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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we're checking road conditions in the evening commute. >>reporter: as betsy was saying, for the most regular commute. the roads are a little bit wet but the visibility is good. most of us know of what ising down is not sticking. i checked in with odot. they have 80 checks out iny. ashtabula has 23 trucks out. they will be adding more trucks tonight as the temperatures go below 32 degrees. we're going to send it back to you ins. >> okay. thank you. mark in the driver's seat. thanks a lot. here's what is happening
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developing news out of dallas, have been released into the alleged assault involving john her girlfriend. she said he struck her in the hard, he ruptured her eardrum. a senior is in custody tonight. police say he's behind the shooting and killing offreshman. it happened late yesterday afternoon. tonight, we have team coverage of the crime. hi, andrew. >>reporter: hi. because that 17-year-old suspect is a juvenile, we are not naming him, but right now we can tell you that prosecutes are stiller to charge him as an adult, something we should know first thing tomorrow. >> keep keep your eyes open.
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to 911 yesterday afternoon, nick was still alive. >> my apartment just gotd got shot. >>reporter: his friend, connor, did the talking. >> they ran away. my friend isrter: they were on east men, where three men, in their teens, had allegedly broken in, faces covered. >> they came in and got thethey had guns on us and said you're going to shoot. my friend said you're not to shoot. >>reporter: they did. >> my roommate know who it is the. >>reporter: police arrested the man, saying what happened did not appear to be an accident. >> wenal. that's why is subject is charged with aggravated homicide. >>reporter: we can tell you that another person inside the building here had heart the gunshots and was able to assistate the suspect after they saw the truck leaving here. we still don't know what the
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some other suspects at the sceney be charged. as for the victims himself, brandon simmons has been digging into that and shares what he >>reporter: good evening. nicholas just graduated from westlake high school last year before becoming a student here at kent state university. all day i've been hearing he was such a nice person, caring person, and how much he will benicolas was a freshman here at kent state university. he had just chosen his major, managerial marketing. his life was he was shut to both. friends were tragic. >> i would talk to him and talk to my girlfriends. a graduate of westlake high school and was popular andhis presence is already recognized here at kent state
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>> he definitely was an up and >>reporter: i spoke to nick's family today and said our familiar extends the heart felt gratitude for the pouring of the of love and support on tragic death of their beloved nick and they request time and respect to mourn the loss. his friends, they're still trying to figure out how this >> i was with him 12 hours before this happened. we hung out that night before. >>reporter: i've also been checking social media all day. there have been dozens and dozens of comments to talk about the kind of guy nick was. all those comments were positive. his friends have minuted a vigil tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. at manchester field on the kent state universe campus. again, tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. i'm brandon simmons, channel 3 news. >> thank you. one person is dead after an early morning accident on i-90
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the crash happened after 3:00 a.m.. the accident was is severe that the front end of the car was fit in the half. a sad break in the case of a mansfield woman, who has been missing since last july. police believe they found the remains of patsy hudson. investigators have been searching since saturday night in several spots throughout rich hand county and say remains were found at several sites they searched. two were arrested last week in connection. someone posted new pictures of high school girls to the internet. police want to know who did it and want that to serve as a warning to parents. channel 3's alyssa joins us live in twinsburg tonight with how this happened. hi, alyssa. >>reporter: the website is called tumblr. it's a microblogging and social
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it's the usual story. investigators think the girls sent these victims, sent them via text or snap chat for certain eyes to see, and someone took screen grabs and shared them online. >>reporter: this website now shows nothing. before the website was taken down, anyone could see nude photos of about 14 girls between the ages of 15 and 17. some of the pictures showed faces and names. >> these pictures are constantly circulating. something like this happens and they're put on the internet. >> who knows where they go from there. >>reporter: if sergeant says the high school resource officer found out about the tumblur page. investigator ss requested records to help find out. the page said something like twinsburg has a lot of sexy
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here is an easy way to get them. please enjoy what i've worked hard to make. >> it makes you angry, kids today not knowing how this can affect them in the future or how it can affect them right now with the amount of bad guys out there. >>reporter: he says he's seeing this more and more and parents need to step up. >> it's our job, as parents, to go ahead, keep an eye on them, explain that to them as you're doing that and making sure that they don't make a bad move. >>reporter: krieger says once they identify the person that created this website, he or she can be charged. he also says that the girls, who took these nude pictures can also be charged because it's considered disseminating nude material of a minor, and he says that this is something that all parents should talk to their kids about now. back to you in the studio. >> something they probably never realized. thanks, alyssa.
