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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 13, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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grammy for best new album, news broke that he was rushed from l.a. after complications arose from a surgery. well now we have the latest on barry's health. that's barry on stage wednesday in tennessee shortly after the 72-year-old fell ill. he was immediately flown to los angeles. his re having complications from two prior emergency oral surge right now barry is okay, recovering after another surgery today and reps say for the next 48 hours, manillo is being talk, si rap. we learned that he was set to s clyde davis party. >> we had some incredible surprises. >> before news broke at his annual pre grammy press event, clyde remember the wrdrty came together. it was in 1975 when manillo was up for "mandy."'s gala will be star studded.
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monday, expe carry underwood-sam hunt duet., i'm not sure whether to say that or not. >> that was easy and we love the idea. 2016's best new artist nominee collaborating with 2015's best new artist winner. r giving back last night with the students with grammy and the schools live. kids, 6'3", 31 and single. >> what are you bringing as your date on sunday? >> my parents will be with me, and my manager brad, he'll be my date to the grammy show. >> we love it when peopls to the red carpet. bradley cooper loves to bring his mom. he's currently dating irk irena shake.
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relationship quiet, but here's what she said. >> i will be sleeping. >> you're not going to go with your significant other? >> i don't know, i'm a person who plans day by day. >> she will be working promoting the new "sports illustrated" er photo spread in tahiti where kind of drove the wildlife w >> there's tons of stingrays and fish and sharkit's kind of worriid that the sharks would bite my booty and my swimsuit off. >> we'r she survived and thisosing for the is >> being discovered back in 2007 and i'm still here and i'm not going anywhere. >> if yo tip with us, that is a must, what would it be? >> sleep, getting beauty sleep. i'm trying to sleep from 8 to 12 hours every day. i am not a morning person. i hate mornildn't we all love to get more sleep?
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little secret about the chute. she had bait stuffed in her d attract all those stingrays and sharks. you got to do what you got to do. coming up, our ritchie exclusive. he doing a duet with adele at the grammys? >> this is going to be her evening to shine.r on the miniseries and her fight with her ex, robert a kar>> and maxim and val finally share their always the one who surprises me, but today, i'm finally getting her. >> in case you missed it, dr. phil went all out with a valentine's day performance from their son jordan's band. il has been trying for ten
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hundred handed on the show. their new single doctorordan's girlfriend cato was the perfect gift. >> this love song that she just loves so i hit a double home run. i got hundred handed to perfor for ten years.
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an "snl" reunion in new
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all night long ieve lionel ritchie will party all long monday night at a big tribute is being planned and is being honored as music's number one person of tld more than 100 million albums and scored five number one hits.
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to know, will there be a lionel e mashup of both their songs? >> hello is it me you're looking for >> if i was a betting woman, i would say that lionel ritchie would show up with her. >> this is going to be evening to shine.tty much think that she would probably not to share the stage too much with -- >> i don't know about that. >> it would be great, but we'll see. when we finally get to meet for ause we have not seen each other to t >> you have never met her? >> never met her.un >> lionel will receive his music honors at the big celebration onsaturday.
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addiction. >> what is an honor like this mean to you? >> you have to know that i was a little paranoid. does this mean they're saying e? >> an all-star tribute to lionel will be played at the grammys on monday on cbs. we kind of played the spoiler. in thattri denny lovato, luke bryan and meghan trainor. >> i didn't know that you were giving me an inside. >> do you have any say in who gets to perform for you?this case, i like the surprise. >> we have an exciting new way to check out all the grammy stars, like "e.t" on facebook 60-degree videos from monday's red carpet. and here's that "zoolander 2" cast trying it out this week. dancing brothers, but is maxim putting his wedding plans on hold? >> i just want a year bre to plan anything. plus our kris jenner exclusive, talking about this
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stripper. >> how has being him?
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well, here's something for the ladies which is special. maxim and val, you know the hot brothers from "dancing with the stars."re launching a show that is part dancing part bio as they lay out their lives bare and we do mean bare. >> why can't these guys ever p >> why should they? >> anyway, samantha harris had a chance to sit down with them and talk about their love lives. >> now that you are officially a taken man. >> yes.till have a chance to say if you're dating anyone. >> i'm single.
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proposal theme has taken a lot out of him.ans? >> i have a lot planned. >> who is your best man? >> obviously. >> but here's why we went with the guys. they're hitting the guys with their max and val tour this summer. today. >> we're going on tour. >> honestly, we have separation roblem >> their show will be a combination of dance and a play about their lives from ukraine to hollywood. rican dream, two kids that immigrated tonew york, born dancers. >> i am long time friends with these two. but things got a little weird when the conversation somehow turned to kissing. describe how you kiss? >> kissing is like hugging with your lips.l action. it doesn't mean, i love you so much. okay, i'm re't work like that, it has to happen.
