will the snow hold off @for the weekend? @betsy shows us when we return.
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@ @ remember, we're in's land @he drove five hours @instead of a half hour to got @to his hotel, ended up @in the north of the country @instead of the capital @in the south. @he says this all happened just @because he followed the gps, @and it always worked for him @here in the @u.s. . @ you might want some extra @comfort food after @that embarrassing trip. @how about a reese see's cup @filled with a cream from @an oreo? @a youtube user named the food
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@this instructional video on how @to conduct the p @sweet surgery. @the video, complete with all @the medical tools, as @you can see, has more than @600,000 views. @up to you to sty if the popular @dessert should @really be tampered with? @ [ music ] @ remember this guy? @`8 0s heartthrob rick @springfield is coming to @cleveland on valentine's day. @and if you don't want to wait @for his performance @that night, you're in luck. @he will play a show inside the @exchange in par ma @heights in the afternoon, and @it's free. @all to promote a new album, @"rocket science." @pet say, this is a show first @come, first serve. @you can expect it might be @crowded with all those @fans holding out since the @`80s. @>> it is rick sprungfield after @all. @>> one of your favorites? @. @>> definitely an `8 0s @throwback. @there's a few that are out @there for sure. @ i'll tell you what, this
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@so if you don't have any out- @door plans, maybe plan @on taking a walk with the kids, @getting out @subpoenas you can. @it starts tonight. @the temperatures that are going @to be in the 20s. @we have variably cloudy skies. @flurry chance, that's why -- @that was giovanni, by @the way. @come, dance around. @we actually just saw your head. @we did. @come on. @are -- wearing red in @everything, everybody. @giovanni is our floor director. @not only is he wearing red, he @is red. @ we do have snow showers out @to the west in iowa. @i don't think these are going @to survive very much. @we're probably not going to be @seeing any snow as we @go through the weekend. @but we will end up getting the @clouds from all that. @as far as flurry chances, i @moon we're talking loss @than 10%. @may see flakes tonight, and @start off the day @tomorrow. @most of those chances will be @east. @then that moves out. @we'll go back and forth to @partly sunny to partly @cloudy skies as we head through
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@we'll be in the mid-and upper @0s. @as far as the evening goes, it @will be clear, @cooling nicely. @we'll be dropping back to the @20s for the start of @the day on sunday. @as far as sunday afternoon goes @with the party @planning, we are anticipating @partly cloudy skies, @right around freezing at 8:00 @a.m., and temperatures @are going to be boosting @beautifully. @we are going to top out in the @40s across much of @northern ohio. @rain chances will start to @sneak in by sunday night, @and that is the beginning of @some pretty hefty @changes that are going to be @coming our way as we @start next week. @now, as far as saturday, with @eel be in the upper @20s in the morning, moving into @the 30s for the @afternoon. @and again, that mix of clouds @and sun will be with @us. @we'll top out in the upper 30s @to right around 40. @for the next couple days, i @think things are looking @okay for us as far as sunday @goes. @mid-and upper 40s with partly @cloudy skies. @then we get to next week. @now, monday in your window @nation 7-day forecast, @has a little snow mix taking @place, as temperatures @hover just above -- well, well
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@we'll drop through the day. @i am anticipating maybe a @potential 1 to 3 inches, @slushy accumulation. @we'll hold on to snow chances @and cold temperatures @next week. @>> that stuff doesn't kick in @until after the super @bowl party. @driving home. @>> rain if anything sunday. @>> okay. @all right. @ well calling on cam as the @panthers quarterback @has a message for kids, still @chasing those dreams. @>> home run's what's coming up
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@ dave is back for the @buildup of the big game @>> something tells me you have @big plans. @i'm thinking super bowl party. @>> yeah. @>> i want to hard all about it. @ super bowl 50 so big they @took the roman @numerals out to elevate and @celebrate the 50th @super bowl. @let's hope it lives up the @hype. @now, cam newton certainly adds @to the hype. @panthers quarterback looks to @one his first super @bowl. @likely mvp of the nfl this @season. @he had everyone talking with @his play and how he @brace it, and for cam, this was @always the goal. @>> you can't put all your eggs @in one basket, and i @remember coming to tars, @telling her, like,, "i know @i really want to be a football @player. @player." @so these are for the people who @dream and believe @that no matter what another @person say, they know @what they want to be.
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@to be to win this @game. @mine, the denver broncos 23 @panner its 20. @i'm not counting out payton @defense. @i'm going with the afc. @sarah? @. @>> i am also going with the @broncos. @feeling a little sentimental @for payton. @out. @i used to be a tennessee fan. @he's a favorite there. @so i'm going to go broncos. @i can feel it if, you know, te @-- you could see @carolina winning. @there's not one show in america @that has all @broncos. @>> negative. @21. @i think i might be dreaming, @but i'm going for it. @payton manning is the man. @>> i am surprised. @i thought, when i made my @prediction, i would come @out and predict denver, and @both of you would go @carolina. @i have to give you credit. @>> he doesn't get hurt.
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@i'm out. @>> he's so nice. @. @>> we're getting snoop by. @ let's talk about @>> yeah. @know. @commercials. @sunday night. @ thanks for watching. @''entertainment tonight" is @next.
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