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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @ good news for ohio governor @john kasich first, a cold start @to your tuesday. @the way. @>> good morning, john and @lynna. @it's fat tuesday, mardi gras @and all that fun. @it looks like things are going @to get real busy for us, @especially as we head through
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@most of you are dry. @we're going to be low 30s @today, which is very seasonal. @this is nothing that's too, too @cold. @scattered snow, a bit more @organized into the afternoon @and evening. @we're going to get into that. @but, first things first, let's @take a look at what's happening @on radar at this very moment. @and there's not a whole lot. @like i said, a few snowflakes @in the air, maybe a flurry or @two. @there was scattered lake effect @snow overnight while you were @asleep. @those of you may be waking up @to a fresh coating on the @driveway, sidewalks, watch out @for some slick spots at the bus @stop this morning. @this just in while you were @asleep. @lake effect snow watches have @been issued. @included, ashtabula, lake, and @geauga counties, these start up @late tonight. @they continue through 4:00 @thursday afternoon. @accumulation could be real @significant and even outside of @the watch area, like cuyahoga @county, for example, we're @planning on snow. @we're going to do some hour by
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@right now, dani has a look at @your drive, and the weather is @quiet today. @the weather is quiet and so is @your traffic. @usually i have an easy job @today. @no accidents or major delays. @we're seeing a little bit of @slow traffic as you're @approaching 42 in parma. @that's about a one- minute @delay. @also slow traffic at 271 south @as you're moving to 480 west. @here is a picture at 480, on @480 headed west and east. @traffic is getting by just @fine. @you see we do have wet roads. @for those of you who take 480 @between state and northfield, @it's nine minutes headed east @and west. @those are normal drive times. @>> police are searching for a @stolen car this morning that @was taken from a gas station @last night with a child inside. @>> let's get the latest now @from channel 3's will ujek. @thank goodness the little girl @was found safe. @>> reporter: yes, she was found @ten minutes after the car was @stolen, a 3-year-old girl. @that's the good news.
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@the stolen convenient here is @the security footage from last @night. @it's a gold, chevy equinox. @it was about 8:00 last night. @the little girl's uncle goes @into the gas station and leaves @the keys in the ignition, and a @three-year-old in the backseat. @seconds later a guy walks up, @jumps into the car and takes @off. @again, the girl was found @unharmed up near popeye's @chicken. @now, the girl's uncle was @actually arrested for child @endangerment and police @continued to search for that @vehicle. @the license plate on that is @gml961a, a gold chevy equinox. @if you see that or have any @information, you're asked to @call police. @>> thanks so much, will. @>> a vigil will be held for the @freshman shot dead in an @apartment. @nick mass massa just graduated. @the accused shooter is a 17-
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@who could be charged as an @adult. @he and two other teens broke @into the apartment demanding @money. @ a silver lake man will be @sentenced today on charges he @sold the drugs that killed a @man in cuyahoga falls. @>> the heroin led to the @overdose death of aaron carter. @he pled guilty in a lesser @charge in a plea deal last @month. @ one of the suspects in the @case of a missing mansfield @woman is back in ohio. @he was arraign yesterday. @he pled not guilty to the @charges that he used the stolen @credit cards of patsy hudson @who has not been seen since @july. @they were arrested last week. @remains believed to be hudson @were found at several sights in @richland county over the @weekend and they're being @tested. @ it is a part-time job with @health care benefits. @today, cuyahoga county members @will be voting on giving
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@their salary would go from 45 @to 52 grand a year. @council members defend the @raise, saying the job is harder @than they expected. @our investigator found the @president missed 75% of @committee meetings on @education. @council member yvonne conwell @-- in comparison, allegheny @council in pittsburgh makes @9,000 a year. @ four diamond restaurants @offer a distinctive fine dining @experience, according to triple @a, and they use top quality @ingredients. @fewer than 700 restaurants in @the u.s., canada, and mexico @combined hold this rating. @>> congratulations, michael and
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@taking over the skies, how @popular drones are. @they're out numbering planes. @we'll have that story coming @up. @ and the new hampshire @primary is today, and some @results results are already @coming in. @we'll tell you what candidates @are coming in on top so far. @hollie. @ the you're just tuning in, @a few flurries. @no big deal. @let me move out of the way so @you can see a little better. @we're in the 30s today for @highs. @that's seasonal. @we're expecting a expecting an @organized snow for the commute. @we'll talk about a lot more @snow on the way for some of @you. @we could be seeing ialerts @before the week is through. @all the calm and quiet as we're @starting off here tuesday.
