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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  February 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @ thank you so much for being @up with us. @that's a live look at the @downtown skyline. @and if you are headed out on @the roads any time soon, we @have some warnings for you. @the wind is blowing drifting @snow into the roads.
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@you. @and we will have a live look at @the roads in a moment. @ but we want to get straight @over to olga who is keeping an @eye on the current conditions. @and olga, the wind chill is @freezing. @>> it is something else. @and it is bitterly cold and @it's going to stick around so @we are not going to get a break @from this until we get into @barely that monday forecast, @more like the tuesday forecast @where we really see a bit of a @jump in the temperatures. @the cloud cover is around this @morning. @bit. @we get a little partial @clearing into the afternoon. @but with the cloud cover around @and the moisture on the lake, @we are still getting a few lake- @effect snow bands drifting @through. @and that will continue through @midday and early afternoon @before we see that start to @taper off. @overall, i think it will be a @pretty blustery afternoon @although the winds are out of @the north and northwest, about @15 miles per hour, we do have @the hefty wind gusts and that's @giving us the feels-like @temperature that's very, very @chilly. @the planner for today is going
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@we will go up a couple degrees @towards sunset but then back @down into the single digits and @we could see zero as an @overnight low tonight. @i will let you know how long @the cold stretch will last and @extended forecast. @ right now f you're looking @out the window and the @neighborhood is still snow- @covered, that's where we are @seeing problems. @but alyssa raymond is out on @the highways and main roads @looking at current conditions. @alyssa, where are you now and @what are you seeing? @>> reporter: we are on route 8 @headed towards akron. @and we were just in boston @heights which we're making our @way back that way right now to @show you that we were in the @middle of a snow squall, one of @the squalls that olga was @talking about. @and it appeared to be the, you @know, hovering over route 8
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@we found that out using the @wkyc weather mobile app. @we were looking to see, find @out where the snow was so we @could show you some of the more @dicey road conditions. @looking at the road right now, @on your screen, you can see @that it is snow-covered. @you can still see portions of @pavement. @it's slick in spots. @but we have been dealing with @the wind mostly in the live @truck this morning. @we can actually feel it pushing @the truck and each time it @happens we say, whoa, because @you can feel how intense the @wind is. @so we're going to try to head @out this way to show you how @much heavier it's getting once @we get into the snow squall. @but we were talking about the @bitter cold conditions and just @want to remind people that, you @know, hypertheoremia, @frostbite, frost nip can be @extremely dangerous. @and there are a couple warming
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@up from fire stone park, @kenmore and summit lake. @there's plenty of others. @and we have the full list on @outhere live, that passing @lane, always the one that's @more dicey because not a lot of @people are using it, tend to be @more slow when conditions are @like this. @you can see, take your time @this morning if you're headed @out in this direction. @again, boston heights route 8. @back to you in the studio. @>> all right, alyssa thank you @so much. @and just a reminder, if you see @a wet spot, those can quickly @turn to ice. @so be careful and we will check @back in with you. @ just days after another @series of pile-ups on i-90, @channel 3 is helping to get @action to make this dangerous @stretch of road even safer. @yesterday the ohio department @of transportation announced it @would meet with first @responders to see if warning @be added. @in the meantime, odot has @started posting messages on
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@know about low visibility from @lake-effect snow. @keep tabs on all of the @changing weather by downloading @the channel 3 weather app. @text wkyc and we will send you @a link to download that app. @ and now to growing concerns @about the zika virus. @the ohio department of health @has learned of two new cases of @the virus in ohio. @the first case is a butler @county woman who contracted @zika. @and the second is where a man @just returned from haiti. @earlier this week, we reported @a stark county man and a woman @were both infected after they @both traveled to haiti. @most people infected do not get @sick but there are concerns @over a link between zika and @birth defects. @ about 200 luminaires have @been placed at the end of
