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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  February 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@than other tests. @>> rear on our way. @what's going on? @>> a sore loser. @what led a local man to shoot a @dog and then lead police on a @high speed chase. @>> germ killing paint. @how the local innovation can @fight infection while sprucing @up your home. @ good evening everybody. @are you ready for more snow? @the chances are good that you @are going to see it over the @next 24 hours. @betsy is tracking when it could @move in and whether we will see @alerts. @>> we are probably going to be @seeing alerts but as with most @things weather it is about @timing and location, location, @location. @let's look at what we have @going on. @we have a storm system @developing in the south pushing
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@you see the widespread @you see the widespread @warnings. @in northern ohio we have a @winter weather advisory for @several counties along and east @of i-71 and 271 and a winter @storm warning now that goes @into columbiana county as well. @that's the difference between @difficult travel and major @impacts. @how much of an impact? @this is what we are talking as @far as accumulations. @one to four for cuyahoga, @wayne. @the further east you go, the @more snow will be adding up. @it will be a wet snow so it is @potentially heavy to move. @i think the snow will be coming @at a very difficult time as @well. @we change the color scheme to @show you where the highest @chances for i alerts are. @it's where the heavy snow is @expected to fall. @it looks like timing is @everything. @in the hour by hour forecast i @will show you, we will show we
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@morning commute which means we @tomorrow morning. @>> thanks. @ we will have expanded @morning with channel 3 news. @we'll be on the air beginning @at 4:00 am. @we'll have all the ialert @your morning. @ a disturbing story in @lorain. @a frantic 911 call and a woman @told police a man shot her dog @to death after he lost in a @card game. @andrew horansky is there to @explain how it happened as a @baby shower was wrapping up. @>> reporter: the man apparently @had just lost a $5 bet and @wanted the game to go on longer @whereas the woman who calls, @when you listen, sounds as if @she feared her life could be @next. @>> did you see the gun? @>> yes. @he shot my dog. @>> reporter: the pictures are @too bloody to show, the motive
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@day time baby shower gave way @to a nighttime card game. @police say 31 year old johnson @lost a bet that set him off. @he allegedly went onto shoot a @terrier mix named diablo still @in the cage while the caller's @eight year old girl is upstairs @asleep. @>> because of a card game and @then he went outside and got @his gun and he started shooting @my dog. @my other dog is covered in @blood. @my daughter's in the house. @>> reporter: the girl wasn't @hurt and neither was anyone @else at the home. @when police tried to arrest @him, jo than son led them -- @johnson led them on an eight @minute high speed chase. @he stops once to put up his @arms before speeding off again. @the second time he stopped, he @was arrested. @johnson faces several charges @including ovi, aggravated @menacing, and endangering @children. @there were eight charges in @all.
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@lorain county and the judge set @bond at $50,000. @back to you. @>> thank you, andrew. @>> sure. @ developing tonight, a @family needs a place to stay @after a fire destroyed their @columbia station home. @five different fire departments @responded to get that fire @under control at the home. @crews say the house is a total @loss. @luckily though, the homeowner @was at work at the time of the @fire. @ anyone who has had a @mammogram and needed an @ultrasound knows how stressful @that can be. @new technology is helping @doctors find cancers earlier @and it's also saving them time @and money. @our senior health correspondent @monica robbins joins me to @explain how it works. @>> hi. @u.h. @has been using this since it @was fda approved in 2011.
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@the device called the explorer @with share wave elastography @seems to be like another @ultrasound but it highlights @the exact spot to be biopsied. @patients can undergo a simple @needle biopsy which is a 30 @minute out patient procedure @instead of expensive surgery @which takes longer to recover @from. @>> we found 29% more cancers @with the tool than we did @without. @we are able to do biopsies with @ultrasound guidance which is @much easier on patients than @with mri. @it is less expensive and less @time consuming. @>> the device can help in @breast cancer and also liver, @prostate, thyroid, @musculoskeletal assessments. @it is beneficial for the @patient saving time and money @and most importantly in many @cases, lives lives, when @coupled with other diagnostic @screening tools like @mammograms. @>> thanks.
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@get emergency medical care in @cleveland heights. @the building on severance @circle will be open 24 have @been 7. it used to be a health @span urgent care facility. @it also plans to open another @emergency department in parma. @that's coming up at the end of @the month. @ ohio's primary election is @one month from today. @chelsea clinton is here @campaigning for her mom hillary @claiming she's best qualified @to continue president obama's @work. @our senior political @correspondent is with me now @and he explains the underscores @and the importance of the @visit. @>> well, it was all about @focusing on the african- @american community, a big turn @out in the african-american @community. @it was a big factor in @president obama's wins in ohio @and hillary clinton hoping to @capture much of that vote. @chelsea clinton told a big @crowd that her mom's record on @early education, equal pay for @women, healthcare, civil and @voting rights speaks to issues @their community cares most @about.
