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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@and the school covered it down the results @of the new hampshire primary as
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@ @. @ now at 11:00, @heavy snow falling across @northeast ohio. @betsy has the hour by hour of @how much we can expect. @>> the people want real victorious against @some of these people, even if @it's for one week, but believe @it's going to be for many @weeks, okresults are in. @we'll hear from the winners of @the new hampshire primary and @explain why it's a big night @for governor kasich. @>> plus, two cases of the zika heast ohio. @we're learning more tonight @about who is infected and who @is most at risk. @ @. @ we are on snow watch @tonight. @lake effect snow warnings are @on for geauga and ashtabula
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@this is a live look now at the @shore way here in cuyahoga @county. @>> let's take a live look at @some of the other roads are snow-covered in some @spots. @on your screen, you can see i- @77 and i-490 in the top left, @90 at columbia, i-271 at 322, @and i-71 at west 130th on the @bottom right. @and obviously this snow could @make for a messy commute ots. @>> absolutely. @betsy is here now with the @details. @ hi, there, guys. @you saw the people in the @bottom right screen, i- @the four-ways flashing, going @very slow. @snow is coming down. @we have one of those waves of @energy that came through with @an extra kick of @really helped to rev up the @snow showers. @lake erie adding its two cents @as well. @out east, heavier snow showers
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@pepper pike getting in there as @well. @solon, then back through @garfield heights, west of @farther to the south toward @parma. @this is a pretty good bit of @snow that is coming down. @it is coating the roads. into the @upper 20s and that's allowing @that snow to really stick now. @the salt takes a little bit @longer to start to work, but @the road salt will still @we also have snow showers @coming in across lorain county @and heading down into northern @portions of medina county. @it's the western extension of belt. @that's pretty much the area @we'll be focusing on for the @snow accumulations. @farther to the south, scattered @flurries and light snow overnight tonight, we'll see @lake effect continuing, @especially east of cleveland. @but don't discount areas west @and even south. @yes, the morning commute could spots. @notice as the temperatures are @in the low 20s and we'll @continue to have on and off @snow showers, some of which @could be squalls as we go @through the morning commute ow. @how much is coming overnight? @well, the primary and secondary
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@to have an additional 1 to 4 @inches from now through 11:00 @and the snow continues @wednesday into thursday. @i'll have details on that in a @bit. @russ and sarah? @>> talk to , betsy. @ stay connected with the @channel 3 i alert system. @sign up right now at @and you can @device. @. @ turning to politics now, a night, as @voters cast their ballots in @the new hampshire primary. @>> channel 3's chris ty has the @latest numbers and news of one ernor tonight. @hi, chris. @>> reporter: hi, russ and @sarah. @the big headlines? @donald trump wins big. @bernie sanders wins big. @and john kasich has g story line that will @let him see another day. @unlike last week with iowa, @where it was very, very close @on both sides, it was called @early on both sides tonight, a lowout. @bernie sanders from nearby @vermont beating hillary clinton
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@she won new hampshire in 2008 @versus @on the republican side, donald @trump, as predicted, trouncing @the field. @in second place, ohio's john @kasich, a big on that in a moment. @ted cruz who won iowa last @week, comes in third. @jeb bush, in the establishment @lane, former governor of @florida, in @and marco rubio came out of @iowa hot last week and stumbled @after the debate this weekend @comes in fifth place. @chris christie, by the way, in @sixth, says he's going home to @take a deep breath and think @about things. @let's hear from the two winners @tonight. @we'll hear from donald trump @with his analysis on sanders in @a moment. @but first, the vermont senator @in his own words, tapping on a @very trumpian tone. @>> because of a huge voter @turnout, and i say huge! @>> huge! @>> and we won because of your @energy. @thank you all so much. @[ cheers & applause ] @>> he wants to give away our @country, folks! @he wants to give it away.