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@his family. @>> when the family comes home @tonight and for the next two or @three days throughout this @process, we want them to @remember that everyone in the @neighborhood is here for them @and behind them. @>> police say he was visiting a @friend at an off-campus @apartment when three suspects @barged through the door @demanding money. @investigators say an @altercation occurred and a 17- @year-old high school student @fatally shot him. @ can 3 is getting results @today following an @investigation into a company @that was pocketing thousands of @dollars and not delivering @grave stones as promised. @the investigator says some @grieving clevelanders finally @have closure after spending @months spinning their wheels. @>> reporter: people are calling @you untrustworthy, a liar. @>> but it's not true. @>> reporter: that was nearly a @month ago, karen hays @responding to complaints that @her store pocketing thousands
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@clevelanders the gravestones @they purchased up to a year @earlier. @>> it had been 15 months. @i had been to see her @repeatedly. @i called. @i filed a better business @bureau report. @none of that did any good. @>> reporter: we confronted hays @with the complaints. @>> i am not trying to the cause @extra harm for anybody at all. @>> reporter: customers complain @she had one excuse after @another. @she insisted she would resolve @the complaints and we followed @up to see if she did. @>> i want my money. @>> reporter: within days of the @original story, she gave the @family of michael all their @money back. @she was the 41-year-old pizza @delivery man who was murdered @while simply doing his job. @she says hays called her the @next day. @>> she apologized. @>> reporter: she also got a @full refund. @>> and i am just so thankful. @>> reporter: more than $700, @half the cost of a gravestone @she never received for her @aunt. @>> if the report hadn't aired, @tom, i wouldn't have gotten my @money back.
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@following our story, the @gravestone for edgar was @finally installed. @the family had paid in full. @they were waiting more than a @year for the stone when we got @involved. @>> it made the whole @difference. @the only reason why this @happened. @>> reporter: she says her @company doesn't sequel serve @the f rating from the better @business bureau. @all complaints she says have @been taken care of. @>> you know, i didn't deny that @we got behind but we are come @ago long. @>> reporter: for customers who @experienced a year or more of @frustration, the outcome turned @out good. @>> thank you, tom. @>> thank you, channel 3. @>> reporter: seeing the @possible, i'm the investigator. @>> tom, thank you. @ the gop candidates take the @stage in south carolina @tonight. @just who might make a @commanding lead before next @saturday's primary. @ and pope francis is back in @north america today. @see which country he will be @touring through over the next
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@ @ welcome back. @true to predictions, it's @getting nasty on the campaign @trail in south carolina. @the gop candidates are @sharpening their attacks on @each other. @we have the latest from @greenville, south carolina. @autographing a baby in @louisiana, republican front- @runner donald trump is now @threatening to sue the closest @rival ted cruz for not being a @natural born citizen. @on twitter, the billionaire @calling the texas senator a @liar for running negative ads @against him. @>> there's more than a little @iron ring leader in donald @accusing anyone of being nasty @given the insults and @obscenities and vulgarities
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@>> reporter: these voters have @serious concerns about trump @repeating a vulgarity at a @trump this week. @>> alpha dog. @>> rich. @>> dogmatic. @>> narcissistic. @>> inspirational. @>> reporter: cruz himself is @mocking opponents in new ad, @though this one against marco @>> makes me feel dumb for @trusting him. @more than a pretty face next @time. @>> reporter: the cruz campaign @yanking it after the actress @had appeared in adult films. @>> we would not have cast her @had we known as that history. @>> reporter: rubio firing back. @>> the bottom line is, they @were actors and i think it's @part of a bigger problem that @ted has and that is he tries to @act like a conservative. @it's not true. @he is very calculated. @>> reporter: all as several gop @hopefuls try to court @evangelicals.