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@ @ coming up on 6:10. @topping your morning news feed, @we continue to keep a close eye @on new hampshire where the @first votes in the presidential @primary were cast overnight. @in dixville notch where 9 @people were the first to vote, @john kasich and bernie sanders @came out on top. @there were only nine people @voting there. @dixville notch has predicted @the nominee in every election @since 1978. @>> a michigan family has filed @a lawsuit over the toxic levels @of lead in flint's drinking @water. @the tap water was contaminated @when flint switched its source @from detroit to the flint @river. @the family is suing the city @and the state. @it's the first lawsuit stemming @from the contamination.
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@new numbers are out that show @the number of drones has @surpassed regular planes. @according to the faa, right now @there are 320,000 piloted @aircraft registered, and @325,000 people have registered @their drones. @the number of drones could @actually be higher because, @one, registration can cover @multiple drones, and the faa @started drone regular cities at @the end of last year to address @safety issues. @like drones flying too high or @flying in restricted airspace. @>> oh, boy. @this one is a talker worldwide. @an italian wife could go to @trial for not doing enough @cleaning and cooking. @the european media reporting @that the husband claims his @wife didn't sufficiently clean. @and that's led to unsanitary @living conditions. @meanwhile, groceries that he @bought went to waste.
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@wife could get 2-6 years in @prison. @>> if she is found not guilty, @i wish that man all the luck in @the world. @>> i mean, if he's able-bodied, @to be fair. @>> right. @>> trying to give him the @benefit of the doug. @oh, doug -- benefit of the @doubt. @>> i'm going to take my own @advice and zip it over that @one. @>> come on, girl. @>> it's going to snow. @spring. @out. @>> and the snow blow serrate @kidding. @forecast. @>> i couldn't resist. @temperatures in the 20s. @seasonal today. @hopkins. @gloves ready.
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@boy, are you going to need them @as we continue on this week. @lake effect snow watches have @been issued while you were @asleep. @this is brand new information, @if you're just waking up. @tonight through thursday, i'm @going to tell you exactly who @in just a moment. @today, as we're starting things @off, it's pretty uneventful. @i think it stays that way. @and then we start to see more @organized snow as we get into @this afternoon and evening. @accumulation could be anywhere @from 1-3 inches today. @in general, across the region, @we're seeing a lot of lake @effect snows across the great @lakes. @we, specifically, are not @really seeing much closer to @moment. @but, things are expected to @organize and become much more @favorable for lake effect snow @24 hours. @so the lake effect snow watch @issued by the national weather @service includes lake ashtabula
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@this starts late tonight. @it literally goes through @thursday at 4:00 p.m. @i wouldn't be surprised if it's @extended. @we may see cuyahoga county @included. @even if you're not out of the @watch, outside the areas, we're @expecting lake effect snow. @as we track hour by hour or @future view, we're seeing quite @a bit of snow by later today. @we have lake effect snow bands @from downtown, east to the lake @and ashtabula and geauga @counties. @this evening, tonight, it's @through tomorrow into tomorrow @night and thursday that really @up. @plus, it's going to be really @cold with 20s for highs, and @even at times we're talking @wind chill, single digits to @near zero with blustery @conditions. @this is thursday, early in the @day. @still snowing to the east. @accumulation depending on where @snow persists could be upwards
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@do you know -- 30s today, @scattered snow, pretty light @accumulation for today. @i think it's later that we @start to see it could it up @with 1-3. lake effect snow is @likely tonight and tomorrow and @thursday. @it could ease things a bit. @look at thing this is weekend. @we're going to be in the teens @for saturday's. @the high is 20 itself. @back in the 30s on monday. @6:15, let's get a check on your @morning commute. @get a great deal and a great @deal more at mike bass ford. @>> good morning to you, happy @fat tuesday. @our job has been pretty easy @this morning. @that means your commute has @been pretty easy. @we're looking pretty green on @the traffic map if you're @headed into downtown. @90 east looks great from the @west. @71 north, 77 the east looks
