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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 9, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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human, i made a mistake. >> you'rt happens, come on, i drank the kool-aide. >> i also talked to her saturday night. she was among the stars on the carpet at nfl honors on cbs.of football and i was one of the red carpet hosts. >> this is my entertainment, when i have some time off, i looking to the nfl for those guys to entertain me. >> there was also the super bowene, where olivia mu and julianne hough arrived showed up wearing the same outfit. also at the party, kate hudson showing off her bronco spirit. >> how crazy is this? diane von firstenberg made a whole blue and orange without
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>> i'm going to cry. >> kate snap chatted herthrough the game hanging her brother oliver, but she was reportedly seen out over the with nick jonas.our love life is always in the headlines. can you comment on the lily rumors? >> you can't at all? >> at all. >> reporter: the stars on the playboy party were more focused magazine's new direction and it's first iss without nudity. >> what am i supposed to hide under my mattress anymore? my whole childhood has been turn upside down, i don't know what's going on. >> reporter: while everybody working, sort of. the last episode of the hefty wrapup. >> the world needs to know my n the clouds. >> what is it going to be li to be a part of this show knowing that what you're doing today will be rolled out before hundreds of millions of people. >> when you say it like that, i'm a little nervous.
3:09 am is forever. your children will grow up watching this. >> it's all good. >> the problem is one day you're and they'll put that up. that's the magic that happens. she arrived at nfl honors t friday at the naacp image awards where she won outstanding actress in a drama series forr work on "empire." and she found out just how cookie is fighting today >> you were tiny, teeny, tiny. boxing. i it s. >> is that what you're doing? don't play with her.w she was a tough cookie, we celebrated her win at the naacp awards. but the event wasn't lost on anybody on the carpet. to say, well, listen, they're just having this for themselves, how is that any different than the oscars being all white? have it for yourself when you're
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years. >> it should be all right for us to honor us. >> it's cube had a lotd of. his son won best supporting actor and will and jada who said they weren't be attending this year's oscars had a moment with john and christy teagan and she gave them a little french lesson. >> say it again. >> french name for this. >> okay. have a beautiful pregnancy. >> thank you. >> i'm going to stay out of that. >> coming up -- >> we gooscars class photo. >> leo, lady gaga, j-lo epic oscar shot. >> after beyonce killed at the super bowl halftime show, we
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it was ripped from the run way.reak down last night's commercials, the cute, the controversial and the creepy. and teresa giudice's fir interview after leaving prison. our exclusive look. the bathroom, there
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.t," no sex before marriage? >> i thought it was harder for me.
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leonardo dicaprio met with hoto. this is the event where they get together for their class photo. lass was voted most likely to succeed
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the oscar race begins in ernest's lunch.angers. last time i was here, i think lincoln was in the white house. to put it bluntly, i couldn't be more thrilled in the fact that my daughters actually look at me now as an actor and not a bad golfer. >> the academy class of 2015. >> i'm trying to be serious. >> oscar first timers this year include bri larson. ting act for creed, sly's last nomination was for "rocky" back in 1977. >> i think i'm still trying to get used to it. i don't think i have ever done much interviews at all up until this we're. >> and last year's lead actor e ceremony. >> try and relax and enjoy it.
