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tv   Channel 3 News Sunday  NBC  February 7, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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coming up on channel 3 news testing the water in sebring, what the latest results are >> good morning. we have chilly temps in the 20s change. we're tracking these some winter changes to come. alyssa? >> reporter: good morning, super bowl 50 kicks off even though the cleveland browns didn't make it into the big game tonight there's still plenty offerings to watch the cleveland channel 3 newscast is made possible by the cal vet that brothers floor 3 news today.
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so we mentioned super bowl a few times, in case you've been living under a rock, it's super bowl 50 here's a gorgeous look at our downtown skyline here with your sunny skies. it would be great to have our super bowl here. we're more to host, nfl, anytime you want to have it in cleveland, we're we have everything for you. including last minute appetizers you may want to make. first, let's start with the it really is a big story, how mild the weather is. we're set to push the temperature close to the 50-sterday we're just shy. today many of us are going to hit the mark and a few locations will actually exceed it. we've been and radar. most of the clouds have stayed away. we're seeing a mix of sun and clouds over the city and definitely going to see the
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chilly temperatures in the 30s for below freezing for some. it's feeling much colder for here with the slight wind be prepare prepared if you step on out. by noontime, we'll be in the mid-40s. there are changes on the way. i think it's going to hold off until after your but overnight tonight we'll see a return of winter. i will let you know how much snow we're expecting when i >> thank you so much. >> new this morning out of sebring, regulators are now saying that lead levels in the water have been below the in 96% of the samples tested this past week, the ohio epa has been testing the water in sebring for nearly two weeks after lead and copper found in unsafe levels. operators have come under fire by the state for not notifying the public for months without
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control the price ohio pays for prescription drugs. it could appear on the november e new proposal under consideration, make sure state agencies don't pay for more the price. a similar plan is headed for the ot. lawmakers have four months to make a decision on the proposal. new this morning. south korea has begun talks with the u.s. on deploying an ssile defense system. this comes hours after north korea launched a rocket in defiance of international uld counter the growing threat of north korea's weapon capabilities. the alleged missile test was one of the first issues me up in last night's republican debate. nbc's steve handlesman takes us the political slugfest. >> reporter: marco rubio was defensive, knowing he would get
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>> i think the experience is not just what you did but how it worked e attack came from governors. >> you have not been involved in a subsequential decision where you had to be held you just simply haven't. >> christie and jeb bush. >> you learn this by doing it. >> we're going to win with trump. we're going to win. >> trump skipped bate and lost the vote was aggressive. >> let me talk. quiet. trump deporting every undocumented immigrant got slammed kasich. >> i can't imagine how we could begin taking a mom or dad out of a house when they have not committed a crime since they've ing their children in the house. that is not, in my opinion, the kind of values we believe in. >> ted cruz grabbed the trump hard line and a >> in shore, we're going to build a wall. we're going to triple the border patrol.
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actually, since donald enjoyed that, i will simply t somebody in mind to build it. >> what's first in trump's mind is a big win on tuesday, his first. >> rubio's dream, grabbing number eve handlesman, nbc news, manchester, new hampshire. >> okay. during the debate, the candidates made their picks for super bowl 50 between the carolina panthers and denver >> they face-off tomorrow in the super bowl tomorrow. governor kasich, who wins? >> carolina is going to win i hate to say it, but they're going to win that. >> governor bush. >> peyton manning is supporting denver. >> in all, four of the republicans -- the four of the candidates picked . two picked denver broncos, and dr. ben carson says he's
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>> well, last year, more than the super bowl, making it the most watched super bowl in u.s. history. even though the browns didn't make it there last year or this year, we don't need to be reminded but alyssa raymond shows us who's representing the buckeye state in super bowl 50. >> good morning. winner. out of any college, ohio state panthers and broncos. four play for carolina. one of those players carries his cleveland routes with him to the bay area. ted ginn, jr. returns for the panther. he started standing out early high school. his father, ted ginn, still the head coach, has been there since 1997.
