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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@may have @warning.
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@now at 11. @ the city of cleveland making @kind they wanted. @we'll explain how a bill is @making the city catch some flack @here straight ahead. @>> and another debate, hillary @clinton and bernie sanders go at just days after the new @hampshire primary. @plus, danger zone, winter @weather reeks havoc on a local @stretch of highway, why @officials say they can't fix them. @>> if you see some strange, @unusual, acronyms on your @child's phone, what you should @be looking at, it's time to sit @down with yournd cracking the secret code, @we're helping you decode the
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@keep younouncer: this is channel 3 @news at 11. @ and good-effect snow is over for @now. @>> betsy, some frigid air moving @in for the weekend? @>> it is here. @i'm telling you what. @one right now, the in wooster, but @note the wind chill in blue, it @is also at 1. @they have calm winds. @when the winds calm down thatoldest air to settle @towards the surface because cold @air is heavy and dense and that @is when we'll get our coldestatures. @fluctuating. @it's 17 in downtown, six in @elyria, but look at that spread. @it feels 7 below right now. @as the breezes come -- yes, thathe air @temperatures, but it drives down @the wind chills. @and these temperatures, it's @nothing compared to what @we're dealing with the lingering @lake effect thanks to a
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@will impact coastal or lake of i-90, @although we may get some of this @towards kirkland, and concord @and madison, shooting towards @geneva, and ashtabula. @we're talking about even more @snow coming our way for tomorrowery cold tonight, wind @chills below 0 through the night @and to start the day tomorrow. @friday, later in the day, @another round of snow coming in,ctic front that @brings in saturday's bitterly @cold temperature and monday and @tuesday, we're keeping an eye on @an interesting snow situation @we'll have all of those details @in your full forecast in just a@back to you. @>> thanks, betsy. @ once again, the city of @cleveland is apologizing for its @handling of the tamir rice case. @>> this, an
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@child to the hospital after he @was shot by a cleveland policeworld is honing in on what @happened here. @>> hillary is here with details. @good eveningnance director and chief @corporate council for cleveland, @we made a mistake here, they say @it was an honest blunder and to do any harm, but the @damage may lie in. @insult toed homicide. @the city sues the family, and @the news reaching across the @globe with news outlet @daily mail, all four national @networks, nbc, abc, cbs, and @headline news. @>> the world is watching. @>> the world @headlines proof.
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@>> reporter: those comments were @made at a press conference tamiranized. @the first time the city made a @misstep blaming the 12-year-old @for his own death. @>> we are@>> march of 2015. @>> again, apologizing to the @rice family. @>> reporter: this was just hours @ago. @mayor frank jackson standing in @the same place making virtuallys. @>> the support in the nations is @holding me up. @>> hillary clinton even weighing @in, calling the move heartless. @>> corporate council says the @city filed the claim in probate @court after rice's estate @requested a bill and they are @parsing words. @the bill went to the estate and @not the family. @mayor jackson wants to put some @checks and balances in place to
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@the last time he had to a @apologize for a little bit of @insensitivity in the rice case. @>> at the minimum, thanks, @hillary. @ it was another debate night @in the race for the white house. @tonight, democrats and a wide @ranging back and forth in @milwaukee. @windy is there. @>> reporter: without even @greeting one another on stage, @the two candidates went on the @attack. @>> the american people are tired @of establishment politics. @>> reporter: the self described @political outsider believes @expanded universal healthcare is @a right, not a privilege. @>> the government of a @democratic society has a moral @responsibility to play a @vooiltal role making sure -- @vital role making sure all @people have equal lives. @>> numbers don't add up and many
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@off. @>> while the senator has a tight @grip on women voters, he @presidency would thwart history. @>> i think a sadness victory @would be of some historical @accomplishment, as well. @>> i'm not asking people to @support me because i'm a woman. @i'm asking people to support me @because i think i'm the most @qualified, experienced, and @ready person to be the president @and the commander in chief. @>> and with minority voters, the @key audience as they moved to @more diverse state contests, @immigration was a hot button. @>> we have got to move towards a @path towards citizenship. @i agree with president obama, @who used executive orders to @protect families. @>> we should be departing @criminals, not hard-working @families.
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@facing up tonight, did bernie @sanders manage to keep up his @momentum, and did hillary @clinton manage to settle those @jittery supporters after new @hampshire. @the next time voters will be @able to weigh in will be 20th. @live in milwaukee, russ, back to @you. @>> and the fun continues. @the republicans go at it again @on saturday in south carolina. @thank you, nbc news. @ is there anything they can @be done to prevent a pileup like @we saw yesterday at i-90? @local emergency responders say @one and a half mile stretch is @prone to white outs and wrecks @every winter. @could signs help? @we asked odot and the state has @invested millions of dollars in @widening the road and improving @the surface, but there are no @other plans for the area. @ victims of aa tack schemes
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@of hundreds of thousands of @dollars, is now soliciting new @business from inside his prison @cell. @the investigator, tom mire, has @learned he's not telling @customers about his felony @conviction. @>> akron neal cotts tax @distributed a mass mailer trying @to solicit new business, signed @by ronald conty, the same ronald @who ran akron payroll and tax @out of the same office. @he was sentenced to nearly @five-year in prison for @operating a payroll tax scheme. @>> he apparently is trying to @create a new pool of victims boy @sending out and soliciting -- by @sending out and soliciting new @business. @>> he scowled 3 dozen other @businesses and has been ordered @to make restitution of $558,000. @the judge warned conty on the @day of sentencing he needs to @disclose his felony conviction @to potential clients.