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@we're seeing a little bit of @stop-and-go traffic or the red @on u.s. 2 into downtown. @the west shoreway. @it clears once you get to i-90. @here is picture where they meet @in downtown cleveland. @the drive time between lake @avenue and east ninth, five @minutes headed east. @four minutes headed west. @don't forget, when you hit the @roads, tune into our partners. @they will have traffic updates @for you every ten minutes. @back to you. @>> 6:16. @time for my biggest winners and @biggest losers in sports today. @i've been showing you biggest @winners for a year now. @we just had the anniversary. @no cake was brought out, but @this takes the cake. @the biggest winner has expanded @from the half court shot. @that's boring now. @look at this. @pistons and detroit's andre @drummond is going to get the @ball. @toronto gets the ball. @they're going the take the @shot. @drummond gets the ball and @throws it from three quarters. @swish, nothing but net.
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@from the bench and the fans @went wild. @it's a great shot. @it makes all those half court @shots pale in comparison. @longest shot in the nba since @2007. @who made the one in 2007? @lebron against boston in @boston. @that's an incredible shot. @here are my other biggest @winners. @canton glenn cokes basketball @team which just one the classic @over the weekend. @they win it for the second @straight year against the same @team. @both championship games went @into overtime. @this team is tough. @coaches are mark, michelle, and @scott. @thanks for the picture. @this team does great work in @the classroom as well. @double champions. @>> yeah. @>> if you would like to @nominate your champion or all- @star, send me their picture or @you can always tweet them to me @at john wkyc. @one of our great viewers said i
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@but my on the cease -- son's @team finished second. @>> that's an accomplishment. @ why this year's @celebrations are being called @unprecedented. @we take you to new orleans @next. @first, here's hollie. @>> it's weather out of your @window. @have you ever seen an albino @squirrel? @that's a picture. @look. @terry and sharon sent the @picture in. @we appreciate it. @they watch every day. @we thank you so much for that. @we're honored to be a part of @your day.
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@ @6:21. @come on, john. @[foreign language] @let the good times roll on this @mardi gras. @>> what she said. @>> hordes of revelers are in @new orleans for one final day @of celebration. @>> do that again. @>> fat tuesday events are @expected to be the largest @since hurricane katrina. @sara has the story from new @orleans. @good morning, sara. @>> reporter: good morning, john @and lynna. @the street cleanup is starting @and people are winding down. @people are going to get shut @eye before the parades begin in @a few hours. @things are described as being @unprecedented this year as a @million people are expected in @the big easy. @>> the costumes.
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@all part of an iconic mardi @gras experience. @the feast for the eyes and @ears. @beyond, definitely beyond our @expectations, drawing visitors @and local alike. @>> you may not know the person @beside you, but then you get to @know who they are and where @they're coming from. @>> the fbi says with so much @surveillance, everyone should @assume they're always being @filmed. @many are under cover. @>> the weather season has been @cool and reign -- rainy. @a little bit of rain on these @parades is not slowing the @celebration. @>> reporter: and all of this @adds up to big bucks. @dumping an estimated $878
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@that's good news for business @owners, lynna, at least once @all this mardi gras madness @settles down. @>> big money, big fun. @ a warning for doctors this @morning. @a viral infection primarily @affecting children is making @rounds. @croop is contagious and @requires a trip to the dr. kids @may also run a fever. @when treating croop, it's @important to keep kids calm. @crying can worsen the coughing. @a cool mist humidifier can help @open the breathing passages and @steroids will help clear the @passageways. @ president obama has @approved a $2 billion @assistance plan to fight zika.
