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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  February 13, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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a very cold start to your @weekend. @we have team coverage of the @plunging temperatures. @>> that is right. @our temperatures have dropped @overnight. @we are going to stay in a deep @freeze through the weekend. @i will let you know when @things are finally going to @shift. @ good morning. @the sun ishining and the sky @was blue. @even though it is bitterly
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@coming live from brandywine. @ @ a happy saturday morning @to you. @here is a live look downtown. @if you take a look bottom of your screen you can @see the temperature downtown @is eight 8 degrees -- 8 degreesle up, stick with us. @grab a blanket and some coffee @and we are going to get you @through this chilly morning @and when you about what is @ahead. ry cold. @we are in the single digits @but it is feeling like it is @below to 0 -- below zero -- @below 0 in the area. @any way you cut it, if @outside, you need to be @prepared.
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@have continued chance for late @morning and early afternoon. @a healthy snow band is in the @region. @we will have light to @snow all day and temperatures @will not adjust much through @the day. @the @but mostly -- ek out but it will mostly be @dreary. @i will let you know exactly @how we ld stretch and what we are @going to see when many of us @head back to work and school @on tuesday. just @mentioning, the entire wkyc @ @temperatures could reach -20 @with the wind chill. @alyssa raymond is joining ill have a @earlier this morning when we
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@taking a look at the roadways. @now you are at least at @tell us the difference. @>> reporter: [ laughter ] it @is still cold outside. @a few minutes ago the sun was @out and i @of blue sky. it is amazing ow because @they got about 5 or 6 inches @last night. @they aren't seeing as many @people as normal because the squall closed downed some @roads. there are windy small @roads @tend -- people tend to think @they close when it gets really @cold. @they do that sometimes but not @today. @they are opening today at 9:00 @, not closing until 1:00 in @the morning.are some
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@keep the car gassed up and @tank. @make sure you keep an @emergency washer fluid and @something to eat in the car. @understand the danger of @chill, frostbite can occur in @just a few minutes. @frostbite can set in an as @little as 30 minutes if you @have --. @if you have high blood @pressure or a heart condition, @avoid any exertion in this @weather. @even shoveling can cause a @heart attack. @we took the mobile unit out @for a spin, playing around @with the technology. @we have the anemometer which @says it's about 2 miles an @hour. @the outside temperature is 12, @inside temperature in the @truck is 51 degrees.
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@heading now. @back to you in the studio. @stay warm. @my feet cold. @[ laughter ] alyssa, stay warm @you. @ we will keep tabs on the @changing weather conditions. @you can text wkyc to 2455 [ @indiscernible ] for the @weather up. @ yesterday the ohio @department of transportation @announced it would meet with @first responders to see if @warning signs or flashing @lights can be added to this @hike -- freeway. @in the meantime odot has been @sending messages to people @about lake-effect dangers. @ the cdc has learned of -- @the ohio department of health @has learned about two new
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@the first is a woman it @contracted zika while visiting @going to. @the second was a man returning @from haiti. @earlier we mentioned a stark @county man in lake county @woman who had traveled to @haiti. @there are links to birth @defects with zika virus. @it could be months or even @years before we see a vaccine @for a zika vaccine. @it will take 18 months perhaps @to get a long-term boxing @ready. @ ymca is slated to open in @cleveland. yesterday at held a @job fair for opening @positions. @it will include a three lane @swimming pool, a sauna and @more than 70 exercise @machines.
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@an exercise center downtown @but the galleria was looking @for tenants. @>> for both clevelanders and @people who work downtown, this @>> the grand opening is march @29. @if you are not a member and @they have reduced their @joining fee to 1 dollar. @ cuyahoga county is giving @local entrepreneurs tools to @be innovative. @the cuyahoga county public @library is giving access to @start up resources. @entrepreneurs can use 3-d @printing, laser engraving in @computers complete with design @software. @two new centers will open at @the mayfield and parma @branches this spring. @ another gop debate is @scheduled for tonight. @we will tell you what could @lead to more sparks on the
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@ a big lawsuit for uber. @see how some users may be @receiving money back because
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@ @ 22 predictions, it is @getting nasty on the campaign @trail in south carolina. @the gop candidates are @another. @we have the latest from @greenville's -- green -- @greenville, south carolina.
