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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 17, 2016 3:07am-3:37am EST

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after his win. editor was the only one on stage when he won. >> alexander hamilton., that was awesome. >> thank you. and it's amazing to get t do it on our home turf. >> the hip-hop musical about ourhers on our sound stage back in l.a. the performance crashed hamilton's website, tickets are sold out until january 2017 and o see why this multiracial cast has drawn so many a-listers to see their show. you think it is about this s that people are just fawning over? >> because we put our whole hearts into it. >> i think it's all in>> the biggest night in music is family night. julie chan and her husband,
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brought their son charlie. >> if he wants to go. it took a few ye i don't want to go to that thing. >> you have more style influence than him. >> you know moms do the shopping for the famiparents watched him win his first two grammys ever which included song of the year. >> my parents come to the grammys every and every year i lose. so i say, maybe next year. >> christy teagan and her husband bombed during the show, are expecting their baby daughter this spring. >> you wrote a song for about a song for your beautiful daughter to come? >> we have to find out her attitude first, she might be a nightmare. >> and john won for glory.n all-star salute to lionel ritchie.
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>> have you had a chance to meet a adele yet.>> i have not had a chance to meet her yet. my opening line is hello, it's me. and she's going to say, is it me you're looking for? say hello. >> cameron's action did catch them finally meeting during a break in the show. hello s it me you're looking for >> also singing in the ritchie lovato as well as megan han trainor. >> you're now at the beginning of the rest of your life and if you're starting out like this, the sky is the limit.we my goodness coming up. >> and the tribute meant so much to meghan, she cried.
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talking grammy fashion with our style guru joe zee. so what does he think of the big looks? >> and justin bieber had anight, he finally won a grammy. by the way, he was able to get a smile out of his little brother. >> and we go behind the scenes of gwen stefani's music vide it's all grammom the red carpet events to the after party. dunkin' doughnuts power t and james corden is all about doing double duty. >> i'm not even thinking about the grammys. what an electric night. >> i'm not digging up rows. >> on crazy days like the grammys, what keeps you hout a day like this? >> coffee. coffee, yes. normally alcohol, but i'm not drinking today which is a good thing.
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for some reason during the day.u? >> i think just being grateful to be here and be a part of the process, you know?
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>> this awards season,carpet runs on dunkin celebrating an "e.t" birthday
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27 and emma burton is 59. >> okay, we'll just say stefani is fearless. tv's first ever live vi during a commercial break on the grammys. and let me remind you, this all happened the video was shot on a 32,000 foot so stage and gwen made seven costume changes on camera. and see that neon right
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real signature there. blake did stop by the set. and check out this quick switch when gwen actually swapped her kates, but that is actually a body double taking the fall, which we were told was actually planned. butke a big risk. did it pay off? there's a look of sheer joy when it was over. she rocked this mullet and ribute to the late david bowie. and carly talked to her about the look. >> his hair was actually out of the blue type hair. and we're like you know what, i want to do is the but i want to do a mullet. >> totally bowie. >> you did your own makeup. >> it's true, i think me i know what i like the best, so i mightlf. instead of stress out. >> the 19-year-old signed on as
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you all about it. >>e current covergirl, it's queen sophia vergara opening up the and i love to be a part of that. >> and just before hitting the grammys red carpet, she gave her fans a preview of her look on >> her go to her for soft lashes is covergirls smoky eyes. >> and crest white strip for our favorite camera ready moments from the grammys. how did the stars shine on the carpet? >> my problem standinght so just posture is very important. and still ahead tonight, our fashion expert joe zee's grammys overs. >> i would actually move the slit of the skirt over to the
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plus we're getting the story behind carry underwood's valentine's day necklace. thens tears
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my good this is a nightmare. i'm supposed to be talking to the red carpet. >> can you just come up with a grammy category for car pool karaoke, because it's the best in late night. james kord rocking at the grammys. it was a big night for the biebs, because he won his first ever grammy and afterwards he was a little pumped ng his gold, justin flexed his muscle ba after five years of trying, he , we finally
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>> while he had every reason to smile,justin's 6-year-old brotherittle serious on the red car justin tried to get a smile out of his mgreat family moment, meghan trainor and her dad gary. >> you have a very handsome date tonight. >> it took a couple of hours but i clean up nice. >> meghan trainor. >> my dad whispered you made before i walked up and i lost it. but we always knew meghan had made it.o years ago we were with her when her song "all about base" made it to number two.alled him to tell him the news. >> i made it, dad. >> sometimes things go full circle. >> thank you for the grammys. i love you so much.