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@i got a serenity. @>> reporter: but amid attack, @serenity in this race is hard @to find. @>> today the republican @candidates will face off in yet @another debate. @the stakes may be highest for @marco rubio, hoping to put the @last rough debate behind him @but he is expected to take fire @from all side, especially his @former mentor jeb bush. @ pope francis arrived in @mexico city on a flight from @havana yesterday. @a smiling pope francis was @greeted with a rousing @welcominger is --with a @welcoming ceremony. @he will tour mexico, the most @catholic country in the spanish- @speaking world through @wednesday. @ looking for that last- @minute gift for that special @someone? @we have tips for presents for
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@ how a three-week savings @challenge could make you a @better saver. @ and now here's olga with a @look at forecast. @>> we have a chilly weekend in @store. @a wind chill advisory in effect @for the entire area. @a lake-effect snow warning for @the north and east. @and yes, these cold @temperatures are going to stick @around. @i'll let you know how cold it's @going to get tonight into @tomorrow and when we will @finally get a break from the
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@ @ so valentine's day is only @one day away now. @guys, it's tomorrow. @so if you haven't picked up @that special something for that @special someone, you may want @to get on it. @we have advice for all kinds of @relationships. @>> reporter: no matter what @type of relationship you're in,
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@years or just met that special @someone, show them they mean @something to you. @>> keep the definition in mind, @you matter to me. @and you can matter to somebody @with a big extravaganza @depending on the level of the @relationship or a simple @gesture. @>> reporter: relationship coach @kathy says that's the secret, @no matter where you are in the @relationship. @how big should you go? @well, if it's new -- @>> take it slow. @if you think, oh, we've been @dating three months and it's @valentine's day, i'm going to @knock their socks off and they @are not at that place, that @could really scare them. @>> reporter: and if your @relationship is stuck in a rut, @don't think one holiday is @going to fix it all. @one big gesture on february @14th is like a band-aid and @could send mixed signals. @if you are in a committed @relationship but romantically @challenged, the big thing is,
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@>> if you're used to sending @roses, if you're used to @sending candy and card, don't @do that. @do something that makes your @heart beat, hands sweat and @your upper lipstick to your @gum. @>> reporter: and if you're @single and looking to mingle, @she says maybe think again. @>> oh, it's the big day. @let's go out to a bar and scope @it out and see if we can neat @one. @to me that reeks of @desperation. @>> reporter: the average @american will spend $150 this @valentine's day season. @channel 3 news. @>> all right. @that's great advice and great @cuddling up weather. @ great weekend to cuddle no @matter who your sweety is. @>> yeah, looks like we will be @locked into the cold snap for @the next three days and then we @start to see a little bit of @improvement as we head back to
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@president's day weekend. @a lot of folks get three days @this weekend to enjoy the @bitter cold. @what better way to spend it @than to stay indoors and find @something you enjoy. @and if you have to go outside, @i know sometimes it's not an @option to hang out indoors, if @you are going outside, keep in @mind, it is the blustery winds @and that wind chill that's @really going to be the biggest @factor for today and tomorrow, @the entire area under the wind @chill advisory until the @afternoon hours. @and then we will start to relax @the winds overnight tonight so @it won't be that much of a @chill. @it will still be cold but not @as much of a chill we are @experiencing today. @and we have the lake-effect @snow advisory until this @afternoon, mainly for the @northern and eastern counties @and we will be dealing with @banding snow throughout the @midday and into portion of the @afternoon before that dice down @momentarily. @right now, most of our @temperatures are around the
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@when you put in the north, @northwesterly winds cranking at @about 15 to 20 miles per hour @on average, we're even seeing @some wind gusts higher than @that, it's making our wind @chill down into the negative @digits. @so although it is 8 degrees @downtown right now, it is @feeling more like zero. @we will see the opportunity for @this frigid weekend to continue @through the monday holiday. @wind chill advisory for today @and some scattered snow showers @are a possibility off and on @into the afternoon. @overall, i think we're not @going to get too much of a @budge temperature wise. @we will sit right around 10 to @15 degrees this afternoon for @most of us and then we will see @some more of the banding snow. @by 6:00 p.m., same thing, @steadier showers in areas but @not a lot of accumulation. @we will go down to near zero @overnight tonight. @so waking up early on @valentine's morning, we are @seeing temperatures on the very @frigid side. @and then into the afternoon,
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@and we lay off on the snow @through midday, but by even, @opportunity for some snow @moving on in valentine's night, @morning. @temperatures. @the good news right now with @the snow for the weekend, @saturday, sunday, not looking @at too much accumulation, @mainly about 2 inches or less @for most areas. @and that's going to be on @average, of course, where we @have some of the banding snow @in the snow squalls and we will @see pockets of higher @accumulations. @overall, we are going to be @staying with the northwesterly @wind, a little peek of sunshine @through midday and our @weathernation seven-day @forecast is going to feature @the opportunity for at least an @improvement. @back to the 30s by monday and @tuesday. @maureen. @>> all right, thank you so @much. @ maybe you solved to save @more money this year or still @paying bills from the holidays @and of course valentine's day @never helps.