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frenzy of nerves. ney maris today in a white hasn't picked her outfit. >> the oscar theme is we all dream in gold, so we are talking to all the nominees on making their dreams come true. we're going to have that for you tomorrow. >> it's glamorous when you go home at the end of the night, you just fall into a puddle. >> we're talking to all t making their dreels come true. we'll have that for you tomorrow. and the best to worst super bowl ads, animals, babies and commercial star rayyan -- ryan reynolds didn't stay for the kickoff. beyonce's new music video. then can our carly steele stars? >> david, where is my damned latte. >> and exclusive teresa giudice on what it's really like in a
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that's next. each time i tell myself i'm a woman enough i'm going to show you baby a tough on come on come
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i'm a baby with baby hands >> beyonce makes a stron political statement. video "formation" but her fashion making noise too, because queen beettest couture straight off the run way. this translucent gown was seen at gucci's summer show. beyonce added a high co-color dress. this number is courtesy of alexandra rich. she paired it with this white hat from chan until.rt dress added some price line to the gucci line. even her daughter blue ivey wasa vintage dress and wearing pearl earrings. >> my inner fashion finds it interesting that beyonce actually mentions it in the song.esn't wear that brand
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meantime dressing up was just part of the fun. we had that weekend. i don't know if the boys of the blue steele were really ready for our carly steele. >> what do you think would be a good color for this year? >> max steose gold steel. >> from mimicking ben's look to will ferrell's temper. >> where's my damned latte?avid, where is my damned latte? >> oh, my gosh, david.initely getting into this. maybe a little too much. >> do you know what? david deserves that. >> we were a joke out there. the focal point of this movie. derek and nsel infiltrating the real life
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infiltrated the sequel.urious to see what your first impressions when you met anna. >> i met her in paris when we did the valentino show. i think i was a little intimidated after seeingy and "the devil wears prada" how can you not? but then she was great and very attractive. >> justice row is back, but now he has his own live in style expert. >> your six-month wedding anniversary was yesterday. >> are we supposed to celebrate six months? ly. >> does she ever,like, throw out that sweater? >> she says you have too many and it's true, i have a weird obsession about buying jackets. >> you should ask her if she any shoes. >> i know, trust me. >> lesson number one, don't ever shoes, ever, ever. we didn't get to see someer 2" during the super bowl.
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jungle book and teen aged mutant ninja tund the most shocking ad, cbs dropping the bombshell, about the good wife. >> they teased the final nine episodes and everybody was lik the final, final?e will air on may 8 on cbs. say it ain't so. >> there were lots ofercials that stood out. so let's break down the most controversial and the cutest. >> and we're talking about you ryan reynolds. >> don't worry, we're going to get there too.our beautiful baby. >> any day now. >> really? you're eating dorrit australia, this doritos spot had a tiny $2,000 budget and a ultrasound of a babyip. quite a concept. but here's the controversial all. the idea of an extremely premature birth had some people
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never eating doritos mind a tweet saying that dorrito's ad was chilling. but the dad himself was clueless about the potential backlash, in own son. >> that animation is creat ou of my son, freddie, so that' kind of an animated version of freddie. like if in utero trying to catch a dorrito, that's what he would look like, because that's him. >> but this one's the stuff the nightmares are really made of.tain dew's mashup of auppy. >> the creators used a puppet with plastic baby legs, they on
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the song. >> infants, animals and lots of comedy were kind of the theme. from steven tyler in the skittles to willem dafoe in this spot for snickers, more than 61 new ads paid about $5 million for 30 seconds of air time. g with the wrong daddy! >> but our winner for cutest goes to this guy and this guy and this everyone is ryan reynolds is officially the ace all the ladies want to to and we can thank reality. am of the dead pool star >> will you go to got a 1-year-old at home and a wife waiting for me. i'm going to get out of here and go watch it on tv. >> it's hard to explain to your wife that you're hanging out at the super bowl when she's home with the baby.t's in the even for
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i want to go see them.way, if you heard the payton manning interview on the budweiser occasions, bud says they didn't play them. from endorsing alcohol, but we do know that payton has owned shares in some anheuser-busch distributors, which would explain why some people would budweiser. which oscar nom nay nomi ay model. and our teresa giudice exclusive, how bad did she
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n ter "friends" ended. we'll find out why. that's on welcome back to the show in rthday, which oscar nominee started out as a run way print model.
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today. when teresa giudice got released from prison, we had an iew. she opens up about the conditions faced in danbury prison, which has been called the country club of prisons. describe your incarceration? >> i mean there's mold in the bathroom, there was not running water constantly. there was this much dust, if you looked up in the ceiling.
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tonight, breaking point. the attack unloading on bernie sanders again as the campaign erupts hours from the first votes here in new runch time. can donald trump turn big poll numbers into a big win? and can marco rubio bounce back from that debate one-on-one. nightmare at sea. panic as a cruise ship gets caught in a ferocious storm and slammed by water rushing in and thousands ordered to their cabin. bomb handoff. shocking video of the moment a suspected suicide bomber is authorities believe is a laptop packed with explosives before blowing himself up on board.
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doctors are sounding an alarm about some of the most popular medications on the market. news" begins right now.this is "nbc reporting tonight from manchester, new hampshire. >> good evening, from a snowy manchester, the weather just one more challenge for the candidates on this primary election eve as they hit in their direction. the latest snapshot shows bernie sanders leading hillary clinton by 16 points for the ld trump sitting on a 20-point lead among republicans with a three-way mash-up for second. but here's the wild card. half of new hampshire voters are very late deciders, and with that in mind candidates on both sides are g up their attacks. let's begin our coverage with nbc's andrea mitchell. she's covering the clinton campaign.
