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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  February 16, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@neighbors to help save a @man who fell through thin ice. @. @>> [ music ] @ plus rock star kindness a @month after the rock @hall inducts chief trick. @the band will return to town @with a plan @to-thousands of students. @ from the station that sees @it possible, this is @channel 3 news, brought to you @by universal windows @direct. @you'll be saying, "i love my @windows." @and now channel 3 news at 7. @ good evening, everybody. @you know why we're here @together. @we had a very busy morning with @plenty of snow and a @lot of closings, hundreds of @them. @betsy, where do we go from @here? @. @>> the good news is it's a lot @smoother road from @here. @>> absolutely. @>> nice. @>> temperatures have been @hovering right around the @freezing mark through the @afternoon. @but the radar is calm at this @hour. @that's wood news. @we'll expand the picture a bit. @you can see to the west of us, @there are light snow @showers passing through @chicago, grand rapids.
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@front that will @bring those snow showers into @our area early @tomorrow. @but then also trigger a little @bit of lake enhanced @snow as we head through the day @tomorrow as well. @now, through the rest of @tonight, overnight @temperatures are expected to @drop back into the @mid-and upper 20s. @we will stay cloudy. @so we're kind of in the @doldrums as far as the cloud @cover goes. @the good news is we have warmer @temperatures on the @way. @we'll talk all about that in @your full forecast in @just a couple minutes. @>> thanks, betsy @ research joy rucker is a @cleveland browns @legend. @you remember him from the @cardiac kids dayings. @he has spent his retirement as @a leader helping @at-risk kids in the city. @now he's facing federal @charges. @the investigator tom meyer @explained he's accused of @misusing money from the @nonprofit organizations that @he led. @>> reporter: prosecutors say @the former browns @receiver solicited millions of @dollars from various @civic groups to fund his @charities only to use the @donations to support his @lifestyle.
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@excess of $100,000, @was used by rucker to pay off @heavy gambling losses @in vegas. @rucker led the cleveland @peacemakers alliance, @nonprofits set up to help local @youth steer clear of @crime, and discourage violence. @but for at least the past five @years, rucker @followed a criminal pattern @himself. @he comingled charity money with @his own to pay for @everything from his mortgage to @dinners to dry @cleaning and travel. @but it's his gambling losses @that stand out in court @papers, practically begging doe @no, sir for money he @covertly used to pay off @$65,000 in loans from a los @angeles casino. @he also made $48,000 in @withdrawals at casinos in @tampa and cleveland as well as @vegas, all using his @charity's atm card. @rucker is charged in a 45-page @document with one @count each of mail fraud and @lying to fbi agents.
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@he eels also in treatment for a @gambling addiction. @>> for impulsivity and @compulsivity, will be popping @our ear at some point. @the bottom line is he was in @charge of his own @conduct, and he knows he made @mistakes, and he's @accepting those mistakes, and @will try to make it @right. @. @>> reporter: prosecutors do @not identify the @various charities and civic @leaders duped by rucker. @one of his biggest supporters @over the years has @been the cleveland foundation, @which gave the @peacemakers $2 million since @2011. @rucker remains free. @he's due in court next week. @i'm the investigator, tom @meyer. @ well a man is lucky to be @alive tonight, and @it's all thanks to quick- @thinking community members @who helped after he fell @through thin ice. @it happened on friday in the @frozen channel on the @portage lakes in summit county. @that's where we find andrea @baranski to explain how @neighbors came to the rescue @reason there was one
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@the others. @had it not been for the help of @others, the story @different end. @it took the neighborhood late @friday to save a man @from drowning in the iron @channel, a stretch in @portage lakes known to freeze. @it wasn't frozen nearly enough @when a 24-year-old @man coming home from navarres @tried to cross cross. @he had wandered into private @property when he first @stepped on to the ice. @soon he was in the water, @trying to swim across, but @it was dark, cold, and he was @clearly disoriented. @could you tell he was @exhausted? @. @>> oh he was completely @exhausted. @it was everything for him to @put those last few @help, help, helps when i went @back in to get the @phone. @>> when i got there, i saw two @men in about @waist-deep water, and then @another man was holding @on to the lader, almost @completely submerged. @>> reporter: guys who had @crossed the channel @heard the commotion and held @the man on the side for @first responders, and soon he
