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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @ right to team -- right to @team coverage this morning. @>> holiday weekendley has been @saying -- hollie has been @saying we'll see the lake @effect snow. @we could see pretty good @amounts of snow. @>> yes, those of you in the @snow belt, yes. @john and lynna, thanks so much. @good morning to you. @you're wednesday and a halfway @there. @it's going to be very snowy for @some of you. @others, just cold and maybe a @few flurries or light snow @showers, but the reality is
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@this as you're getting up, @getting ready, getting the kids @out to school today. @we have snow showers coming @down on the east side. @we're seeing lake effect snow @on the east side of cleveland. @also into geauga county, @eastern cuyahoga county is @getting hit with snow. @summitt county is seeing snow @showers along 77 into northern @portage county, we have light @snow falling. @it's going to be as qualls @really set up, that's where @we'll really notice the @accumulation. @john made a great point. @it doesn't take much. @if it's happening as you're @commuting, you're going to have @slick conditions and slowdowns @and things like that. @on the east side right now, the @heaviest is definitely lake @county. @that's where we're seeing the @moderate snow. @those spots, further west,
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@dani and i are working close to @make sure we're starting things @off safe and sound. @>> the snow is not impacting @the commute too much. @a little slow on 71 north just @before the inner belt bridge. @we'll get to that in a moment. @hollie said we're seeing the @heaviest snow east. @i wanted to check those drive @there. @we're still seeing normal drive @times. @in fact, here's the picture on @271 at mayfield road in eastern @cuyahoga county. @as you can see, drivers getting @heights. @we had a crash at west 25th @25th street. @that has cleared out. @again, like i said earlier, @we're seeing the slow traffic. @71 north before the inner belt @bridge and another crash @reported 71 northbound at the @ridge road overpass on the @right shoulder. @please, give yourself extra @time to slow down this morning. @john and lynna, back to you. @>> 6:02. @your drive to school, dani is @describing these road @conditions.
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@>> here's a look at where you @are right now. @where is it looking. @pretty good. @>> we're approaching 306 right @now on route 2 west, lynna. @you can see traffic is moving @along well right now, but if @you look over here to the left @side, you can see the lane is @still snow covered. @we have encountered those @heavier bands of snow that hole @hollie has been talking about. @a high gust. @having to use both hands on the @steering wheel at times. @i just heard back from the ohio @department of transportation @district 12. @of course they're over geauga @laying lake and cuyahoga @county. @they have their 80 salt trucks @and plows out. @the good news is they have been @able to keep up, that's @according to the spokesperson. @so we've been out here all @morning. @we've been along through @madison township, route 20. @everything was clear over @there. @we've been in some other areas. @right now we're in the mentor
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@still, of course, those slick @spots, and you never know, @john, with that lake effect @snow when you can get those @bands that pick up out here. @>> stay with us. @at least right now it's pretty @good traveling for you. @thank you very much. @let's head south. @live pictures here. @this is 77 at montrose hill. @flakes are still falling. @the traffic. @cars moving pretty good right @there. @stay connected with the ialert @system. @sign up right now at @alerts. @mobile device. @two cases of the zika virus @northeast ohio. @health officials say the two @cases are not linked. @both the 21-year-old man from @stark county and a 30-year-old @woman from cuyahoga county @traveled to haiti. @there are more than a dozen @cases of zika in the u.s. most @infected people don't get sick.