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@we're not going to let it @happen! @>> new hampshire, wa @thank you. @we love you. @we'll be back a lot. @we're not going to forget you. @you started it! @remember, you started it! @>> reporter: and john kasich @hopes to finish it in south @carolina and beyond, becoming @the establishment frontrunner @against donald trump. @he spoke a short time ago in @new hampshire and said there @was magic in the air tonight. @listen. @>> something big happened @tonight, and let me tell you, @let me tell you what it is. @let me tell you what it is. @[ cheers ] we have had tens and @tens of millions of dollars @spent against us with negative @advertising, okay? @we have. @we've had tens of millions. @see, that's the old politics. @that's the old politics. @we never went negative because @we have more good to sell than @to spend our time being @critical of somebody else. @[ cheers & applause ] @>> reporter: and so he takes @that positive message to south
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@some gusto, taking on donald @trump. @russ and sarah, the key @question, now that kasich @appears to be a frontrunner, @does donald trump turn his @attention and vitriol his way? @>> lot of work to do, looking @at the latest polls, 8th right @now in south carolina. @it's going to be an interesting @11 days until then. @>> reporter: the question is, @how does he leverage this story @tonight in his media exposure? @we shall see. @>> thanks, chris. @ @. @ two cases of the zika virus @have now been confirmed in @northeast ohio. @one in stark county, the other @in cuyahoga county. @>> we have team coverage @tonight, including how the @virus spreads. @but we begin with senior health @correspondent monica robins to @explain how these patients came @down with the illness. @>> reporter: the cases are not @linked, but both people @contracted the zika virus in @haiti. @the latest is a 21-year-old man @from stark county. @the first is a 30-year-old @woman from cleveland.
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@department of health, the woman @january 25. @symptoms include fever, rash, @joint pain, and red eyes. @she was diagnosed with zika in @haiti and upon returning to @cleveland last week, saw her @private practice doctor who @reported her case to the @cleveland health department. @up. @she was never hospitalized. @no vaccine for zika. @for more on how the disease @spreads, we turn to channel 3's @dawn kendrick to continue team @coverage. @>> reporter: if you needed a @reason to appreciate winter @here, well, here it is. @no mosquitoes. @mosquito bites, essentially the @primary way the zika virus is @spread. @but the people who study @infectious disease are under no @uncertain words urging @travelers to rethink their @trips, especially pregnant @women or those even thinking @about getting pregnant. @>> i'm not surprised.
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@we're really a plane ride away @from it. @>> reporter: metro health @medical center's dr. hanrahan @is metro health's director for @infection control. @the cdc's warning that ohioans @traveling to affected areas @should use mosquito repellent @properly and cover up as much @as possible. @even better, says the cdc, try @to postpone travel to zika- @infected areas like south @america, the caribbean, and @singapore. @>> i think that really makes @the most sense. @>> reporter: especially @pregnant women, as zika virus @for the developing brain. @doesn't matter how far along @unprotected partners who have @recently been to south america @and singapore puts you at risk @for zika virus. @>> it's sexually transmitted, @because it's present in semen
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@condoms for the duration of the @pregnancy. @>> reporter: in rare cases, it @can lead to neurological @disorders, but like the first @ohio case, people shake it off. @>> 80% will not have symptoms. @the rest will have a mild @virus. @blood transfusions for people @infected would be a problem. @>> reporter: blood banks @eliminating donors who have @recently been to infected @areas. @the zika virus is completely @different from ebola, by the @way, which is easily @transmitted person-to-person. @in pennsylvania, they also saw @their first two confirmed @kaleses today of zika virus and @it is important to note closing @that the cdc reports no cases @of zika virus disease @transmission through mosquito @bites anywhere in the @continental u.s. @>> sounds like one of those @viruses we see time and time @again every few years. @we don't know a lot about it at @first, but as time comes out, @we learn more. @>> and this summer, they will @be really tracking the
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@word is we do not have those @two types of mosquitoes in @ohio, thank goodness. @>> good thing to underscore @that. @thank you, dawn. @ new tonight, allegations @out of kent state university, @where a student says she was @raped by her former softball @coach's son, then a baseball @player, and the coach, and the @university covered it up. @hillary gholston has the story. @>> reporter: the lawsuit paints @a pretty jarring tale here. @according to the complaint, @this woman was raped by a 6' 5, @210-pound athlete. @she allegedly told him to stop @10 times, but he reportedly @wouldn't. @karen linder, former head coach @of the varsity softball team, @at the center of an alleged @rape cover-up involving her @son. @the woman making these @accusations was a freshman @softball player at the time. @she claims linder's son, a @baseball player, raped her. @the alleged victim's attorney.