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@now leading a new signature on @this race, threatening to sue @ted cruz for not being a @natural citizen. @he called him a liar -- ted @cruz -- ted cruz called him a @liar. @>> the fact that donald trump @is calling someone else a liar @or inappropriate, he uses @constant vulgarity. @>> dogmatic -- @>> narcissistic -- @>> inspirational dose>> @reporter: donald trump is @making fun of his candidates. @this one backfired against @marco rubio. @>> [ indiscernible - low @volume ]>> reporter: they @yanked this after the @revelation that the actress @had appeared in adult films.
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@if we would have none of that @history. @>> the bottom line is they @were actors and i think it is @the bigger problem that ted @has. @he tries to act as if he is @the only conservative in this @race. @he's an operative.>> reporter: @[ indiscernible - low volume ] @ @>> faces the most important @influence in my life. @>> one night reading the bible @i got a serenity.>> reporter: @serenity in this race is hard @to find amid all of the @attacks. @>> the republican candidates @will face off today in yet @another debate. @the stakes maybe the highest @for marco rubio hoping to put @his last rough debate behind. @he is expecting a rough time @especially from his former @mentor, jeff bush. @ a smiling pope francis was @greeted with a resin welcoming @ceremony and marriott she's @played for pope francis and
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@bandmember's sombreros. @he is touring through the @spanish-speaking world through @wednesday. @ uber has agreed to pay @millions of dollars. @the writing the company says @it is willing to pay $28 @million over claims that the @company misrepresented its @safety practices in fees. @it has also agreed to rename @the $1 safe right fee to a @booking fee. @about 25 million riders @between january 1 of 2007 -- @2013 in january 1, 2060 will @get an email with options to @be paid. @that works out to roughly @$1.14 per person before @attorney fees. @ coming up, we will get you @caught up on some of the @headlines you may have missed. @the reef -- the weekend review @is ahead. @first let's check on the
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@ the wind chill advisories @will stick around today until @early afternoon. @then the winds will finally @relax a little. @the snow bands are coming @through and we have cold @temperatures throughout the @day and valentine's day. @i will let you know how things @will wrap up on this three-day
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@ @ it was a very week with @news. @we want to get you caught up @on any headlines you may have @missed. @here is your weekend review. @>> look at that crowd out @today for the denver broncos' @super bowl parade. @the wife of owner pat bolin is @in the lead car. @and of course peyton manning @as well as von miller, mvp of @the super bowl. @ it was a white out. @>> 15 vehicles involved @including semi trucks. @>> there would be one accident @with someone trapped and then @another. @ what seems to be the @problem with bruhin road. @there's a claimant cuyahoga @county court, asking for
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@refunded -- page. @>> we have not in the past or @plan in the future to bill the @tamir -- family. @ the lawyers handling this @estate are asking for papers. @ when the asked -- when the @fbi raided them, they saw a @rebate scam. @>> when you see the check you @are happy but what they didn't @know was the check should be @bigger. @ a grand jury indicted @eight employees. @>> we have not done anything @wrong. @i was not aware of any of @this. @ 's stinging report, in the @final week -- stinging report, @and the final week 18 players
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@elyria -- johnny manziel @arrived at practice drunk but @in the concussion protocol. @it's going to be tough for the @browns to be proven wrong on @this because they went to @through the official @concussion protocol. @ because of the huge voter @turnout and i say huge, we one @-- won. @>> new hampshire we love you. @>> ohio's john kasich is a big @story. @now that he appears to be a @front-runner, will donald trump @start bashing him. @ if you're going to be @alone on valentine's day, five
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@he is reclining on a bear rug @with champagne and 2 kittens @thereby. @>> [ laughter ] what part of @he wants to see that just to @see how it goes? @[ laughter ] @ actress monica part a -- @potter is back in town. @she cut a cake to celebrate @and while she says her store @is doing well, she is asking @people to check out all of the @shops near hers in the @downtown district. @she is inviting the public to @get their free for free food @-- to get there today for free @food. @ if you are headed out on @the roads anytime soon, there @are still some tricky spots. @we know the plows have been @out all morning trying to @clear the roadways. @the wind is making the @snowdrift into certain parts @of the lanes. @>> we are really dealing with @some pretty tricky conditions @this morning. @the good news is most of the
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@the sun is trying to blake to @the couch -- break through the @clouds. @we won't see much but a little @bit every now and then. @the biggest problem for us @will be the winds which will @be pretty heavy into the @afternoon hours and early @evening hours. @writes now it's cold all @around, single digits for all @areas except for downtown at @11 degrees. @when you take winds at 10 and @20 miles an hour out of the @north the northwest, and @combine that with those @temperatures, we get the wind @chill. @the wind chill is feeling like @minus geauga mansfield, -12 -- @-4 -- minus -- -10 for @mansfield -- we will continue @to hold temperatures right @the day.
