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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 16, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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will be honored during the dcast with a medley of hits by dennynor and luke bryant. >> are you going to get on the stooirj stage with all the tribute folks with something? >> they want me to, but i've been trying to tell me, let me just sit in the audience and enjoy it. and you know, i know. >> there's no way you're not. >> i know they're going to try , let's just keep our fengers crossed. i don't know. >> and we can't wait to see what's going to happen at the lionel tribute at the grammys tonight. with thes and the live grammy gala, let's hea over to kevin frazier who has all the grammy night for kendrick lamar, you know, he leads all nominations with 11.
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good time for always a lot o surprises, so we put together a panel of experts to break it all down. here's what we can't wait to see at tonight's grammys. i'll tell you all about it when i see you again >> first on our list, adele.d but sh one of the nights biggest performers. >> adele will deliver a galvanizing performance, i would expect probably a medley of album >> people will go crazy and it will sell another million or two albums the week after the show. >> next on our ofn't wait to see, red carpet couples. i mean come on, the grammys is a
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day date. >> taylor and bring him instead of her squad. and justin and halle. and zane malik who's dating gigi. and then we have bella hadid. >> yeah the weekend is up for seven awards. he'll be just one of the amazing performances tonight.llie golding. but it's those amazing duets we can't wait to see. remember in years past we had beyonce and tena turner, lady gaga and elton john, this time on carrie underwood and sam hunt. >> you've go classic country artist at this point with the who's got a good chance to win best new prtist. >> the bestst new song, i don't understand how you cannot fan girl about it. >> it's like going to the greatest rock concert in the
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irst time this year's show will be broadcast life coast to coast. so that means they'll be ready with those sensors, but of course, everybody wants to know who will win. the year is the big that's also one odictable awards. record of the year i wouldwn funk. probably barry miles. don't believe it just watch >> it will be a celebration, but there will also be tributes to stars we lost. >> may they all rest in peace, you know, magnificent contributions to the world. >> coming up, we're with the grammys next big star, the guy behind this song. when igain >> we talked to charlie about his a list friends, partying all night with selena gomez and brad pitt.
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thing ever.grammy styles, remember rihanna'sthe internet? here, how do you handle it?
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grammy nominee meghan "e.t" a peek at her
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i'll tell you a see you again >> this could be a huge night for charlie, he's up for a huge a lot of big grammy nights ahead for charlie. and we pressed him to give us the details. >> tell me about working with selena, you produced her in a
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incredible. nd i literally set the mike up in a closet. it was like the most ghetto setup ever, but i think it added to the quaintness of the record.s 24-year-old new jersey native is definitely having a moment. you again spent 12 weeks at member one. album, one track mind, his instagram revealed he's not afraid to go shhrtless. and selena not only did a duet with him, the two at the golden globes. >> selena isbrad pitt, what was that like? >> that was the most hollywood thing ever. the top of the shot was brad pitt, katie perry and her. and it was just like, at some point i realized like, these guys are all friends, and it's easy to hang around with all of them. >> so you made it very clear on your social media snap chat that
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>> yo posting a lot of pictures, in bed. what qualities are you look for in a girlfriend? >> i need a girl makes me that she's confident she's kind ofswag. i prefer her not to be so available all the time.on my toes a little bit. >> nothing wrong with a little chase. >> no games, though. >> yeah. >> yeah.. this might be a little bit tough on the love life. charlie's about to head ur of north america. it begins march 3 in san francisco. and still to come on "e.t," taylor swift's secrets to making grammy hits. >> we spared no expense, we use our shoes.'s grammy nominees get ready to rock the red wildest fashions of all time. >> you can't wear any underwear.
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that is taylor swift, the top female nominee of this even nominations. you know taylor's 1989 is up for "blank space" is up for song of the year and "bad blood" for best music video. all eyes will be on taylor, and no matter how much gold she brings home, here are five reasons why we believe she's already a winner. >> and we actually have a little flash back, we have it from 2008 >> this is my first grammy i have ever been to. and i'm already so overwhelmed.famous people here. how do you handle it? >> i don't. >> how do you contain yourself?ot able to contain myself. i'm so much more mature no
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and the first reason taylor is s guy. next month it will be a year since she and calvin harris have been dating. reason number two, taylor gives the ladies major squad gold.s going to be just my friends everywhere on tour. they're sort of like an unspoken code that we're there for each other and we would never turn on each other. t is the best kind of friendship you can have. . she lets fans get this close, as the most followed person on more than422 posts last year, and last week, she relea the making of "out of the woods jrgsz. >> it's amazing.e my favorite shots so far. >> what's going on?