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@where he is expected to make a @full recovery. @and though alcohol is believed @to have influenced @his decision, nathan beam, @according to deputies, @has not been charged. @i'm matthew baranski, channel 3 @news. @ we are learning more @tonight about a downtown @swat situation that we broke @during our newscast @last night here on the news at @7. a robbery at crush clothing @store in the warehouse @district prompted a response @from cleveland swat. @police arrested three men in @the crime, but they @have not charged them yet. @they also seized two guns, one @from inside the @store, the other from a nearby @vehicle. @no one was hurt, but police had @to close off several @streets during the swat @response. @ a cleveland police officer @and another driver @are hurt after an accident at @east 0th street and @chester. @both vehicles were badly @damaged. @the crash backed up traffic in @the area. @with we'll have more for you as
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@we'll present them to you at @ a lakewood man will spend @at least 50 years in @prison for killing his mother. @a judge sentenced shaun white @this afternoon. @white was 21 years old when he @kathleen meany with a steak @knife in their lakeland @avenue home. @911 calls revealed that @immediatey had called police @because white was stabbing @himself. @white will be eligible for @parole in 2030. @recovering tonight @after a car hit him near the @entrance of mercy @regional in lorain. @police say an 80-year-old woman @driving a green sub @rut hit him and two parked @cars. @it happened at 11:30 this @morning. @one of the medical center's @valet drivers said he @had to drive off quickly to @avoid getting hit @himself. @>> i heard the car's tires @screeching. @i looked up and seen her car on @the curb.
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@>> lorain police say the man is @in fair condition. @they say the driver will likely @have to retake her @driver's test, but she hasn't @been charged just yet. @ an elderly man will have to @retack that test @after driving his car off an @the lake. @the 79-year-old was on his way @to lake overbeach @park to walk his dogs, but he @misjudged a curb, @drove through a fence. @the man was able to get help @from a nearby service @department employee, who helped @him recover his @dogs. @they were okay. @and got a tow for his car. @ orange village firearm is @urging people with @hover boards to take some from @cautions. @here's why. @they shared photos of a fire in @a local family's @basement, started by a @hoverboard. @firefighters say the family @used an extinguisher to @put out the fire. @the department warns it's @important to have one @handy if you own hover board. @ are.
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@association now has guidelines @for doctors dealing @with women who have heart @attacks. @for years, doctors have noticed @women have different @symptoms before heart attacks, @like jaw pain, end @education, or feeling like they @have a case of the @flu. @often women ignore these @symptoms that could be @deadly. @now there's guidance for @doctors to help them better @treat the needs of women and @their hearts. @>> some women experience really @bad heartburn. @well, that's really hard to @tell, is it food, or is @it my heart? @and so most women will play it @off to being their @stomach-related stuff as @opposed to their heart. @>> heart disease is the were- @one killer of women, @but four out of five do not @recognize it as their @most serious health threat, and @often women are @worse than men for seeking @followup care after @suffering a heart attack. @ right after cheap trick's @induction into the @rock hall, they're going to @return to cleveland for
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@>> "i want you to want me." @. @>> reporter: the beloved rock @band, they'll be in @town on may 6. cheap trick will @headline the utomi rock and @roll @spring been fit at public hall. @all the ticket seas benefit the @educational program @at the rock hall. @>> we have everything from @toddlers through k-12 @programs where students come @into the museum during @the day. @with do programs for college @students. @we do free evening events, you @know, and if you're @here in cleveland, check @there's always something going @on. @>> reporter: tickets go on sal @to the public next @friday, and they start as low @as $17.50 a ticket. @ when with come back on the @news at 7, it is a @battle for justice scalia's @circuit court seat. @we'll take a look at whether @lawmakers have tried to @delay nominations ever before, @and what could happen @if they do succeed. @>> plus a brother's love, @selfless gift to high @school freshman is his younger
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@neither of them will ever @forget. @see you on the other side of it
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@ @ i retired in may, jim. @>> congratulations on that. @>> thank you. @>> this is quite a situation.