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@south america and has led to @serious birth detectives. @>> it's not too messy. @>> good morning to you, john @it's tuesday. @weather looks okay right now. @pretty calm. @we're expecting to see a little @more organized snow later @today. @so as you're coming home from @work and getting the kids from @school, i think we'll have a @scattered lake effect snow @showers. @for highs. @many are close to that right @now. @that's where we should be. @on the travel map, we're seeing @in general the snows across the @great lakes and even further @south we've got scattered snow @showers. @chilly weather and even colder @weather is on the way. @if you take a look to our north @and west, our friends in @minneapolis today, planning on @a high of 14, 22 in chicago. @25 today's high in st. louis. @even colder air is headed this @way, john.
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@arrives, plus, lake effect snow @watch. @i will tell you who. @>> still ahead at 6:30, we're @going to take you live to new @hampshire where votes are @already coming in in the @state's primary and a look at @what has governor kasich so @optimistic this morning. @>> plus, valentine's day is @right around the corner. @one study says cleveland is one @of the worst places to spend @the holiday. @wow, you're chiming in on @social media on your favorite @romantic local spot. @terminal tower even tweeted @this morning, hey, how about @deck. @>> friday, saturday, sunday,
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@ @how about check in a little bit @of snow. @>> if you're just tuning in and @waking up, thanks so much for @betting us be a part of your @day. @lake effect snow watches were @issued while you were asleep @last night. @we'll talk about it in just a @moment. @today, john and lynna told you, @it's pretty quiet so far. @scattered snow becoming likely @for us into this afternoon and @evening. @i think some light @accumulations possible today. @snow showers really do become
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@on it's going to be seasonal. @radar is super quiet for a @moment. @we're expecting things to be @pretty quiet through this @morning. @it looks like into this @afternoon and evening, we're @getting the kids from school @and coming home from work is @when we'll start to see some @scattered snow showers more @persistent. @then things get really busy @late tonight into tomorrow and @thursday. @lake effect snow watches issued @for tonight, and they do go @through thursday at 4:00 p.m. @we're going to talk specifics @in accumulation and all kinds @of things, but, first, let's @check your drive. @dani, just a few flurries out @there. @roads seem to be in good shape. @i saw an accident pop up, u.s. @62277 north in canton. @not causing any big delays. @we're seeing some slow traffic @on 480 east as you approach 42. @pearl road and parma, but @everything looks great, still, @a 1-2- minute delay. @we're seeing typical slow
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@so you know you're starting to @see the stop-and-go traffic 71 @north into the inner belt. @here is the picture. @we take a look at the drive @time on 71 north between 480 @and 490, so it's nine minutes. @that's still normal. @john and lynna, back to you. @>> thank you, dani. @ the first votes are already @cast as voting in the new @hampshire primary started at @midnight in several areas. @>> several candidates are @hoping for an unexpected finish @in this race. @tracy potts is live in @manchester, new hampshire with @good morning, tracy. @>> reporter: hello, john and @lynna. @since we spoke with you last, @polls are now open in some @parts of the state in addition @to those three small towns that @voted at midnight. @we're watching to see if today @hillary clinton will once again @be the comeback kid and who @will place second and third for @the republicans as that voting @now gets under way. @three small towns voted just
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@kasich and sanders won tiny @dixville notch. @cruz, trump, clinton tied the @others. @now, the rest of new hampshire @begins what election officials @expect to be a record breaking @day. @>> out the door, lines out the @door. @>> reporter: candidates @continue their final arguments @today. @>> it's christmas eve for @politicians in new hampshire. @and you all get to play santa @claus. @>> this is now crunch time. @>> reporter: donald trump on @the competition. @>> they're all politicians, all @talk, no action. @they're good at one thing, @getting re-elected. @>> reporter: trump has a huge @lead, but the number two spot @seems to be up for grabs. @cruz, rubio, kasich or bush @have a shot at it. @>> get up early tomorrow and @vote and get up early and get @your friends and family to @vote. @>> bernie sanders is way ahead @of hillary clinton in the
