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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  February 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@take a seat at the table. @>> kasich's next step. @iowa's governor may have played @second in new hampshire, but he @has several challenges over the @next few primaries. @ plus, cash for ideas. @two contestants of a local @contest that's like shark tank @show us what they're presenting @in the hopes of winning $5,000. @ good evening everyone. @the show. @betsy with details on what we @have in store for the rest of @the night. @>> more of the same, jimmy. @another lake effect snow band @a @good part of northern ohio, and @that will mean some problems on @the roadways. @we still have advisories and @warnings going on, but these @scattered snow showers
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@especially cleveland and @eastward. @eastern suburbs and southern @geauga county. @can you see that band that sits @north of cleveland. @that particular band will be @sitting there and aiming right @into areas east of cleveland @some i-90 expected to be a @problem as we head through the @evening. @right now no major traffic @problems east of 90 on @cleveland, but problems on 71, @480. @bedford heights the roads are @snow covered at the 480/271 @interchange. @also problems on 90 at west @84th. @can you see that the snow is @definitely sticking on the @roads. @scattered snow showers continue @farther to the south as well. @these are responsible for @reducing visibility. @also putting a coating on the @roadways. @through the night tonight they @are expected to continue, @especially in the primary @snowbelt areas. @we have chances for closings @and @delays tomorrow. @we have some for evening @activities that are happening @right now. @you can always see our eye
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@more snow and big time cold air @still to come in the forecast. @i have details straight ahead. @>> all right. @ a lot on the roads. @search people are hurt after a @series of car accidents in lake @county. @at least 15 vehicles got caught @up in the mess. @at this hour i-90 eastbound has @re-opened west of the brew man @road exit. @police are allowing drivers to @go through in the left lanes, @too. @alyssa raymond talked to @witnesses about scary moments @this afternoon. @>> reporter: hi, jimmy. @we saw two of those banged up @cars that were involved in this @accident go by on a tow truck. @we are at this bp that acted as @a gathering point all afternoon @for people. @there were emergency responders @there. @there were people here that @were @waiting in the traffic caused @by @the accident, and there were @people that were showing up @here @that were involved in the @accident. @this is what 90 westbound @looked
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@the accident happened around @2:30. @(technical difficulty). @20 cars got wrapped up into it. @we are told at least 17 people @now, that's up from what we @heard an hour ago, 17 people at @least were taken to the @hospital. @three have significant @injuries. @>> it was nervous. @i mean, i was shaking when i @was @driving just doing two miles an @hour. @thinking oh my god, you don't @know if their family member of @theirs is going to live. @devastating moment. @>> it completely turned into a @whiteout. @you couldn't see anything. @i slowed down 20 miles per hour @and turned my hazards on. @all of a sudden it's stand @still @traffic. @>> reporter: the man you just @heard from was in one of the @accidents on 90. @you could see the damage on his @car from other drivers hitting @into him. @and everyone we talked to told @us there were whiteout
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@and on all afternoon. @and the man's car, the yellow @one that you saw, is still @station. @he plans to pick it up in the @morning when he can. @another thing this bp was set @up, there was a mobile command @department. @afternoon. @20 minutes or so. @they still have a lot to piece @through. @again 90 is not totally @re-opened and they will @continue @this investigation. @back to you in the studio, @jimmy. @alyssa. @we will stay with what's going @on out on the roads right now. @ while things are sort of @getting back to normal, things @aren't there yet. @chris tye with the ongoing @clean-up efforts after the @series of accidents. @chris? @>> reporter: jimmy, it is still @being cleaned up. @we have some evidence from it. @you can see this tow truck, i @think alyssa saw it in the @background of her live shot @moments ago, vehicles coming in @two at a time, which is why @they @highway