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@the thing that really was @amazing, and i mentioned @this the to you. @justice scalia had passed on @saturday afternoon. @three minutes later, the @battles started about what @the guide rules and ground @rules were for the @president nominating and the @republicans blocking. @>> i think you're right. @we ought to be able to take a @minute or two to honor @a man who gave 29 years of @service on the circuit @court, and years before that in @public service. @i didn't agree with him very @much. @a lot of people did agree with @him. @that doesn't matter when you're @looking at a man's @life, and a man who, in his @personal life, seemed to @be a very good guy. @>> so is there a precedent for @this type of @situation? @. @>> yes. @since 1900, jim, there have @been six circuit court @justices who were confirmed @during election years. @they include louie branduc, in @1916, bin georgia min @nathan cardoza in 1932, anthony @kennedy in 1988, one
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@the history of this, jim, is @between 1969 and 1991, @a series of 22 years, tennessee @republicans have a @row were elevated to the court. @and so there was a very large @republican majority, @7-2 when obama took office. @he's had two appointments. @so it's 5-4 now. @>> so let me ask you this about @-- say you are @someone that is nominated. @okay? @and you're obviously @prestigious in your career, and @don't you take the risk of @being nominated by this @president, and then being @turned down, it might have @nothing to do with your @abilities on the bench @>> i imagine there's a lot of @people -- they will @take that risk. @>> they will take -- @>> i believe so. @>> for a life-time appointment @on the court? @. @>> and simply, the honor of @being nominated, who @would really turn that down? @they don't have to quit their @day job, and hopefully @the president is going to @nominate somebody who is @outstanding, who is thoroughly @qualified, and then @of course it's up to the senate @to decide what they @want to do. @>> the present state of the
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@of justice scalia, is it not 4- @4? . @>> it's four democrats, four @republicans @>> how do they judge on that? @. @>> if they boast 4-4, whatever @the lower court @decides, it stays. @however, the decision of the @circuit court really @doesn't count as precedent no @matter what the @justices say. @that case will not stand for @anything in the future; @it's still gouge be in the air? @. @>> it seems the president is @very, very firm he is @going to nominate someone soon, @and he expects that @person to be nominated? @. @>> well the republicans have @been very clear the @nominations of a circuit court @justice -- whole @country, every four years that @speaks its mind about @what they think the @constitution means. @i think they're right about @that. @now, the republicans in the @senate are arguing, "we @ought to wait for another @election to make that @choice."
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@had an election in @2012." @. @>> right. @this president is still in @office. @>> he was elected, and under @the constitution, it @doesn't say he may. @it says "he shall." @"he shall nominate someone for @a vacancy. @he's doing his duty, and i'm @sure the senate will do @their duty and consider that @person. @they are not simply going to @ignore it. @>> thanks for your insight. @ when we come back, love for @sale. @the unexpected result of an @experiment by one loanly @man's coworkers who decided to @advertise his @bachelor stats @>> and betsy shows us if we see @will more snow
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@ @>> a.j. @was couldn't of be able to look @past himself @what he would want, and try to @give her alcoholic an @experience she's not going to @be able to v because @she probably won't make it to @her high school. @>> wow.
