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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@ @now at 6:00 a wake-up call. @that's what firefighters are @calling a pair of fires today. @>> the jabs are flying in the @presidential sweepstakes.
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@beating now from opponents just @vote. @ the nba admitting it was a @botched call last night that @led to the caves loss. @the decision from the league @and what it means for the team. @>> from the station that sees @the possible. @this is channel 3 news. @it's time to follow in love @again with your home and now @channel 3 news at 6:00. @ thanks for being with us. @firefighters. @two house fires claim noting @lives and the first one started @at 3:00 a.m. @this is east 133rd off union. @a man was found and died. @not clear what caused this one. @firefighters still @investigating. @>> then, early this afternoon,
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@takes another life, this one on @east 57th, an elderly woman was @trapped but the flames were too @intense by the time they got @through the backdoor and got @her, the first responders @couldn't revive her. @>> people were trying to break @in the house to get her and she @had security doors and they @couldn't get in and we called @just too late. @>> very sad day. @two fatalities. @not the type of day you look @for when you come to work. @>> they continue to search for @other victims they can't be @building collapsed. @the cause is under @investigation and no connection
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@ let's talk politics. @a small state with big stakes. @3 days now to the new hampshire @primary and lots to cover. @we begin with the republicans. @they're debating tonight for @the first primary vote and the @biggest talking point hasn't @been the issues but donald @appearance. @he went straight for south @north. @promises he is not leaving them @hampshire. @>> my total focus is on new @hampshire and then my total @focus is here next week in @south carolina. @>> jeb bush struggling campaign @taking a shot at donald trump. @my 90-year-old mother made it @out in the storm. @he still leads in new @hampshire, donald trump does. @
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@sanders race with hillary @clinton getting far more @contentious and he's painting @street. @a creative smear and despite @trailing clinton hopes history @is on her side. @she came back in new hampshire @when she was behind with obama. @ back in this date, ohio @lawmakers controlling the price @ohio pays for prescription @drugs. @a new proposal under @consideration makes sure state @agencies don't pay more than @the price negotiated by the va. @a similar plan is heading for @california. @they have 4 months to make a @decision on that proposal. @ decades since this part of @cleveland has seen a new
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@the new high school will be a @state-of-the-art 65,000 square @foot learning space. @it's drawn financial support @from many businesses and it's @known for the work for the @under represented cleveland @kids and a far better than @average for graduates. @>> and super bowl excitement @reaches new levels. @why police had to close off san @francisco's super bowl city @last night. @>> early spring, not this week. @we've got major changes in the
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@you're watching channel 3 news @at 6:00. @ welcome back, we have @intense surveillance video. @from that earthquake in taiwan. @that's a building collapsing. @a car drove by just in time, @the footage shows it all. @cement chunks crashing down and @water bursting from underground @pipes. @that's incredible. @all in such a short span of @time. @14 killed and hundreds injured. @and more coming up inch. @>> one dead and 7 hurt after @gunfire inside this strip club @in tampa, florida. @they got to club rain and found @one person dead an 6 others @injured. @police say another person drove @to a hospital on their own. @investigators working on who @opened fire and why.
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@reward offered. @>> super bowl city in san @francisco on the other side of @the country and jammed to @capacity. @they had to turn away thousands @due too overcrowding. @that's when they closed it off. @alicia keys, is slated to @perform tonight and so we'll @see how things go on super bowl @eve. @ and san francisco isn't the @only place with a party. @it's mardi gras down south. @and the whole atmosphere, and @it's leading to fat tuesday, @the last day of excess before @the start of lend in the @christian faith. @>> . @>> and every year a touch of @spring returns to cleveland
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@a great big home and garden @show takes over the center and @she shows us what's new this @year. @>> i can slide my finger across @the ipad. @>> he has extend technology and @the greatest in home @entertainment. @>> tv turns on and it's behind @that mirror. @>> you heard it's four times @the resolution of high- @definition, so it's more @detail. @>> the old meets new. @years ago, barn doors but @that's moved inside and people @really seem to like it. @they're functional and they're @easy to use and they look nice. @>> a lot of people come to the @great big home and garden show @to get ideas for the inside of @the home but for me,
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@imagine this in the backyard of @your home. @this is vineyard wedding, one @of 15 themes for this year's @celebration garden. @>> i'm a big teddy bear so it @wasn't a problem when they gave @me valentine's day. @he likes to say, he went from @the browns to your grounds. @second dream. @it's a dream, so i'm not @complaining. @whether it be your dream garden @or home, turn your vision into @a reality. @ good stuff, thanks. @sunday. @until 9:00 p.m. @so you've got time if you want @to pull that off. @and they re-open at 10:00 a.m. @please say hi to the folks at @channel 3, they're there. @we have a 30 minute special
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@the mood. @beautiful day outside and gets @you thinking in the spring of @things and home and garden @upgrades. @all of the beautiful gardens up @close and everything the show @has to offer. @>> a great day to get out @today. @there's a story brewing @elsewhere. @we'll talk about that when we
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@ @it looks like over a dozen cars @as we speak are starting to @fall through the ice and into @the lake.