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@>> i will ask you respectfully @to please consider giving me @the chance to do this job for @you. @>> reporter: today is the last @day and polls show more than @half the electorate is @undecided. @>> i don't even know what party @i'm voting for yet. @>> reporter: or willing to @switch their vote at the last @minute. @i can tell you there's a lot of @interest, a lot of energy about @this election. @the secretary of state thinks @they can see half a million @people or more show up to vote @today. @that would be a record. @it would represent two-thirds @of the registered voters in @this state. @john and lynna, back to you. @>> and, tracy, depending on how @governor john kasich does @today, he believes he can do @well. @this sets him up for a @different job. @>> if he comes in second or @third, it's going to be huge @for him. @based on the polling we've seen @and what we ear -- are hearing, @that is certainly possible. @even if he doesn't get this
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@himself up for a pretty good @vice presidential run. @he's getting complimentary @comments. @the road through the white @house goes through ohio. @>> coming up on the today show, @savannah guthrie sits down with @john kasich as he campaigns for @votes in new hampshire. @some say he's peaking at just @the right time. @she'll ask him about that when @the today show starts at 7:00 @right after our newscast. @ a double murder case, a @judge sentenced 22-year-old @jeffrey stewart of new @philadelphia to life in prison @for the murders of doyle and @lillian chumny in strasburg. @prosecutors say stewart and @robert clark robbed and killed @the elderly couple last year. @he won't be eligible for parole @for 50 years. @clark was sentenced to life in
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@ more information about the @fight between johnny manziel @and his girlfriend. @she alleged he hit her so hard @he ruptured her eardrum. @dallas police are investigating @possible criminal charges. @>> meanwhile, the mayor @released a statement last night @the city. @last week the team said @training camp will remain there @in 2016 after rumors surfaced @that training camp could be @moved to columbus, but the team @says they will continue to @evaluate all options in the @future. @the mayor said, in part, our @relationship with the browns @remains strong. @their year round presence and @commitment to being a @responsible corporate neighbor @is crucial to the success and @health of our city going @forward. @the browns have held training @camp there since 1992. @ as cleveland prepares for @their national convention, the
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@to hire more than 300 people. @job postings will be upstarting @on march 1st for positions in @housekeeping. @kitchen staff, and front desk. @to learn more, a preview will @be held february 25th through @the 27th at the convention @center. @here is john with the morning @news feed. @ we're following a deadly @train crash in germany. @cnn is reporting eight people @were killed when two trains @crashed head on. @within the last half hour, @we've learned that everyone has @been rescued. @more than 50 people were @seriously hurt. @a canopy collapsed on two cars @and it was all caught on @camera. @you can see it go down there. @no one was seriously injured, @including the drivers in the @cars beneath the canopy or the @crews on top of it. @ valentine's day is right
6:29 am
@hub is not showing any love for @cleveland. @they rank our city as one of @the worst places to celebrate @valentine's day. @i invite them to come here and @check us out. @out of the 100 cities, @cleveland is ranked 98 when it @comes to budget, activities for @couples, gift accessibility, @okay. @them. @but what's surprising is out of @those 100 cities, cleveland is @98th when you're talking @budget, which includes @restaurant choices and prices. @san francisco is the number one @city in all of this. @have you ever had dinner san @francisco? @you need a loan to pay the @bill. @>> right. @>> it's a lot more expensive @than cleveland, but they like @san francisco better. @other categories, cleveland's @23 23rd in activities. @33rd for gifts, and 63rd for @weather. @so, you know, again, i ask this @research group, have you ever @been here for valentine's day.