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went on to play for ohio. his dad watched it all happen and is still watching. >> anytime you can make it to the super bowl, that's a huge establishment, but it's even more special that it's my son, and i'm just happy that he's happy and was able to show who he is as a player. >> keep pounding and keep going with the strength, you get what you're supposed to get out of it. it's not going to be easy. it's going to be rough and tough pains. at if end of the day, you're going to have a lot of success. >> other success stories out of ohio state, for the panthers, crory brown, andrew norwell. >> thanks. a lot to cheer on. well, we are cooking up some super bowl treats this morning. stephanie joins us next with some tips on making the most of
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and the cavs were back in action last night. we're going to have more on their win against new orleans. that's all coming up when
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good morning, everybody. here we are. super bowl sunday, let's begin talking sports and talking cleveland cavaliers. last night, hosting the new orleans pelicans over at the q, trying to snap a streak. hot from the outside, here's a three-pointer with an assist from lebron james. then a three-pointer with an assist from tristan thompson. kyrie irving here with a three with an assist from smith. kyrie with a soft touch.
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good game for the pelicans. more on cole in just a bit. lebron james also getting in on the three-point game for the cavaliers this. one made it 59-48, cleveland. j.r. smith offer to steal. jams it home instead. james had 27 last night for cleveland. cavaliers will be successful in snapping their losing streak. they beat the pelicans 99-84. earlier on saturday, norris cole was the third player to have his jersey retired. his pelican teammates were there for the ceremony. his former teammate, lebron james, very classy for them to be on hand. norris cole, he shows off his new jersey. he said to join a club is a -- >> it's pretty cool when people
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they will be able to look up there and see the number 30 and the name cole. >> the vikings honored caylee klein. the first number retired in women's basketball history. she played for the vikes from 2006 to 2010. she's their all time scorer she led them to two ncaa appearances. last night, eight legends of the nfl found out they will be spending a lot of time in canton the first week of august. the 2016 induction class for the pro football hall of fame. there will be a short trip to watch who northern ohioans. here's one of him. orlando, he was an all american. played at sandusky. went to osu. draft pick in '97 for the st. louis rams. he was a member of the super bowl 36 championship rams.
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of fame back in 2013. so now he'll be in the pro football hall of fame as well. former owner of the san francisco 49ers will also be in canton this summer. he owned the niners from 1977 until 2000. he won five super bowl championships. he brought bill walsh to san francisco and began building the dynasty that included joe montana, steve young, and jerry rice. >> quarterback brett favre, he's in. he spent the majority of his career with the green bay packers. threw for 508 touchdowns over 7200 yards. favre played in two super bowls, winning super bowl 31. 86. joining them in canton, former
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dungy, kevin green, marvin harrison, dick stanfield. induction ceremonies on august 6 august 6th. congratulations to all of those and their families for going into the football hall of fame. coming up tonight, join us after the late news for sports tonight. also, i'm sure you're going to watch the super bowl too. enjoy that. that's a look at sports this morning. i'm al polsaski. >> in case we haven't told you ten times already, it's game day. we're a few hours away from the start of super bowl 50. at least plenty of time to go out and get your favorite game day foods. think of creative ideas. stephanie is here. what you're making is -- it looks like it came straight out of catering, but we can make this ourselves? >> for sure. >> that's amazing. >> what we're making today is a buffalo style chicken egg role. i was thinking of -- egg roll.
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>> i think every man is. >> he's gauging whether the buffalo wings are good or not. let's do a riff on that that's a little more gourmet. we'll do one that's lying a buffalo egg roll and we'll make a bleu cheese dip to go with it. this is live television. let's say a little prayer that this dough behaves. >> and that all of our cook to happens are working. this is a tv studio. >> ideally, when you open your dough, you want to start working with it right away. i've opened up and been holding on to it. feel how much like paper it is. >> it's thinner than paper. it makes me nervous a work with it. we're going to take a piece. i'm going to brush it down with butter. the faster you work with it and get the butter on it, the safer you are. as it starts to dry out, it's the fat in the butter that's
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this is just melted unsalted butter. they tell you to clarify it to take kind of the little fat out of it. why? it's so delicious. >> it's super bowl. we want fat in every food that we're eating, right? >> right. >> you can see this other piece is a little more delicate. that's all right. i'm going to glue it back together. now i have two pieces i'm buttering up. the one on the bottom i've buttered. >> what i did was i took some ground chicken -- if you can't find it, buy boneless chicken breast and throw it in your food processor. there's cayenne pepper, hot sauce. there's amazing things in there. cheddar cheese. what i'm going to do is fold my two sheets in half. >> i've never worked worked
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fascinated with what you're doing right now. >> now i'm going to take some of this filling. have you ever eaten at that mexican fast food place where they make the burritos right in front of you? have you ever gone through their line. >> i like how you just spoke in code. so you roll it in half and you flip the sides up just like they make the big, fat burritos. you roll the whole thing up like an egg roll. when you're going to put it in a 350-degree oven until the outside is nice and golden brown. the inside is cooked. we're not worried about raw chicken there. >> so they come out looking like this. >> you've got this wonderful dough. you can see inside it. all the chicken and wonderful cheese. let's quickly make -- >> let's talk about what's in this. we're running out of time. >> we'll dump it all together.