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@and congressman marshall fudge @stretching the battle over @filling the seat left by the @death of justice antonin scalia @makes the election and every @vote even more important. @>> we have to protect the @progress that president obama @has made and build on that @progress. @[ applause ] @>> we cannot afford to go @backwards. @>> it's why the court is @compromised on voting rights @and women's rights. @i think that people understand @a supreme court that's not @dominated by large corporate @interests will be in the @interest of this country. @>> a large turn out of african- @american voters helped @president obama carry ohio @twice as we said and helped win @the white house. @hillary clinton is hoping to @win as much of that support as @she can. @chelsea clinton went to a fund @raiser in pennsylvania. @her parents are both @campaigning today. @president bill clinton was so @popular in african-american @community some jokingly call
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@president, hillary hoping the @popularity translates and @carries over to her. @>> so this new issue of @replacing justice scalia, this @is going to be a major campaign @issue that just popped onto us @obviously on saturday. @>> brand new and very big. @there are so many liberal @verses conservative issues @hanging in the balance that @would be decided by swing vote. @it does not look like president @obama will be able to get a @nomination through a stubborn @republican controlled senate. @both parties are likely to use @this as an incentive to drive @voters to polls in november. @>> soon we will be hearing @ohio, ohio, ohio. @>> yes, say it one more time. @>> thanks. @ this is quite a story. @a local innovation is getting @national attention. @paint that can kill bacteria. @sherwin williams launched paint @shield. @you can buy this for your home.
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@cause infections like staff, e @coli, vre. @steve with sherwin williams @says athletic fascists, @daycares, and schools are @ohio. @>> paint shield will kill the @organisms at greater than 99.9% @within two hours of exposure on @the paint film. @it continues to kill those @organisms up to four years as @long as you keep the paint film @intact. @>> all stores across northeast @ohio sell paint shield now. @colors. @as you can imagine, it is more @expensive. @the price tag is $84.99 per @gallon. @ when we come back on news @at 7:00, a gift that keeps @giving. @how a pair of sisters @discovered years of romance @between their parents in one @bag that everyone forgot about. @>> the change sports @illustrated made to its @swimsuit edition that's @generating plenty debate right
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no. this is a dream.
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@ @ two sisters say their @parents never hugged or kissed @in front of them. @what they discovered in the @attic shocked them, something @so romantic tick they never saw @it coming. @boyd hooper from our sister @station shares a story full of @love on this the day after @>> my mom. @>> romance is comprised. @>> mom was a nurse. @>> two types of love stories. @>> dad digging a basement. @>> one is mushy and out there.
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@>> one is better described by @bud and phyllis. @these are their daughters. @>> it's a generational thing. @>> the greatest generation did @love their own way which the @daughters figured out when they @figured the attic and found @something unexpected. @>> one inside of another inside @of another. @>> we kept pulling them off and @blowing the dust off. @>> reporter: dozens of @valentine boxes representing @the 68 years of marriage. @no hugging or kissing in front @of the kids. @but look at what they did. @>> i can't believe she saved @them. @>> it warms my heart to think @about him doing that every @year. @>> this is what happens when @you make it to your 90s having @never forgotten the first date @feeling. @>> came home one day and says @come down, i have a good @looking girl down here working @with me.
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@my sister didn't lie. @>> arms crossed, hands folded, @hearts intertwined. @>> he was tall and had blue @eyes eyes. @>> here you go, dad. @>> that's a good one. @>> pay attention millennials. @it's not the sweets that @endure. @it's the heart behind them. @>> i must have had money when i @bought that big one. @>> why did she save them? @are you ready for the best @answer ever? @>> i didn't have the heart to @throw them away. @>> maybe life is like a box of @chocolates but phyllis always @knows what she's going to get. @>> i kept him and the boxes @because i like both of them. @i loved one of them. @>> great story. @ this is not your average @cat. @special skills this feline has
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@>> betsy shows us a time line @of when we could see snow move @in the area and which areas
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@ @ we have breaking news just @into the channel 3 newsroom. @police and ems are on the scene @of a swat situation. @it is at the corner of west 9 @9th and st. clair downtown.
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@the scene and we'll bring @updates as they happen and all @night at @ a cat in norway has a @special talent that has folks @doing a double take. @look at him go. @jasper isn't your average house @cat. @he likes to run in the snow as @his owner skis behind him. @he loves to hike and go on @outdoor adventures. @when he is tired, he hitches a @ride on his owner's shoulder. @he can enjoy the snow and his @paws stay warm. @find him on facebook. @he has thousands of followers. @ star wars fans can start @getting excited for the next @movie. @filming is underway for episode @8. it comes with a short video @that shows the film starting @right where episode 7 left off @and it is set for release in @december 2017.
