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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@the evening, and as they fade, @we are dealing with some @clearing that has been coming @in. @and that is allowing ll. @it is already 11 and all of us @will be down to the single @digits and low teens. @the rest of the evening we will @see temperatures sliding with @light @there is a lot to talk about, @as far as the forecast goes. @yes very cold tonight, wind @chills near zero to start the . @late tomorrow another round of @snow coming in, ahead of arctic @air that will create plunging @temperatures on saturday. @and now monday and tuesday sting. @not sure i'm allowed to quote @myself, but i did it anyway. @it does look like it is going @to be very interesting around esday can @snow coming in. @all of that in your full @forecast. @>> a fascinating word betsy, @we'll see you in a bit. @ nightmare on the scribed it as in the @movies when the world ends and @there is traffic and no place @to go and you don't know what @to do.
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@90 share their stories of al. @hear from the real unsung @heroes who stepped up in a time @of need as we asked the hard @questions, why this keeps @ yesterday's pile up along i- @90 in lake county was the @second major wreck there in as @many months. @many say it is not a matter of @if but ere will be @another. @>> what is being done to fight @these wrecks andrew? nt @injured 17 people and tonight @three of them, officials say, @are still in critical @condition. @with many asking the question @tonight, what can keep the next @one from the deadly @one? @these exclusive pictures show @the scene of the multi-car pile @up along i-90 yesterday. @capturing the cold and @confusion of yet another ster. @a whiteout was clearly to blame
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@tractor trailers and other @trucks, but was it the only yeah robbery annually we @have one or two major accidents @there. @>> reporter: frank huffman is @chief of the re department which responds @whenever there is a tragedy. @he knows this one and a half @mile stretch in lake county @along i-90 might as well serve @as a welcome sign to and he suspects there @may be ways to let drivers @know. @>> if we made warning ople coming in to areas like @that, they knew that area was @prone to accidents, that might @help too. @>> remcfarland @is with o dot. @when the wind blows over the @lake they just dump snow in @that area, she points out in how the agency @invested millions on widening @the road and improving the @surface.
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@attempts have bviously not. @i mean, they are still having @accidents there. @>> reporter: tonight there are @no future plans lowering of the speed limit, @no flashing lights. @nothing like that. @for them they say this is a @matter of driver education, to deal with @these quickly changing winter @conditions. @my colleague, brandon simmons, @has been learning more about ed yesterday. @joining us now from metro @health hospital. @hey brandon. @>> reporter: one of the @accidents involved a ded from new york to @their home in texas. @dad is here in critical @condition. @mom and the three kids were @left out in go, but little did @they know there was a good @samaritan in the car right next @to them. @>> we were going up a hill, and @then all of a sudden d, and it was just @vehicles at a dead stop. @we did what we could, but the @road conditions were
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@happened to take a picture of @conditions minutes before the @accident. @a horrific crash that left anthony hayes, pinned @in the driver's seated. @and her three children in the @back seat. @>> i was saying get out of the @vehicle and people wereanother. @>> we have a guy trapped @underneath a truck. @>> reporter: 911 caller jim @carroll was at the scene. @yesterday he was mandy's @guardian angel. @>> he was keeping an eye on the @kids, making sure they were @warm, making sure they were @safe. @>> reporter: jim left mandy and @the kids with nowhere to go but @jim wasn't done helping yet. @>> he called his wife. @she knew me well enough she @said you are planning on @bringing them here. @>> reporter: since the crash, @mandy and her children have @been taken care of by jim and @his wife, staying here in their
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@>> that was the right thing to @do bring the kids and keep with @the person that was with us all @along. @>> god put me there. @to have all the cars flying all @around me and have me unit @happened, there was a reason @right? @>> jim carroll was our guardian @angel. @>> reporter: mandy's fiance is @still here, on the road to @recovery. @there has been a gofundme @account set up for the family, @because of course her going to @have medical bills and need a @new car. @and they still have to get home @to texas but until then jim and @margie carroll said they are @welcome to stay at their home. @>> thanks for good people like @that. @ the world continues to @react to the latest chapter in @the tamir rice story. @the city of cleveland filed a @claim for the late 12-year- @old's estate. @today the city is catching heat
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@>> a lot of people asking how @could this happen? @this is the second time mayor @jackson has had to apologize @for what his law department @filed in the rice case. @the first time city lawyers @basically blamed tamir for his @own death. @this time a claim with tamir's @name on it that should have @been stopped wasn't. @many outraged, the city @embarrassed. @>> reporter: the internet, @bursting with outraged @headlines. @the city, trying to collect the @cost of tamir's ambulance ride? @even hillary clinton weighed @in, calling it heartless. @>> of course i wasn't happy. @and i think my people @understand my unhappiness. @>> reporter: mayor jackson made @sure. @>> apologizing to the family if @this is added to any grief or @pain they may have. @>> reporter: his team @clarifying. @>> we have not in the past or @intended to, in the future, @bill the tamir rice family for