6:30 am
@everywhere, but come and visit @our city. @>> some people tweeted the @shire's castle. @>> ruth ann just wrote me a @note and says she likes to go @to the movies. @>> it's what you make of it. @>> it is. @>> it is. @>> cold weather, snuggle. @>> we went to san francisco for @our honeymoon. @still paying for it. @the bill was incredible. @just kidding. @it was a lovely time. @napa valley is wonderful. @>> you need a matt granite in @our life. @>> i had not met him yet. @6:39. @here he is. @ coming up after the break, @we bring the romance without @breaking the bank for guys. @what guys really want on this @valentine's day. @an insane tablet. @hollie, is there another @snuggle alert. @>> it is. @it's going to get pretty snowy @as we head through the week. @this morning, scattered snow.
6:31 am
@accumulation later on today. @we'll get specific and track @hour by hour, coming up.
6:32 am
@ @ so the denver broncos super @bowl victory proves to be huge @for las vegas. @the gaming control board saw @$132 million in super bowl @bets. @decade. @gamblers lost 10% of that. @an estimated 4.1 billion was @bet illegally on super bowl 50. @meantime, because the super @bowl is over, now they come out @super bowl. @the browns. @>> us. @>> 200-1. @>> to even put odds on that is @>> 200-1. @ all right.
6:33 am
@want. @>> can i say it on tv is this. @>> tech. @>> absolutely, lynna. @that's what they want. @yesterday we featured what @women want. @list. @who was most complicated, men @and women. @i will let you decide. @tablets, the number one pick @that was followed by request @for smart phones and gift cards @gifts. @please note what is not on the @list, there you are. @country today. @look at this. @this is insane, black friday @returns. @the tablet, 39.99. @this includes all new samsung @and iphone models.
6:34 am
@card route, sporting good @stores like dick's and bass pro @followed by amazon and saying @they were just as happy with @the movie out. @no need to get overly @complicated. @nice dinner at home also on the @list. @i got you covered. @>> yeah. @>> perfect. @>> see, we've got you guys @figured out. your wish is my @command. @you're simple. @i hope you're okay with @something that is requiring the @shovel over the coming days. @we'll chat. @kids at the bus stop. @temperatures upper 20s to near @30. @pretty seasonal. @normal high today 36. @normal low, 23. @we had just over 3-inches of @snow yesterday at hopkins to @report. @so it's chilly.
6:35 am
@shovels handy over the next few @days. @lake effect snow watches, if @you're just waking up, they @have been issued overnight @while you were asleep. @these kick in late tonight and @literally go through thursday. @accumulation is going to be @lovely in the snow belt. @it's pretty quiet right now. @most of you are snow free, @maybe waking up to a fresh @coating on the driveway. @snow showers overnight while @you were asleep. @it's just a few flurries at @this point. @we're going to generally hang @out in the low 30s through @today. @i do think scattered snow @showers will become a bit more @organized later today. @from the wide perspective, @there's a lot of snow showers @happening. @across the great lakes we're @seeing it. @we're not seeing it here, @though. @it's very uneventful. @so it's a lot of overcast @skies. @it's just kind of calm. @here is what's happened. @we got this lake effect snow @watch now in place. @this starts, like i said, late @tonight, and goes through @thursday at 4:00 p.m.
6:36 am
@cuyahoga county, you know who @you are, be on stand by because @we're planning on lake effect @to become favorable and likely. @we're seeing all indications of @organized lake effect snows, so @it could be commute home @tonight, getting kids from @activities. @we've got the lake effect snow @flying. @organized from ashtabula county @to take. @we have snow continuing through @the day tomorrow into thursday. @it's not going to be steady at @one particular place nonstop, @but it is going to be periodic @and steady and where it does @persist is where we're really @going to see potential. @that's why it's important to @stay up with the latest @forecast. @here is your window nation @seven-day. @30s and scattered snow showers
6:37 am
@now, pretty quiet for you. @one thing that's going to @happen for all of you over the @next seven days is getting @really cold. @lows in the teens, only for @highs on saturday. @valentine's day right now, @we're forecasting a high of 20. @here is doggone weather. @how cute is nino. @8 years old. @beautiful, a lakeland terror. @and the best 2016 to all. @he's very dressed up for the @occasion. @>> looks good. @6:48. @here is a look at stories @trending online this morning. @he may be pulling well in new @hampshire. @governor john kasich may lose @votes all because of a comment @he made for basketball. @>> while campaigning, kasich @was asked who was his favorite @basketball player. @his answer wasn't lebron james. @in fact, it wasn't a player @from cleveland at all. @it was golden state warrior @stephen curry.