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>> meghan's dad for holding it together like he did. meghan said pre sales for her follow-up album will begin on me now is yahoo style editor joe zee who breaks down the dos, don'ts and dohe grammys. >> carrie underwood, can i talk to you about body gold? when she showed up in that strapless dress.t was amazing. the day before she was showing off her guns and it paid off on that red carpet. >> tell the story behind this f jewelry. was it a gift? >> it was not a bad valentine. >> thank you, it was a value-valentine's present. it for no reason.
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i remember thinking that i don't want to save it for just the red carpet. >> i remember thinkingnd mike fisher scored some points when she told me he had given it to her. >> what did you think of taylor swift? >> i'm calling this the most debated look of the night. there's a whole group who love it and a whole group who hates it. it's a versaci, in another life, that's a beach cover-up. >> but i saw that some were making mean, because of the prom dress bianca wore in the movie "some things i hate about you jshlgsz. emma jones' dress from the 2014 net gal what. >> some people were calling her "dora the explorer." >> can i tell you what the biggest comparison online was towintour, the editor and chief of "vogue." so love it or hate it, i can tell you that one thing we don't debate, was she actually had the hottest date of the night. >> i'm calvin klein. >> i wanted to feel like a blue backfire.
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cutout dress. and let me tell you, this is the power of selena. that dress was on the new york fashion week friday, had it out on saturday and was on the red carpet on monday. let's move on to beyonce, d like a wedding dress. >> a genuine real wedding dress shown by an israeli comes the bride or it is beyonce? i actually thought somebody was going to take out some rice and throw it at her. >> i think somebody isrice at me. >> maybe we can move on to sierra. >> she was wearing that alexander bote dressy. >> she couldn't even wear underwear under that dress. it was two pieces of fabric tied to tell us how you pose in this particular dress.of put my leg like this, do the splits and if i'm feeling some attitude, i can --- >> what stars will get a fashion
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>> let me tell you, first of love you, adele. and she can do no wrong, i have to say i love her and i love the black dress. it a little bit. i love the collar making it into a boat deck. but i think seeing the, which i think is the flattering part on any >> can we talk about demi lovato now? >> first of all, i would turn the jacket into a vest. i would lose the sleeves. to see more skin. and secondly, i would actually move the slit of the skirt over to the side because i like that bit of mystery, it also helps to trick the eye into feeling the body is a lot more stretched. and again, i would drop the vestr, because doing that, it also makes you look taller than you are.
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naming the worst dress. >> she actually walked the red kitty hot pink onesie, that's a fashion no. >> always great to get your inge sight.ound because we're taking you inside l.l. cool j.'s
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>> watch it all on welcome back, everybody. well sierra definitely turned arpe and yes, yes, yes.give m the grammy
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carpet. >> as you know, sierra's boyfriend is seattle seahawks quarterback, russell wilson.ussell hosted lmt l.l. cool j.'s annual party. now russell's with you. >> you know, russell is a guy i believe in, i've been watching ll about being the best, working hard, he represents all of the values that i, you know, believe in and aspire to be. stars toasted with 130-year-old hennessy cognac, russell got a super bowl ring and i wanted to know if l.o. could make it in the nfl. years ago, but right now, i think i better focus on
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breaking news tonight.trump. president obama comes out swinging late today. a harsh attack on the gop front-runner and firing back in a blockbuster battle over the buried and blown away by record snow and a ferocious tornado outbreak. a massive storm stretching over to catch a serial killer. the grim sleeper trial in los angeles after a decade-long cold case mystery. how a bite of caught an infamous murderer. slashing the price of prescription drugs by as much as 95%. how people are going around
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saving big > and the fur is flying. the competition is fierce and we're behind the scenes as the best on four legs compete for best in show.egins right now. >> announcer: from nbc newsrters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. as he laid out the ground today for a major battle with senatever a supreme court nomination, president obama also waded deep into the race for president at a news conference late this afternoon taking onrump and other republican candidates saying being president is a serious job. it's not hosting a reality show. his remarks come just four days next major test in the race for president with trump maintaining his national lead among republicans in our new nbc news survey monkey poll bush lagging behind, some wondering if south carolina