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@>> reporter: what happened? @a sensitive case got handled @like a routine one. @the city collected part of the @bill from medicaid, called the @rest a loss. @but the lawyer handling tamir's @estate asked if a copy of the @bill. @that automatically triggered @paperwork filed in probate @court. @but someone should have seen @tamir's name and red flagged @it. @>> if somebody has done @something that is just pure @negligence, or something @intentional, we will handle @them. @but if it was just someone @doing their job, and didn't @take the extra step, that is @another question. @>> reporter: rice's lawyer says @this makes no sense to the rice @family. @this was a deeply disturbing @incident to them. @meantime mayor jackson knows @damage lab done but says he can @only tell the truth. @>> reporter: now the city is @withdrawing that claim. @the mayor assured us checks and @balance will be installed to @prevent something like this @from happening again, but that
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@the first incident he had to @apologize for. @>> this story all over social @media today. @what is the latest on the civil @lawsuit filed in this case? @>> reporter: it is filed in @federal court. @the mayor said he would be open @to a possible out of court @settlement if it was fair to @all the parties involved. @but after this, maybe it is a @little farther away. @>> okay thank you. @ a second suspect has been @arrested in connection with the @death of a kent state student. @18-year-old nicholas massa was @shot and killed in an apartment @over the weekend. @police immediately arrested a @17-year-old from stowe, calling @him the gunman. @now a second 17-year-old has @been arrested as well. @both suspects are being held @without bond. @ friends of alicia sherman @are disappointed after the @divorce hearing was reset @today. @gregory moore is charged with @lying to police during the @investigation of her murder. @police say he lied about where
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@and killed outside his office @building in 2013. @sherman's friends say they just @want justice for their friend. @>> terribly disappointing. @but we will be here, and we are @not going any place, and we are @going to see this through, and @see justice served for alicia. @>> moore is set to go before a @judge next friday. @meanwhile there are no arrests @for sherman's murder. @ i just see a city that @recognizes what a jewel it is. @>> ahead, at 6:00, we continue @our effort to show you women @ohio. @meet the newest woman to join @sarah's circle. @1936 olympics. @jessie owens continues to @inspire students to race to @their potential. @how they are honoring his @legacy today. @those stories and more when we
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@ @ coming up tonight at 7:00 @from hot dogs to orchid to @opera, creative ideas for a @valentine's day to remember. @ plus fear the rue.
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@ @ east tech high school is @celebrating the life of one of @its famous alumni, american @hero and olympian jessie owens. @>> students first run the @indoor track at the school. @each year the group paints the @workout area with fresh murals. @this year it coincides with the @release of race, a story about @owens's experiences at the
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@>> it inspired me to do my best @and be more like him. @ tomorrow students will @attend an assembly about jessie @owens's life followed by a free @screening of the movie race. @>> that opens officially next @friday. @ betsy is here now. @you used a word that has us all @atwitter. @interesting. @what does that mean? @>> typically there is the betsy @index. @people know if i get a little @excited or i start bouncing up @and down they know something is @coming. @it was one of those like oh @moments. @so it is going to be @interesting, as far as the @forecast goes. @tonight don't worry, it is not @too bad. @this is the pattern we are in. @this is what we highlighted @earlier in the week. @that is kind of the storm track @and the dividing line between @the cold air to the north and @milder air to the south. @we are stuck in the cold air, @we know that. @but through the thing, the 7- @day forecast i should say.
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@taking place, a big area of @bitterly cold air that will be @settling southward, arriving @later tomorrow and kicking off @lake-effect snow as it really @kind of grinds in here on @saturday. @temperatures will be in the @single digits for a good part @of the day on saturday. @so very, very cold to start. @then watch what happens. @we have a little kink that @starts to arrive in this jet @stream and that kink will spur @a storm system. @you see how that moves up? @that is the storm system that @will be coming in monday into @tuesday. @now where that thing goes, that @will be a very big impact on @our forecast. @but as of right now, looks like @that will be an interesting @scenario setting up for snow in @northern ohio. @this is coming in a led of our @arctic air that will bring @bitterly cold temperatures to @the area. @and kicking off lake-effect @snow. @i said it is cold and we @already know that if you were
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@time, you knew we only made it @into the teens and our wind @chills are in the single digits @at this hour. @that is where we are starting @the night. @we have partly cloudy skies, @from 1978, but the word is @dereceiving and that is true. @the clearing skies will allow @the temperatures to fall back @as we go through the night. @we are dealing with a little @bit of lake-effect, and we @still have bursts of snow @around strongsville boo @broadview heights. @this will continue to scoot @down toward richfield and into @macedonia as well. @it has been breaking up. @9 bigger picture shows the lake- @effect on the northern lakes is @breaking up. @clear skies out will start to @move in and we'll start the day @tomorrow with a nice, partly @cloudy sky. @but late day as our arctic @front moves in, we are going to
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@well for ashtabula county that @will last friday night into @saturday. @it shows our temperatures @getting into the teens at @midnight dropping back into the @single digits with wind chills @near zero. @winds out of the southwest. @lake-effect east of cleveland @to start the day. @then we get a cloud sun mix @going on midday. @by afternoon and evening @though, here comes the snow. @the snow will be with us friday @night into eight and we'll @throw lake-effect on top of @that. @so we will see the snow moving @in, in the latter part of the @day tomorrow. @but a nice bump in temperatures @all the way into the 20s. @the 7-day forecast has that @turning around quickly. @saturday single digits most of @the day with flurries and lake @snow. @we get a break from all that @have sunday as we keep a very @close eye on monday and @tuesday's forecast with @lingering snow even into @wednesday.