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@link between the zika virus and @a rare birth defect transmitted @from an infected pregnant mom. @ the environment protection @agency has given another @violation notice to sebring @because of the lead in its @drinking water. @the village failed to submit @the reports of water twice. @residents didn't receive @results as quickly as they @should have. @this is the second violation @for sebring since the testing @befan. @ four girl basketball @players will be suspended for a @brawl that happened. @according to, the @students had have to miss the @upcoming tournament games. @police had to use pepper spray. @three of the students are @charged with rioting. @ the cuyahoga county city @council has voted to give @themselves a pay raise. @their annual salary jump from
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@this is a part-time job with @health care. @an investigation revealed @several council members missed @committee meetings over the @last year. @we did more investigating. @others make far less doing the @same job. @here is maureen with the @morning news feed. @ the new hampshire primary @is now in the books. @donald trump and bernie sanders @were declared winners early in @the evening. @sanders had over 59% of the @vote. @clinton had 38%. @she conceded so sanders and @urged her voters to get out and @push her forward in upcoming @primaries. @governor chris christie is @reevaluating his campaign. @he's headed home and not to @south carolina as planned. @>> john kasich came in second @behind trump for the gop. @ more than two months after @the san bernardino attacks, @investigators still can't
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@the encryption data is kept @private by cell phone @companies, even during a terror @investigation. @it could tell them how and why @they attacked. @they died in a shootout with @police. @ what do you think about @this? @a small district in texas now @has a four-day school week. @the olson district only has a @few students, but they're not @the only ones taking this on. @another district will switch to @a four-day week next year, @adding 25 minutes to their @school day, but getting a three- @day weekend. @teachers and staff will have to @report to school on friday to @grade papers and lesson plans. @students will be offered @tutoring and extracurriclars so @that friday almost becomes @optional. @they're trying with how that @works out. @>> thank you. @ it's almost 6:08. @pretty cool goal here from
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@it's the celebration i'm @celebrating this morning. @it was a tribute to a @quarterback. @ we've been seeing low gas @prices, but could you imagine @less than a dollar a gallon? @why some analysts say it's @coming, right here. @>> hollie. @>> lynna, thank you. @periodic lake snow showers is @going to be with us through @this morning's commute and @right on into the evening @commute. @temperatures in the 20s through @the day. @wind chills will be in the @teens. @snow is going to added up for a @lot of you. @wait until you see the cold. @there's so much to talk about. @just a couple delays this @morning. @we could be adding to that, @especially as we get into @tomorrow, as you can see at the @bottom of your screen, 6:08. @get some coffee, follow us on @twitter. @let us know what it's like as @you're waking up. @we take a live look.
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@ @6:11 right now. @snow falling along i-90 and @west lake as we continue to @track lake effect snow. @ialert is there for you. @two closings to pass along. @carol schools, crestview in @richland county, both on a two- @hour delay right now. @we'll pass it along as they @come in. @ if you think the prices are @low at the pump right now, some @stations in ohio could dip @below a dollars to 99-cent as @gallon. @wholesale prices are plunging, @and supply is growing. @those 99-cent stations will be @isolated. @right now the national average @is $1.72: here in northeast @ohio, the lowest price, $1.23.
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@ come take a look at this @picture of mcdonald's chicken @mcnuggets and french fries. @looks pretty normal. @what if i told you this happy @meal was brought six years ago. @she posted the picture on @facebook along with the receipt @january 8th 2010. @she wanted to show her patients @how unhealthy mcdonald's is. @they use a lot of chemicals to @it is. @mcdonald's had no comment, @according to @>> well preserved. @>> if you brought that to the @dinner table tonight, you would @probably think nothing of it, @right? @>> well, you know, well @preserved. @hollie said pass the honey @mustard. @>> i might go with ranch. @>> sweet and sour?
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@i would do the sweet and sour. @willowby is where we're headed. @if you're a west cider, it's so @cute. @we've had showers falling @there. @we're continuing to track and @crews were out covering on all @sides of town here just to kind @of get your wednesday going. @6:19. @kids at the bus stop, 20s. @it's seasonal. @we're going to have snowball @fights and fun because there's @going to be snow on the ground @for a lot of you. @if not yet, toward the end of @the day, chances will be there. @that's part of our headlines. @ahead of it, we're tracking a @really frigid valentine's @weekend. @some of the coldest air we've @seen in quite some time. @this will be the case today, @especially if you're east on @the snow belt. @20s for the high. @that's where we're going to @lack a bit.
