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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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@there is still a lot to be @let's take a look at the @forecast. @by 1:00 a.m., you can see the @snow moving ng commute will be @problematic especially to the @south and east heavy snow will move out, @but these numbers will be @adjusted as we go through the @night. @the bands could shift east and @west so even @right now expecting maybe 1 to @3 inches, farther for the south @and east where that 3 to 6 is depending @how this comes around. @but we're anticipating big @trouble as far as the goes especially for k act con @cron and canton. @we are going to start off @channel 3 news at 4:00 a.m. @to get everybody ahead of the @storm in the morning so you @have a chance to wake up early out the door.
6:01 pm with the freshest @data. @bu @hour forecast flew the rest of @the night into the day tomorrow @and we'll talk more about some @of the uncertainties in this @storm u, betsy. @we know you'll follow it all as @it changes. @ instant closing @we cover everything from @schools to day-cares, churches @and businesses. @you can get text alerts by @signing up losings. @ here is what is happening @tonight. @a man is accused of shooting a @dog to death in lorraine @because that man lost a $5 more with details of @this disturbing story that @unraveled as a baby shower @finished up. rried her @family could be next after that @suspect allegedly waved a gun @at several home. @tonight the police pictures @from that scene are too bloody
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@here is so difficult to nd. @>> oh, my god. @>> reporter: the dramatic 911 @call came early sunday from the @1300 block of madison avenue in @loraine. @>> i need somebo please. @>> we're on our way. @what is going on? @>> he has a gun. @>> reporter: the he old riccardo johnson. @the guest as a baby shower @earlier in the day. @at night hee lost a $5 bet in a usin that @apparently set him off. @>> because of a card game and @then he went outside and got @his gun shooting my @dog. @my other dog is covered in @blood. @my daughter is in the house. @>> reporter: @girl sleeping upstairs wasn't @hurt and neither was anyone @else at the home, but the dog @was shot four to side his cage.
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@minute high-speed chase and @johnson putting his hands out @the windows before speeding off @>> the second time he stops, he @is caged in by police and @arrested. @tonight johnson faces several ing ovi, @aggravated menacing and @endangering children. @>> in fact, he faces 8 charges @he was charged here in lorraine @county this morning. @>> thank you. @>> @>> in columbia station tonight, @a family is without a home @after flames rough the @house this afternoon. @five different fire departments @responded to get the fire under @control at the home. @crews say the house is a @fortunately, the homeowner was @at work during the time of the @fire. @ in town today chelsea
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@her mother and reaching out to @african-american voters. @here is more from tom beres @with us now with more of the @former first daughter's visit. @>> reporter: his overwhelming @support in the african-american @community in states like ohio @is what helped barack obama @become clinton is pitching @herself to be the best choice @to expand president barack @chelsea did the honors here. @>> reporter: chelsea clinton @telling a crowd you should vote @for my mom. @we have to have a president who @knows when to stand her ground @and when to find common ground. @>> reporter: claims her mom's @work on early education, @criminal justice reform and @healthcare speaks for itself. @>> we have to protect the @progress that president barack @obama has made. @>> reporter: most already @strong hillary supporters.
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@is best for me and my @community. @>> she is an experienced @politician and she knows @government. @>> i hope trump gets it because @i think hillary will pulverize @him. @>> i know enough about hillary. @>> reporter: some questioning @african-americans automatically @voting for hillary looking at @her husband's tough policies on @crime and welfare but not here. @>> hillary clinton is the best @qualified to run in either @party for the president of the @united states in my lifetime. @>> we have to vote like our @lives depend on it. @>> chelsea in ohio. @her mom will be making her own @case here soon. @ hillary clinton won the @ohio primary against barack @obama in 2008 but in 2008, @2012, a big turnout of african- @american helped him win ohio.