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@come with me. @i want to show you a vehicle @that is literally pancaked. @you can only imagine what @happened at the moment of @impact @when this occurred. @alyssa talked about people @hearing screaming and crashes. @and unfortunately the sad story @that attends to the person who @was behind this wheel, they are @not alone. @this junkyard just on ruman @road @just south of 90 has a line of @cars banged up. @some looking like that. @some dinged and bruised. @we talked to some of the tow @truck drivers who are bringing @these vehicles here tonight. @i said, where are these @drivers? @they took a breath and said @they @are likely in the hospital. @as she mentioned, there are @several who remain there @tonight. @jim, one of the big headlines @for folks who live in lake @county is why is it always @ruman @road? @there was a big construction @project a year or two ago that
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@but the curvature of 90 around @this area is such that whiteout @conditions happen much more @regularly and folks here say @it's time for odot to take a @closer look at why this @continues to happen. @it is still gonna be a busy @night as the highway's closed. @crews bringing that remnant to @us. @we will be here through the @11:00 hour and bring you the @latest then. @back to you. @>> thanks very much. @ that is not the only area @roads. @channel 3's wale aliyu is @showing us what drivers are @dealing with. @>> reporter: hey, jim, the @roads @right now are wet. @as you can see, the snow is @coming down where we are. @we are hoping for no more @accidents. @in fact, odot says they have @more salt than plowing going on @right now to make sure that the @pavements stay wet. @they say they're plowing and @treating wherever they can. @what's interesting, as some of
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@alyssa were talking about, have @actually made it even @challenging for odot to plow. @so they are a saying depending @how much snow and what the @temperatures are, it could take @a couple of hours for them to @get those roads cleaned up. @but you're seeing right now at @the stoplight the visibility is @decent. @the roads are wet though. @odot asking people to take it @slow and don't go out unless @you @need to. @jim. @>> thanks very much. @wale. @that's the story on the roads, @everyone. @ now to politics. @for governor john kasich the @new @hampshire primary was @yesterday's news. @now he needs to move on to the @next primary state, and that is @south carolina. @senior political correspondant @john beres tells us he is not @expected to do well there. @>> today the media suddenly @taking a closer and more @intense @look at john kasich today. @still on a high from his strong
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@what will he do for an encore @in @south carolina? @well, his chief strategist @calls @it not a must-win state. @the bar and expectations for @kasich set pretty low there. @governor john kasich joining @the @charge of candidates invading @south carolina with his @positive @message. @>> i'm starting to really think @we're on to something. @>> reporter: but his new @hampshire plan won't work in @south carolina. @the state's more consecutive. @has lots of evangelicals, a @bigger population, and is more @diverse. @the super pac reaching out to @minorities. @i spoke with henry gomez about @what's ahead for kasich. @his rivals, bush, rubio, ted @cruz all have higher south @carolina hopes. @>> this is a state where jeb @bush, who has a lot of money, @is @probably better organized. @where marco rubio is hoping to @make another big plan. @ted cruz is more likely to @appeal to the evangelical @voters. @>> reporter: kasich hoping his @new hampshire showing brings
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@needs for the long haul. @>> it's a long, long road all @the way to the nomination, and @at some point we're going to be @going to the midwest. @we are going to be going to @pennsylvania and ohio and @michigan and illinois. @just wait. @>> reporter: meanwhile, trump @leads the south carolina polls. @kasich low single-digits in the @back of the pack. @>> now, two struggling @candidates falling by the @wayside, carly fiorina pulling @the plug on her campaign and @governor chris christie @throwing @in the towel. @some of his backers could go to @governor kasich. @ today is ash wednesday. @it marks the beginning of lent. @and today some parishoners who @didn't have time for mass had @another option. @>> anything we can pray for you @for today? @>> my family. @health and safety of them. @>> all right. @>> how about that? @pastors from saint steven @martin @luther church in jackson @township smudged ashes on @people's foreheads as they @drove @by.