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@it. @businessman paul door says conty @ripped him off $11,000. @>> it's our hope this is in @violation of the court @proceedings and they'll see fit @to keep him in jail longer. @>> reporter: when i tried to @talk with akron income tax, they @were most interested how i got @it. @channel 3. @>> you have your taxes done here @before? @>> no. @>> how did you get that flyer. @>> reporter: and who you are @you? @thank you. @>> you need to serve your time, @and if you need to make a @living, maybe you should just @punch license plates or turn big @rocks into little rocks. @>> reporter: victims complained @to the county prosecutor, and
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@ coming up tonight, do you @know what your teen is saying on @social media? @we're helping parents crack the @code of a secret language. @>> also, dismantling a ride,
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@. @ @ @ and visitors may notice a @popular ride this summer. @the sandusky register has @reported the park has started @tearing down shoot the rapids @ride. @it was unveiled in 2010. @three years later a car came off @the track and capsized one @person, and 1 was taken to the @hospital. @officials at the park would not @confirm the ride's removal. @ okay. @do you speak the same language @as your teen? @lol and idk, pretty easy, but do @you know what pir means? @>> no. @>> i didn't either. @>> many parents can't decipher @what their teens is saying via @text or social media. @our channel 3 reporter is live @to help us correct that code, @hi, wale. @>> reporter: parents, it's hard @enough keeping up with what your @kids are doing these days and
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@kids using secret codes to @communicate. @don't worry, i'm here to help. @we've deciphered some and we're @going to get this together. @teens and parents to decipher @one goal, pir, parents in room, @and lmirl, let's meet in real @life. @>> mos, mom over shoulder. @>> oh, mom on scene. @i was close. @>> broken, hung over from @alcohol. @>> in this group, only one @parent got three answers right. @>> age, sex, location. @>> that's three codes of 40. @this group did a little better. @>> p 911? @>> there's parent in the room. @>> okay. @how about the now infamous @netflix and chill? @>> i just learned that. @>> the phrase really means let's @just have sex.
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@>> i know that one. @>> i want sex now. @>> well done, but they couldn't @guess wirn. @can you? @it stands for what's your real @name? @>> that's a good one. @>> but it's not pretend. @through apps like kick a @stranger contacted this guy's @daughter. @>> and they developed a @conversation all over the course @of a couple hours, but then it @turned to, you can send me @pictures. @>> these parents monitor their @kids on social media, but @phrases and codes mean their @kids can discuss drinking and @bullying right in front of them @and they'd never even know it. @so parents, knowing the acronyms @is a start, but you also need to @check your kid's phones for apps @that let you hide stuff? @plain sight, it could be @something like a calculator, but @inside the app could be what @those conversations are having,
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@more than 100 acronyms to @ do you need to break a bad @habit? @there's four step process called @the habitual loop, 50, identify @your bat -- habit loop, and @identify your habit, what makes @you perform that bad habit in @the first place and plan a form @of action for kicking the habit @for good and make sure you're @setting realistic goals that you @can achieve and that should help @you out in the long run. @>> that's interesting. @>> i'm seeking reward, so i @think put my down, i get some @chocolate. @>> that your bad habit, is the @phone? @>> yeah. @>> she's on the radar all the @time, you know it. @>> but the problem is i'm going @to be having chocolate all the @time, so it's a trade off. @>> that could become a new @habit. @>> we have a lot of weather to @analyze. @with temperatures tomorrow @morning starting off in frigid @territory, single digits, low @teens, but the wind chills will @be below 0 potentially, so that
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@chance for some flurries to the @east, so i think it's more cold @than flurries that triggers the @yellow light. @we'll have snow showers moving @through, could be heavy at @times, temperatures will be in @the 20 s and it will be breezy. @so not just snow, but blowing @snow, which can be a problem. @sprm something to keep an eye on @tomorrow. @it is one in wooster, but at @least there's calm winds so the @wind chill isn't one, as well. @we have a court temperatures of @six in elyria, wind chill is 7 @below, and nine with a wind @chill of one at the akron @airport. @when the wind kicks up, it helps @to stir up the air and moderates @the temperatures a little bit @but that reduces wind chill. @so it's a bit of a trade off. @all things in moderation. @as far as snow goes, we have @once again, but it's a @southwesterly wind that is
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@and that keeping the heaviest @snow just offshore, but there's @a little bit heavier snow that @may hit right there toot @pointsville area, and points @towards madison on the -- right @there to pointsville area, and @points towards madisonville in @the area, and heavy @accumulations through the night @tonight, we could have a light @dusting, a coating on top of @what we already have, which @probably won't be very @noticeable. @you notice those winds are @generally out of the southwest, @so that should help to alleviate @all of these problems. @it does look like partly sunny @skies with temperatures in the @low teens. @we'll make it in the 20s in the @actual and that is when the snow @moves in. @that snow is associated with an @arctic cold front that will put @us in the polar plunge into @saturday, probably some mid-20s, @and the wind chills in the blue @members, wind chills are likely
