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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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great detail to why this is happening other than to say a conflict of interest emerged. a garyty issue is at play. it's when a public employee is forced to be interviewed by their employer or a , one or the two. they even could be threatened with termination. then the comments in that interview are used against it's basically preventing somebody from pleading the fifth or not incriminating themselves. unclear what they said or how this was a conflict, but do know for sure, this is a state investigation no longer in the county's hands. the family of tanisha anderson continues to wait for >> thank you, chris. residents of one local community are package told to keep an eye on on the hunt.
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come in macedonia just weeks > police say that an alpha coyote has gone on the attack, threatening people and pets in a matter of days. >> we were at the back n't let her fluffyiness fool you. she's a tough dog. she was coyote. >> at least a puncture wound. he got bit. >> she came out on top. >> scraped here, but the coyote ng. >> others have not been so lucky. after a so-called alpha coyote went after other dogs within days of misty's it's most likely the biggest and strongest. >> they've been looking into it and said a trapped has t has not captured any animals yet. >> no doubt it's been a busy
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generally speaking, though. it's been no reason to threat. the department of natural says coyotes exist in every county. signs include yellow eyes, a black tip bushy tail and reddish attacks on humans are rare. they say if you see one, make a lot of noise. that usually works in scaring the coyotes away. ey don't want people doing is trying to take out the coyotes themselves. they say that poses an to people. >> makes sense. thank you, andrew horansky. anthony sewell will have in court. april 4th is the start of his appeal. he was found guilty of stranging eleven women and and around his home. this comes one day after we
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a memorial dedicated to those sewell currently sits on ohio's death row. new at 6:00 tonight. ection employees have been fired while another one was demoted over the water crisis in say the firings come after an investigation into why it took months for the epa's top administrators to t high lead levels there. schools in the area were forced to shut down for several days because of the residents deal with their own water contamination. there's been outrage that residents were still being even though most stopped using it because of the high levels of lead. lawmakers there plan to spend $30 million to help cover
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mean good news for jobeekers. racineno. >> good evening. the big expansion of the keeping construction workers busy building an outdoor parking garage and more restaurants and more space for guests. many hope to increase their odds of going to work here soon. >> very important for me to get a job, just start establishing things for myself and my child and our home. >> the for the rest of the night for the people. >> dozens of applicants came, hoping to land one of 40 hospitality jobs. >> we're looking for the possibility. we're all about being up beat
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>> the upgraded thistle dot opens early april, including a covered garage, new restaurants, new space for a bigger limit gamers, and a batch of new blts. >> we're hoping our guests enjoy it. we listened to what they wanted and what they needed in their entertainment experience. so we tried to bring that to them. >> about $70 million being spent on the upgrade combined with money spent on the original casino. that brings the investment to almost $160 million. she's hoping her job seeking approach -- >> it all comes down to the person, applying the job and putting in the work to get it. >> she's hoping for good news maybe tomorrow. >> now, that $70 million investment being made by owner dan gilbert. remember he took over caesar's share here. worth noting, whoever the owner was, they had to make a $60 million investment here by
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decision was made to keep it here. reporting live, todd berras, channel 3 news. >> so, todd, how many workers will they have when it's done? >> reporter: the situation on the employment figures here, this new hire would take total employment here to about 620. you couple that with the roughly 600 workers down at the horseshoe casino, that means mr. gilbert's gaming operations maybe not delivering all the revenue people projected, but certainly delivering a lot of jobs, about 2200. >> tom berras, thank you. early voting is under way for the ohio presidential primary here in cuyahoga county. our crew is there as the board of elections prepare to mail out 30,000 vote by mail ballot. >> they expect them to use this method in the election.