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@markham mark hammel and fisher @reprize their roles. @ it's not unusual for the @sports illustrated swimsuit @issue to turn heads. @this time the magazine will @feature three covers, each with @a woman of a different body @type. @sports illustrated is getting @plenty attention for featuring @plus size model ashley graham, @the first plus size model to @grace the cover of the @magazine. @we asked our facebook friends @what they thought. @what did they say? @>> everyone was positive about @it, let's be honest. @there was debate on what @constitutes plus size. @zach asks plus size? @i say three unique beautiful @women plus size meaning one @does not fit the media @definition of size. @the media are the ones that @define size. @all women are beautiful. @>> which is plus sized?
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@than me and i am not plus @sized. @so it's renewing the debate @about what is plus sized. @>> yeah. @>> what is size anyway? @sizes vary. @i wear everything from a four @to a twelve. @>> you can never predict it. @it just depends on the fit. @>> i just read the articles. @>> i just do the forecast. @>> you have a big night leading @to a big morning. @ i am going to bail jimmy @out of that one. @let's talk about what's going @on. @it's getting warm in here. @outside it's in the 20s and @30s. @snow will be developing but @note this, accumulations will @vary greatly from northwest to @southeast. @i can't say that enough because @as we are talking about the @snow there is a lot of @confusion as to where the @heaviest snow will be. @first, the storm system is @still coming together. @you see how the southern flank @is speeding up moving to the @east. @we have a rotation here and @that's the area of low pressure
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@that's a favorable track for us @to get snow in northern ohio @and possibly a zone of heavy @snow at that. @along and east of i-71 and 271 @there is a winter weather @advisory meaning difficult @travel is likely. @you get into the winter storm @warning locations and that's @where the big impacts could be @had from heavy snow and ice @mixing in. @already we are seeing moisture @moving in. @there is a lot of fog that's @been reported. @in the last hour youngstown was @reporting light snow at the top @of the hour. @the fog is definitely something @that needs to be noted as well. @with all the moisture moving in @over the cold ground with @snowpack down to a third mile @visibility in akron and canton @and 8/10 of a mile in dover and @a half mile or so for mansfield @and youngstown. @the fog is expected to continue @as the snow moves in. @you saw the zone. @it sets up shop over northern @ohio with the potential for the @snow to add up especially @toward morning commute time.
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@you can see it will be along @major highways. @even though cleveland is not @necessarily expecting the @heaviest snow we still will @have snow coming down during @morning commute. @that means slow going. @akron, canton, dover, new @philly, carrollton, you may @have a lot of problems tomorrow @as far as the morning commute @goes. @by midday, snow is moving out @with temperatures low to mid @30s through most of the day @with flurries and isolated snow @showers as we wrap up the day. @i mentioned the accumulations @are vary greatly. @this is dependent upon the @track and intensity of the @storm system which could shift. @if it goes farther east, all of @this moves east. @if it comes west, guess what @cleveland, we can be getting @more. @greater cleveland stands to see @one to three inches. @the farther east you go the @heavier the amounts will be @with three to six for canton @and five to ten for dover to @the youngstown area.
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@i just tweeted out the ialert @map with the potential for the @80% chance of the ialerts out @east. @30s tomorrow, morning snow @leaving us cloudy as we head @through the day. @we have a clipper coming @wednesday just because we can @with one to three inches of @snow potentially coming with @that. @your window nation seven-day @forecast gives us a chilly day @thursday. @then we warm up big time and @the problem is it's going to be @rainy and windy on friday. @what a sloppy mess we will have @around northern ohio, dog @owners. @saturday and sunday, we are @looking to see some pretty nice @conditions. @we'll still be cleaning up from @the sloppy mess. @>> tomorrow morning again they @start early at 4:00 am, @tomorrow morning for channel 3 @news because of the anticipated @bad weather. @ peyton manning finds @himself in the middle of yet @another lawsuit. @what a difference a week makes @for him.
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@ @ a week ago peyton manning @was a super bowl hero and super @bowl champion and he was at @disneyland. @tonight he is being mentioned @in a title 9 lawsuit involving @his name. @the lawsuit at the university @of tennessee focuses on five @cases that were reported @between 2013 and 2015. @but it also references a sexual @harassment complaint made by a @tennessee trainer back in 1996 @involving an incident that @occurred while she was treating @manning. @she was the trainer of the @team. @her name jamie norwright.
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@1997 but then sued manning @again for defamation of @character in 2002 after he @mentioned the incident in a @book about the manning family @and there was a confidentiality @agreement in the first lawsuit. @that's the situation there. @ updated to breaking news in @downtown cleveland. @swat team responded to shots @fired in the warehouse @district. @we are on the story. @join us at and the @news at 11:00. @have a good night. @>> thanks for watching channel @3 news. @take us with you wherever you @go. @text wkyc to 25543 now to
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tonight the grammy countdown is on. the awards just away, we're inside the rehearsal. >> it's more real and it's obviously the real thing. >> and what we uns from this weekend's pre-party. >> and the big things to watch out for during tonshow. >> make sure you watch every moment. >> we're breaking down the performers, revealing the winners and breaking down what


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