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@heater in the parking lot. @the church offered this to give @believers an opportunity to @remember their faith. @ when we come back on the @news at seven a local program @is @just like shark tank, but all @the pitches benefit northeast @ohio. @how community members' ideas @could win them thousands of @dollars. @ plus, rock star excuse. @the reason a father asked his @kids' teachers if breaking the @rules is okay just had this @once @for a special occasion. @all of that after the break. @ you're watching channel 3
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@ @ do you have any ideas that
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@an upcoming event called @accelerate awards people with @our community. @participants present them to a @panel of judges in categories @community change. @so tonight we welcome two of @this year's participants who @will present their ideas two @weeks from today. @adam kern and allison lucisie @join us. @congratulations. @how did you get involved in @accelerate? @>> i became involved in @accelerate, attended a pitch @last year and thought it was a @fantastic program. @i put my idea out there and @crossed my fingers. @i am really excited to see it @happen. @>> how did you get involved. @>> i am on a performing arts @list here in northeast ohio @called the ohio pal. @there was an e-mail that went @out on that and i sent in my @application. @>> let's talk about your @pitches @or your ideas. @okay. @yours would be what? @>> i am in the transformative @arts and culture.
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@creating an immersive theater @project based on the elliott @ness story. @>> mine is bus stop moves. @it's about exercising at @shelters and getting cleveland @to really do it while there is @idle time waiting for the bus. @>> that would be interesting, @too. @how did you come up with your @idea what made you come up with @that? @you said this might work here? @>> for me my project, there is @a @project called sleep no more @based on mcbeth. @it's been running seven years @in @new york. @it's set in an old warehouse @they transformed into a variety @of settings. @cleveland. @it's a different kind of @theater. @>> do you work yourself in the @field of, you know, getting @people to get up and get @moving? @>> i am an artist and @architect. @this came to me because i am an @rta writer. @whether you have five minutes @or @20 minutes there is idle time @in
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@i wanted to problem solve that. @>> now, you told me you're from @cleveland, right? @>> yes. @>> did you wait out there for @the bus through the years and @said i should be doing @something? @>> yeah. @and it's really a perfect @canvas @because the shelters are @already @there in the neighborhood. @there is a pilot that i @launched @this fall. @there is three shelters already @in place in collin wood. @so i know this idea works and @there is people excited about @it. @>> two weeks from today, give @me @the mechanics what you have @do. @>> we get to do a five-minute @pitch. @each of us has a category that @we're in. @so there is five different @presenters in each category. @then we'll present in a room. @and then the winning pitch of @each category will go on at the @end of the night and pitch. @>> you already won, right? @>> notre dame college had a @practice round for us. @i was the fan favorite for that @night. @>> now, will you tweak your @presentation from what you have @done to, you know, try to make
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@dame were really helpful. @they gave a lot of great ideas. @i have had good feedback from @people in the community also. @challenger. @>> i love people that have @ideas. @i mean, that's great anyway. @okay. @do we have a specific -- two @weeks from today. @where is this gonna be held? @>> it's actually at the health @and innovation center here in @downtown cleveland at 4:30 on @february 28th. @so people in cleveland has a @chance to vote for what project @they want to see happen in the @city. @>> good luck to you both. @i think you are going to be @great. @. @ when we come back, a @father's notes to his kids' @teachers is getting attention. @why he thinks rock star bruce @springsteen is a good excuse @for @their tardiness from school. @ plus, will the lake effect @snow keep falling?
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@ @sunny missed the bus. @my alarm didn't go off. @there was too much travelling. @we have heard those excuses for @being tardy. @what about this one? @i was at a bruce springsteen @concert? @patrick papino heard bruce @springsteen and the e street @band were coming to town. @the die-hard fan took his kids
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@the next day he wrote an epic @ec @cues note so his kids could @sleep in. @the note said how many kids @would be late or miss school if @god were to suddenly appear? @it's something like that. @>> be kind to everyone you can, @help as many people you can, @and @when the boss brings the band @to @town be there. @>> his note, as you can expect, @has gone viral. @the teachers let it fly because @one of them was also at the @concert that night. @all right. @ betsy is in with the @weather. @i was out in the fog today. @i was out in the fog and i had @tucker out with me. @there were points you could not @see. @i said, tucker, i believe we @are @going to summit here today on @everest. @and then ten minutes later it @was sunny. @>> and then he attacked you? @>> there you go. @and you know who you are, ups @driver. @>> oh, my goodness.