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@>> reporter: the lawsuit claims @the alleged victim told linder @about the rape and she said, i @would appreciate it if you @would not tell anybody else and @that we keep this between the @people that know. @the complaint alleges the then- @player was afraid she might get @kicked off the team and lose @her scholarship if she told @anyone. @here's part of the university's @response. @the university is strongly @committed to title ix and we @take these matters very @seriously. @we follow all policy and @procedures related to title ix, @taking measures above and @beyond what is required to @ensure all students, staff and @faculty are aware of their @rights and responsibilities. @now, this lawsuit also alleges @that the student filed title ix @complaints, but that those fell @on deaf ears. @title ix is something that @prohibits any type of sexual @discrimination in federally @funded education institutions. @we'll be requesting that kent @state produce documents under
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@and we'll be following this @story and keeping you up to @date, right here and online, @hillary gholston, channel 3 @news. @ coming up tonight, call it @a twitch. @memorial day tradition is over @in downtown cleveland after @more than two decades. @>> and you're taking another @live look outside at the snowy @conditions.
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@ @. @ a memorial day tradition in @cleveland is apparently no @more. @a spokesperson for live nation @has confirmed the organization @will not produce the great @american rib cookoff and music @festival this year. @it would have been the event's @25th year. @no word on whether someone else @might take over the event. @ and the start of the storm @has begun with snow piling up @in the traditional spots and @slow going on the shore way and @other roadways tonight. @betsy, you've been looking at @all of this. @what do you think for tomorrow @morning? @ i think it all depends upon
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@always does with weather in @northern ohio. @pretty bold statement, i know, @but like this evening, perfect @example. @7:00, we had light snow in the @area. @it was great. @we had this little wave come @through. @it kicked the snow out. @by 7:30, we had an inch of snow @on the roads and it was very @slow going and treacherous. @that happens. @>> is that the-- @>> yeah. @>> it adds extra energy and @helps to ramp things up. @we have one of those that's @been moving through this @evening and that's why we've @seen squalls that have been @coming and going. @we do have lake snow and the @possibility of squalls, bursts @of heavy snow possible through @the morning rush and through @the evening rush as well. @it's all dependent upon @location. @don't forget our weather app, @which is phenomenal. @it has our radar in it and you @literally have a radar in the @palm of your hand. @it is so convenient.
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@we have information on that on @our website,, which @also has a nifty interactive @radar. @but we do have the red lights @on because tomorrow we could @have problems on the roadways. @maybe one of those days you @want to leave a little early, @check in with holly and danny @in the morning starting at 4:30 @and they will keep you updated @with where the snow bands are. @lake snow advisory for lake and @lake shore ashtabula, inland @ashtabula and geauga county @under a lake snow warning. @this is a long period, going @all the way through thursday @afternoon. @even though we have the snow @that's already started tonight, @the darker the purple, the @heavier the snow. @we have had heavier bursts of @snow coming down out into the @east into the traditional @snowbelt areas, southern lake @and northern geauga county. @but also we've had this little @cleveland and westward. @now, bedford heights down to @the southeast of cleveland, @along 480, you can see the snow @is piling up on the roads here. @they have got the road tracks @plowed out, but does look like
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@odot crews to catch up. @temperatures are in the 20s. @once the salt gets on there, it @should start to work. @but if we have more squalls @coming, we'll have a cumulative @problem. @now, as far as west, look at @lorain, down into elyria @getting this heavy band here @into north ridgeville as well. @avon getting in on that. @that, then moving over into @portions of rocky river, bay @village, then farther to the @east into the parma area. @that is responsible for some @slick roads as well. @this is i-90 at west 84th. @you can see the coating on the @road there, that icy, snowy, @gritty coating that if you get @into the berms or the slush in @between the lanes, you can @really grab and get nastiness @going on. @farther to the south, just @no big problems here. @but the temperatures are a @little colder farther south. @there's the big picture. @you can kind of see the swirl @that's the vorticity. @now that's moving out, we'll @start to see this settling down @a little bit, getting into more @traditional snow bands. @as the bands come and go, they @will oscillate. @that's where accumulations come @from.