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democrats the focus remains on winning over african-american we have all sides covered starting with nbc's peter alexander in columbia, south carolina. hello, peter. >> reporter: hey, good evening to you, lester.dent is weighing in on the republican race to succeed him, dismissing the party front-runner. here in south carolina donald trump is favored to win and jeb is desperate for a so much for southern charm. the leading republicans today in another ferocious round of fighting. >> then bush, poor bush. >> reporter: even president obama piled on. >> being president is a job. it's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. it's not promotion. it's not it's hard. >> in any other year south carolina should be jeb bush's to lose, the state that's embraced his family multiple times
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and veterans, but today with donald trump again dominating, bush is olling a distant fourth facing new urgency to jump start his lagging south carolina a last stand for jeb bush? >> the oteri has been written for a long time and we're in it for the long is george w. bush. >> a man i'm proud to call my big little brother, jeb bush. >> reporter: with trump relentlessly attacking w. over 9/11 jeb recalled anments from weeks over the attack. >> my vision of my brother is sitting on the mound in yankee stadium throwing high heat.magine donald trump do it. >> reporter: jeb's team is split between the campaign and the right to rise superpac spending tens of millions of dollars on bush's behalf with little >> if the right to rise soupe
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can spend hundreds of millions won't get you to top. >> reporter: finishing six in this iowa and fourth in new hampshire he admits he needs to beat his rivals finishing this state something you can celebrate as a victory? >> i will beat expectations? >> reporter: when do you win >> i can't tell that you. >> reporter: this afternoon bush sent us this picture, adding am nation to a bitterter alexander, nbc news, south carolina. >> i'm kasie hunt covering the democrats where african-american voters are the focus today, hillary clinton courting black leaders, hoping for an endorsement from reverend al sharpton. >> only you know and you're not telling me. >> my lips are sealed. >> reporter: and in ma major speech in harlem picking through the consequences of racism. >> these inequities are wrong, but they are also immoral, and it will be the mission of my presidency to bring them to an end.
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on decades-old ties to stay ahead in south carolina where a new cnn poll showers her ahead of bernie sanders 56% to 38%. sanders met with faith leaders there today, and campaigned with erica garner whose father died after a new york city police officer put him in a choke hold. >> he marched with martin luther king. he stood with jesse jackson, so basically he's stood with black people when it wasn't popular. >> reporter: success in early states has been powered by working class white voters. >> some of the people she won in 2008 against barack obama she's now losing against bernie sanders. >> reporter: many in that group feeling left behind and angry, pushing their party to the left. last night bill clinton comparing that to the tea party on the right. >> that's going on now in our party. >> reporter: trying a sharp rebuke from sanders today. >> we should not be making silly remarks. >> reporter: is there a comparison? >> no, there's no comparison.
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need to win a majority of black voters to have a path to the nomination, so their campaign's focus is on young african-americans. he'll campaign tonight at a historically black college in atlanta. lester? >> all right, kasie, thank you. funeral arrangements have been announced for late supreme court justice antonin scalia. on friday scalia will lie in repose in the court's great hall. on saturday a funeral will be held at the national shrine in washington, d.c. meanwhile, the battle continued over replacing scalia which the president also addressed late today as our andrea mitchell reports. >> i expect them to hold hearings. i expect there to be a vote. >> reporter: in california the president responding for the first time to the republican roadblock against his vilg the vacancy on the high court. >> i'm amused when i hear people who claim to be strict interpreters of the constitution suddenly reading into it a whole series of provisions that are not there. >> reporter: but will his
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a small crack today in the republican hard line from the powerful judiciary chairman chuck grassley in charge of any confirmation hearing telling iowa radio -- >> i would wait until the nominee is made before i would make any decisions. >> reporter: but grassley tonight telling nbc he's not open to a confirmation. tonight the president also revealing what he wants in scalia's successor. >> we're going to find somebody who is an outstanding legal mind, somebody who cares deeply about our democracy and cares about rule of law and any fair-minded person, even somebody who disagreed with my politics would say would serve with honor and integrity on the court. >> reporter: the president has a list said to include sri srinivasan of washington, d.c. and jane kelly of iowa, confirmed as federal judges three years ago unanimously. also washington appeals court judges merrick garland, long on


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