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@team close to 4:00. then we @will be right back down. @although the temperatures @aren't moving very much, the @6:00. @the wind chill will still be @there but not quite as bad. @into tomorrow morning for @valentine's day, if you're @heading to sunday services, we @start off well. @you are pretty good during the @day. @a cold start, near 0 to start. @it will feel like negative @digits but in the afternoon we @bring back the cloud cover. @your evening plans for @valentine's day might get a @little complicated. @you are fine at 6:00 or 7:00 @but into the evening if you @are out slate you will get @some snow showers -- if you @are out late you will get some @snow showers. @most areas will see about 1.5 @to 2 inches of snow.
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@little bit better in the long @term. @although it is cool for today, @the seven-day forecast shows @quite a bit of improvement @after we get through monday. @we need to get through the @teens on sunday and back to @nearly the freezing mark on @monday. @there's more accumulation @expected early next week. @ it is the last weekend of @the home and garden show. @they do today the kicking @channels fabulous beekman boys @-- cooking channel's fabulous @beekman boys will be there. @we love your show. @what is it like to go from big- @city life to farm life? @>> we say that we learned @everything we needed to know
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@and youtube. @it was a great transition to @we lost our jobs in the @recession of 2000 a. we had -- @2008. @we then had to learn to become @farmers. @>> how is the show going? @>> it's great. @it follows our life and how we @learned to become farmers. @>> you are also here for the @big home and garden show. @out there? @>> this is what is hard. @we write cookbooks and all @kinds of things. @it's hard to know what to talk @about. @what we did for the show was @we boiled it down to the seven @most important things you can @learn from life from a goat. @that's what we hope to teach @people. @goats are smart. @you wouldn't know it. @[ laughter ] @>> you showed us your live @webcam with the goats. [ @laughter ] @>> you can watch them live on @our goat cam. @>> it's valentine's day.
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@recommend for your @sweethearts? @yourself. @the best his breakfast in bed @for your husband or wife, @sweetheart, whoever. one of @the easiest things to do is to @make a bacon and egg sandwich @and is a heart cookie-cutter @for the egg and the toast. @put it all together and make a @heart sandwich. @>> how many egg sandwiches are @going to be happening around @ohio now tomorrow. @[ laughter ] @>> you can also take cinnamon @rolls in the tube and add red @hots to them. @it is so cinnamon a delicious. @-- delicious what the cinnamon. @ @>> what kinds of things do @people want to know from you? @>> people just want hugs. @we give out talks. @[ laughter ] people want to @bring a little country into
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@style into their country life. @that's really what we do. @>> they have built an entire @urban farmhouse into the expo @center. @they have done a pretty @amazing job. @>> it is authentic? @>> yes. @>> you recommend going and @looking in that will help us @go from the city to the farm. @[ laughter ] thank you so much @for being here. @it is so nice to meet you. @if you want to meet them, go @out to the home and garden @show which is still going on @today and tomorrow. @enjoy guys. @we brought in the cold @temperatures just for you. @ we are just one day away @from valentine's day. @if you're looking for the @perfect gift for that perfect @someone, we have tips for what @you get. @good morning alyssa. @>> reporter: good morning. @all morning we have been out @and about and the weather -- @in the weather mobile unit. @we are at brandywine live next.
