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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@dallas. johnny manzielal charges. @ we will tell you how the @new iphone trade-in policy
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@ breaking news on the @johnny manziel story. @harrowing accusationsex-girlfriend. @a criminal investigation has @been launched. @>> reporter: there is a lot @going on today. @you need a scorecard. @johnny manziel has @lot over the past couple of @years. @it seems clear he has @problems. @tonight he has a major one. @just tonight dallas police @announced they are investigation into a @domestic violence assault @complaint filed against him.
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@manziel listed as the suspect @. his ex-girlfriend, colleen says he struck her @several times. @manziel threatened to kill @her. @investigators want to @determine what ges, if any, will be filed. @you may be asking, didn't they @investigation. @they reopened iving a complaint. @they said, as there are many @emotional incidents, it's notunusual for victims to delay @in pressing charges. acription has been @given to the police of january
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@have respect for her is an unbelievable day. @his agent says goodbye. @his dad speaks about him.straining order @against him. @this has obviously been an @eventful day. @>> we talked about this. @can you explain why they after dropping @the charges? @>> yes, because she has made @an official complaint. cause she @hadn't up until this point. @ the fbi is looking for @someone who is shaming -- at @airplanes near the airport. @there have been 25 incidents @since december since december @-- in the @they can actually flash blind @pilots doing this. @>> -- @>> reporter: jus
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@incidents of lasers being @pointed into a cockpit. @imagine being a pilotd @having that happen. @how hard would it be to land @the plane? ve to deal @with criminals shining later's @into the cockpit? @the fbi told us thursday and @wednesday someone flashed a @laser into an airplane.someone near clifton avenue @and 117th st. pointed at 25 @separate airliners ins international airport. @ @>> it can cause flash blindness @. when you shine the light in @your eye, you can see spots @afterwards. @>> reporter: the lasers the pilots to diverge
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@>> it hasn't happened in our @area but it has in other areas @. thank @been no catastrophic crashessted this @laser pointer to see how much @harm it can do. @at 1 foot away it's only a few @millimeters wide with the same @beam measured 50 feet away is @about . times as wide. @when you take that tdoors and aim it at an @aircraft 6000 feet away, 2 mm 6 foot wide @blinding light. @it is even worse at night. @>> it can take 30 or 40 @seconds before you get your @that can be critical. @--, especially if you are a @commercial pilot fighting a @jet moving very fast. @>> it is not funny. @it is very dangerous. @>> reporter: if you have seen @any lasers pointing up at the @sky or hurt anyone talking @about it, you are asked to you could get a reward if even
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@as for the criminals, they @could face up to 20 years in @prison and $250,000 in at hopkins @international airport, wale @aliyu channel 3 news . g breaking @story -- a breaking story out @of southern taiwan where at @least five are dead and more @than 150 people have been @injuring -- injured following @a six-point . magnitude @earthquake that caused a 17 @story apartment building to @topple. @at least five aftershocks of @three-point eight magnitude @have struck since the initial @quake. @ the first class of @cleveland police cadets to @receive training from the @highway patrol is now halfway @through the training. @they moved to this academy and @sparked a court battle. the @judge ruled in favor of the @city. @we wanted to see firsthand
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@during that extended-stay. @brandon simmons has the story. @ @>> [ chanting ] @>> reporter: each day for @cleveland's newest police @cadets, -- starts with @physical training. @>> this is a focus in a @paramilitary setting. @>> reporter: they call this @the stretch. @they will start their day that @way for the next 21 weeks. @this is the residential @training facility. @>> they are sequestered here @so they can focus on @academics, operations, @training. @--, as opposed to things that @might distract them. @>> reporter: they sleep here @monday through friday and @leave only on weekends. @the rules are strict. @rooms are open for inspection @because the smallest detail @counts, down to decreases.