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hours in new hampshire. it is a huge day for governor john kasich. the governor throwing not all of his eggs but many into this basket. >> tomorrow will tell the tail. he governor said he needs to be the story wednesday morning after all the votes are counted. donald trump is expected to be the winner. 13 polls, since january 7th, had kasich in the lead ahead of cruz, rubio, christi, and bush. a third place finish would keep kasich's campaign going. >> youwere with governor kasich for a good part of last week. what do folks think about? >> we only talk to people, who were attending meeting. they were already predisposed to like him. they think he is positive, calm, compassionate, does not rant about problems with opponents. many voters place the question,
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likely winner, trump, the front kasich. >> what's the best sdmas. >> -- best case? >> the best case that he does come in a second place finish. the worst case, he comes in after rubio. the cleveland governor has been up in new hampshire all day shadowing the governor. we asked about what would happen if there's a kasich surprise. >> do you see that as giving him a lift or bumping him into the spotlight more or giving him more national media attention as a credible candidate? >> i think definitely the national attention will increase.
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if he pulls off the second place finish and see others fall by the way said, there donors will want places to atlanta. >> one off the cuff comment getting attention in cleveland, the governor volunteered his favorite nba player was stef curry. >> let's talk about what's happening in columbus. what governor kasich is in new hampshire, who is minding the store? >> the party line, the kasich team line is that with electronic and digital communication, he's constantly in touch and not missing a beat. the reality is he has a more than competent strong staff that can keep thing running. he's on the campaign trail, thinking about his campaign. that's the reality in the political world.
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in trouble for trying to help? we'll tell you the about the bill for notifying police and paramedics. who and what which i bolt which i bolt --
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@ @ chipotle is blaming sick
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@outbreaks that happened last @year. @the food chain closed all it @restaurants nationwide for four @hours today to hold a @company-wide meeting to discuss @food safety. @it revealed that tomatoes were @the likely culprit behind the @salmonella outbreak. @ every day in ohio, someone @dies from a heroin overdose. @several others are saved with @narcan, the overdose reverse @drug. @>> monica robbins has news on @what some are calling a @controversial move to curb the @problem. @>>reporter: house bill 110 is @meant to increase penalties. @there's an unrelated amendment @to attach to it to enable -- @>> the fire service and @paramedics will divulge to law
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@request the identity of the @persons to whom they @administered narcan. @>>reporter: currently medical @privacy laws prevent that @information from being given. @over the weekend, sites received @a letter from six ohio @organizations, asking him to @remove the amendment, claiming a @recent survey reveals only 68% @of those who see an overdose @report in order or the avoid @interaction with the law. @he says it doesn't require for @user to cooperate. @>> because those folk, who @almost died, typically are are @willing to cooperate in telling @law enforcement where they got @the heroin. @>>reporter: aaron is part of the @task force and agrees with the @medical association, who thinks @this amendment undermines the @work of saving lives. @>> i think you can see it
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@>>reporter: the senator told me @he also supports house bill 269, @the good samaritan bill but @believes his amendment should @stay as is. @ betsy is back with us now. @as you said, it truly is @february. @>> funny things happened. @i was sending pictures @yesterday, saying groundhog @revenge. @certainly now, not so revengeful @anymore. @let's take a look at what's @going on as far as the weather @goes. @it's still very much winder and @we still have 5.5 weeks to go. @a wintery week of weather is @ahead. @we have periods of snow for @northwest ohio and lake effect @snow that sometimes comes in
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@cold air is on the way. @tonight, temperatures are going @to be a couple of degrees on @either side of freezing as we go @through the overnight hours and @we will have hit or miss snow @showers as we come and go @through the night. @the big picture is showing cold @air to the north. @that's not the cold air coming @late week. @that's still in the arctic. @this gets here tuesday or @wednesday. @we're still on the mild side of @things in the low 30s. @you can see this general @circulation that's happening @over the eastern half of the @country. @this is a dip in the jet stream, @known as a trough. @this pattern creates unsettled @conditions, as you can see, it's @very unsettled. @the kicker here, when you get @into the details, that there are @little surges of energy that @work through this very unsettled
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@those energy surges, @meteorologically, are known as @known as vortisity. @you can see where we have @widespread snow showers, you get @one of the surges. @we've had one of the surges @sitting over northern ohio @throughout a good part of the @day today. @that's moved in as the rain and @snow moved in. @that will continue to move out. @we will start to see the snow @backing down a little bit but @that's one of the meteorological @things that it's cool to keep an @eye on. @i mentioned the temperatures @around freezing. @the road salt will be working @beautifully. @it is coming down . @in northern ohio, you can see @periodic snow shower. @a surge of energy expected to @dump snow on mansfield. @the picture gets better by the @early part of the day tomorrow, @as temperatures will be right @around the freezing mark. @we may get a peek of sun @tomorrow. @not promises that.