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@ @ it is saturday, february @13. @february 14 is valentine's @day, just in case you forgot @or haven't looked at the @calendar in a while. @hopefully you are relaxing and @snuggling up on your couch. @we are going to help you get @through your very chilly @morning. i believe this is the @coldest morning we have had in
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@olga is in the weather center @keeping an eye on everything @for us. @the wind chills with the big @story today. @>> that is what is really @socking it to us today. @we have seen cold temperatures @over the last couple of weeks @combine the winds. @satellite radar shows we still @have some lake effect snow @bands pushing through, a @little lighter than earlier @this morning. @i think we will be okay into @the early afternoon but late @day we will have an @opportunity to see more of @those moving through. @that is why we have our lake @snow warning as well as snow @watch for the northern and @eastern counties. overall it @will be a chilly day. @we have temperatures in the @single digits and it is @feeling like negative @temperatures because of the @wind chill. @most of us will top out at @about 13 degrees. @we had the opportunity with @the sunshine to bump it up one
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@about that. @i will let you know how long @this cold grip will stick @around and also when we will @get our next chance for @accumulating snow in the seven- @day forecast. @>> thank you so much. @it is a cold one is olga @mentioned. @ people are either out on @the roads or taking part in @some very snowy activities. @alyssa raymond is joining us @live from brandywine this @morning braving the cold but @also giving us tips on how to @stay warm. @have you stayed warm? @that is a big question. @we are going to get emails, is @alyssa warm. @is really warm. @the bottom half, i might not @-- i might need to put on @another pair of pants. @i did during my ski pants @brandywine. @we are paying with all of the @new technology that the wam @mobile has.
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@earlier and now we are about at @12 degrees outside @temperature. @brandywine opened at 9:00 and @they will be open until 1 am. @sometimes they say they close @because of the cold @temperatures but today is not @the day. @they will be open all day @including tonight, wrapping up @at about 1 am as i said. @if you are heading out onto @the roads or other activities @here are some tips to keep in @mind. @>> the cold is dangerous for @those with asthma. @the bitter cold can put your @family at risk. @change the batteries in your @smoke detector and keep the @area clean and clear around @space heaters. @open your faucet just enough @for a drip to keep the pipes @from freezing.
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@chilly dozer kept outside when @temperatures drop. @give them plenty of water -- @don't leave your pets outside @when temperatures drop. @give them plenty of water too. @there was a laundry list of @places you can go to get warm @today. @go to our website for @a full list. @back out your live, it is @chilly not as cold as some of @the days we had last winter @when i had this coat on and @hat. @i think i remember it was -32 @degrees with the wind chill. @cold out here. @we are hoping the snow comes @out a little more because when @up a little bit. @it's nice to see the blue sky @as well. @back to you in the studio. @>> al roker use the word polar @vortex again. @i'm like whatever happened to @el nio.