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@the north of us and it won't @get here until we get into @thursday. @but late wednesday, you can see @temperatures start to drop in @the planning forecast and we @will have periods of snow that @come in as well. @let's go hour by hour. @winds here in this black box. @you can see the west winds have @been predominant through the @night. @at times, winds will kind of @shift around a little bit and @that's where we'll get the @bands. @that's going to spread the snow @showers out and around. @late day, we should start to @see more of that northwesterly @wind building in. @look at the temperatures in the @20s here and pockets of heavy @snow potential, pockets. @we will have areas that don't @get much snow at all. @we'll have other areas that get @several inches very quickly. @that will happen periodically @through the day. @but you can see our snow does @continue into wednesday night @and thursday. @now, total accumulations, this @is basically a ballpark out @clear to the end of this by @thursday afternoon. @generally speaking, 2 to 4. @granted, if we get a good band
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@a bit, we may end up adjusting @the numbers upward. @but in the primary snowbelt @areas, we may end up with the 4 @to 10-inch accumulation total @and some areas could even get @more. @we'll be in the 20s through the @day tomorrow. @flurries south with lake snow @continuing farther to the @north. @won't make it out of the teens @on thursday, as the lake snow @is going to continue. @it winds down late day. @seven-day forecast giving us a @break on friday. @but late friday, snow moves in. @that's ahead of an arctic @front. @temperatures predawn in the @teens, dropping, and we'll be @in the single digits most of @the day. @sunday, a repeat performance. @>> hang on. @one more time. @>> vorticity maxima. @>> thank you. @ coming up, the browns @report that they lied about @johnny manziel having a @concussion at the end of the
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@ @. @ hi, everybody. @boy, it was another crazy day @for the browns today, squashing @another wild story coming away @from the nfl network and it @manziel. @here's the way it went. @the story came out by virtue of @michael silver of the nfl @network. @he reported that during the @final week of the regular @season leading up to the @steeler game, a browns player @told silver that manziel showed @up to practice on that @wednesday before the game @drunk, as he tried to get ready @for the game -- remember, he @was scheduled to be the browns @starting quarterback, so the @browns sent him home.
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@browns lied about it and said @that manziel had concussion- @like symptoms and went into the @concussion protocol. @silver later in the day said he @regrets saying the words "lied @about it "but stands by his @report. @the browns released a statement @saying johnny manziel came to @our facility on the morning of @december 30 and complained of @concussion symptoms. @he was tested by an independent @neurologist and entered the @league's concussion protocol. @he remained in the protocol @until january 12 after being @cleared by the independent @neurologist. @to button it all up, this @should all come to an end on @march 9 when the browns cut @manziel. @ it was a great day for a @parade in denver today. @boy, i'll tell you, over a @million people, they say, @turned out to see the broncos @celebrate the team's latest @super bowl and the third in @team history. @super bowl 50 from a couple of @days ago, they knocked off @carolina.
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@tomorrow night they take on the @l.a. @lakers. @it's a very, very big night, @because kobe bryant is in the @middle of his farewell tour as @a player in the nba with the @l.a. @lakers. @bryant will make his final @appearance at the q tomorrow @night. @he's averaging 17 points a game @this year, but the lakers @aren't winning hardly at all. @they are 11-43. @to many of the cavs players, @they watched kobe bryant @through many, many years and a @lot of championships. @kyrie irving was constantly @watching kobe bryant @highlights. @>> i can call myself an avid @youtube watcher of kobe bryant. @i mean, i don't get tired of @watching at all. @just feel like definitely take @a lot of knowledge from @watching him consistently and, @you know, lot of my @fundamentals come not only from @my father, but from watching @him. @ college basketball, lot of @good news to tell you about @tonight for both kent state and @akron. @beginning with the golden
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@came back and won tonight over @northern illinois, 75-74. @they will be at eastern @michigan over the weekend. @ akron is red hot. @they were at bowling green @tonight and it was a big night @for the great zips player @jackson, as he hit six three- @pointers in the game. @he led the zips with 20 points. @as a team, they shot 16-for-32, @50% from behind the three-point @line. @akron wins, seven straight for @them. @17 out of 19 games they have @won. @they are 20-4, as they win 83- @68. @ ohio state is a winner @tonight, hosting northwestern. @second half, game tied at 56- @56. @lyle hits a three-pointer right @here. @he led the buckeyes with 16, as @they knock off northwestern, 71- @63, and they are 15-10 on the @year. @>> jimmy, thank you.
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@. @ looks like he's got the @right hat on for tomorrow, @right, betsy? @>> definitely, a cold day and @plenty of snow as well. @we do have lake snow advisories @cleveland. @the primary snowbelt. @it's all dependent on lake snow @about anywhere. @it's one of those days you got @an eye out. @>> and holly and danny will @have you covered beginning at
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@ have a great night and a @safe morning tomorrow.
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