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@we're only going to end up @about 25 degrees. @here's the snow from east side @of cleveland into places like @will loby. @there's more moderate snow. @we'll see if it all holds @together as these snow bands @continue to work their way @inland. @from euclid and mentor, @northern geauga county, seeing @the snow showers into @ashtabula, we still have @advisories and warnings in @place through tomorrow. @the only difference is we went @from a watch to a warning in @some counties. @as we track on future view and @go hour by hour, you will see @how this is through today. @it's not just trying to brush
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@to vary. @it's lake effect. @that's really what it is. @some of you could honestly have @almost a foot of snow on the @ground by this time tomorrow. @some of you will literally have @a coating, maybe nothing, if @you live west or south where @there hasn't been much. @speaking of the cold, tomorrow @diminish. @20s on tomorrow and friday. @valentine's weekend, holy cow. @saturday. @around 20. @digits. @it is 6:16. @commute. @>> hi there. @thanks for allowing us to start
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@we start on i-71 near the ridge @road overpass. @you see slick roads. @it looks like someone slid off @the highway there off into the @grass that's covered with snow. @please be careful. @we just heard an alert from o @dot. @they said rose, lake, geauga, @cuyahoga counties, the roads @are slushy. @we're seeing slow traffic 71 @north. @the time remains 8 minutes. @other than that, we're looking @pretty good for those of you @who commute to the south. @everything looks great to the @east. @watch for snow. @john and lynna, back to you. @ 6:17. @time for my biggest winners and @bigger losers in sports, and @with love in the air, @valentine's day just around the @corner. @>> now, a view of you have told @me we want to see more soccer @plays. @it's the biggest request i get. @i keep look. @this morning, for you.
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@look at this, manchester united @playing against chelsea. @this is one of the best goals @i've seen in a while. @the ball is passed to @lynngardt. @watch the roundhouse kick for @the goal. @right there. @drills it into the corner of @the net. @then he does the cam newton and @dabs. @that was quick. @i know. @>> i caught it. @>> you caught it. @he wanted to do a nice tribute @to cam newton. @why not? @he suffered a tough super bowl. @that's the best i've got for @you today. @i will keep looking for good @plays. @biggest winner, this is a great @looking goal. @he doesn't even look at the @net. @he turns around and kicks the @thing. @ here are my biggest winners @from me dina. @this is the -- me medina. @coaches brian and scott. @molly, proud mother of bryce.
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@morning and love the take. @that makes my day. @thank you so much for that. @if you would like to nominate @your champion or all-star. @e-mail them or tweet them to me @at john wkyc. @special note. @next week is random acts of @kindness week. @i want to see pictures of your @family or friends who have done @a nice thing for someone. @i want to dedicate the whole @week of winners to people doing @random acts of kindness. @>> send the pictures in. @>> yep. @ 6:19. @how often do you pay for add-on @services that you think you @need, like protection services. @matt granite joins us with @three services you don't need @to pay for. @>> he says you're wasting money @and time. @here's hollie. @ 6:19. @we have weather out your @window. @it's a cute cardinal fest. @>> wow. @>> mike from canton sent this
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@isn't it just lovely, so @vibrant and beautiful. @thank you for your pictures @every single day.