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@we had live pictures up a @moment ago. @this is a cautionary tale for @northeast ohio. @it's a stark comparison to last @season. @this time last year, 57% of all @of the great lakes including @100% of it lake erie were @covered in ice and this year, @7%. @>> the lake superior is open @for business. @so we've got arctic air this @week so lake effect snow season @is in place. @here we go. @don't get used to these milder @temperatures and it's not a bad @evening. @mid 30s and 39 in dover and @today most of you making it to @about 40 for the afternoon high @and tomorrow we'll add about 5- @8 degrees to those @temperatures. @and a nice little spike before @everything comes crashing down @all next week. @southwest winds keeping the air @nice and mild. @they're onshore and a light
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@switch back around to the south @and west later on tonight. @if you're heading out tonight, @no problem. @and a light wind too, so really @a great one to enjoy the @evening out there, early @february, mid 30s not too bad. @mostly clear and though @southwest winds are much in @play and sunrise tomorrow, at @7:33 a.m. @here's the wider shot. @there's an area of low pressure @to the north and south. @this becomes a coastal storms @that rides off new england, but @this one is a real interest. @we're going to get both sides @of the storm. @the eastern side is tomorrow @and the milder air is coming @through the great lakes. @the temperature is there in the
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@area of low pressure comes to @sunday and look at this, this @is hudson bay, notice all of @the white around it, this is @frigid air. @north pole air ready to break @off and head south and that @happens thanks to the area of @low pressure. @right flow, it looks like that @is going to last at least a @week, maybe even more. @so it's not as much as the @intensity of the cold. @it will get cold, it's the @length of time that we'll be @experiencing these @temperatures. @by far the longest of the @winter season. @let's look at the future view. @temperatures mid and low 30s @comfortable. @lots of sunshine to start @sunday. @then the clouds start to @increase through the day. @mostly cloudy late in the day. @by monday morning, as that cold @front starts to move through a
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@temperatures in the low to mid @30s so this is not going to be @a big concern for the commute @monday morning. @there will be slushy @accumulation and that could be @difficult in terms of travel @early monday. @notice the snow band barely @moves by monday afternoon. @so cleveland east could get 1-3 @inches of actual snow @accumulation as temperatures @fall to the mid 30s and these @temperatures keep falling as we @workweek. @the lake tomorrow, not a bad @place to be and the water @temperature, it's february and @it's gone up, 2 degrees in the @unbelievable. @and it's about to end. @look at this, 35 on monday, and @31 tuesday and 23 on wednesday @with lake snow and may not get @out of the teens, chris, on @thursday and there are some
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@of arctic air may arrive next @weekend. @>> it's february, i was at the @home and garden show and they @winter. @>> you're going to get more @than you wanted by the end of @the week. @>> coming up, sports, @star.
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@ @ and now the sports report. @a lot of times in cleveland @sports we blame the refs but we @had a leg to stand on last @night. @>> that's what it is, well the @cavs back in action against the @pelicans. @but they're without kevin love, @they're trying get past a @forgettable ending last night. @but it should have been a win @for to the cavs. @here's what i mean. @the nba released a report, and @it says the foul called on jr @smith was incorrect. @the celtics got that rebound @and it set up the buzzer-beater @to win the game but it gives @smith vindication.
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@overlooked and not asked to @participate in the shooting @contest. @despite being left out he knows @there are more important things @ahead for him and the @cavaliers. @>> i really can't be mad. @i guess, well i can, but i @just, i try, i try not to let @that bother me. @we're in first place in our @division. @it's about wins and losses for @us. @ @over at the center, his number @30 jersey retired. @he's just the third men's @player to have that honor @bestowed. @his pelican teammates showed up @and they're very classy. @he's back at a place he loves. @>> i love it, and i'm glad that
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@happy the school appreciates @the work i put in while i was @here. @>> the first one ever on the @woman's side. @they're up 8 in the second half @for the grizzlies. @oakland is just too much for @csu. @he puts the game out of reach @and oakland wins by 10. @67-57. @the way is almost over for the @super bowl 50. @this year panthers team has a @receiver. @plus browns super bowl is the @backup to cam newton. @with the panthers, 2013 @receiver, he spent 2014 with @the cardinals but was released @so he was more than ready to
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@>> when they released me, i @texted cam, we got to get back. @and because the success we had, @i knew the kind of guy he was @and i was fired up. @that kind of shows what he @means to us and what he meant @to our team before he left. @ @there's derrick anderson @looking different than he did @in cleveland. @>> let's go back to the cavs. @classy that lebron was there. @irritating when the league says @our bad and our ref screwed up @but the outcome doesn't change. @>> they evaluate the calls and @make a determination and good @or bad, it was a call that was @incorrect. @however, you have no recourse. @no protesting like in baseball, @but you couldn't protest a @judgment call anyway.
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@>> mild tonight and enjoy it, @you'll be staying in for the @next week or so once the cold @air arrives. @thanks for being with us. @we have a saturday edition of @"nbc nightly news" and we're @back tonight at 11:00.
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