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@inches of snow, not a huge, @huge storm system, not @snowmaggedon but possibly a big @snow for most of northern ohio. @ thanks betsy. @ coming up meet the woman @making it her job to eliminate @racism. @ first the beast of the @east, they may be adding depth @to the roster. @jimmy explains, after the
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@ @ hub everybody. @nba all-star break is here. @the cavs are in great shape. @top spot looking maybe to tweak @the roster for the playoff @stretch. @now the nba trade deadline is @coming up next week. @there is a report the cavs are @interested in ben mcla more -- @ben mack. @the cavs are looking for more @shooting more scoring out of @the wing position. @and the trade deadline is @coming up a week from today, @february 18th. @ speaking of injuries, kevin @love scared us all again last @night when he had a collision @in the lane in the game against @the lakers and went out with a @left shoulder injury. @it was a stinger though. @after the game love said he is
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@happened, it felt like quote @fire was running down my arm. @he is not going to miss @anytime. @ the cavs are doing very @well across the nba. @despite not being able to beat @golden state, they have been @dominant against the west, 36 @games, they are 30-6 in the 36 @games. @and the numbers are tremendous @right now. @best record in the east. @at 38-14. @averaging close to 103 a game @giving up 97 a game and they @have won three straight as they @go to the all-star break. @lebron james went into 15 spots @last night all time scoring in @the nba. @he passed the great paul pierce @last night. @he is averaging 15 points a @game. @this season tim duncan is next @on the list. @he is a little over 114 points @away from catching him channel @3 sports ready to make a
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@the flexion couple of weeks. @ golden state is still the @team everyone says will not be @beaten and boy, through 52 @games they are 48-4. and their @current winning streak is at 11 @in a row. @ news out of the browns @training camp. @it is staying in berea this @summer and could be there for a @long time. @the plans to go to columbus @aren't going to happen. @columbus will not ask the state @of ohio for $5 million to @moving training camp and to @help the browns build a @facility down there the group's @intention was never to use @state money to poach the team @away from berea but talks will @continue. @ the nfl scouting is coming @up. @14 ohio state players have been @invited, among then @glennville's car dell jones, @bedford's powell, a great @safety andee ezekiel elliott.
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@ well it is not just about @titles for this woman. @leading one of the oldest @nonprofits for women in @cleveland. @>> meet the newest inductee @into sarah's circle. @she is using her role to @influence others.
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@ @ every thursday on wkyc @you'll meet the women who run @the world, or at least this @part it have. @the women in northeast ohio's @communities who make things @happen. @today we bring margaret @mitchell into sarah's circle. @>> my focus was always on being @an influencer. @and less about the title @president and ceo. @>> reporter: you can't miss @margaret mitchell's influence @here at the ywca. @hers isn't the swim and gym @business. @>> we are in the cradle to @career business. @>> reporter: her work is @through social programs for @homeless youth. @preschoolers and ladies in @leadership. @>> we have to reach out into @relationships with women who @don't look like ourselves. @>> reporter: the y w cais about
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@>> we are all going to win @together or we are going to @fail together and racism is an @issue that affects everyone. @>> reporter: eight years ago, @work brought margaret's family @to cleveland. @now. @>> i just see a city that @recognizes what a jewel it is. @the unique features, and the @challenges that are here, and @the struggles that are here. @but it is a city that we are @embracing all of it, and @continuing to look for a @solution so that everybody can @be lifted. @empowerment mean to you? @>> being able to be in the @center of your own life. @are empowered. @it is an action. @margaret's life. @>> my hope comes from the lord @focus. @the work that i do. @>> reporter: if faith is why,
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@>> he is the reason i'm able to @fly. @he gives me those wings. @>> marriage is probably one of @the most difficult things you @can be committed to. @it isn't easy. @it's not for the faint of heart @or the weak minded. @>> reporter: her influence is @clearly measured in individuals @in all walks of her life. @her best advice brings us to @the end. @>> i always say it is your exit @that says everything about you. @so we all enter relationships @life beautifully. @but the exit, that is what @really says who you are. @>> i love that advice. @and i think it makes this part @of the show so much more @important. @>> that's right. @exit for sure. @>> yes, absolutely. @thanks to margaret.
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@to see sarah's circle here. @>> absolutely. @ we thank you very much for @watching. @jimmy and betsy back tonight at @7:00. @ the nbc nightly news starts @right now. tonight, dramatic surrender after a 40-day siege, anti-government protesters in custody. it's getting perm. clinton and sanders battle for the black vote as the civil rights icon slams sanders. and a republican brawl takes shape in the south. the polar vortex, tens of millions bracing for the coldest air of the season. al roker is here warning of a dangerous freeze. u.s. olympic officials take action to calm fears over zika after a big star says she's not sure she'd go. and cruise nightmare. passengers who thought


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