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@ @ 6:23. @a look at i-77 in the fair lawn @area from montrose hill. @traffic moving pretty well @there. @odot sending out a tweet @reminding people the roads are @slushy in some parts. @hollie is tracking lake effect @snow. @some parts could see as much as @a foot of snow by the end of @tomorrow. @we'll have the full forecast @coming up in just a bit. @for now, matt granite considers @these three of the most useless @services. @>> add them up. @i bet we're spending a lot of
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@>> we're saving you time and @money. @last hour lynna asked if those @plans were part of this. @if the item is under $200, the @plan is not worth it. @if you've saved a lot of money @and it's under 200, take it @into consideration. @ both tied to travel. @now, airplane wi-fi is awful. @in my service tests, it fails @almost 97% of the time, the way @people look in this photo, @wanting to throw their laptops @at each other is a direct @replica of what i experience @every time i'm on a flight. @speaking of slights and travel, @anyone trying to sell you
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@travel credit cards. @so please keep in mind that you @may already have it. @also, when you're checking your @free credit score, every @company wants to sell you a @membership for about $40 a @that's bogus. @you can easily find a credit @monitoring service that does it @for one-fifth of the price. @the one tied to the credit @scores, not a useful service, @in my opinion. @>> i know another one. @rental car insurance. @if you have your own car @insurance, do you need it? @>> it means it won't count @against your deductible if you @crash. @i think you're more likely to @hit things in a new car and a @new environment, just my @personal opinion, but a great @segment for another day. @you just gave me an idea. @>> you're going to stick @around. @>> i will be here. @ hollie, we're talking about
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@>> it just depends on where you @are. @i love hearing from you and @what you're waking up to this @morning. @this is going to be a story @over the next few hours. @we continue to have the @warnings and advisories in @place for lake and geauga @counties. @it's through the day and, you @know, into tonight that we're @going to continue to see this @snow. @on the travel map, john. @it's pretty evident across the @great lakes, this is the case. @wait until you see the cold @we're tracking. @i will tell you about it. @>> coming up at 6:30. @our own governor kasich had a @successful outing as well. @we're going to get a full recap
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@ @live pictures is downtown will @will loby. @>> it's feast or famine with @this? @>> yes. @some areas could see as much as @a foot of snow by tomorrow. @>> right. @it's hard to believe. @if you're waking up, for @example, in mansfield this @morning, and it's great to see @you. @you're thinking, what? @>> it's true. @it's classic lake effect. @it is impacting the snow belt.
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@john and lynna told you about, @we could see scattered lake @effect snow. @temperatures will be in the 20s @today and stead difficult right @now we've got most of the lake @effect snow flying to the east @of cleveland. @lake county seeing the brunt of @it at this point. @parts of ashtabula, parts of @trumble. @even in places like northern @portage county, eastern @cuyahoga county seeing some of @the snow. @geauga county, it's really @light right now. @we're seeing it in parts of @bainbridge. @get closer in, you will notice @mentor is more moderate as far @as the snow goes. @let's get a check on the roads. @dani has a look for you. @good morning to you. @>> good morning to all of you. @welcome to your wednesday. @ we just told you about a @spinout. @looks like they cleared it out. @roads are slushy in cuyahoga @county, lake county, and geauga @county. @please be careful. @we're not seeing any delays on
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@however, we're starting to see @our typical slow traffic before @west 25th. @it looks pretty good, though. @so, in fact, we have normal @drive times between 480 and 490 @nine minutes headed north. @so we're good go with normal @drive times, john and lynna. @ donald trump and bernie @sanders are celebrating @decisive victories this morning @where voters rejected politics @and went with outsiders. @>> tracy potts. @let's start with trump. @boy, after iowa, his campaign @needed this one. @>> reporter: exactly. @he underperformed in iowa. @he overperformed here, taking @more than a third of the vote. @a decisive victory for him. @2-1 over the next closest @republican. @there were a lot of republicans @right behind trump, hoping to @ride his coattails to victory @here. @>> i want to thank you. @we love you. @>> more than a third of new
