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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon" is in l.a. all this week. and tomorrow, will ferrel drops
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@now at 11:00 p.m.. @a serious @decision. @the mayor is calling the @police department. @the streets? @we'll take you there. @>> plus, fighting ptsd.t come back with @more @than scars. @ the teachers with wrongdoingd a few jobs not far away. @>> and new changes to your
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thanks for being with us on @this @valentine's sunday, i'm chriswe'll tell you how this latest @batch @will affect your @this @>> this maybe a concern for you. @the radar is taking a break now @but to the west this is @another @area of light snow in chicago as @this @heads right down the @northern indiana into northern @ohio. @i @do expect snow showers to fill
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@it may @tricky. @here it's up to an inch. @some of you @may feel a light dusting and @some maything at all. @some may cause you to have slick @the temperatures will continue @to @climb. @by monday near midday it will @be 30. @and there will be a chance of @snowalk about a larger storm @in @your complete forecast coming up @>> of one lake county @town @wants to shutdown the police @department there and use a @neighboring. @channel 3 hilary @goldstein went to madison @tonight for @the story that is still
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@>> the size of village hall,e size of a very small @community @with $1.8 million is the budget @for@they have only two full time @policee mayor's decision is the only @way @to keep this town safe is to use @another police department. @>> when you call thertment @for the village, you get this. @>> hang up and @>> this covers the county @village on @the weekend. @>> we thought maybe a lieutenant @or @sergeant or the chief might be @able to @give us @>> i know that chief already @knows @about it. @>> we weren't able to reach the @village mayor or the chief oft the mayor made it very clear
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@open letter. the @township is one step moving @forward". @>> my concern with the township @if @they merge is way by the lake @which is @4 milesld take @some @time if we place a call. @>> a decision residents have @ @>> as a matter of fact, madison @and @the town vip of the village of @is a big city. @>> even with the taxee in @place. @the mayor feels it's high. @>> he's under staffed @and says @he needs six new police officers @to be @staffed. @that is which is @probably 70% of the entire
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@ continuing coverage in the @of supreme court justice antonin @scalia who died in his you will recall the @body of @the supreme court justice was @trapped @to his home in el paso.he died @sometime between friday night @and @saturday morning. @his death leaves the @court with eight people. @president obama says hell @replace @scalia, but republicans say this @president. @>> hours just before his death, @president barack obama made his @intentions clear. @>> i plan to nominate a
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@>> those gunning for the whouz @saying white house @says the nominees will have to @wait. @ we will see unlimited @abortion on @demand with no parent @notification. @>> just as scalia's views in the @court @for decisions. @>> we lost someone great. @i would like @to have taylor to be just as @scalia. @>> they want to have a @responsible @vote. @>> president barack obama is @until @january 20, 2017. @ @ @that is a fact, my friends, @whether the residents like it or @not. @>> apparently they believe the
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@president to bring forth a @nominee to @replace justice scalia. @>> that the court house could be @paralyzed with just three @members. @>> president barack obama says @he has @plenty of time to nominate @scalia's @successor and that he has plenty @of @time do his job. @ jennifer, thanks. @our coverage of @2016 continues. @saying the supreme court justice @should be made not by obama. @>> it's like all the yelling and @screaming and back and forth. @chuck, what i have found and i @will @tell you, i'm having the time of @my @life. @people want to know what you are @for and grabbing on and say @please @stay positive and please don't @get @into these fights. @i get my enemies by
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@>> he spoke about the situation @syria. @to @destroy isis and will not send @troops @to oppose facade. @ chelsey will be in cleveland @tomorrow. @organizers say the event is @already at capacity. @meantime her @mom's local campaign office in @lakewood and madison avenues. @>> it's time to register to @vote. @all people are encouraged to @register @and make their voices heard. @vote by mail and early vote @against @under way february 17th. @>> for veterans coming back from @combat with ptsd, recovery is
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@those that are going to bat for @them @say we have your back now that @you are @back. @>>reporter: corporal, a proud @marine. @>> when i got out, i was a mess. @>> after seeing combat, he came @home @to find a bike with his best @weapon to @combat ptsd. @he did it with a team blue blue @red white and @blue. @>> ptsd to me is a life changer. @>> team rwb, along with @cleveland @heights cycling solutions and @bridgestone bicycles presents @this @ride to recovery documentary for @you @to see monday at the theatre at @7:00 p.m..
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@>> army veteran road the ride to @recovery navy challenge. @>> it will teach you that your @excuses @are invalid. @>> she did it along vets to @support @them and she thought who is @really @helping who here. @>> i saw a guy with no arm. @>> they start to heal in much @symbolic @solidarity. @>> they are giving away one bike @to @one lucky vet. @tickets are available at the @door or @you can go to our website for a @link @to preorder. @ imagine a teacher losing @their @license working in your district @with @no questions asked.
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@light on how to stop it around @here. @then rick springfield drops into @town @for a free concert.