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just go practice. >> nobody's heard any compla from pretty good. we are talking about "dancing," cameron mathison got rob with his mother kris jenner. >> i asked her about rob's romance that keeps making news and we also talked about the oj miniseries, what she thinks they she thinks they got wrong. >> he had nothing to do with that. ttle fight between you and robert and you being angry that you defended him? did that really happen? >> yeah, i mean ly tension there. and, you know, she was one of my best friends and he was husband and we were on different sides.ct check, that' what kris told me about
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no complaints. >> kourtney, stop running. >> what do you think they got wrong? >> in one the >> in one of the scenes, actually, they show my kids sitting in front of the tv watching the reading of what they thought was a suicide letter from oj. >> robert. >> oh, my god, it's daddy. >> to whom it may concern. >> they were watching tvd their dad's name so they were chanting. kardashian. >> kardashian. >> we were hanging out at my house and that didn't happen.hing kris says they got wrong, is selma blair's appearance. >> i was pregnant wie were going through the trial. there you go. >> that was a great tr nicole was in charge of gettinguse, and she was in
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good at her play list. >> it's amazing you remember all this. >> i still have the play list. and i still have it. and i remember we watched "pretty woman." we watched "pretty woman" probably ten times on that trip. >> and you remember all that? >> that's incredible. >> that was our last vacation together. >> that vacation shot was nicole was murdered in 1994. in it you can see kim on the end, there's kourtney. and there's standing next to nicole's kids, justin and sidney. >> i haven't seen the kids or talked to the kids this a really long time. >> i think i read somewhere that kloe still stays in touch with sidney. >> that would make sense, yeah. the kids are great. of her new work space in trump tower where she spends time managing the reported $195 million
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she gave me an update on rob's new love blac chyna.on't really know much about threlationship. i think they're definitely friends, rob has been in a very gad place for a w and heay and said, i just finished my workout, what do you want? because i was texting something for business and i love seeing him happy about what he's doing. and he loves the business and the relaunch and he's excited about that. >> all of her kids are doing well. in fact kendall and kiley just w video game out today. and it just 18 years old kiley herself is worth a reported 10 million bucks. >> what is the best advice you have received from your mom about the business. >> be nice to everybody.ust taught us to be like nice people. >> cleer she's taking the
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venture is a new lightning ofh with simple colors. >> as if she could get any busier, kiley says we might be seei soon. are you thinking about doing a spinoff with any of your sisters? like kendall or -- >> i was a thinking about it.talking to one of my sisters about it. we'll have to wait and see. when we come back, a team of super talented team musicians with a special grammy related performance. with a special grammy related performance. musicians with a special grammy related performance. e musicians with a special grammy related performance. n musicians with a special grammy related
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3:27 am welcome back, everybody.y night's grammy show is witness greatness. and sometimes we have the opportunity to see it in the making. >> this is one of those moments.grammy camp jazz session band and these
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all over the united states. >> they're going to do a song called j jay-z grammy express.ou tomorrow's grammy
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tonight, dangerous freeze. below zero in 16 states. 65 million people nto the teeth of a polar vortex. urgent warnings of a potentially deadly winter blast. donald trump threatens to sue cruz as bernie sanders accuses hillary clinton of landing a low blow. it's getting nasty. machete horror, a viterbo restaurant a man suddenly starts slashing and stabbing people inside. the fbi investigating and asking was it terrorism? trapped by war. m inside syria as word of a deal to stop the bloodshed is met with skepticism, and assad vows to retake the entire try. and your medical records at risk of being stolen and sold
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one out of three americans hit. how to protect yourst sensitive personal information. "nightly news" begins right now.nnouncer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. nings tonight of a dangerous freed about to plunge a huge part of the country in its grip as the dreaded polar vortex moves south. parts of 16 statesll see temperatures below zero and windchills that make it feel a lot colder. yes, it's winter. it's february, it's supposed to be cold, but as we've come toow cold snaps of this extreme can be deadly, and in this case tens of millions of people are bracing for the biggest chill so far t in a moment, al roker, but we begin with nbc's ron mott in boston. >> reporter: 65 million americans against the brutal col as the ever present polar vortex unleashes