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crumbles, sour cream, celery seed, dill, garlic powder, salt and pepper and dried parsley. whip that together. that's your dipping sauce for it. up too. stephanie is going to show us how to make this at home. party today. even if you're not hosting, you have to bring something, we're going to show you the perfect way to host it. >> people are going to be eating during the commercial break. time to look at the commercials. we have a preview before they hit air tonight. first, olga has a check on the weather. >> i'll be right over for a taste of that. we have great weather in store today, already looking at a lot of sunshine this morning. temperatures are bumping up. many of us are well into the 30s now. i say we hit the high around 30 degrees before the clouds roll in. not only will we get clouds, we'll be getting rain. even some snow.
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welcome back. as competitive as tonight's game might be on the field, the battle on the tv during the timeouts could be just as fierce. we have a preview of this year's batch of super bowl ads. if last year's super bowl commercials pulled heart strings, this year's target funny bone. >> humor is the most used approach.
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deliver laughs, but they hope star power hits hits hits the sweet spot. when it works, it can be really effective. >> honda is hedging its bet with another advertising statement. >> kids and animals sell really well. >> i died from an accident in in contrast to the socially conscious nationwide ad. >> it's probably one of the most historic ad flops in history. >> if your brain was donated to science, science would return it to target drunk driving. for ads that hit the laughter bull's eye, there's often shelf life beyond game day. >> people on average are more prone to share humorous ads. >> social media is where many of the ads have already been teased or premiered in full, which carries risk. >> when you lose the element of surprise, it limits the impact
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>> with more than 100 million consumers watching sunday, ticessers hope the last laugh is theirs. >> i love those ads. i cannot wait to see all of the commercials, see which one they rate as the number one. so much fun. we've got the food. we've got the football game. we've got some comedy with commercials. maybe some tearjerkers. it's like a holiday. >> the weather is giving us a little bit of a treat for today at least. we're going to savor the last 12 or so hours of this wonderful weather because our big changes are just at the doorstep. in fact, this time tomorrow, it will be snowing and we'll definitely see more of the wintery weather taking hold. and radar. temperatures finally out of the 20s. most of us are sitting on the 30s.
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warmer air is coming in from the south and west. we have southwesterly winds all day today until later on this afternoon. we'll leave these middle and low 30s, and we'll bump up to 50 degrees later on today. i think we'll stay quiet on our radar. at least until after midnight. and then i'm tracking the moisture moving in with the next system. it's going to bring us rain after midnight tonight. it will start out as a mix, a slushy mix. as we get into the early morning rush, 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. temperatures will continue to slide below the freezing mark. that's going to transition into snow. we're going to sit in the 30s most of the midday until we hit 34 degrees by noontime. for most of us, it's going to be a fun filled day. grab those sunglasses and a light jacket as we bump up.
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showers first each start to see the mix of slushiness and also some rain as well. not an all snowy event. we're not expecting too much accumulation. once cold temperatures move through, they're going the stick around. for most of us, this will be less than an inch in some areas. we could see about an inch to an inch and a half. let's get right to your window nation 7-day forecast. show you how things are going to be looking over the long haul. this is the last very mild day for today. once those temperatures drop tonight, they will stay low. we'll hang out in the 20s and 30s most of the week. we'll see overnight lows in the teens. so we are now back into windsor, but, again, we have sunday to enjoy. >> we're also enjoying the company of a four-legged friend here, joining me is becca britain. she's with the friends of cleveland channel.