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less than a month away on march 15th. in south carolina governor john kasich continues to rally support for his presidential bid. he made a stop in the city of bluffton this morning. his appearance was interrupted by planned parenthood supporters. the governor says he supports funding for women's health but favors cutting funding to that agency because of the controversy. a new usa today suffolk university poll out today found the governor is the best republican to beat hillary clinton in the general election. the poll found that kasich is also among the two best republicans. if bernie sanders were to win the democratic nomination. >> well, santa claus is no doubt coming to down next december. it appears ikea is not. the swedish company confirmed it will not be building a store as many had hoped. talks of the store coming to the area date back to 2014. the company released the
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quote, we recognize the customer base that exists for us in northeast ohio and are disappointed the brooklyn site will not be developable for a potential cleveland area ikea store. they will open a columbus store but for now, you will have to travel to pittsburgh to get the ikea fix. >> there's something unique about coincidences. one series of them actually saved a man's life. >> meeting the medina officers and associate principal for the first time today since they saved his life last month. he was speaking to 700 faculty members about the heroin epidemic when he suffered a cardiac arrest. at first everyone thought it was part of the presentation until the officers and principal jumped into action. >> i am a lucky man because when i went down, i'm in the
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they've been trained, and they had an equipment. i had an aed on me within a minute. that's so incredible. if this happened on my way driving out, i would have been dead. >> he speaks often of how the proker -- power of one can change lives. now he's changing it to the power of many. he's living proof it works. today is international random acts of kindness day. smith. random acts of kindness everywhere. at midnight, they surprised the doctors and nurses at the cleveland clinic's emergency room with pizza and coffee. the kindness did not stop inside the hospital. they also offered pizza to those outside. the group will continue good night.
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good enough to play for the clowns. i would be good enough to play any place. >> playing for change. how one northeast ohio pan along with many -- ohio man along with ma others changed the face of baseball. hi, betsy. >> hi. we have a beautiful forecast, but tomorrow morning we'll be off to a cold start. i will tell you all the numbers straight ahead in my full forecast. >> all right. betsy. we'll see you soon. government and apple. could the outcome of this fight make it harder to protect you from terrorism? those stories and more when
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apple is taking on uncle sam tonight in a fight over hacking into one of the san bernardino shooter's phones. a federal judge is ordering the company to help the fbi break into that locked phone. the federal agency wants apple to create a new software that allows them to bypass the security feature that erases all data after 10 wrong pass code attempts. they will only use the software on the shooter's phone, but apple says this could lead to the government using that technology on millions of law abiding citizens around the world. >> on this day when many
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spring training, we have a star of the old negro league. >> baseball, an all american past time, even back in the '50s when a young man from northeast ohio stepped on to the diamond. meet a living legend. >> you were the earnest j. anymorens. >> when baseball was divided by color. >> the racial thing is something else. you were better. >> there was the negro league. >> i wanted to prove that i was good enough to play for the clowns. i would be good enough to play anyplace if i could play for the clowns. >> his father took him to the first game. >> my father took me to the negro league. >> hank aaron, crew popper bill.
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idols. >> dimaggio and others around were all my idols. >> his pal. we started together. he was 17. i was 21. >> traveling around the south. >> running into the klan. them stopping you. they stopped our bus a couple of times. >> his passion. >> baseball is where i had the had. >> in loraine. >> i'm just a pittsburgh fan. >> channel 3 news. >> wow, what a great guy. what a great story. thank you very much, craig. tonight we're not only honoring legends of the past but also those of the present. >> including one of our own. >> i thought this was one of the most important things ever. it did mean a lot. and it's an honor to be up on this stage.
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at his alma mater, maple heights high school. each year they recognize african-americans who have been trailblazers. congratulations to brandon. >> not only a very nice guy, but incredibly talented as well. betsy kling is here. >> then it comes to cold and snow. >> whatever. it needs work. >> we're going start off with a little factoid on the cold and snow. just this month we have received half of our snow for the entire season. even at that, it's kind of poultry because we have not been able to get a lot of snow going. let's take a look at how things have faired as far as that goes. the blue numbers on the right, that's what we're looking at. cleveland hopkins airport, that's nearly 26 inches behind average. we're about a foot behind average and 15 plus inches
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with only 17-point 8. half of the snow that's fallen has fallen this month. we did make it back up to the freezing mark. as we head into the weekend, we're going to see temperatures surging. tonight it's going to go the other direction. we had snow showers falling in northern ohio right now. a little bit of lake effect falling in the area. yes, we do get showers that fall farther to the south. this is just clipping new philadelphia andover, headed off to southwestern portions of carol county. random flurries to the east of cleveland and the traditional snow belt areas and farther to the west. these have really not been too much of a concern as far as visibility standards go across northern ohio and certainly has not had an impact on the roads. temperatures tonight, after the snow leaves us, we'll start to see some clearing, and the temperatures are going to be diving. we have perfect cooling conditions that are going to be setting up tonight. winds going nearly calm. clouds starting to clear out.