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scenes. >> oh! oh! oh! >> that's the ohs on blank space. when it comes to theoh, it's going to be forever that's us singing the ohs. >> this is the breakdown chorus of shake it off. i love that h. >> i could have hired a drummer. >> we spare no expense, we use our taught us something, she took a stand in battling apple music with that letter that got them to change their subscription plan, she a er twitter war with nicky menaj, she made up with kanye after the mike stealing moment of 2009 ande started up the feud again
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me and taylor might still have sex >> taylor told us she had cautioned kanye before hand abou such a strong misogynistic message. >> you know, taylor actually had the grammy museum, it was called the taylor swiftexperience. and it broke all kindsance records when it opened. i think she'll have a lot more to celebrate this year, nancy, i think it's going to be her night. and at every awards show, we certainly look forward to seeing what taylor is going to wear, because her fashion is always on point.s just one of many stars that we expect to be a grammy fashion stand off tonight. >> i was expecting you to a ike an egg or, you know, something on the head. you toned down? >> my egg rental wasn't available, so i decided to wearful arranged shorts
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brandon maxwell dress. >> what will gaga wear? i have to say i'm a l she's moved away from to the shocking over the top type just look at her transformation, a backless gown at the oscar luncheon and at the globe, she in her versace. of course last december, she did show up in this two piece. we'll hold out for something to go gaga over likes to push the envelope. but for her grammy win, she went for a simple purple mini.e designer have worn a lot of his stuff. he sent me some pictures and this o i perfect. i it's the right color. >> since then, riri has done everything from tie neck to ruffles to sleek and sexy, but forget the giant
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the internet went craze yir creating names like an a party cake and even nicky menaj's wig. >> nicky can go from a seductive vamp to over the when she showed up as little red riding hood with a pope look alike as her date? s outrageous, but it was a couture off the run way. she made it pure nicky. >> i have that fairy god in my hair tonight. i thought i would keug. >> tell the world the secret to that dress. >> you got to saunter over andny jend wear. that's the secret. >> christyast year, but this year mrs. john legend is pregnant, but that the proof, the stunning black
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mtv awards. the dress, but i also love what's under the dress, your shoes. >> make sure you join us tomorrow, because we're going to grammy our expert joe zee he's also going to tell the stars how they can fix their fashion mistakes. >> it's a dbye dress, it's hello when she comes up, but th when she leaves, stage debut at the london festival when she was just 18?
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it's all on right now. that's on "e.t" tomorrow. welcome back to the show.