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>> he's a few years old. he's a boxer mix. he's house trained. good with dogs, walks good on a leash. he's just a few years old. he's an all around good guy. it's funny. i was telling the girl in the green groom, he's a total dude. he slobbers and burden of proofs. and he grunts and growns. >> looks like he likes to play as well. >> he is a really cool guy. >> how good is she suitable for. household. >> he loves kids. he's good with other dogs. if you don't mind slobber and grunting and growing, i think he would be a really good guy. he's pretty mellow. he's not super high energy dog. he would be great for a family or single person. >> fantastic. >> now, what can somebody do -- there you go. >> he obviously loves belly rubs too. how can we get him into a home today? you can come meet us at the
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you can meet him today from 12:00 to 2:00. and 3:00 p.m. >> thank you very much. >> we'll get this guy going. >> back to you. >> i think he has a future in tv. >> that was a good comedic moment there. >> he's quite the guy. >> thank you very much. >> so cool. all right. well, still to come this morning, we're getting game day decorating tips from the pros. hosting the super bowl party.
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so glad you're with us on this sunday, february 7th. it's super bowl sunday. see the bright ball blazing in the sky, that's the sun. enjoy it. let's check in with olga to see how long the mild temperatures will last. >> well, i can guarantee you we have a good 12 hours before we start to see some really significant changes after sunset tonight. it's been a beautiful morning. most of us sat in the 20s and 30s. we're now starting to bump into the upper 30s as we head into midday. notice the cloud cover starting to fill in as well. we're going to keep our temperatures fairly mild most morning long. we should peak right around noontime in the middle 40s with the sunshine into the
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locations will make it just shy of the 50-degree mark. yes, we'll see more clouds this afternoon and some rain on the way. that rain is going to transition to snow by tomorrow morning. i'll be back in a minute to look talent timing of that and tell you how long this wintery grip is going to stick around. >> tonight, whether you're a football fan or not, millions will be watching super bowl 50. besides the game, it's all about the commercials and the food. alyssa raymond joins us this morning with thousand they're preparing tonight. i'm sure they're going to see a big crowd. people who want the chicken wings and don't want to cook them. >> super bowl sunday is second only to thanksgiving in terms of america's food consumption. how about this. americans are set to eat 1.3 billion chicken wings by the time tonight is over. >> we stopped by the buffalo wild wings in cleveland heights. just this one location says they will probably sell close
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that's almost one and a half times as many as they sell on a regular night, even when the cavs are on. they're expecting a good 500 people. so, to meet the needs, they've been busy cleaning and is to being up. >> it's awesome. a lot of happy people. 55 tvs in the game. it will be live here that's for sure. it should be the biggest day of the year. as far as getting guests for future visits. tomorrow is the day to make it right. we're excited. >> while bars and restaurants are cashing in, this one place is closing. all melt bar and grill locations will be closing at 6:00 today in observance of another year without a cleveland browns championship. a statement on their website read, quote, until the browns appear in a super bowl, we will be closing early. some places will be open and hosting parties.
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i'm going to make some snacks, put on comfy clothes and watch from the couch. >> me too. that's the best place to watch it. >> all right. thanks so much. >> all right. so to go along with your food, you also need to think about your party decorations, or maybe you're bringing your dish to a party. i can't believe you made this. i thought it was like a professional decoration that was sitting here. >> it is professional. tell us how to make this. >> i am not martha stewart. i don't know if you have the deadly pinterest obsession i do. sometimes they work. sometimes they don't. i found this idea. this is something you can do last minute. if we're going a party decoration. so i went to the dollar store. and i bought this.
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this design you can do as a full table. you just need a flat surface. you take your green table cloth, and then you mark out with just white tape whatever kind of lineous want to do. i made it originally and showed it to my husband. he said, there's no 45 line, stephanie. he said, no, every other line gets a number. you need to have an expert football player help you put the lines down. figure out if you want it to be the 50-yard line or the 55-yard line, as i thought. so i need to watch for football. >> it exists. it's just not marked. >> those are little stickers you can buy at the dollar store. they give you your little lines. so you can use this as a platter or decoration to hang up here. >> you have to fess up. i said, what is this? is this a covered plate?
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>> i was working at the great home and gardens show. that's the pizza box top. that's it. >> it's very cool looking. >> thank you. >> also. this is right after my heart, chocolate covered strawberries. >> the idea was you dip them in dock lat and put a little bit of white chocolate into a piping bag and pipe the decoration on it. simple, cute. if you want, the kids can play football, but otherwise, you can eat it. >> i wanted to show one more thing with this platter. you did all this hard work, use a glass plate or something so you can see the platter through the food you're serving. >> you're going straight to the home and garden show from here? >> yes. i'm doing demonstrations at the home and garden show at the main stage. we have a lot of chefs.