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@not if you take on a three-week @make savings challenge. @he is here now to give us @advice and motivation. @billy, thank you so much for @being with us. @this is essentially 21 days of @saving, right? @>> absolutely. @>> week one, what do we focus @on? @>> it's really about assessing @the situation. @what we want to encourage folks @to do is look at the bank @statement, their records and @identify where they spend their @money at. @and you would be surprised, @like take coffee for example, @over the course of a year, how @much you spend on coffee or @even a week. @and try to figure out where the @money is going. @>> so you take a look, okay, @there's the coffee house, @there's the coffee house and @look at that. @>> right. @>> and week two? @>> you know, that's really @about, you know, kind of like @looking at what would a plan @be? @how do you create that budget? @can i maybe do without the @coffee or instead of buying @lunch all the time, maybe can i @pack lunch? @and you would be surprised, @making a small change like
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@week and ultimately over six @months a change like that could @save as much as $650. @and you could make big change @with that. @>> and week three, what are you @looking at? @>> that's about putting @everything in motion. @about saying everything i have @learned and creating that plan @and now we want to put it in @action. @and that's where the challenge @comes into play because we will @help you do that. @>> do you think people get @overwhelmed when you say, this @year, i'm going to save money? @i mean, is a three-week @snapshot easier to save and see @>> absolutely. @and we really wanted to make @this fun and make for thisser @and that's why we're trying to @drive it through social media @anything for everybody. @and that's really what we @wanted to focus on. @>> what do you think the @biggest challenge is when @people need to go and save? @>> it's the first step, right. @i think we all do a good job @assessing where it goes but @then it's wanting to make the @change.
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@>> it's like a diet. @you never actually want to cut @out chocolate but you have to. @>> absolutely. @>> all right. @billy, thank you so much. @that's helpful. @ well after the break, the @actress is back in town this @weekend. @see where the hollywood star @stopped by for a visit. @good morning, alyssa -- @>> reporter: good morning. @we're still on route 8. traffic @moving slow this morning @because of all this snow.
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@ @ take a look at tower city @this morning. @changing colors. @it's the only thing that's @bright and cheery this morning. @if you are headed out any time @soon, we have a lot of @information for you to stay @safe on those roads. @most roads are clear but you @are going to run into some icy @patches and that wind is really @causing that snow to drift into @certain lanes. @alyssa has been keeping an eye
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@we are checking in with her in @just a minute. @but first, we want to get over @to olga because those wind @chills, olga can be dangerous @in these situations. @>> it can. @if you have to go outside, i @understand you can't always @avoid it, but if you have to go @outside, make sure you cover @any exposed skin. @because it is bitterly cold. @mainly we've been seeing the @temperatures sliding into the @single digits right now. @but when you factor in the @winds mainly out of the north @and northwest, these are @sustained winds above 20 miles @per hour in locations. @when you factor in the winds @and the cold temperatures, we @get those feels-like wind @chills which are in the @negative digits. @so definitely, definitely a @chilly valentine's weekend. @we are looking at light banding @snow at this hour. @8 degrees in downtown. @that's the warm spot. @and for the next several hours, @we are going to stay mainly @below 13 degrees all day long. @now we will see a drop near
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@it's going to be very frigid @start to your valentine's day. @i'll let you know how long the @cold is going to stick around @for tomorrow afternoon and also @how another round of snow may @impact our president's day @holiday on monday. @maureen. @>> all right, olga, thanks. @ hopefully you're sitting @inside and just relaxing. @if you are headed out any time @soon, you're going to want to @be careful this morning. @channel 3's alyssa raymond has @been showing us the live @conditions on the roadways. @and alyssa, where are you now @and where have you run into the @slick spots and more dangerous @spots? @>> reporter: we are on route 8. @and if you take a look, we just @passed a little slide-off. @this car just slid off the side @of the road. @police officers there with the @driver now. @but taking a look at the roads @on route 8 near stow, they're @pretty slick out here this way @because we had a snow squall @that was just hovering right on
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@that far left lane on this @side, it doesn't appear to be @direction. @and you can see snow is still @coming down and the wind is @still a factor. @we keep feeling it move the @truck, pushing us into @different lanes. @it's that strong. @but as olga mentioned, it's @also bitterly cold out here. @and here's are some tips to @keep you safe. @>> reporter: at home, the @bitter cold can put you and @your family at risk. @change the battery in the smoke @detector, keep the area around @the fireplace and space heater @and never use kitchen @appliances to stay warm. @make sure you have a working @smoke detector and open your @faucets just enough for a @little drip to prevent your @pipes from freezing. @and just like you get cold, @your pets do too. @don't leave dogs or cats @outdoors when temperatures @drop.