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which bond girl made her stage london stage ballet when she was just 13 years old? the answer is jane seymour. who turns 65 today. >> he's first grammy tonight, but he's already a winner. his album has sold more than 2 million and who can good night, everyb she's always got the best of me
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tonight, supreme war. the death of justice scalia prompting a high-stakes showdown. the president vows to nominate a successor.icans refuse to even consider it. major issues left hanging in the balance. facing trump's fury. the front-runner againing to sue ted cruz and taking aim at george w. bush over 9/11. trump's risky attack as the former president hits the hospital bombing. a new horror in syria. medical facilities and schools are hit. children are killed. a massive storm from louisiana to snow and ice in the north. a tornado outbreak hit the south. and heartburn alert. new concerns about
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e to treat it linked to kidney disease, now linked to an increase risk of dementia. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this the "nbc lester holt. good evening. in an already fraught with improbable plot twists and drama now this. the ideological balance of the u.s. supreme court suddenly in limbo.ght there's late word on who president obama might be considering to replace the late justice scalia as lines are drawn for an epicttle between democrats and senate republicans who are determined to leave the choice up to the next president. tonight the current president is are full of bluster, but they, not democrats, hold the power to control the process. correspondent pete williams begins our coverage.eporter: the body of antonin scalia
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casket draped in an american flag flown from texas where he ep at a private guest ranch. >> the judge, when i found him saturday morning, was inmplete repose. >> reporter: on the court scalia was one of the most influential conservatives in more than a generation and his criticism could be stinging, even for ruth bader ginsburg, his ideological opposite and traveling xansions. she said sunday we'rest buddies. how is it that you're able to zing somebody, your friend ruth bader ginsburg and the next day go to the opera?ecause the next day she will be zinging me. equal opportunity zingers. >> reporter: amongssibilities to succeed him, esvein vasan and jane kelly and merrick
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for now the supreme court is evenly split between conservatives and liberals without some of the big cases could end in 4-4 ties. on immigration a tie would block president obama from enforcing to 5 million people here illegally to stay on on abortion a tie would restrictstrictions on abortion in texas to remain in force or in the case of a force the court could choose to withhold its decision and order the when there's a ninth justice. >> the justices have the ability to take a case when there's a tie and put it on a shelf and come back it a year later,nceivably even two years late sneer in modern times the longest stretch the supreme court has gone without all nine justices is just over a year, and that wasarly 50 years ago. the justices are now in their mid-winter break and will be back on the bench a year ago today. leftner. it is the president picks the republican leader
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of the leading gop candidates say no one should get a vote and the seat should remain next president nominates a successor. that could leave this battle raging for well over a year as nbc'sdrea mitchell reports. >> reporter: the battle over the supreme court instantly redefining the presidential race. republicans on the trail today. >> i intend to 2016 a referendum on the u.s. supreme court. >> we're not moving forward on a nominee until after the election. >> the republicans happen. >> reporter: political wars exploded within hours of antonin scalia's death. playing to the republican base, senate leader mitch mcconnell vowing to ny obama nominee. saying the next president should fill the vacancy. president obama quickly pushing back. >> i plan to fulfill constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due time. >> reporter: democrats today arguing there is plenty of time to confirm a >> i think we ought to
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constitution of the >> reporter: and no excuse to leave the court gridlocked,tentially for another year. >> it would be the height of irresponsibility for the republican leadership not to have a vote on a nomineeom the president. >> reporter: so who will the president choose? the smart political bet, a moderate federal judge supported in the past by republicans, muchrder for them to so far most republicans up for re-election in swing states seem to be following their leader, but depending on whom the picks could it backfire? even helping democrats retake the senate. still in the presidential race it's a rallying cry for republicans, especially ted cruz, a former supreme court clerk. >> we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> reporter: and senator leahy told nbc that president obama already has his list. in fact, the president is likely to consult republicans as well as
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any potential nominee has a chance of getting a vote despite the pressure from republican leaders to block any action. lester. >> andrea mitchell, thank you. as the fight over the court plays out on the campaign trail there are also new fights exploding within the republican party as donald trump launches multiple attacks, threatening to once again sue ted cruz and taking aim at george w. bush over 9/11, right as the former president hits the campaign trail in support of his brother. we get the latest from nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: he's back. former president george w. bush on the campaign trail, this time for jeb in south carolina. >> thank you for your hard work for jeb. thank you for what you're going to do which is to vote for him on saturday here in the great state of south carolina. >> reporter: 43 aiming to make his younger brother 45 rise to the white house, appearing together for the first time since jeb announced. >> thanks to brother for giving us something to do today, something important.
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candidacy, and i'm really proud to have been invited. >> reporter: but on this president's day donald trump is trying to crash the party, attacking w. today over 9/11. >> the world trade center came down during his reign so it's like, you know, he was the top. >> reporter: and for invading iraq. >> you had him on the aircraft carrier saying all sorts of wonderful things. the war was essentially over, guess what, not over. >> reporter: punctuating the fiery debate. george bush made a mistake. we can make mistakes that. one was a bite. we never should have been in iraq. >> i'm sick and tired of him going after my family. >> reporter: will trump's attacks against the bushes backfire? george h.w. bush and george w. bush both carried south carolina in their presidential primacy. jeb is betting his brother, the former commander in chief, can still bring in voters. here the military community is a key constituent, generating more than 150,000 jobs and nearly $20 billion for


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