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tea cakes for those ofous not for the game. >> i will be at the home and garden show. cakes. they're right up my alley. >> they're good. >> just ahead, roadwork in summit county could cause major delays during the commute.
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we want to prepare you for the work week. no one wants to face delays on their morning drive. danielle wiggins has where commuters may see slowdowns this week. it is super bowl sunday. a number of you may be tired tomorrow morning because you stayed up to watch the game. so i want to prepare you for where you may see delays so you can give yourself extra time. lain restrictions are expected on montrose west avenue, medina road because of utility work. this is going to start tomorrow and run through wednesday. again, don't forget, we always have live traffic conditions on back to you. >> all right. dani. thanks so much. it is the big game. super bowl sunday today. olga, are you going to be watching? are you cheering for anyone in particular?
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long as my eyeballs will stay open. these games tend to go on and on, but my highlights are the commercials and half-time show. i just want to see who comes out on top. i don't have anything vested in either team, but i sure like to battle it out. >> it will be a good half-time show, i'm sure. i've been hearing a lot about that and commercials. also, if you are throwing the party today, there's -- there could be a chance you could grill something out. that's what i'm thinking. as long as it's not snowing, i'm out there with the grill. >> it will be a little bit tempting as the temperatures push to the upper 40s to near 50-degrees. it's going to feel more like springtime than winter for a lot of folks that are used to temperatures being much, much colder. you're looking at a live view, not too bad, though. we industrial a lot of sunshine at this point in the morning. the clouds are starting to move in from the west and temperatures right now are starting to respond.
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west, but for the immediate area, we're seeing the 40s. later on this afternoon, you will really get some use out of those sunglasses as well. we've been quiet on our radar for the short-term, but you can see the moisture just now setting up off toward the west. it's going to take a while to get here. i don't anticipate seeing any sprinkles until the overnight period. the winds to the southwest, anywhere from 5-10 miles per hour. the temperatures are on the cool side. although we're sitting here in the 0s, there's a -- 30s, there's a bit of a wind chill. enjoy this wild super bowl sunday. we're definitely tracking rain moving into the picture. it will start out as rain, turn into kind of a wintery mix just before sunrise, and then, as temperatures continue to drop, it's going to transition into snow. that could make it a little bit tricky as you head to work and school on monday morning. so the timing so far looks like middle 40s by midday and then a
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the clouds will eventually overtake the clear sky. no problems for us by the 4:00 hour. if you're headed out to your super bowl parties and enjoying your afternoon on sunday, even the sprinkles we see early morning won't be too much until after that 3:00 a.m. hour. then we start to see some more steady rain begin to move on through. thethe purples and pinks, scatters showers and flurries and showers into the morning hours. by 6:00, 8:00 in the morning, it could impact the roadways. we start to clear it out on tuesday morning, believe it or not. we're in for a bit of a weren't roadway stretch. the good news is we're not expecting any significant accumulation, but there will be enough to make thing as little bit interesting. mainly about an inch for most of us. we could see pockets of heavier precipitation for a few locations. in all, this is our last mild
9:36 am
then we'll bring temperatures right back down into those chilly 20s and 30s for the remainder of the work week and even head into next weekend. so, monday, tuesday, temperatures at or near the freezing mark. and by wednesday, we're definitely in a chill with daytime highs in the 20s, lows in the teens. >> all right. well, we'll finally get coats out. the real coats. you know what i'm talking about. all right. thanks. up next, seven minutes with russ mitchell. this week, a look at the group leading the agencies in the state, helping citizens improve their lives. a chat with their dynamic
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>> good morning. i'm ruses -- russ mitchell. welcome to seven minutes. the director of the united black fund serving african- americans and impoverished communities in our area. he joins us for seven minutes. thank you, cecil for coming in. >> thank you.
