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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 15, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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it's monday, february 15th. coming up on "early today," in the quiet dark of night, the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia returns to virginia but the political reaction has been anything but quiet. as the candidates weigh in on the next justice, they're also tearing one another apart. >> they lied. >> been telling lies. >> why do you lie. >> liar, liar, liar. millions endured record cold temperatures over the valentine weekend but more cold is in store for the week ahead. plus, is kanye west millions in debt. a monster week at the box office.
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giving a sea lion a selfie stick? "early today" starts right now. good morning. the stakes are high after the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. it's already reached the point of a justice scalia dissent. president obama says he will nominate a new justice although so far there is no timetable for an announcement. and the president's republican colleagues don't think it should be his to make at all. here's the bottom line. i don't trust barack obama on the supreme court justices it's called delay, delay, delay. >> i don't think the president should move forward and we should let the next president of the united states should decide. >> i'm glad the senate is agreeing what we should. >> those opinions have been met
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clinton. >> it is outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. there are 340 days until the next president takes office, so that is plenty of time. >> nbc's tracie potts joins us now in from washington to sort it all out. good morning, tracie. >> good morning. it's possible the president could move on a potential nominee, a replacement pretty quickly. it's taken him about a month in advance the last time he did this. let's take a look at some of names that are coming up. first of all, seb real of them from the d.c. court of appeals. a former u.s. deputy solicitor
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cases in front of the u.s. supreme court, paul watford appointed by president obama to the ninth circuit out of california. nine republicans voted in favor of watford. that could be key. he also clerked previously for justice ginsburg. patricia millen also on the circuit court of appeals. her case got caught up in the filibuster over it. a lot of names out there already. we're seeing some battling back and forth not only between republicans and the president over whether or not he should make this nomination but between republicans. ted cruz already has an ad out this morning saying if donald trump is selected he could not be trusted to nominate the next supreme court justice for the united states.
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more potential nominees are mentioned, dara as they slug it out and whether or not president should actually make the office. >> there are only five days left and the field is down to just six candidates but saturday night's debate was the most venomous debate and there were plenty of fights in both english and spanish. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: after moments of silence for justice scalia came the most contentious debate so far. >> he lies. >> liar, liar, liar. >> reporter: the variation of liar was used at least 13 times. the most used by donald trump. trump slammed by jeb bush over foreign policy and how to fight isis and syria. >> it's absolutely ludicrous to
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positive partner in this. >> jeb is so wrong. >> while donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us said. >> the world trade center. >> don't go after my mother. >> reporter: marco rubio came after his defense. >> that's what allowed isis to grow and by 2001 be able to strike america. >> reporter: at one point cruz took issue with something rubio took advantage of. >> i don't why he would say that because he doesn't speak spanish. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: cruz also pounced on trump. >> you're the biggest liar. you're probably worse than jeb bush.
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>> donald has the worst pattern. when he speaks to his own record, he speaks liar, liar, liar. >> reporter: john kasich speaks to a different tone. >> i've got to tell you. this is just crazy. this is just nuts. geez, oh, man. >> that was gabe gutierrez reporting. a bitter arctic cold air is bringing cold weather. meanwhile weather that's strucks has headed east. >> reporter: whether it was the cause of a huge pile june that shut down a major stretch of u.s. highway in minneapolis, at ten people were taken to the hospital with injuries. >> we know a squall came through and it was zero. it turned icy what it is, we deal with it. but this is one of the worst crashes i've ever seen.