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@a sweater and even a warm hug. @you can see out here live, the @far right lane completely snow- @covered. @at some point, it's hard to @tell where one lane begins and @the other one ends. @as we're coming up to a little @traffic back-up. @traffic moving slowly here on @route 8. the on and off-ramps, @you need to particularly take @your time with those because @they are very, very snow- @covered well in this area. @here. @coming up at 9:00, we will join @you from brandy. @all those ski snow bunny @enthusiasts excited to be out @there. @they haven't had much of this @so looking forward to a long @weekend of cold and snowy @conditions for them. @maureen, back to you in the @studio. @>> and to reiterate, everything @we're hearing is akron area is @seeing the worst of the roads.
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@road, on-ramps, off-ramps but @the highways are pretty much @clear. @odot has been pretty much been @taking care of it. @thank you so much. @ a hollywood celebrity with @roots in northeast ohio is @trying to promote local @business. @the actress monica potter is @back in town for the one-year @anniversary of her store, @monica potter home. @she cut a cake to celebrate @yesterday and while potter says @the store is doing well, she is @asking people to check out all @of the shops near hers in the @downtown district. @today she is inviting the @public to get together there @for free food and health @screenings. @ within the next couple @months, a long anticipated ymca @is set to open in downtown @cleveland. @so yesterday it held a job fair @to fill about 40 positions. @take a look. @the new gym is a $12 million @project. @it will include a three-lane @swimming pool, a sauna and more @than 70 exercise machines. @not only is there a demand for
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@galleria was looking for more @tenants. @>> downtown cleveland was in @need of a place for @clevelanders who both live and @work downtown to fulfill their @health and wellness needs and @the galleria seemed like the @perfect fit. @>> the grand opening event is @march 29th. @if you're not a member and you @want to enroll this month, they @reduced the joining fee to just @$1. @ last night, special needs @teens from around the world @enjoyed the royal treatment @from a red carp tote dancing @the night away. @it's a night to shine put on by @the tim tebow association. @it took place in 48 states and @eight countries. @more than 200 churches played @host to the proms including @ones right here in northeast @ohio. @memorial church. @>> a lot of people coming @overall but at the end of the @night, you don't know who the @special guests are and @big party.
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@>> we are dancing. @>> guests received the royal @treatment including hair and @make-up stations and everyone @who attended got the chance to @be crowned king or queen. @ it's a trade rumor that @would certainly shake up the @cavs' roster. @a new report suggest that the @cavs have interest in knick's @forward carmelo anthony.
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@ @ hi everyone and good @morning. @the nba trading deadline comes @up on thursday. @the rumor mill has been @churning on a smaller level for @the cavaliers. @we will tell you more this @morning. @it involves carmelo anthony. @according to the "new york @daily news," the cavs and @celtics have discussed a @blockbuster trade centered @around kevin love with @preliminary discussions about @expanding the deal to include @anthony.
6:40 am
@he has a no-trade clause. @the knicks could get players in @return. @and the cavs would get a proven @star that can score. @anthony is close to lebron, @they are friends but he is @committed to the knicks and @would prefer to keep his family @there. @ now to all-star weekend. @the game is tomorrow in @toronto. @and even though the caves are @the best team in the east, @lebron james is the only player @there this weekend. @his 12th straight all-star @game. @lebron said yesterday talking @to the media it's unfortunate @he is the only cavs all-star. @they'll have to use it as @motivation. @he hasn't decided on going to @the olympics yet. @he said he still has some great @and when asked yesterday what's @the difference between the two? @he said, height. @but we could tell you, there's @something noticeable. @>> when the stars is held @accountable, it trickles down @from there. @and frankly, i don't think that @was going on a whole lot.