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that means we have some cold temperatures. you can see off to the northwest of us, lake effect has been shut down off of superior and michigan. that is basically the trend that will translate eastward across huron, erie, and ontario. they will also be taken over by high pressure that has a calming influence. that's also going to calm the winds. that allows the coldest of the wind. it's cold and dense. that will fall down the surface. interesting enough. our forecast models have the rare ability to pick up on these changes mostly because as the wind ebbs and flows, even the lightest of winds stir the air and change the temperatures. even though we're showing we're going to start off in the teens, we'll also have a few pockets that are colder. we've seen this happen already where everybody else will be in the mid and upper teens and
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5. it's just one of those situations that will be setting up. high pressure is with us tomorrow. we're going to be seeing sunshine and not only that, temperatures getting back up to around the freezing mark, if not a couple clicks better as we head throughout the afternoon. southwest winds building in, and that's the beginning of our warmup. after a very cold start, akron around 5. we'll turn things around and make it back into the freezing range. and then that big surge starts to work in for friday. rain chances with windy conditions for friday. as we get into saturday and your window nation 7-day forecast, temperatures popping up toward the 50-degree mark. as we go friday into saturday, we may actually have some temperatures that are above 50 degrees. we're playing it on both sides at this point. rain and snow shower chances return on sunday and then back to more typical type temperatures on monday with a slight snow chance. as we keep an eye on the east coast, because we could have a storm system going up the east coast again. we're just going to have to
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>> a new pattern. all right. thanks, betsy.
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hi, everybody. more trade rumors involving the cavaliers. this will all come to an end tomorrow afternoon at 3:00. that's when the trade deadline hits. let's go to the newest chapter. it involves the new orleans
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apparently showing interest in a pelicans forward ryan anderson. he's 27 years old. he'll be a free agent at the end of the year. he's averaging about 17 points a game. he shoots 38% from behind the three-point line. there's another report that says the cavs are also discussing a three-team deal that would involve kevin love. kevin love's name seems to be the consistent one. another rumor that won't go away, according to the sacramento b, imam shepherd is available to the kings if the kings want him and then macklemore could be involved because the kings like him. according to the new york daily news, the caves are considering trading away anderson varejao to portland trail blazers. he's averaging just 2.6 points a game.
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the cavaliers actually have a game tomorrow night against the chicago bulls. when you're talking about trade rumors, sometimes it can play with a team's psyche. >> it's not anything you can control. none of us can control what happens. the trade deadline happens every year. teams make moves and some don't. we all are here to find out what happens. there's nothing? we're ready to go. >> browns news today. it's about jim brown. happy birthday, first of all. the greatest runningback who ever played the game is 80 years old today. the browns are going to erect a statue honoring jim brown. jim brown works as a special advisory. he sent out this message today to the cleveland browns and specifically jimmy haslam. thank you for the respect and the love. your investment in cleveland is
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yes, i will always be with you. thank you. if the browns are going to start building statues, i hope they don't start with jim brown. if you're going to build statues, let's build a bunch of statues. pitchers and catchers reported to good year today. there's news about brantly. today he took noncontact swings in good year. remember he had surgery for his torn labrum. a lot of people were worried he's not going to be ready. that still might be the case. the fact that he's going through the motion of taking some swings, not hitting the ball right now. that's a good sign. we'll be out in goodyear, arizona next week. super dave will be out here. we'll be talking describe on tuesday night during the news at 7. super dave will be out in good year arizona with all of the context from out there.
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47 dates away from opening day. >> dave is not taking us to goodyear? that what i understand. >> he did post a list. i did not see any of your name on there. >> eight years. eight years, literally. >> jimmy and betsy back at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. a stunning new poll. a shake-up in the race for president as ted cruz moves ahead of donald trump. plus, cruz dares trump to sue him in a big fight boils over. apple versus the fbi. the tech giant ordered to help the feds break into the san bernardino killer's ipho, still locked months after the attack. why apple says your privacy is at stake. testosterone boost for minat a certain age. millions who take meds to help


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