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@as far as the snow @accumulations, go it does not @look like in the next 24 hours @had we'll be getting a lot. @i think generally trace amounts @to upwards of 2 inches. @temperatures in the 30s with @possibly 1 to 3 inches of know @in. @no ohio. @things settle down by tomorrow @afternoon. @then the window nation seven-day @forecast brings the next surge @of cold air in, the one many @minnesota, 1 to 4 inches coming @in. @you can see the big blue arrow @on the weekend. @ we hear from lebron and an @update on kevin love's condition @next.
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@ now, the mentor and @halleen kia sports report. @>> jimmy is here. @tonight, we start with the white @and gold. @>> that's right. @two games left to go before the @all-star break. @it seems like they will have the @all-star game and then playoffs @the next tonight. @two games to go before the @break. @tonight, sacramento at the q, @then wednesday night cavs play @then the all-star break. @the cavs ready to go. @after a rough week last week, it
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@on friday night, they got bet @that a heart-breaker at the q at @the buzzer. @bradley hit the shot. @the ship was righted saturday @night when they knocked off the @pelicans at the q to get out of @the two-game spin. @some would say these are the dog @days of nba. @not lebron. @>> it's february right now. @it seems like we were just at @media day. @i'm in year '13. @my, personally, i don't have dog @days. @>> devin love is going to play @tonight. @he was at shootaround this @morning and did not play @saturday night. @he got hurt friday night but is @going to play tonight. @matthew will not play tonight. @the fourth straight game without @a sore left hamstring. @ now to super bowl 50, what a @defensive performance by the @denver broncos. @a couple of weeks ago against
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@they finished it off with a @tremendous performance and one @super bowl 50, as they knock off @the carolina panthers. @it was defense-dominated. @if you want to get more @specific, it was von miller. @he was amazing, named mvp, had 2 @sacks and two forced fumbles. @after the game, he offered a @heart message to johnny manziel, @who played at texas a&m. @>> keep pushing. @the media wasn't always @my friend. @today, they're my friend. @the message is for johnny. @i want to see you do gigging. @>> after the game, miller went @to social media, posting this @picture of miller of manziel.
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@get back to the johnny the aggs @know and love. @two years ago, they counted me @out. @he faced a long suspension. @two years. @you can do the same. @support no matter what #love. @manziel respond with a picture @of von miller with a word, @champ. @the denver broncos are back in @denver. @they arrived back home and will @have their super bowl @celebration tomorrow set for @noon, a championship parade @denver. @super bowl li. @the odds are out. @audience. @the browns the longest of the @long shots for next year. @for super bowl 51, the browns @range from 150-1 to 200-1 to @make the super bowl.
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@coaching start, rock cart right, @louis, johnny holland, who will @coach the inside linebackers and @ryan. @>> can't wait for our @championship parade. @>> here you go. @ jimmy and betsy tonight at @7:00. @ the nbc nightly news is just
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