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@polar vortex. [ laughter ] i @started having flashbacks to @last winter. @>> i might disagree with that. @[ laughter ] @>> stay warm and enjoy. @[ overlapping speakers ] thank @you alyssa. @ last night special-needs @teams from around -- teenagers @from around the world received @the red carpet treatment. @it is called "night to shine" @and it was put on by tim tivos @-- came tebo -- tim tebow's @special program. @>> it's a great night. @you don't know the teenagers @from the helpers here we are @having so much fun. @>> everyone got the chance to
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@ valentine's day is only @one day away. @if you still haven't picked up @that special something for @that peschel someone, you will @want to do it today. @what do you get? @we had advice for all kinds of @relationships.>> reporter: the @matter what type of @relationship you are in, if @you have been married for many @years or recently engaged or @just met that special someone, @the important thing to @remember is valentine's day is @to show them they are @important to you. @>> you can matter to somebody @with a big extravaganza, @depending on the level of your @relationship, or you can @matter by giving a simple @gesture.>> reporter: kathy @dawson the -- kathy dawson says @relationship. @>> take it slow if it is a new @relationship. @if you have been dating three @months and it is valentine's
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@place, it could scare them. @>> reporter: if your @relationship is stuck in a @rut, don't think one big @holiday and extravaganza isn't @going to -- holiday @extravaganza isn't going to @make the difference. @the big thing is get @uncomfortable. @>> if you are used to sending @roses or candy or cards, don't @do it. @do something that makes your @heart beat and your hands @sweat and make sure upper left @skip to your gums -- stick to @your gums.>> reporter: [ @indiscernible ] @>> it's the big day. @let's go out and scope it out @and see if we can meet the @right one. @to me that reeks of @desperation. @>> reporter: if you are just @looking for part of the course @-- par for the course, the @average american will spend @$150 is valentine's day season. @
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@anthony be coming to @cleveland? @the cavs would have to ship @someone out to give nine time
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@ @ of morning. @the nba trading deadline comes @up on thursday. @the rumor mill has been @turning on a small level for @the cavs. we told you about a
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@tell you more this morning. @it involves carmelo anthony. @the cavs and celtics have @discussed a blockbuster trade @centered around kevin love @with a preliminary discussion @about expanding the field to @include anthony. @he could veto the deal. @the mix would get draft picks @and players in return. the @cavs would get a proven star @that can score. @they are worried about the @warriors and spurs. @he says he would prefer to @keep his family in the same @area. @ lebron james is the only @cavaliers player at the all- @star game this weekend. @it is 12 straight all-star @game start. @he told the media that it's @unfortunate he's the only cavs @all-star. @he hasn't decided on going to @the olympics it. @he said he still has some
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@when asked yesterday what the @differences between david @blatt and to writing -- and [ @name indiscernible ], he said @heights. @>> -- he said heights. @>> i don't think a lot was @going on until tied took over. @he has had a long career in @this week. @he has played with colby -- @lebron. @he knows the temperamental @stars. @>> he will handle a lot of @them as he is the coach of the @east. @he has a coach of 8-3 since @taking over his team. @indians hitters and catchers @report in 4 days. @they signed a new picture, a @free agent, right-hander tommy @hunter.
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@prior record was 46-23. @he was with the cubs last @season. @he has been in the bullpen for @the last three seasons. @coming off a season abdominals @season and being sidelined as @the start of the season. @nothing will sidelined "sports @tonight". @tomorrow night at 11:35 you @will see my entire interview @talking cavaliers as well as @ian miller and much more. @have a great weekend @everybody. @>> -- @ just ahead moneyman matt @granite as a way to ditch all @your unnecessary courts. @it works for apple and android @users. @ it is a cold weekend @indeed for valentine's day and @presidents' day, even going @back on tuesday.
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@advisories up north.
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@ @ today the piece in the @tech world ends to -- ends up @being a money savings.
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@problem just in time for @valentine's day. @my wife is apple and i am @android. @we have a problem. today @there's a device that helps us @get along better and look at @the clutter that you are now @able to say goodbye to as @well. @your charging wars are about @to come to a close. @this is a 3 and 1. this also @eases up on the debate of @apple versus android and whose @cables and whatever are better. @the universal charger helped @me find love. @>> this is a beautiful thing. @it's my favorite @interchangeable charger that @will safely charge or iphone @and ipad and android, black @berry, windows, almost @anything else you can think @of. @it has these interchangeable @endpoints. @you can get two for under $20.
9:47 am
@devices safely. @this is what i tested and i am @a big fan. @i have posted this to @it is retractable so you can @get the link -- the length you @need. @whenever you need, you have it. @have a happy valentine's day @in the tech world. @>> that's a great gift idea. @ look at this, it is like @any typical cup of joe but the @san francisco bay area coffee @is any -- anything but a @regular cup of joe. @it is $15. @the beans come from the @mountains of panama.