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@there is some support, a little @bit. @the biggest name. @ over the weekend justin @scalia died and president @barack obama promised to @replace him, to name a @successor in due time. @republicans are saying a @filibuster. @how would this play out? @>> it will impact all three @branches of government here. @it seems unlikely that @president barack obama will @have a candidate reviewed and @confirmed by the senate which @will pitch at all to the next @president which means this will @election. @both liberals and conservatives @will try to motivate people to @have the upper hand in the @court. @>> right. @>> brutal. @>> yes. @>> tom, thank you. @ there is new emergency @healthcare available to the @cleveland heights community
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@metrohealth community emergency @department. @the grand opening was held for @the new department earlier @today. @it is located in the urgent @care facility. @the e.d. @will be opened 24 hours a day, @7 days a week. @metro health will also open an @emergency department in parma @later this month. @ any woman who has had a @mammogram and called back for @an ultrasound knows how @stressful that can be. @but now they can not only find @cancers earliy but saving time @and money. @>> reporter: when you think of @ultrasound and babies in the @womb often come to mind but it @is helping to diagnose cancer @as well. @with video gaming technology, a @new device is helping doctors @target cancer and helping @patients avoid unnecessary @surgery. @ as a clinical trial nurse, @she is very familiar with
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@got in the way and she missed a @couple years of screening. @last year she opted for the 3-d @mammogram that takes multiple @breast images and often spots @abnormalities not seen on a @traditional mammogram. @good thing she did. @she couldn't see anything on @the 2d mammogram. @>> i don't see the cancer @there. @>> reporter: but found @something unusual on the 3-d. @she came back for an @ultrasound. @>> i was praying down at the @ultrasound table to let them @find what they need to biopsy @instead of going to the @operating room so it was a less @invasive procedure, done as an @outpatient. @>> he could make out something, @it was. @>> you find something like a @needle in a haystack. @>> she turned on the latest
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@pinpointed and lit up cancer. @without this technology, the @patient would have to go to @surgery and have that removed @which is more invasive, more @time-consuming and more @expensive and harder to recover @from. @>> more importantly finding it @fast may have literally saved @her life. @>> very early stage and i'm @grateful for that. @>> reporter: this device can @help not only breast cancer @cases, but liver, prostate, @thyroid and musculoskeletal @assessments. @she just completed a study on @this ultrasound and found 29% @more cancers with it than @without. @something with a family history @and dense breast tissue may @want to consider. @ some call it a better coat @of health, a better coat of @health. @>> germ killing paint. @ how the level of lead is
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@>> and betsy has an updated @look on your chances for snow
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@ @%c1 @ @ coming up at 7:00, two @sisters find the best @valentine's gift hiding in @their addict. @>> why the cover is getting
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@men and women. @we'll see you at 7:00. @ hello from studio 3b where @we'll be reporting on a @volatile battle over who @chooses the next supreme court @justice is front and center. @plus george w. bush has entered @the campaign and donald trump @has been wait together powns @and boy did he. @heartburn medications, can they @raise your risks of the having @dementia.
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@ @ the issue of lead in @drinking water is bringing a @strong response today. @director craig butler is @calling for an overhaul for @rules it program. @two schools were closed, @because of unacceptable lead in @their drinking water. @butler wants more thorough @testing and faster notification @forest depths. @they call for the public to be @notified of high reads within @60 days. @ you can now coat your @walls with a paint that kills @harmful bacteria. @sherwin williams launched it in
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@>> here is how this new @technology was developed right @here in cleveland. @>> reporter: paint shield. @you apply it's like you would @any other paint. @while it looks the same, one @key ingredient you can't see @separates it from the rest. @>> qu at found in cleaning @supplies but never in paint @until now. @>> paint shield will kill these @organisms at greater than 99.9% @within 2 hours of the paint on @the paint film. @>> he says it kills bacteria @that can cause hospital @acquired infections such as @staff, mrsa, e. coli and more. @>> it continues to kill those @up to four years as long as you @keep the paint film intact. @>> we have had interest from @schools, day care centers.
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@athletic facilities as well. @>> my son has been in sports @and there is always the worry @about the staph infections and @mrsa. @it would be very valuable. @>> that value stirs northeast @ohio considering this was @developed by a company who set @up shop right here in cleveland @150 years ago. @>> it is all about innovation @and if you think about it, @cleveland is about innovation. @>> and you're probably @wondering how do we know it @works? @developers say it past third @party e.p.a. @testing. @all stores across ohio sell it @now. @it comes in more than 550 @collars and it is more @expensive. @$84.99. @sara. @>> up to four years. @all right. @thanks alyssa. @ betsy is back now. @a potpourri of stuff out there. @>> a whole lot happening. @the warmer temperatures are @welcomed but they are getting
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@goes. @as far as tomorrow, the @heaviest snow is likely late @tonight, early tomorrow south @and east of greater cleveland @so that is akron, canton, @dover, new philly and heavy and @down. @that causes a problem. @every time. @other than that's it creates a @little problem because we will @have compactstion. @that heavy snowfalls and as it @stacks up, it lessens what the @accumulation looks like. @we could get more than what it @seems but i guess everybody is @okay with that. @snow will be moving out midday @in the afternoon. @you can follow me on twitter, @stain graham and facebook@betsy @cling. @i will give you updates through @the overnight as well. @this storm system is a potent @one. @the area of low pressure moving @through. @it will move through west
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@us to have a band of heavy snow @developing and the weather @service has been watching this. @winter weather advisories and @difficult travel for all the @counties in blue. @and there is a winter storm @warning for trumbull and @mahoning counties as well as @the highlands into @pennsylvania. @>> seeing precipitation showing @up on the radar, but top other @hour it was still just fog @reported in dover new @philadelphia. @likely rain showers farther to @the south, but we will start to @see this transition to snow @through the night. @as more moisture gets here, @we'll have better there. @probably going to see some @snow. @now the most important line to @follow here is this pink one. @that is the transition line @from snow to rain, where that @line sits is critical to @locating where the heaviest @snow will fall.