6:38 am
@our politicians. @>> okay. @>> i don't know why i'm siding @with him on this. @lebron is my favorite. @>> there's a relatively new @term getting attention this @morning. @it's called the beyonce bounce. @red lobster restaurants are @using it. @she performed sunday at the @super bowl and she mentions red @lobster. @the chain says sales went up @33% this weekend, and they got @over 300,000 tweets. @the company was trending for @the first time in its history. @by the way, lobster fest may be @helping, but they're giving @total credit to beyonce. @6:49. @morning rush. @ let's check in right now @with tiffany. @>> wow. @>> reporter: good morning, john @it's paczki day. @i'm sure that was all about the @line that's out the door here @at rudy's.
6:39 am
@ @ welcome back. @6:52. @time for your morning rush. @hollie has your forecast coming @up and dani has another check @on the roads. @>> tiffany is celebrating fat @tuesday, but first. @>> a vigil will be held for the @freshman shot dead in an @apartment near campus.
6:40 am
@the shooter is a 17-year-old @student from stowe high school @who could be charged as an @adult. @he and two other teens broke @into the apartment demanding @money. @ a missing mansfield woman @case is back in ohio. @he pled guilty to stealing @credit cards of patsy hudson @who has not been seen since @july. @they were arrested in tennessee @last week. @>> reporter: cleveland police @continue the search for a @stolen car this morning. @it was taken at a gas station @on cleveland's east side @yesterday with a 3-year-old @girl in the backseat. @the girl's uncle left the keys @in the ignition. @when he went into the gas @station, a man in the security @footage jumped in the driver's @seat and took off. @the girl was found ten minutes @up the road. @that's a gold chevy equinox @gml9618.
6:41 am
@if you know anything or see @this vehicle, you're asked to @call cleveland police. @>> good morning. @it is fat tuesday. @of course that means we're @celebrating paczki day in @northeast ohio. @you can see the line out the @door here at rudy's in parma. @they're expecting to make about @65,000 paczki. @right here this, guy is eric. @he has been waiting in line for @an hour. @says it is well worth it. @flavors, savory flavors. @every year here at rudy's, they @try to make a new flavor. @the new one this year, @breakfast of champion. @ingredients. @egg, cheese, bacon. @guys, we're going to bring some @back for you. @dani, what do you think? @>> boy, that's about a thousand @calories. @all of it. @it looks great. @delay there is, but no delays @on the road. @delaysdelays in that line. @big delays.
6:42 am
@typical stop-and-go traffic. @here is a picture at west 25th @25th street. @it's about a 3--minute delay, @which is typical, holly. @>> thank you, dani. @ 6:55. @snow. @watches kick in late tonight @afternoon. @cold weather. @we'll see organized snow @showers later today. @right now, it's quiet. @days. @it's going to be blustery. @we'll be getting out the @shovels and eating our @paczki's. @>> shovel your savings right to @kids tablets. @best deal of the entire season @on our website where you will @also find our valentine's day @roundup. @today. @tomorrow, the battle of apple @versus android comes to a close @on our air.
6:43 am
@we're going to bring peace to @the tech wars here. @>> that's nice. @>> there's half of one here. @i'm trying to figure out if a @knife was used or if somebody @ripped it apart with their @hands. @>> we're family, john. @>> can i have the other half @now. @>> you sure can. @this is how i'm lifting weights @today.
6:44 am
it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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