6:41 am
@this league. @he is not intimidated by @anyone. @he played with kobe and he @knows the temperament of stars @and how to handle stars and i @think you're seeing that. @>> and he will handle a lot of @them tomorrow as he is the head @coach of the east all-stars @along with the coaching staff. @he has a record of 8-3 since @taking over the team. @ indian's pitchers and @catchers report to goodyear in @four days and yesterday they @signed a new pitcher. @a free agent pitcher. @the right-hander tommy hunter @comes with a one-year deal, 29 @years old, career record of 49- @33. @but the rangers briefly with @the cubs last season. @hunter has pitched out of the @bullpen for the past three @seasons. @he is coming off off-season @abdomen surgery that will @sideline his start to the @season. @ nothing will sideline @sports tonight. @coming up tomorrow night at
6:42 am
@interview with jason loyd @talking cavaliers plus my @feature on the kent state @wrestler and the golden flashes @wrestling team. @plus, much, much more. @have a great weekend everybody. @>> dave, thanks. @ just ahead, still filing @those taxes? @ now here's olga with a look @at the forecast. @>> and we are on the chilly @side this morning. @we will continue to see this @banding, lake-effect snow @mountainsing through into the @afternoon but temperatures @aren't going to budge too much. @i say most of us will sit @around the 10 to 12-degree mark @well into the afternoon. @a brief peek of sunshine and @then a frigid cold night @tonight. @i'll let you know how cold we @will start our our valentine's @day and what to expect for @president's damon as well. @
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@ @ welcome back.
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@do you know how you're going to @file? @we go over popular tech @software, apps and tips to get @you closer to that refund. @>> you have to be super smart @to not mess up your tax refund. @>> reporter: with four out of @five returns this year expected @to be filed electronically, @online tax software aims to @make diy-filing easier. @>> consumer reports looked at h @and r block deluxe and turbotax @deluxe. @they both are free to try. @>> reporter: the two programs @ranked closely with the main @difference in design. @turbotax had easy to read @explanation boxes and h and r @block was more mobile friendly. @>> they'll guarantee that the @calculations will be accurate. @>> reporter: the irs says 70% @of taxpayers are eligible for @free file. @>> efile for free. @>> reporter: those with income @under 62,000 can use software
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@if your income is higher, the @site can still verify that the @tax software you are using is @legitimate. @>> see which products they have @on the list there and use one @of those because those are @vetted by the irs. @>> reporter: if you wait until @the last year, you will have a @few extra days but do not put @it off. @>> once you have all the paper @work inhand, file as soon as @possible. @>> reporter: you will get your @refund faster and file before @identity thieves have the @chance to do it for you. @nbc news. @>> tax time is about as fun as @heading out on the roads this @morning. @>> oh, yes. @ if you are headed out any @time soon, we have warnings for @you, it's going to be a little @bit tricky. @when we were on our way in, we @saw on-ramps, off-ramp, still a @little covered. @odot is out trying to get that @cleared but the wind is causing @an issue. @>> it is.
6:48 am
@to the winds of the blowing and @drifting snow. @there are ramps and elevated @overpasses that are a little @bit icy too but mainly it's the @blustery conditions this @morning that are quite frankly @dangerous if you are stepping @outside. @so keep that in mind. @if you have to go out, you need @to take every precaution @possible and make sure that you @are well layered and covered @for that occasion. @and then get yourself to some @place warm as quickly as @possible. @currently temperatures are @really sliding down. @mansfield down to 2 degrees at @this hour. @sitting at 3 for akron. @so when you factor in the wind, @north, northwesterly winds @anywhere from 15 to 20 miles @per hour right now, we are @feeling like these very @negative teens for much of the @region. @so yes, it is dangerously cold @outside. @with the light snow showers @moving through and the @northwest winds, i think the @temperatures are going to hold @steady for the next hour or @two. @and then we will get a little @bit of a bump this afternoon @but not too much.