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@weapon or not seeing a weapon. @perceiving a threat or not @perceiving a threat. @>> reporter: over the four- @month period students spend @time each day in the classroom @importantly have to be @professional. @they also spend plenty of time @getting in shape and building @camaraderie. @>> the critically important @thing is professionalism and @embracing the core values. @>> reporter: the moved to @columbus was not without @controversy. @the cleveland police union @argued against it saying @cleveland's academy was better @suited for the job. @city buildings -- the city @believes this will provide @additional training for @veteran officers. @a judge agreed. @the highway patrol is focused @on one thing, providing proper @training. @>> [ muffled audio ] they all @receive the same basic @fundamental training.>> @reporter: cleveland should
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@officers soon. @>> they will have an @additional 4 to 8 weeks of @training back in cleveland. @they will graduate in may and @should be working side-by-side @by the time the republican @national convention takes @place in july. @ police shot and killed a @man who was brandishing an air @soft gun. @they believed this was a real @gun. @he did not drop the weapon when @instructed and raised it at @one of the deputies. @when they went inside of the @home, they found a woman with @stab wounds. @she is in fair condition. @ the cold case unit is @constantly working to find @fugitives that have eluded the @law for decades. @tonight channel 3's monica @robins and has the story -- @robinson has found information @--
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@freshwater of akron killed a @24-year-old father with his @car. @he pleaded guilty to voluntary @manslaughter and received a 1 @to 20 here -- year sentence. @he violated parole shortly @after. @he escaped from the honor farm @seven months later. @a west virginia sheriff's @deputy arrested him on this @warrant and then the governor @at the time refused @extradition. @>> you have to think outside @the box and come up with a new @idea that will hopefully lead @you to another clue. @we want to lead -- maybe it @will lead us to the front @door. @>> reporter: he has been @working cold cases for nearly
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@frank freshwaters is the first @to be found alive. @he has been living as william @harold cox. @he conducted -- a plan to get @fingerprints. @>> he said, you are right. @it is me. @>> is your full name frank @freshwaters? @>> reporter: this picture was @taken when he was 21. @now he is 71, back in ohio and @back behind bars. @in the meantime stacks of cold @cases weight to be solved. @>> it's a blank piece of @paper, like writing a book. @you start and you don't know @what you are going to write @about. @you don't know how it is going @to end, but you know you have @to push on. @>> reporter: the cold case @unit need your help finding @james wilson addison wanted @for a federal below violation @-- federal parole violation. @he's an it specialist in the @pilot for mexican drug cartel.
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@if you have any idea of his @whereabouts contact the u.s. @marshals office at 1-866- @4wanted. @ a new movie celebrates the @life of jesse owens. @ see the new program apple @is launching to trade in @damaged iphones. @hello betsy. @ i hate when that happens. @what a horrible feeling when @the phone falls out of your @hand. @hopefully we will be able to @pick it up off the dry @pavement. @we have nice weather coming up @work that will be lasting -- @coming up. @that will be lasting long. @snow was back in the forecast
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@ @ the story on the sports @icon will soon hit the silver @screen. @incredible jesse owens west @cleveland roots. @hilary golston spoke to the @star and -- the star's @daughter.
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@marlene with a number 80 @jersey which commemorates the @80th anniversary of him @winning the gold medal in @berlin. @we chatted with the actor who @played his -- who played jesse @owens. @jesse owens was an outstanding @superstar. @the trailer makes it seem like @the weight of the world was on @his shoulders in 1936. @>> someone who is so much more @than an american hero, so much @more than a black hero, a @world hero. @>> reporter: he was on a quest @to be the fastest man in the @world. @>> we must not go to these @olympic games. @>> reporter: the race is @colored by hitler's vision of
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@the role waiting stiphane james @-- @>> he has done an incredible @role of capturing the essence @of jesse owens. @>> reporter: she remembers her @gold medalist father taking -- @telling very little about the @trials in 1936. @>> he didn't talk about it. @he looked on. @>> reporter: the message is @still being heard by young @people. @>> he did this at a time when @it was so difficult and in the @place where he did it, it's -- @it shows there is no excuse @for not accomplishing @something. @>> reporter: marlene says her @father, read it -- credited @ohio state university @forgiving in the life that he @had. @that film is in theaters @february 19.