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@>> welcome back. @it is something we probably all @take @for granted. @you expect your child's teacher @to @pass backgrounds. @we reveal how teachers stripped @of @their license end up right back @in @their classrooms. @here is jimmy with @how the system that is supposed @to be @protecting your kids don't made @the @grade. @>> they are supposed to be @honest. @>> i'm not a liar. @>> colorado teacher daniel @garcia lied @about qualifications with five @school @districts. @he moved to seattle and @lied again. @>> was it right to put this guy @in the @classroom. @>> he wasn't necessarily a @danger to @children. @>> i'm not saying i'm perfect. @i have
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@>> he is failing at his teachers @license. @they revoked his teaching @license @after trying to meet a @13-year-old @boy. @>> he pulled my license when @they @didn't have grounds to but they @did @and i let it happen because i @didn't @have the money the fight it. @>> after that episode, this guy @got a @substitute job in the state of @indiana. @he was supposed to be flagged in @a @national database of problem @teachers @and it's confusing as to why it @failed. @>> this non-profit data is @supposed to @be nationwide. @there is no federal law @requiring @reporting. @>> we want to make sure the @federal @government is doing everything @they
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@protected while in school. @>> we found 9,000 disciplined @teachers @missing from the data base. @>> it's not a perfect system. @>> the data base he says usually @works. @>> why aren't they on the same @page to @make this system more efficient @and @more reliable? @>> because each system is @different @with rules and regulations and @laws @that govern these certificates. @>> it's about protecting kids. @we need @to come up with a clear @consistent @term of rules. @>> they are not completing their @homework and allowing problems @back in @the schools. @>> jeremy, thanks. @>> usa today graded each state @on how @they background check and look @at @incoming teachers. @for ohio teachers,
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@ @>> that is rick springfield. @we caught @up with a fan who was first in @line-up. @they @would have driven even further. @>> i would do it twice as long @and @artist. @>> she was first. @she got it with a big smile on @her @face. @legions of fans came. @>> tonight, i went to grab a @sandwich
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@figure out what's going on and @it's @valentine's day. @>> yes. @we have some traffic for your @commuting with traffic tomorrow. @it's @president's day and banks and @schools @will be closed. @it will be a light shower. @with snow flakes around, there @will be @a few spots for those that need @on the road. @notice that morning @temperature is actually warmer @than we @are right now. @our temperatures will be rising @through the overnight. @one batch of very light snow @moved @earlier. @you saw some flurries and @showers. @the most probably down to @mansfield @and ashland, that's now gone. @any @showers now and snow showers @have @moved away. @i did see some showers in lodi.
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@nours returning by 8:00 in the @morning. @the temperatures in the mid-20s. @this is merely a morning event. @by the afternoon, mid-30s. @this @system to arrive then. @>> 25 winds with snow showers. @as we @look ahead on monday, @temperatures @starting early and very long @cloudy @stretch. @really late morning into the @early @evening. @temperatures hanging out in @the 30s above freezing. @we'll do some melting tomorrow @and @after 7:00 we are looking for @rain and @snow to move in to progress @tonight. @a winter weather advisory in @ashtabula @county. @expect 3- 5 inches of snow @possibly. @a lot could still change with @the @storm system. @you have to tune back
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@betsy tomorrow night as we track @the @system. @the problem is the low pressure @has @not developed yet. @there is this upper storm that @is @moving down into the central @plain and @fire off into this front. @you see memphis, that's where @the @storm will develop later @tonight. @once it gets going we are going @to @have a better idea of how this @tracks. @generally straight north of the @great @lakes. @the position of this east and @west @will determine how close the @precipitation which mainly is @know @will get to us. @it's important because @someone is getting a lot out of @this @storm. @tomorrow, first rain with low @30s. @first computer model. @if this model @turns out true for tuesday @morning, @this is going to be a mess early @tuesday.
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@tuesday with temperatures in the @20s. @if this scenario continues, we @could @see 3- 5 inches of snow into @tomorrow @night. @late snow showers tuesday and @wednesday that temperatures @jumps up @to the low 50s on friday @afternoon. @>> tuesday it gets the attention @of @folks in akron. @>> possible very big forecast @since @it's right after the holiday. @>> coming up, all the stars out @tonight. @how did lebron do?
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@just wrapping up the headlines @says @what? @>> with kobe bryant and lebron @james @with lowest minutes. @a lot of dunks. @we'll get to that. @it was kobe's last all star game @and @lebron scores. @lebron james making his 12th @game @start. @nice jab and points for the @east. @it was kobe's final game. @lebron from the outside hits the @three. @he had 11 in the first half. @second half for lebron, that's @vicious. @only 20 minutes per game.
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@the standing o, he walked off @with @final hugs all around. @he had @31 points. @he is mvp. @196-173. @ this month in indianapolis. @there @will be more -- ohio buckeyes @there. @today he made an appearance at @fourth @and goal. @north olmsted signing @autographs. @last year his stock @couldn't be higher. @you never hear his name @mentioned @among the top four quarterbacks @in the @draft. @he hopes to improve at the @combined.
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@questions and concerned coaches @may @have about me. @you never know what to expect. @you always want to put your best @foot @forward, i guess. @>> coming up next, you can see @my @entire interview with jones and @my @feature on kent state wrestler. @that's @coming up next. @>> golf, von tailor. @it has been more than a decade @since @he won. @caught on the par 4, he shot a @seven @under 65. @nicholson goes for the tie. @'05. @17 under. @history made on the track today. @elliot won the daytona five. @much more to this story.
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@of two time nascar hall of @famer, bit @el bill @elliot. @>> he wanted to finish up his @schooling. @we'll @see how it pans out. @night.


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