6:49 am
@temperatures going above about @10 to 12 degrees. @we may squeak in 13 degrees in @the downtown region but that @will be about it for most of @us. @it's going to feel like the @single digits all day long. @although the banding snow is @coming on through, the good @news is that we're not seeing @significant accumulation. @this is moving fairly quickly @into the afternoon and @overnight hours and we get to @sunday afternoon, not even an @inch for many locations. @and although lake side, we will @see some of the heavier bands @so a few spots might see up to @2 inches by the time all of @this moves through by monday @but for most of us, it will be @a minor snow accumulation. @overall though, the @temperatures tonight are going @to really back down. @although most of us will sit @between 4 and 8 degrees, we @could see a few areas get down @to zero during the overnight. @and what is most important is @it is going to feel like minus @7 to minus 11 when you wake up
6:50 am
@so for today, i think we see @maybe a peek of sunshine @through midday and that's when @the temperature is going to try @to get up to the 13-degree. @but overall with the seven-day @forecast, we are talking about @a very frigid cold stretch @lasting through president's day @but then as we move into the @monday to tuesday forecast, we @finally catch a little bit of a @break, some light snow moving @through but at least the @temperatures will start to inch @upward. @>> all right, back to that @mildish weather. @>> yeah, we'll get there. @>> all right, thanks olga. @ some new movies are hitting @the screens this weekend. @here's a look at the box office @preview. @>> you going to leave me alone @here with less angry rosie @o'donnell? @>> reporter: dead pool. @the regular guy finds he has @terminal cancer and subjects @himself to experimental feeling @treatments that go terribly @wrong so he tries to find the @people who wrecked his life and
6:51 am
@it's rated r. @>> i don't know why i said @y'all. @you all would have taken just @as much time. @>> reporter: she's a new yorker @newly on the market but not @very good at dating. @so wilson decides to be her @hook-up helper, helping her @navigate love in the digital @age. @it's rated r. ben stiller back @on the cat walk in zoolander 2. @it comes 15 years after the @original. @they are reunited by an @international agent trying to @solve a serial murders of the @world's most beautiful people. @it's rated pg-136789. @>> usa? @yeah. @>> reporter: michael moore @leads the land of the free in @"where to invade next." @he goes in search of solutions @that plague our country and @find that the american dream is @alive and well, just not in the @usa. @that's the box office preview, @nbc news. @>> all right. @maybe you will catch a movie
6:52 am
@day. @maybe you have just broken the @bank. @we're going to tell you how @much people are spending on
6:54 am
6:55 am
@ @ welcome back. @did you know that people are @expected to spend close to $20 @billion on valentine's day @gifts this year? @cards, candy and flowers are @the most popular options. @another popular gift, @engagement ring, that's going @to drive the price up. @14 million marriage proposals @are made on the day of love. @on the flip side, 53% of women @say they would break up with @their significant other if they @didn't get a gift. @stakes are high here, guys. @gifts either. @the average amount people will @spend comes to about $146. @apparently. @ cuddling is for free.
6:56 am
@especially. @>> yeah, we definitely have to @find ways to deal with the cold @air moving on through. @it has slid in and taken hold @and it will stick around. @not only for today, holding our @temperatures in the teens for @the city center but also @tonight. @and we will start off with a @valentine's morning. @i think tomorrow even, anyone @with dinner plan, we will still @be working with the wind chill, @and evening hours. @so things start to turn the @corner once we get to @president's day on monday and @then we bring in an opportunity @for even more accumulating snow @early in the work week. @>> okay. @if you are headed out, be @careful on the roads. @we have been keeping an eye on @conditions. @we will be back here at 9:00 @a.m. @for more channel 3 news and of @course a look at weather, news
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. life threatening cold. polar vortex delivering bone-chilling temperatures from minnesota to the northeast. record setting cold pushing the mercury to near zero in the big apple. warngs everywhere to stay inside. >> you should take this weather very, very seriously. >> how long will it last? dylan is tracking it all. southern discomfort. the republican candidates gearing up for another debate tonight. the field getting smaller as the stakes grow larger. will donald trump follow through


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