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@thanks hillary -- it. @thanks hillary. @ great weather this @weekend. @as you always stay -- say, @stay tuned. @>> we are going to pay for it @eventually. @it always seems that way. @we are still firmly in @february, early february. @this is not typically him @great -- typically a great @month for us weatherwise. @we can deal with it however. @we have chances for flurries @coming in. @we haven't seen any snowflakes @in northern ohio as of yet. @snow showers have been out to @the west of us through the @evening and they are fading. @you can see the cloud cover @still coming our way. @we are expecting to see clouds @as we go through the day @tomorrow. @the weekend forecast is one @that is not too bad for us. @we will see a mix of clouds
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@cloudy and partly cloudy @skies. @we will see the highs around @the 40 degree mark in @cleveland with upper 30s @father south. @the warmer weather continues @to pour in as we get into @sunday. @let's go hour by hour through @the weekend, 8:30 tomorrow, @upper 20s to about 30, a few @clouds in the area. @we will go back and forth with @partly cloudy to mostly cloudy @skies and everything in @between. @by midday temperatures will @likely be in the mid-30s and @continue to climb into the @upper 30s in the afternoon. @it should be dry in the wind @should be relatively light. @there shouldn't be any huge @windchill effect. @a nice evening setting up, @temperatures dropping back to @freezing at about 6:00. @by the midnight hour we should @be in the upper 20s and lower @30s. @now sunday morning, everyone @is getting up and getting the
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@prepped for the big game. we @area for sunday. @noontime temperatures will be @in the 40s. @as you head out the door to @your super bowl party, you can @see the temperatures peaking at @upper 40s. @once we get into the evening, @we will start to see clouds on @the increase. @sneak in. @during the game, other than @passing showers, we aren't @going to have any problems. @it's not until sunday night @comes in. @that snow is a leading edge of @what is likely to end up being @a pretty interesting weekend @for us -- week for us next @week. @upper 30s to about 40 @tomorrow, partly sunny skies, @relatively light winds. @we will be mid to upper 40s on @sunday with partly cloudy skies @. sunday night rain showers @start to mix with snow @showers. @i think most of the @precipitation for the day on
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@of snow, maybe a rain/snow @mix. @we could at the light @accumulation across the area @of all of northern ohio, 1 to @3 inches, most of us on the @low end of that on monday. @we donation seven-day @forecast, -- window nation @seven-day forecast, snow in @the forecast for a few days @next week. @ next in sports, the cavs @took on [ indiscernible - low @volume ] @ who left the game with an
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@ @ we have been learning more
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@situation more and more. @>> it keeps getting worse as @the days and hours go on. @it's unbelievable. @one thing after another today. @let's recap the events. @dallas police announced they @are launching a criminal @investigation into a criminal @violence assault filed against @manziel. @this is for the january 30 @incident involving colleen @crowley. @they are reopening this after @receiving complaints. @they want to determine what @criminal charges if any will @be filed. @a protective order was signed @as well keeping johnny manziel @away from colleen crowley for @two years. @there is reason to believe @violence has occurred. @he also has to pay legal fees. @now to the comments from his @father, paul mandell. @quote -- "i truly believe if
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@won't live to see his 24th @birthday." @mandell -- gentry was allowed @to leave the chemical @dependency hospital, even @though his father believed he @was suicidal. @also today johnny manziel's @agent, erik burkhardt has @announced the decision to @dissolve his business @relationship with manziel. @reporters covering the super @bowl today has said that the @browns have been unsuccessful @in reaching johnny manziel. @they are not worried about the @player but the person. @now to this guy, josh gordon, @nfl commissioner judge -- @roger goodell held his press @conference today. @they will look at how [ name @indiscernible ] has conducted @himself over the last several @months. @he must now convince roger
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@>> i am hopeful that josh @understands he will have to @conduct himself differently @going forward, to be a member @of the nfl and to be @representing the cleveland @browns or any team in the nfl. @ @>> onto the cavs, after a five @again game -- a five-game @winning spirit -- streak, they @are going back. check out @lebron, they were 13-to at @this point. @look at kevin love -- 13-2 at @this point. @look at kevin love. @you don't see this often. @this was a big night for j.r. @smith, 20 points, five triples @. bad news, he gets hurt. @he left the game and didn't @come back. @he hopes to play tomorrow. @the cavs were down in this one @but come back in a big fourth- @quarter. now it's 96-94. @lebron james had 30.
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@seconds left two --. @watch this last play. @from three at the badger, he @hits the shot in the cavs win @michigan. @freshman josh williams six @triples, 22 points, this one @the first half on a 10-2 run. @spring is coming, indians @packed up the trucks and left @or spring training which is @approaching. @pitchers and catchers report @bond -- on february 17. @spring training is coming up. @>> hope springs eternal. @ trading your iphone, a @program to help customers get
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@ @ apple has a new program @for customers who damage their @iphones. @>> they have a new option that @will allow customers to trade @in their damaged phones.
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@people to trade in their own @damaged phones. @ thank you for joining us @today.
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