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you. hillary and bill clinton frustrated by their inability to close the gap with bernie sanders, especially with young d they are running out of time. >> i'm looking forward to it. i need some fuel. >> reporter: hillary clinton never thought she'd be on the of a gender gap, but young women are abandoning her in droves for bernie sanders, a 74-year-ol seems a little old-fashioned for feminism. >> i don't femininity femininity. i vote with logical reason. >> reporter: today bill clinton trying to stay on message. >> i have to be careful what i reporter: but clearly unhappy about the state of the campaign. why do you think berens' argument is having an impact >> young people are really mad and really apprehensive and they are right to be, but they should listen to a debate about what cause it had, what's the best and who is most likely to improve their lives and empower him. >> reporter: do you think he's been unfair to her?
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>> reporter: sunday night it all boiled over. >> i mean, when you're making a revolution, you can't be too careful about the facts. >> reporter: and accusing of using sexist language. >> attacks that are literally too profane often, not to mentioneporter: sanders' campaign says it's disappointed. >> i think it's unfortunate that president clinton has decided took after persony that way bill clinton's jabs, sanders is tired but confident. >> and i'm here today to ask your support to join with us in that political revolution. thank you all very much. >> reporter: and hillary clinton with rachelle maddow addressed hake up their staff. >> we're going to take stock, what works, what doesn't work. of course, it would be malpractice works, what can we do better and can do new and different that we have to pull out. >> reporter: tonight bernie sanders has all the trappings of a front-runner. the clintons to find themselves so far
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andrea mitchell, nbc news, >> reporter: i'm katy tur following the trump campaign. one door. >> how are you doing? >> i'm you. >> reporter: one voter at a time. >> reporter: have you decided on what you're going to support? >> we have not decided. >> reporter: campaign staffer jamie peevy is making aonald trump. >> i'm still on the edge. >> reporter: the candidate is trying to hold on to his commanding lead in the polls by e, getting up close and personal with voters in four stops today. >> we have to get away from these politicians,able we have to bring sanity to this country. >> reporter: trump's retail politics efforts coming late in the race after an awkward sunday, barely talking to voters in a diner and meandering through an unfocused stump. >> what do you think so far? >> i think that's a bunch of garbage. >> reporter: here historically voters make up their minds late. >> usually i'm a gut instinct kind of person so still trying to figure that how the. >> reporter: that means second and even first place could be up for grabs, after what many saw as marco rubio's dismal debate performance.
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marco rubio is prepared to be president of the united states. >> reporter: field trying to capitalize on rubio's scripted missteps. jeb bush and john kasich suddenly climbing in the polls. >> people are looking not only to understand what's in your head, but they also want to know what's in your heart, and if all you are is scripted, i'm not sure that people respond to that. >> people will want to know what kind of leadership skills people have, rather than how good you are at turning a phrase. >> reporter: bush throwing snowballs and hurling insults, calling trump a loser, a liar and a whiner on twitter. up 21 points, the state is donald trump's to lose. bush knows it and so does trump. >> let me tell you. he's not going anywhere. >> reporter: trump takes the stage here in just about half an house, and right now this room is just about half full. new hampshire is a fiercely independent state. it is one that is known to surprise, and although donald trump is up by a lot here, i will leave with you this, lester. those leaving the trump rally early on sunday told me that
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kasich. >> all right. katy tur, thanks. let's go back to marco rubio. he's brushing off broad criticism that have saturday debate performance when he was called out for repeating the same talking point about president obama four times in the span of a few minutes. i joined him on the trail here in new hampshire this morning where he acknowledges relative success in iowa has opened him up for attack here. what's it like to have a big fat target on your back? don't you feel that what i >> it's part of the process. when you have a target it means you're doing something well. >> hi, how are you. >> reporter: could marco rubio's debate moment change all that? for the past two days it's been hard to miss. senator, we're sitting in a diner and on tv they are talking about you. >> let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. let's dispel with the fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing snow repeated the same thing four times. >> i'll say it again. barack obama is trying to change america and he's doing damage to this country with those changes. i'll say it again. none of the things that has happened are accidents.
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