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@and she spent the night @with a.j. @and his friends at the dance. @ another kind act is giving @a michigan man a @jump-start in his dating life. @matt hill's coworkers put him @up on a billboard to @get him a valentine's day date. @while hill didn't go out on @sunday, valentine's day, @he has gotten more than 600 @phone calls. @. 's gotten text messages and e- @mails from potential @dates: his colleagues say they @had no idea the @response he would get. @hill has far road it all down @-- this is like an @episode of "the bachelor" to @three possible dates @coming up this week. @his idea of a perfect date, @chinese food for dinner @and a movie. @you might want to do a little @bit better. @one of the reasons he's up on a @billboard. @ you know, we have g,o here. @geo is a handsome guy. @>> absolutely. @geo, spin yourself around. @>> yeah. @come on. @he never wants to be out here. @we can put your cell phone on
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@>> just check out 77 tomorrow. @>> keep an eye out for @yourself. @we'll let you know what's going @on. @ let's take a look at what's @going on outside. @temperatures are in the upper @30s as we head into @the -- upper 20s in the @overnight hours tonight. @cloudy skies. @areas of fog going be around. @we do have a chance of snow @predawn. @not going to be a huge chance. @just some light snow showers @that are along a front @that will be passing through @the area. @a little area of low pressure @off to the south of @us. @not a concern. @there's what's left of what @came through last night. @but what i want you to see on @this page here is this @trail of cloud cover that goes @way up north in the @west, and then dips south, and @then carries that @area of low pressure off to the @east coast. @that is the jet stream track. @and that jet stream track is @kind of driving force @as far as it weather pattern @over the continental @u.s. that will be shifting as @we head through the week. @we are anticipating, as we head @through the next 7
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@will take us out of the @dip, out of the trough, put us @into the ridge. @that will bring us the warmer @temperatures by the @time we get into the weekend. @temperatures are in the 50s out @west. @76 in vegas, 87 in phoenix. @they have had record-high @temperatures last few @days, and pitchers and catchers @tomorrow, jimmy? @. @>> that's right. @>> very excited in goodyear, @which is just west of @phoenix. @we're kind of stuck in the 30s @as of now. @as i mentioned, that pattern @change is going to be @coming back in. @let's get back to the chances @of snow. @into the early part of the day @tomorrow, light @flurries will be scattered @around. @i'm still kind of stuck on my @time travel here for @last night with stopping every @two hours. @the heavy snow is moving in. @fast-forward to 4:30, 5:00 a.m. @there you see the light snow @showers that will be @developing across the area. @temperatures are going to be in @thes to, and it @looks like the scattered snow @will be with us in the @morning, and than with we'll @kind of see some @isolated flurry chances that @linger as we head @through a good part of the day. @note your temperatures, though, @will probably be in
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@and it does look like, as far @as any accumulation @goes, an inch or less. @that's what we'll be able to @ring out. @cloudy skies the predominant @weather for tomorrow @with the flurries coming and @going. @temperatures in low 30s. @we'll hold the low 0s for @thursday with partly @cloudy skies, and a nice boost @starts to head our @way on friday. @we're going to talk about rain @chances instead of @snow in your window nation 7- @day forecast. @that quick rain chance gets out @of here. @i know we're actually going to @be looking forward to @a rather nice weekend. @temperatures on the mild side, @back into the mid-and @upper 40s for saturday and @sunday with mostly dry @weather. @i think the only inconvenient @part of all of that is @that it might be a little @breezy. @a jacket? @. @>> that looks -- that looks @great. @ hey, when we come back, the @browns are @considering backing up the -- @to pay one of their @offensive linemen: i'll it will @you who it is and @why they have to make a big @commitment to him if
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@ @ mitchell sports would be a @candidate for that, the browns @right tackle. @if you were going to put the @tag on him, you'd pay @him $1.7 million just for next @year. @i think that's -- because -- @the closest to me on @the set. @but i think they should have @gotten a long-term deal @done with him last year. @now they put themselves into a @little bit of a @corner. @now, thetrade deadline is @thursday afternoon at 3. @according to espn, the orlando @magic are shopping @their 6, 11, forward channing @fry.
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@interested in trading for @him. @he's 3-point shooter, at 6, @11:00, could be the cavs @guy seen on the other side of @the deal, and jason @giambi, he's joining the @indians during spring @training as they get instructor @to play 2 seasons in @cleveland before retiring. @do you remember the night he @hit that big homer? @remember that? @. @>> i was just -- @>> screaming in the newsroom. @i was -- @>> everybody. @>> mostly you screaming in the @newsroom when he hit @that home run that year. @>> i assume he is coaching out @-- @>> no. @ "entertainment tonight" is @next.
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tonight witness grammy greatness with "e.t." >> oh, my god! backstage with taylor swift after taking on kanye. >> they are going to be people who will try to take credit. >> what her girl squad only told us. >> she should have stormed that stage, kanye style. >> the taylor moments you haven't seen, whispers to selena, a late night hookup with


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