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yet. >> the winds are like e-cutting into your friend. >> reporter: today the snow brought a burst of snow as far south as tennessee and the carolinas causing trouble for commuters. commuters also strand where cold weather likely contributed to train delays during rush hour. in pennsylvania, a broken water pipe left this home frosted over, and in chicagoorists are taking extra care with their valentine's day deliveries. >> it's terrible for flowers. if they are frozen, >> reporter: here at fenway park the red sox are heading south to florida for spring training, giving up their home to skiers and snowboarders who are literally jumping for joy. further north in maine the biathlon world cup left competitors with frozen faces. record low temperatures are possible from minnesota to the lantic. buffalo's forecast for saturday, 2 degrees. boston's looking at 4 below sunday morning and new york city is bracing for zero,ppling a 100--year-old record, so cold in fact that saturday's annual central park ice
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>> you should take this weather very, very we don't see these temperatures very often, and they can be life-threatening. >> reporter: here in the boston area, the windchills are to 20 to 30 below zero over the weekend, even colder in some places, as low as 40 below zero and obviously at those temperatures frostb real concern. doesn't take very long, as little as ten minutes. lester. >> ron mott, thanks very much. al roker is here. al, walk us through >> so lester, the beginning of this cold air is way up in we're talking temperatures of 60 below across the greenland ice sheathu've got low and this strong low pressure system with the clockwise, counterclockwise flow around it it brings brutally cold air the continental united states, so low temperatures tomorrow morning, burlington minus 12, 5 in cleveland and 10 chicago and 17 inarlotte and 21 in atlanta. highs tomorrow, 19 in
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and 14 chicago but as ron mentioned those al. minus 6 in new york and minus 4 in cincinnati and minus 13 in chicago, and then we bottom out on sunday morning, but the good news, lester, by tuesday temperatures rebound into the 50s and 30s. everybody either at or above normal. >> all right. al roker, thanks very true to predictions it's getting nasty on the campaign trail in south carolina as donald trump lobbed another so-called birther attack today threatening to suecruz for, quote, not being a natural born citizen. if cruz doesn't as trump clean up his act and that battle isst one of several fronts opening up as the gop candidates sharpen their attacks on each other. nbc's gabe gutierrez is on the trail in greenville, south carolina. >> reporter: fresh off autographing a baby in louisiana, republican front-runner donald trump is now leaving a new signature on this race, threatening to sue his closest rivald cruz for not being
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citizen. on twitter the billionaire calling the texas senator a liar for running negative ads against >> there's more than a little irony in donald accusing anyone of being nasty given the amazing torrent ofsults and obscenities and vulgarities that come out of his mouth. >> reporter: these voters have serious concerns about trump repeated a vulgarity at a rally this week and described him this way. >> leader. >> flashy. >> alpha dog. >> rich. >> dogmatic. >> narcissistic. >> inspirational. himself is mocking his opponent in a series of new ads, this one against marco rubio backfired. >> makes me feel dumb for trusting themaybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time. >> reporter: cruz campaign yanking it after the revelation that actress had appeared in adult s. >> we would not have cast her had we known of that history. >> reporter: rubio today firing back in an exclusive >> the bottom line is
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think that's part of a bigger problem that ted has, and that is he tries to act like the only consistent conservative in this it's just not true. he's a recalculated political operative. >> reporter: all this as several gop hopefuls try to crucial evangelical voters. >> faith is the most important influence in my night. >> one night reading the bible i just got a serenity. >> reporter: tonight amid a flouriflurry of attacks serenity in this race is hard to find. the republican candidates are set to face off in another debate tomorrow. the stakes may be highest for marco rubio. some of the heaviest fire, especially from his mentor and fellow floridian jeb bush. lester. >> all right, gabe, thank you. attacks are flying don'tic side of the race with bernie sanders accusing hillary clinton of hitting him with a, quote, low blow on the debate stage last night, and a heated battle over the different directions care in this country. let's get more from nbc's andrea mitchell.
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reboot her campaign, hillary clinton accused bernie sanders of being disloyal to president obama who is hugely popular with minorities in the primaries and caucuses to come. >> the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. >> madam secretary, that is a lo below. >> reporter: and she pounced on his proposed medicare for all, birth-to-death government health care sglan with health care, this is not about math, this is about people's lives. the numbers don't add up, and i think once i'm in the white house we will have enough political capital to be able to do that. >> secretary clinton, you're not in the white house yet and let us be clear that every proposal that i have introduced has been paid for. >> reporter: sanders would combine all government health plans into one, medicare, medicaid, veterans benefits, children's health insurance and replace employer-based health


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