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@to donald trump's bold, not so @politically correct politics @which he says will work @anywhere. @>> we're going now to south @carolina. @we're going to win in south @carolina. @>> john kasich beat cruz, @rubio, and bush in a four-way @battle for second place. @he credits a positive message. @>> tonight the light overcame @the darkness of negative @campaigning. @hillary clinton suffered a @huge, though not unexpected, @defeat. @no comeback this time. @she lost to bernie sanders by @double digits, but insists it @is not over. @we're going to fight for every @vote in every state. @>> sanders heads to harlem new @york to pick up key african- @american endorsements that @could help him compete against @clinton in south carolina. @>> they're throwing everything @at me except the kitchen sink, @and i have the feeling the @kitchen sink is coming pretty
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@>> massive turnout. @license around the block. @in one case, a mile long led to @outsider victories in both @parties. @>> it's worth stopping to take @another look and think about @that picture that you just saw. @the massive lines and the @secretary of state predicted @they were going to have this @huge turnout. @what they didn't know is how @many people were going to show @up and register for the first @time. @that's a lot we're seeing. @we're waiting for the official @numbers, but it looks like @they're on set to possibly @break a record here in terms of @turnout. @>> all right. @before i let you go. @let's talk governor kasich. @he did very well. @he put everything on the @shoulders in new hampshire and @said, look, if i don't do well, @voters responded. @what does it mean as we go to @south carolina. @>> well, he's already on the @ground in south carolina,
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@expecting an onslaught of @negative ads. @he wants to stay positive. @that's what he think worked in @his campaign. @he's at 1% down there. @>> that's a long way to go in @that campaign. @thank you, tracy. @ we want you to know what @you're headed out to because of @all of this snow. @>> tiffany tarpley is out and @about in the eastern counties @there. @we see her on the screen with @the gps locator. @we see you traveling along @without 2 in east lake. @how is it looking is this. @>> we're approaching route 306 @right now. @lynna, it's looking pretty @good. @if you remember at the top of @the hour we were out here and @the snow was much heavier. @it's much lighter than it was @before, which is, of course, @what you're going to see when @you talk about the lake effect @snow. @the roads, passable this @morning. @we know that odot crews have @about 80 trucks in three @different counties this morning @when you talk about geauga,
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@that's odot district 12. @we know in ashtabula county, @odot has more than 20 trucks @out keeping up with all of this @snow. @so far, so good here in the @eastern counties, but as we @said all morning long, you @know, we have seen those @heavier bands of snow, lynna, @so you just never know when @you're dealing with this. @>> all right. @we'll check back with you in a @little bit. @thanks, tiffany. @ hundreds of students @gathered last night for a @somber vigil. @family and friends are mourning @the loss of nick massa from @west lake. @she was shot and killed sunday. @nick was visiting a friend's @apartment when three suspects @barged through the door and @demanded money. @investigators say a 17-year-old @stowe high school student @fatally shot nick. @a go fund me account has been @set up to help nick's family. @ we're learning more about @police finding a body on the @west side. @shots were reported yesterday.
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@found a body inside a car with @several gunshot wounds. @detectives say someone set fire @to the car. @authorities have not identified @the victim. @ now here's maureen with the @morning news feed. @>> all right. @we start off with developing @news. @the department of justice is @exploring legal actions. @the council called for @revisions to the tentative @agreement to revamp their @police department and court. @the city council voted last @night to conditionally approve @some of the measures. @the two sides came to a @settlement after the 2014 @shooting of unarmed teenager @michael brown, jr. @ some scary moments last @night. roy williams collapsed @near the bench area and had to @be helped to the locker room. @the coach said he's had vertigo @for years but this is the first
6:30 am
@he's had attacks in practice @before. @he watched from the locker @room. @north carolina won 68-65. @ a nashville family is @sending warns to others after a @christmas hover board caught @fire. @it then destroyed their home. @they escaped through a second @story window. @they're very lucky everyone is @safe. @this is one of a dozen recent @fires thought to be caused by @hover boards. @a cautionary tail there for @anyone who got this has a @holiday gift. @>> one note on the roy @williams. @i'm reading the l.a. @times he went out to shake @hands with the other coach and @apologized for the distraction. @he wanted to talk to him and @say, great game. @>> talk about class. @>> no kidding. @ 6:38. @still a lot to come this @morning. @ all right. @let's check in with matt @granite. @what's ahead? @>> we're finding love in the
6:31 am
@the battle of android versus @apple comes to a close. @>> we're going to check on the @snow and do it with a smile. @we have lake effect snow, @temperatures in the 20s. @we're in the 20s for highs @today. @we're not moving up a whole @lot. @1-3-inch possibility for a lot @of you. @we'll explain. @look ahead to the valentine's @weekend. @speaking of love. @that's all coming up.