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@everybody might need to -- you @know, considering how fluffy @tucker is, he probably wasn't @feeling the cold too bad. @>> no, he loves it. @>> of course, when he came in @gets that extra snow around the @house. @decorative, right? @i think everybody's going to @feel like that the next 24 @hours. @three to eight additional areas @in the primary snow. @one to four in the secondary. @this is lake effect, so it's @hit @or miss as far as those @accumulations go. @lake snow advisory cuyahoga @lake @and lake shore ashtabula @counties and gee ago a lake @snow @work for now. @we continue to keep an eye on @the lake bands. @we broke things up a little bit @through the evening commute. @that was certainly good. @we had a lot of slowdowns. @now we have another band that @is @starting. @this is not quite mega band @territory. @we had a mega band noon today @that settled in and messed @things up. @this is definitely putting down @some serious snow, and @especially in cleveland and
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@so 90 and 2, any of the roads @in @hit hard. @down towards parma as well, @brook park, baria and north @olmsted, those heavier snow @showers also. @this band will continue. @it's focusing its effects here @right out to the 322 corridor. @so it will be impacting 271 and @then right out into the heart @of @snowbelt in geauga county. @bit. @we have many areas reporting @problems. @as far as the bigger picture @goes, we have that @north-northwest wind going on @to @the north of us. @that is an indication we will @see this lake effect @continuing. @and in true lake effect fashion @we are likely to have snow and @sunshine. @and it's gonna go back and @forth. @but morning temperatures in the @low teens. @we will see the snow moving out @by the midday hours. @once we get into thursday @afternoon and thursday night @we'll probably see things @settling down nicely. @another round of snow coming @friday. @as far as thursday goes, one to @three in the secondary @snowbelts
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@less than two inches elsewhere. @we will stay in the teens as we @go through the day tomorrow. @the snow will be tapering off. @there is good news there. @but your window nation seven- @day @forecast has more snow coming @in @on friday. @that's all ahead of a very @nasty @shot of cold air that will @really put us in the deep @freeze. @we are expecting rapid ice @development on the lake. @that's going to be exciting to @watch. @don't you love watching ice @form? @kind of like watching a pot @boil. @temperatures on sunday will get @back into the upper teens. @by early next week we will be @watching the next round of snow @to come in. @monday we could get several @inches. @we will keep an eye on that. @ kobe bryant's farewell tour @in cleveland tonight. @you will hear from the future
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@ @browns outside linebacker @armani @a bryant indicted on two counts @of felony drug possess. @he was arrested with dionte @saunders, who was on the @year. @that stems from a traffic stop @back on christmas day. @bryant's in trouble because he @had possession of oxycodone @and @add adderall. @ a big game because it's @kobe @bryant's last game playing here @in cleveland. @he talked a little over an hour @ago. @his favorite memory of playing @in cleveland actually was when @he was sick. @he needed an iv to get through @the game on that night. @and when it comes to lebron @james, he never considered him @a @rival. @>> that changes a little bit. @i get a chance to enjoy
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@other guys a little bit more @and @kind of enjoy their company a @little bit more and enjoy the @talent that they have a little @bit more. @>> all right. @so kobe bryant, his greatest @game in cleveland 2001. @47 points against the @cavaliers. @that wasn't the night he needed @the iv. @>> a pretty good game. @>> yeah. @i remember when he was a rookie @and played here in the all-star @game. @>> yeah. @>> and i said to him, imagine @you were in high school last @year. @now here you are in the nba. @and he said, next question? @ entertainment tonight is @next. @we are back at 11. @have a good night.
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