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@. people are comparing this to @a fine wine. @this does taste different from @folgers people say. @>> don't tell your husband you @spent that much on coffee. @>> it's a great morning to sit @back and relax and have that @cup of coffee. @don't go anywhere. @it is the coast -- coldest @weekend we have had so far @this season. @>> it is definitely one of the @chile eston recent memories. @we often have these winds @coming through and today we @have become a nation of the @winds and the frigidaire. @-- frigid air. @some areas will make it to
9:49 am
@degrees later this afternoon. @it will feel like you row or @below in most areas. @the reason is we have these @winds pushing through, 15 to @20 mile an hour winds on @average and gusting even @higher. @the wind chill is well below @freezing across the region. @this is going to be the case @throughout the day. @if you have to get out and @about, make sure you have @layers and cover all of your @extremities, your hands and @your head and you need a scarf @and a good parka to keep out @the cold. @we will have some sunshine @throughout the day normally --. @it will be very cold today and @tomorrow as well as monday. @we could see scattered snow @showers later today but i @think we are done with the
9:50 am
@by tomorrow we will continue @to see a blast of cold air @throughout the day. @we could see more flurries @tomorrow and then they will @taper off as we head into the @late monday forecast. @state -- if you were heading @out tonight, it will be cold. @it will be very cold tomorrow @morning and back up into the @teens but very frigid and cold. @later on today we will see the @opportunity for snow showers @to move through on presidents' @day. @i think the accumulation will @be on the meager site overall, @2 inches or less. the second @day -- the seven-day forecast @is cool today, tomorrow, @monday, by tuesday we could @get back above freezing. @>> that is the el nio i know. @[ laughter ]
9:51 am
@nick has some self-defense @skills for today. @>> there is more to the @warrior side than just getting @in shape, knowing how to @defend yourself is another. @>> today i have [ name @indiscernible ] to show us the @moves we can do to protect our @selves -- ourselves and our @families. @>> this is probably the most @terrifying position that you @can be in. @someone is completely over top @of you being dominant. @you need to be aggressive. @what i am going to do is with @my far arm i am going to trap @the wrist and elbow so he can @take his arm awake -- away @from me. @i am going to trap his leg and @now i have two sides of his @body trapped.
9:52 am
@over top. @i now protect myself from any @punches and push on the hips @and get up. @i walk away. @>> you are making it look easy @my friend. @>> do you want to do more in @real-time? @>> let's do this. @>> same thing except he is @between my legs. @maybe he took me down and i @had the opportunity to wrap my @eggs around him. @now i have two 2 or 3 or 4 @things to attack him with. @the far arm will reach @underneath the far in the end @i am going to open my legs and @let my hips turn, grab work i @can break his arm through here @or i can sweep, break his arm @from there as well. @>> it's amazing. @just a couple quick things
9:53 am
@can save you and your family. @thank you for coming by. @i appreciate it. @for more training tips you can @go to @i hope to see you next week on @weekend warrior. @>> thank you nick. @we will be right back with a
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@ @ many of us are putting the @final touches on our @valentines gifts and others @are still trying to figure out @what to get. @we have the top searched gifts @on google, pandora bracelets, @couple's pajamas in @california, tandem bicycles @are popular in iowa. @there are a few strange ones @in the south. @tattoos are the most searched @in kentucky. @that's an idea. @>> that's pretty permanent. @>> -- @ what about the weather? @hopefully not permanent [ @laughter ] @>> it is hopefully going to @move out eventually. @we have lake snow advisories @at least for a couple days. @things will start to improve @after monday. @>> keep an eye on it. @we will back -- we will be @back at 6 pm.
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when you're up in outer space and searching for the greatest place where everyone's a friendly face astroblast ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here is your crew-- sputnik, halley, radar, jet, sal, and comet. astroblast [humming] [squeaking] hey, who's there? [squeaking continues] [gasp] aww! are you all alone? hello? is anybody here? no? well, in that case, you'll just have to come with me,


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