6:32 am
@ @ 6:42 right now. @a live look. @i-77 and route 18 from montrose @hill. @>> we have seen some slippery @slick roads out there. @the roads seem to be mostly wet @out there. @dani reported earlier cars slid @off of i-480 and ridge. @be careful out there. @she'll be along with a full
6:33 am
@coming up in just a bit. @ 6:43. @huge tech news. @ways to save, matt gran @ we're bringing love our @households. @a new product i tested. @apple versus android, no more. @don't you think you should be @able to charge an apple or @android with the same cable? @today that is a reality. @take a look as we cut down on @your clutter. @i'm going to show you this bad @boy in a moment. @replace all the junk on the the @left side of your screen with @one cable that does it all. @universal battles come to a @close as we find love just in @time for valentine's day. @my wife is apple. @i'm android, and now we're @using the same cable. @it will safely charge. @again, this is apple and @android safe. @an android blackberry and
6:34 am
@you two universal chargers for @two. @full demo is on our website. @touch. @apple, android, one cord. @who cares. @>> that's great. @>> it is. @>> no cord mess either. @i'm android. @we fight. @charger. @>> and this would all stop @right now. @>> one device to settle it all. @>> kumbaya. @we're going to send you out to @solve all of the world's @disputes. @thank you. @>> my pleasure. @>> if you don't have this, it's @silly. @it really helps on days like @today. @for sure. @ we're checking out that
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@bus stop. @it's going to feel more like @teens because of winds 10, 15 @miles per hour. @gusts up to 25. @we're all bundlalled up for @school. @looks like we are era going -- @like we're going to be dealing @with snow. @it depends on where the lake @effect snow is setting up. @bitter cold for this @valentine's weekend. @first things first and today is @going to be 20s and more steady @with the on and off lake effect @snow showers. @we've been seeing it pretty @persistent that morning. @geauga, parts of portage county @seeing snow showers. @ashtabula, eastern cuyahoga @county. @earlier we had snow on the west @side, if you're just weaking up @and tuning in and you live in @places like west lake and bay @village, you probably notice a @little bit of snow there. @it's still falling to the east. @like i said, we've got it over @the lake. @we've got these warnings and @advisories in place through @tomorrow at 4:00 p.m.
6:36 am
@matter of who sees the most @persistent snow. @in those spots, john and lynna, @it could really be impressive. @in some of these locations, @it's lake in ashtabula county @and geauga counties for @advisories. @that has not changed. @we went from watches to @warnings for some. @you can see here on future @view. @if you're headed out, it's ash @wednesday. @bundle up, that applies to @every one of you. @possible some tricky commuting. @that will apply into this @evening, into tomorrow. @tomorrow is going to be a real @cold start to the day. @we start to see lake effect @snow diminish tomorrow. @that's the good news. @perhaps the warns and @advisories are expiring earlier @in this case. @regardless, through today and @through tonight, we're going to @snow.