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valentine's day on record in the frigid temperatures caused problems for firefighters in new jersey. >> we got off a plane yesterday nearly ran back into the airport. i had never known cold like that ever. >> reporter: there is good news. forecasters predict a later this week. nbc's rafael is here to tell us when the weather will change. rafael. >> good morning. it's going to be a messy day across the east. we have a messy presidents' day ng. freezing rain a possibility for the carolinas and virginia. that snow will transition later on today, tonight, and freezing rain and eventually rai much milder weather in the northeast. heavy rain overnight into tuesday and even flooding concerns there, but it could end
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throughout the daybusy travel day and the weather is not big for the east. d.c., new york, chicago is quiet dealing with a beautiful day. temperatures there well into the 80s and tomorrow again, tracking the heavy rain for the big cities of the northeast. look at the well into the 50s. 55 for the city. flooding will be a concern there, 87 in los angeles and tracking storminessflorida. weather. now here's a closer look at your day ahead. it ooh going to be a messy day across the mid-atlantic andth snow, ice, and freezing rain changing over to rain later on tonight. watching out for severe weather across the gulf coast like could see severe storms this afternoon. so not a great travel day for all the folks heading home after the holiday week a good day to have
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pope francis visited one cities in mexico city. he preached his message of equality and hope to more than 300,000 attending mass.c's anne thompson has more. >> reporter: pope francis went to the city notorious for crime. francis rode through the graffiti covered streets given a makeover by criminalsappropriate for the occasion, the pope portrayed in all kinds of was even as a graffiti it has one of the highest murder and disappearance rates in mexico. it's such a dangerous place this woman tells me today's masse rare times she can bring her children to a public event. more than 300,000 people filled
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wealth, vanity, and pride, emphatically telling them there can be no dialogue with the your evil can fear like a daily reality. francis is asking these people,m poor and powerless to join the front lines of making mexico a land of opportunity. for a moment one of its most a better place. anne thompson, nbc news, mexico. 48 people had to be rescued frigid new england ski slope after their tram cars got stuck 40 feet above the ground. look at this. rescuers actually had to usep stranded schoolers propel through a hatch in the bottom of the car to the ground about 40 feet from the thankfully nobody was injured. they say a breaking sis is to
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days marvel's latest movie arted. "dead pool" earn $135 million. "dead pool" had been the also for the biggest february weekend and biggest president's four-day ile it debuted in third while ben stiller's much hyped "zoolander 2" took in a nted $16.7 million. an accusation of a woman choking and get rt rd for a triple threat with three separate covers. you're watching "early today." ay." symptoms worsen becaus.
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former new york governor eliot spitzer is accused of choking a woman at the la new york city. the woman reportedly cut her wrists after being choked and was taken to the hospital after calling 911. upon leaving the hospital thetally then boarded a plane back to russia. no charges have been filed. a spokesperson for spitzer has told nbc news there is to the allegation. police are investigating. an explosive device was attached to the bottom of an avis rent a car in new xico, yesterday. . >> a mechanic looked up and saw a device on the vehicle. that's what the investigator is looking car came from and who dropped it off. bollywood dancers were
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broke 20,000 spectators had to be evacuated. the cause of the fire is still unknown. washington state police believe they've finally the beard-o ban did wearing a fake beard, glasses, and nose guard. after arrested christian francois on friday. for first time everillustrated" will have three different covers. graham will be the first plus size mod toll grace the swimsuit and just ahead, leftly blows one at pebble beach and cob by's curtain call at game. details up next. t. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love rt
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this morning on "today," the new report series step in or step off. it's a series of socialto see how people would respond in an ethical dilemma. today's focus, now to sports. the five-time lakers champion enjoying every minute with the best of the best. a fan favorite and kobe with ten points on the night.
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290 points combined for all of his all-star appearances as heood-bye and thanks to the fans. the rest of the game was a scoring fest for the rest of the fans including tubs of alley-oops, three-pointersose that hit the stratosphere. 196-173. nba resumes play on next, the beautiful golf courses and pebble beach pro-am. phil mickelson started but missed a five-foot birdie putt that would him up against taylor. taylor finished 17 under par to mickelson's 16 under. now to nascar'st of the year, the daytona 500 will have 20 yt chase elliott racing from the poll. he's the son of two-time bill elliott and the youngest
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news. today is growing for the grammy
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the rapper leads the pack with 11 taylor swift and the weekend are also big contenders. both have nine nominations. at last night's steven fry brought home a little bit honoring the tradition of the kiss cam. they played to the stars ofmaggie smith and leonardo dicaprio. he also won big by taking home best actor for a role in " the revenant. >> seven mine. >> that is the latest the sixth season of game of thrones. it's set in black and white of
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they're fueling speculation of death is next. this month nbc will air a special that features the reunion of the cast of "friends.nd is rachel from friends. >> oh, my god. this it's so a great to see you. >> oh, colin, oh, hi, hi, wow, yeah. >> rachel, i 've got to say i haven't seen you since the '90s. yeah, yeah, i've been good.n good, yeah. >> good. >> the special will air february 21st and i know we're all to be.
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