9:38 am
>> it's the result of two organizations banning together. the result of dr. calvin rolakrk out of washington, dc and his friend, judge white got together and established an organization here through local folks, and the result was the birth of the united stated black fund of greater cleveland, a local church called avon baptist church gave us some money in the early 1980s, and the result is we're here 35 years later. >> congratulations on your 35 35th anniversary. when i look at a list of agencies you help, it's a pretty wide range. how do you get on that list? how do you become an organization that's funded in part by your organization is this. >> well, each year we have a grantsmanship workshop. organizations all throughout the county, all throughout the
9:39 am
how to get a grant, not just from ubv but various organizations throughout the city. we encourage them to apply for funding through us. cuyahoga county has over 12,000 nonprofit organizations, and in essence, they apply through a preapplication process. once they have been reviewed as it relates to our mission, we choose those that can be invited to the extended application process. >> you've been here for five years now. >> close. four. >> in that time, have you seen the need among organizations increase? are they looking for more funds for you guys? >> oh, my gosh. the organizations are fighting for a smaller pot but yet the need is growing. we have the birth of new organizations. we have the establishment of existing organizations. and then we have the challenges of nonprofit organizations that raise money and foundations to garnish support.
9:40 am
increase in funding requests year over year. we deal with what would be organizations. those who are smaller, medium sized nonprofit entities. even large entities are coming to us to deal with smaller issues within their environments. so we notice that. a large entity like the food bank of cleveland may come to us. we'll fund our backpack program. at that point, we provide the funding for children to put weekends. >> let me ask you about that. why has the pie become smaller? >> the challenges of nonprofits issues. for example, if i'm in the neighborhood and that neighborhood is declining, the reality of the issues that are faced in that neighborhood will
9:41 am
>> i understand. so what my suggestion is for nonprofits is to band together and collaborate. in an interest in common effort, common goals, we encourage folks to come together for solving issues. >> i wonder also -- you tell me if this theory is correct. are you still feeling the result of the recession? us all, right. >> right. it truly does inpacket the nonprofit sector as interest rates go down, as stocks go down. endowment funds go down. so those entities that have funds saved up. you know, they can't give out as much as money, so the average nonprofit will go to a larger foundation and say, hey, i need support. the pot that those nonprofits share has decreased. >> a challenging job for you, no doubt. you're wearing many hats here. you have to be a diplomat and all these things.
9:42 am
your job become in the past few years as the pot grows smaller. >> for me, i realize the end user, so it's not simply the nonprofit that's sitting in front of me. it's not just the executive director that's attending the workshop. it's the family that may go without food. it's the child that may not be able to attend a summer camp. those are the faces i see when an entity comes to us. we work very closely with those agencies -- if we can't fund them, we'll provide funding. >> we're affiliated with the united way. we have local nonprofit fundraisers. families and friends that have been supportive of our organization directly over the years. but primarily it is a daily task with our corporate partners, government grants, we just literally seek out support
9:43 am
that we find important, which are education, workforce development, and basic needs. >> and you worked in the corporate world for ten years, cleveland clinic as well. what did you learn from the corporate world that teaches you, that helps you in the job you have today? >> well, i think innovation is critical. if you remain stagnate or continue in the same fashion that you've always been operating, then you won't meet the new challenges of today. efficiency of operation, there's a way that you can approach a problem that can always be better. we can identify that this is a challenge in education, but if we continue to knock down the same door and not approach the child who didn't see some of the challenging that their parents may have faced, then we're failing that child. >> you're originally from
9:44 am
eve been in clean for 15 years now. >> -- you've been in cleveland for 15 years. >> it's one of the most country. foundations were here. i went to school at chase for the nonprofit management and quickly learned through those studies and my experience that cleveland is unsurpassed in its care for the community, the identification of challenges, and meeting those challenges. i had a professor tell me at case, the nonprofit sector is like mortar in a building, in a brick building. the government is the foundation and the corporations are the bricks. so who is keeping the bricks together? >> gotcha. >> it's the nonprofit sector. >> wow. you have a big job. >> this has nothing to do with anything. who is going to win the super bowl today? >> i'm a cam newton fan. so go panthers. >> okay.
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it is super bowl sunday. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming. >> it's a pleasure. >> continued success to you. >> thank you. >> appreciate you coming in. and that is all for this week. i will see you monday at 6:00 for the news.
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well, i'm sure you have a lot going on today, including maybe some last minute errands to get ready for the super bowl party you're throwing or going to. it seems like you're going to be a gorgeous day to do it. >> it's a good one. >> if you look at the next seven-day stretch, i think we're all in agreement that days. southern winds that are going to shift, but we'll make it to the 50-degree mark before it's
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we'll start with rain and it slips switches over to the messy slushy morning commute. >> i'm not the only one looking do gardening today. today. if you're out there, stop by our booth and say hi. latest on
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