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@that line so that is why we @have dover, new philadelphia, @carlton and canton, a head's up @on that one and into deerfield @but heavy snow for the morning @commute. @we're going to have snow in @cleveland and into mansfield @and we could have that snow @sticking to the road ways so @slushy roads a problem across @northern ohio. @by the time we get to midday, @the snow will be moving out. @note the temperatures haven't @moved off 32. @through the afternoon we'll see @a couple snow showers here and @there. @>> i said where that line sets @up, that will be critical. @now that line will be the @dividing line between heavy @snowfalls and just rain. @this could shift back and forth @north and south so now we're @going 1 to 4 inches. @akron on the 3 to 6 line. @kent under that 3 to 6. canton, @likely in excess of 4. 4 to 8
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@then this purple area from @dover to youngstown, that is @where the potential is for the @5 to 10. @channel 3 news today will start @at 4:00 a.m. @if you have to get up early, @check it out. @by afternoon that snow is @winding down, moving out and @leaving us with scattered snow @showers. @temperatures will hold in the @30s on wednesday, a clipper. @1 to 3 inches on wednesday. @the seven-day forecast has a @chilly day thursday and then @what a swing. @very windy conditions on friday @with rain coming in on ton of @all the snow. @we could have flooding issues. @just to keep you advised of @that. @then we hold 40s with partly @sunny skies to the weekend. @cautiously optimistic about the @forecast but we have a mess @coming tomorrow morning and @then when the rain gets here, @it will be sloppy too. @>> we'll be watching.
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@away from the nba trade @deadline and those rumors @continue to swirl. @>> he will let us know whose
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@ @%fo @ @ hi. @the nba trade deadline thursday @at 3:00 in the afternoon. @even though the cavs have the @best record in the eastern @conference, they are being @mentioned in a lot of possible
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@for the playoff run. @a new name comes up today. @eamonn is going to be a @possibility that the cavaliers @may deal him away. @according to espn, the @cavaliers are making him @available. @now he is not having a great @year, but remember he had that @bad wrist. @he is averaging a career low @this year. @he signed a four year $40 @million deal. @they are looking for a wing @player. @if he is dealt away on @thursday, on thursday night, it @is eamonn's bobblehead night at @the bull's game. @kevin love's name is being @thrown around as a possibility @for a trade but cavaliers are @telling any of the callers @interested in getting love, you @have to give to us in return an @elite player, not a draft pick @or some bad package deal, we
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@put us over the top right now. @>> the cavs are after him. @he played his college ball at @ohio state. @he is with sacramento. @if they went after him, you @would have to consider he would @betrayed away also. @so the cavs mentioned a great @deal in the trades and the @trade deadline coming up. @>> the nba all-star game ended. @west won. @unbelievable. @the west did score 196 points @of the game and the eastern was @right behind. @lebron had 13 in 20 minutes but @went past him. @290 career points. @indians news, pitchers and @catchers report on wednesday. @not great news about brantley. @he had surgery in the offseason @for the bad shoulder.
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@he had surgery in november for @that torn one. @his projected date for return @hazy right now. @maybe early may. @peyton manning, what a @difference a week makes. @he is being mentioned in a @title 9 lawsuit with his name @with the university of @tennessee. @the lawsuit focuses on five @cases that were reported @between 2013 and 2015 but it @also references the sexual @harassment complaint made by a @tennessee trainer in 1996 @involving manning when he was @the quarterback there. @the trainer now a doctor @settled the case in 1997 but it @was brought up again because @manning mentioned the case in @the book he wrote about his @family and that violated the @settlement that was part of the @settlement in the case. @>> they had their winning @streak end by one point at @weekend. @they won seven straight. @they are still 20-5. they will
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@here is the coach. @>> we want to have success in @the tournament and we want to @go and we want this to be a @great program because this is @where we're from. @i think that is probably the @difference between our program @and some other programs. @>> 11 straight years he has @won. @>> jimmy and betsy back at @7:00. @>> the nightly news is minutes
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tonight, supreme war. the death of justice scalia prompting a high-stakes showdown. the president vows to nominate a successor. republicans refuse to even consider it. major issues left hanging in the balance. facing trump's fury. the front-runner again threatening to sue ted cruz and taking aim at george w. bush over 9/11. trump's risky attack as the former president hits the trail. hospital bombing. a new horror in syria. medical facilities and schools are hit. children are killed. a massive storm from louisiana to maine. snow and ice in the north. a tornado outbreak hit the south.


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