6:37 am
@20s today, around 20 tomorrow. @20s friday. @then only 12 for the high on @saturday. @that's the day to cozy it up @and do something inside. @same thing, valentine's sunday @with just a few flurries. @back in the 0s 30s next week. @6:47. @this is the adorable cooper @from avon lake. @now, cooper is all ready for @the cold. @in this particular picture, it @was taken around the holidays, @as you can tell. @the face, the eyes, everything @about cooper, what's not to @love, michael? @he sent the picture in to share @with us. @isn't that good? @>> that's adorable. @thank you, hollie. @here is a look at stories @trending online. @ashley graham made history when @swimsuit edition. @only in an ad. @>> this time she's an official @next week. @she's even in the running for
6:38 am
@>> again, i did not know they @had a rookie of the year. @>> it's a spectator sport. @>> graham confirmed her spot on @instagram. @it is official. @this is a dream come true. @>> it's featureed in lane @bryant ads and has her own @lingerie line. @line. @the production will open in @spring of 2018. @disney just announced a big @boost in earnings, thanks to @starz. @it's only the third movie to @cross the $3 billion mark. @ a new york dad is making
6:39 am
@go to school late because they @springsteen concert. @>> did you wonder how many kids @would miss school if god would @suddenly appear. @they think the excuse would fly @because apparently a teacher @was at the concert as well. @>> i can't stand him. @my dad used to call the school @and say john has a dentist @the ballpark. @now, the fourth time you do @that in a month, they thought i @had rotten teeth. @>> memories. @>> loved every moment of it. @>> after the break, your @morning rush. @ right now, let's check in @with tiffany who is out there @on the roads. @>> reporter: good morning, john @and lynna. @we're traveling along route 44, @headed toward chardon. @coming up, i will let you know @where we've seen some issues on
6:40 am
@ @. @ welcome back to your @morning rush. @time right now is 6:52. @we'll have the forecast. @hollie will tell you about all @the snow that's going to fall. @>> we have the results from the @new hampshire primary. @first, here's tiffany tarpley. @ we are on route 44 headed @toward chardon. @the road here, it is kind of @wet.
6:41 am
@on our way here, we were on @route two traveling this way. @just before the 44 exit, that @route 44 exit, we saw a car @that spun out on the roadway. @so you want to make sure you @take your time. @be careful, although the road @conditions, they seem for the @most part okay. @that stretch, east kind of far @east in mentor, that's probably @where we've seen the worst @conditions so far. @john? @>> all right, tiffany. @ two cases of the zika virus @have been confirmed. @they traveled to haiti. @>> there's concern over a link @between zika and a rare birth @defect. @linked. @protection agency has given @another violation notice to the @village of sebring because of @lead in its drinking water. @they failed to submit results @from water tests at least twice
6:42 am
@water testing didn't receive @results as quickly as they @should have. @this is sebring's second @violation. @maureen. @>> the in -- new hampshire @winners, bernie sanders and @trump. @our governor, john kasich had a @huge night, landing in the very @coveted second place behind @trump. @trump had 35% of the vote. @kasich had --%. @chris christie is going home @instead of south carolina. @he says he's going to @reevaluate his campaign. @ a quick traffic check. @all the accidents have cleared @out, but we're seeing spinouts. @i'm tweets them out when they @pop up. @71 north intodown and 490 east @near 77, hollie, those delays @are not longer than five @minutes. @>> dani, thank you.
6:43 am
@until 7:00, and we continue @with scattered lake effect snow @this morning. @we're going to see it @periodically throughout today. @lake effect snow warnings and @advisories to the east. @lake and ashtabula and geauga @counties, included. @we'll stay in the 20s. @so we're not going to really @move from where we are right @now. @accumulation is going to vary. @tomorrow, it looks like more @lake effect snow is diminishing @as we head throughout the day @and really getting cold for @valentine's weekend. @highs in the teens, lows in the @single digits. @let's warm up with matt's bonus @deal of the day. @>> today, nordstrom throws and @blankets as low as 22 bucks. @>> no way. @>> yes, really nice and soft. @>> that looks so super cozy. @>> tomorrow survival lights @before the next storm hits. @>> we've lost him. @>> lost cause.
6:44 am
@>> if you're not doing anything @this morning, i'm joining dani @out at the home and garden @show. @>> i might go too. @>> we're going to fix some @things out there. @we're going to do fixing @projects. @i don't even know. @can you tell i'm not handy. @this show is never going to be
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