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@mark, so on the a trade off. @by afternoon, we're starting to @detract snow into the area. @this is 3:00 in the afternoon, @about the time the kids get out @of school some of the first snow @makes will begin to fly with our @arctic front moving in and you @can see how it sweeps across the @area, stirring up scattered snow @showers, and the darker the @purple, the heavier the snow. @we could have some potential for some moderate @and heavy bursts @of snow that will be coming @through as temperatures stay in @the 20s. @now, once we get into late @friday night into saturday, did @you see the shift? @that is the shift to the @northwesterly wind. @look at the wind gusts, 34-mile @per hour wind gusts. @that is the harbinger of @nastiness that is to come @saturday, brutally cold air @settling n all of us getting @down into the single digits. @wind chills 10 to 15 degrees @below 0 with a 32-mile per hour @wind gust potential in the early @part of the day. @we may see some recovery in @temperatures, but i'm not @expecting make it into the @teens. @i know the map is showing that,
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@going to hold in the single @digits as we go through the day. @and tomorrow, we could get 1 to @2-inches out of the snow coming @through the evening, and into @the overnight, and then that @lake effect takes over tomorrow, @in a sshgsshtebula, and will @have a @big impact on the forecast, so @after the 20s, we'll be in the @20s -- ashtabula, and on sunday @we'll see improving conditions @so nice day there. @in your windowination 7 day @forecast, snow -- window nation @7 day forecast, a storm system @monday and tuesday coming at us @from the south, we all could be @in the cross hairs. @>> interesting. @thank you. @ the cavs looking for more
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@>> jimmy runs through some names @as the trade deadline looms @ @. @ hey, guys, suzanne saranden @is here tonight. @>> plus, we'll talk about the @new movie "hot and single" don't @miss it tonight on late night.
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again! r again!
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again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! @. @ @ @ hi, everybody, it's all-star @weekend in the nba, and the cavs @hit the all-star break after a @win last night against the @lakers. @a week from today, it will be @the nba trading deadline, and @the cavs are being mentioned as @the team that could possibly
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@little bit for the long playoff @run. @and a couple interesting @scenarios, that the cavs have @interest in ben mclemore of the @sacramento kings and great in @college with the jayhawks, and @he's described as a wing player @and the cavaliers are looking @for that kind of scorer. @he has been battling a bad wrist @and missed the last three games. @another situation to keep an eye @on is if the nets decide to buy @out the contract of joe johnson. @he's been around the nba and can @really score. @if the nets buy him out, the @cavs could grab him for the @veteran minimum, so those are @two moves that possibly could @happen. @now, for the cavilers, the main @thing is they want to stay @healthy coming down the stretch @and last night they got a little @bit of a scare when kevin love @reinjured that shoulder that he @injury and had to have operated @on during the playoff series @with the celtics. @it was just the shoulder @stinger, same shoulder, love
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@running down my arm, but he does @not feel he'll miss any time. @lebron james will spend the time @in tropt in the all-star game. @23 -- toronto -- bad mitten, @basketball, and rugby, @congratulations to all the kids @and great work done by lebron @james and the family foundation. @he keeps moving up. @the next guy he can pass -- and @by the numbers he should pass @him pretty soon -- is tim @duncan, 14th, lebron at number @15 right now. @could you imagine lebron james @not playing for team usa in the @olympics this summer? @the reason kobe bryant has @played his name from playing in @rio. @lebron's disappointed the summer @olympics wouldn't be the final
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@and training is not moving down @to columbus, more on that, @columbus will not ask the state @of ohio for $5 million to help @build a training facility for @the browns. @the group that was involved in @discussions says the intention @was never to use state money to @poach the team away from berrea, @but talks about going down to @columbus are ongoing. @and vontez burfect, he hit a @player in that nfl playoff game. @the nfl combine list is coming @up february 23rd through the @29th, in indianapolis. @14 ohio state players have been @invited.
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@among them, glenville's cardell @williams, and tyvis powell. @ 26 years ago today, the @fight that changed boxing. @the tokyo dome, james buster @douglas knocked out mike tyson. @doug last was 42-1 underdog, and @-- douglas was 42 and 1 under @dog, and 33 knockouts for tyson @and in the tenth round he went @down -- @>> and out. @>> i remember waking up the next @morning and finding that out and @saying that has to be wrong. @>> shocker then, shocker now. @>> all right, thanks.
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@. @ @ @ code weather, potentially @whacky traffic -- cold weather, @potentially whcky traffic -- @whacky traffic.
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